(2016-04-12) Making Medicine
Making Medicine
Summary: Peyote can be a medicine, if used properly
Date: 4.12.2016
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<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Herbalism: Good Success.

More rain, so now that the cooking part of her current project is done, she has moved the rest of it to the clubhouse. Music is playing from the gramophone, classic jazz is the soundtrack to this afternoon's work, drowning out the sound of rain on the roof and windows.

Piper is in the kitchen, a large bowl on the counter, cheesecloth loosely secured to the top of it with rubberbands. Into this she pours a goopy cloudy greenish mixture from a large pot, being very careful so she doesn't spill any of the contents. Quinn is near at hand, napping in his wind-up baby swing.

Amy has that jacket she got, so she can handle the rain. She gets into the Club house, and sets to getting a snack. She has with her, tucked under the jacket, that bag of leaves from before. She takes a seat near the kitchen, where she can look and wave to Piper. "So what are you cooking? I'm wonder if I can grow these herbs for these leaves. Being able to make candles would be handy I think?"

Piper is watching what she is doing but she does hear Amy come it and sit nearby. Before she says or does anything in greeting she sets the pot aside, glancing to see how much is still in it, about half and half the contents are draining into the bowl. For greeting there is only a nod, her expression the usual stoic one, "Pe-yo-te." she answers tentatively, not sure how the younger girl will take that…or if she even knows that that is. As for the leaves she points to a thick book on herbs that sits nearby. "205."

Amy turns in surprise, and blinks. "Pe yo te," she says, imitating the other's pronunciation, however that may be. "Isn't that… like, a hallucinogen? Oh god like, that could be a problem." she snickers nervously.

The woman's head cants at the reaction. Sorta what she expected but not quite. "Yes. No." Piper grabs the book that she pointed out and flips through it and finds the page on the cactus that peyote is derived from. Turning the book toward Amy she points out the highlighted parts, where it goes over recommended dosages and what medicinal uses it has. Pain relief from everything from muscle aches and pains, wounds, even childbirth, anxiety, depression, etc. its quite a list. It further states that dosages for those things only cause hallucinations in a very small percentage of people. "For me-di-cine." she isn't making for recreational use.

Amy gets up to look at the book. Her travel bowl in her hand, she snacks on her meal as she reads. "Alright, makes sense. Totally have to be careful though." she says quietly, her voice dropping so as not to be overheard. "You function pretty well, but some folks may be like, on the edge. Too much of this could really like, be a problem for some people. But medicine, if it actually works well, is of course super useful. Before aspirin was in pills it was in a plant… I wonder which."

"Willow." she answers immediately. That one she knows. Piper has made plenty of willow tea for Quinton in the past, She could probably make it in her sleep. Grabbing the sides of the bowl she jiggles it around a bit to get it to drain better "Make tea." As for her functioning well, she just is good at faking it. "Doctor…" she taps the bowl, she means to say more but it gets lost.

Amy nods at that, her finger grazing gently over the book as she reads some more. "Oh. That's cool like, tea that makes you hurt less. That's really great. We'll have to make sure to plant a few like, willow tress too." She nods firmly. "This is great stuff."

Well except for the taste, which just makes Piper make an eww face just thinking about it. Loosening up the cheesecloth carefully, she lifts the edges to bring them together to form a pouch and begins to squeeze the goopy stuff in it to get the rest of the juice out. The statement though from Amy has her pausing, looking confused for a moment "Willow." she starts to say, concentrating a bit to get out the rest "By. Lake." her words really aren't coming that easy today.

Amy isn't thinking about the taste. She hasn't tried it, so the look on Piper's face confuses her. "By the lake? Alright, I'll have to look and stuff. There's got to be a way to plant more. I don't know how fast they grow but it's good to try." She then takes a deep breath.

Amy isn't thinking about the taste. She hasn't tried it, so the look on Piper's face confuses her. "By the lake? Alright, I'll have to look and stuff. There's got to be a way to plant more. I don't know how fast they grow but it's good to try." She then takes a deep breath. "Trees take longer to grow. I wonder…"

Squeezing the cheesecloth until nothing but a few drips are left she dumps the pulp and secures the clothe back to the bowl to drain the rest of the peyote goop. "To. Long." Piper tells the other girl "Enough. Trees." maybe they don't need to plant more. "Focus…" she points to the ziploc bag of leaves the girl brought in.

