(2016-04-15) Sand-Piper
Summary: Monica and Piper move sand from the hardware store to the water storage tank next to the water tower. They talk. Mon might be getting a little suspicious of Piper's strength.
Date: 2016.04.15
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Monica shleps back into the hardware store. She looks exhausted. She is exhausted, but hey. Nobody's using that tank. If the vote goes against her, having a few tons of sand in it won't hurt anything, right? Er. Well. Probably not. She doubts the vote will go against water, even if it does go against electricity. Especially if her newest idea also works. "Note to self. Limit projects so they don't mushroom like this." She hauls another bag of sand out to the trailer, where Chester is waiting patiently.

Piper has no idea what Monica is up to, she just knows that as she has walked up the cluttered street she has seen Monica come in and out of the hardware store a few times carrying bags. Though can't tell what from her distance. Of course when Monica comes back out the woman is there, petting Chester as she looks at all those bags of sand. It seems Piper is a bit more relaxed than she usually is, despite the drone this morning. Though she is really afraid to ask why, so instead she asks something else "How many?"

Monica starts, but only a little. She knows Piper to see her, obviously. She chuckles at the horse, who is holding his head out for petting between the eyes. Itchy horse. Itchy Itchy itchy… "He likes you." She looks in the cart. "Each bag is 50 pounds, and Chester can pull about two thousand comfortably. The cart weighs 500 or so…" She looks at the remaining pile of sand bags. "All of them, basically. And I'm gonna need more before I'm done. How've you been?"

"Of course." she's not that bad with animals, she probably could have been a vet had she not had the musical talents she does. Maybe she would have been a lot more useful…or at least feel that way now. But that's another life. Looking at the bags of sand and then back at Monica she can only nod at the amount "A lot." the question that usually makes her pause and then just give a generic okay, hand wobble or no answer at all is answered immediately for once "Good." she even says it with a ghost of a smile.

Monica smiles back. "That's great to hear." She heads inside a moment and returns with a bag of sand