Amy sighs and smirks. "Alright." She then opens the bag, and starts looking. "I'm also wondering about planting more of these. These should grow fast. I wonder, what do we do with the wax of the candles we use now? Are people using like, candle holders we can collect it from, do you know?"

Amy stands over a book, near where Piper is working with some cheesecloth in the kitchen, cooking. In front of Amy is a bag full of leaves. She sighs and smirks. "Alright." She then opens the bag, and starts looking. "I'm also wondering about planting more of these. These should grow fast. I wonder, what do we do with the wax of the candles we use now? Are people using like, candle holders we can collect it from, do you know?"

Well it isn't so much cooking as straining the results of said cooking into a large bowl through cheesecloth secured around the top of it. Piper jiggles the bowl, letting the greenish liquidly pulp settle a bit as the cloudy greenish liquid drains from it. There is a shrug to part of Amy's statement or maybe all of it. She has no idea what people do with the candle wax of candles past there lifespan.

Quinton was caught out in the rain, per usual. It's like the man is cursed. Either way, he steps into the club house, a frying pan in hand. One can never have too many frying pans. Despite the dampness he seems in a good mood. It was a good day for scavenging. Not so much for talking, but he'll take the win with stuff. He stops at the door and raises a hand, wiggling his tigers at the two ladies. No verbal greeting from him today, but he does flash them a soft smile.

Amy bites her lip. "Probably something we can ask people to do. Save the wax from candles. That way we can reuse it." Quinton gets a wave when he arrives. "We can't get crank or solar lanterns for everyone so the candles are really important."

The door opening and closing pulls Piper's attention away from both Amy and her task. The smile and wave are returned and he gets a soft "Hey." on top of that. "May-be." she tells Amy. It's a one syllable at a time kind of day for her. It doesn't hurt to ask, and if it makes candle last, why not. "O-kay?" she looks back to Quinton, the question posed to him.

Quinton nods, moving towards the kitchen to put the newly acquired pan. Soon everyone will have one! Well, every apartment, anyway. Piper gets another smile to her question, but no verbal response. Instead the poet, peels off his backpack and then his wet flannel. Almost like magic, he pulls out items for each woman. A box of small candles is handed over to Amy and then an only slightly singled up cover and album of Depeche Mode to Piper. See? Good day. His wet bangs are hanging in his eyes.

Amy takes the candles, smells them, and smiles. "Thank you. I was just talking about candles. Eventually We'll need a good way to make our own wax, but for now we need to re-use it I think." She then leans over to look at what Piper got.

Magic indeed. The offering of the album has Piper suddenly beaming, the twitchiness that she was exhibiting disappears for that moment as she takes it and studies the cover before hugging happens and perhaps even a peck on the poets scruffy cheek. So what if he is wet. Her task is put on hold then and she heads over to the now silent gramophone replacing the jazz album with the DM one. Cranking the handle, she gently places the needle when the record gets to the right speed.

Quinton smirks back, happy that both girls are happy. He can't do as much as he's like, so when he can get smiles, he takes them. As the new record is fiddled with he brushes back his wet hair and glances over at what's going on at the table. Are they making tea? His head tilts and he moves closer to inspect.

Amy snickers when she hears the music. "Oh my God that was in that clothes ad" she smiles. "Funny how I'd never remember the ad but it's easy to remember the song." She then starts fiddling with her leaves while listening to the music, trying to see if anything resembling seeds are mixed in.

Oh its totally tea…green cloudy tea, that doesn't smell at all like tea, though it is still a bit warm from the cooking process. Humming to the tunes Piper moves back to her project, pausing a moment to wind up the baby swing and to set it moving again. There is a brief chuckle at Amy's remembrance and she gives a bit of a nod. "Jeans?" she only vaguely remembers it herself. It may have been some other piece of clothing. Either way she starts to gather the pulp in the cheesecloth again so she can squeeze out every remnant of liquid from it. "Jars…" she gives a nod to a pot of sterilized jars on the floor, as she taps a barefoot (she's inside!) on Quinton's shoe. She probably wants him to do something with them.

Quinton nods, although he doesn't actually remember the ad. The tap seems to wake him up and Quin reaches down and starts putting the jars not e4h table. He's assuming she's going to bottle whatever this is. He tilts his head and will tap the side of the pot questioningly with a jar as he sets it down.

Amy nods to Piper. "Totally something like that. Gap something or other I think." She snickers. Seeing the two people who don't talk, she decides to speak. "It's peyote. Being brewed up in like, light doses so it won't mess with the brain, but it'll serve as a medicine, in theory."

Well that's not exactly what Piper said, but since Amy tacked the 'in theory' on the end she sees no reason to correct, and with how nervous the girl acted about it she probably wouldn't anyway, even if she could talk well enough to do so. She does nod though at the answer, though her expression could suggest there is more to it than what Amy said. Once the liquid is all out she sets the pulp filled cheesecloth aside and gets the caps for the jars from the pot as well.

Amy is being careful with these leaves. Every single one of them could make a candle, much like the ones Quinton found. She starts laying them out one by one, like she's counting them, but checking for something that might be a seed. "Totally need to grow these. I should like find a spot."

Quinton's eyebrows raise and he then looks down again at the wacky tea. Huh. He's feeling, despite not talkative, good, so his finger reaches down and he swipes the side of the pot. Not enough to get a real dose of the drug, but he's curios as to what it tastes like. Another huh face and he then looks over to Amy, asking softly, "…pots?" He can get her planters, if she needs them.

Piper hmmms at Amy as she watches the girl a moment sort the leaves "Take. You?" she gestures to the leaves. Maybe she is asking if Amy wants to go with her the next time she goes foraging. Her eyes slip over to Quinton as he takes a sample and she immediately winces. Maybe she should have warned him, instead she grabs her water bottle with some of the mint found yesterday floating in the water in it. It's handed over.

Amy feels like she's in the planet of the apes. All this one-word communication. But she slows down and tries to understand. Looking at Quinton first. "Pots… oh for growing the herbs. Oh yeah if there's like, some that aren't being used I can try those. Totally, thanks." Then Piper. "Take… me…. to where you got the leaves. Oooh yes perfect. Thank you too."

It takes a second, but then the taste really hits the man and he's making yuck face and gladly taking the water bottle. Gross. Guess he'll not be having any kind of fun night with that any time soon. Yuck. He guzzles most of the bottle and nods to Amy. He'll get them to her later.

"Yes." Piper answers Amy when she interprets what she was saying. Not that it was all that hard really. Biting her lip at the yuck face she does her best not to laugh at Quinton "Yuck." she nods at him, but it's medicine, it isn't supposed to taste good. Reaching out she gives his arm a rub and then begins to pour the juice into jars "Next. Better." she says, though this one will be quite effective for it's intended use, and she really can't make promises, but she can try.

Amy giggles watching the two talk about how it tastes. "Medicine, you're lucky if it doesn't make you totally gag, yeah." she snickers. Then she blinks, and hums. "I'm going to need to borrow like a shovel or something. If I'm going to put together plants and pots and make magic happen and stuff."

Quinton will stick to the booze he found, he thinks. A small smile/grimace is given to Piper when she touches his arm. He appreciates it, just yuck. "…cure worse…" He smirks at that though, knowing none of their cures are going to be all that tasty. An eyebrow raises, magic huh? He nods, indicating he can help her with that. Whatever she has spread out gets another look. The man has a few plants he's not murdered, and he's been a big avicate that everyone should ahem pots in their apartments. Spread the love. There's a nod and he agrees, '…magic…"

Maybe, but Piper would be willing to bet we would have drank a whole jar of the stuff when he had his stomach wound. "Large. Pot." she tells them both "Big-ger. Bet-ter." though she may be better off planting them in pots at first, and then transplanting them to a ground bed. With all the juice fitting into seven jars she begins to cap them and clean them up.

Amy nods and starts putting the leaves carefully back into the bag, since they are valuable individually. Each one can be a candle. "Alright, I think I'm going to try to figure out where to put the pots. Think they could grow indoors?"

Yeah, probably. That's a wound he'd rather not repeat, ever again. He eyes the jars, but then the conversation is brought back to planting and he nods. "…or build…" They could make dirt troughs, if Amy really wanted. He looks again, unsure what it is that Amy actually has, "..sun?"

"No." Piper gives a shake of her head at Amy "Tall." she raises her arm all the way and the lifts up to her tiptoes "Tall-er." they grow freaking tall. Taller than Quinton even, who gets a gesture when me mentions the light "That. Too." she begins to pack the jars into a crate "Watch?" she gestures to the sleeping baby as she asks Quinton and then lifts the crate using a finger to point out the window toward the infirmary building.

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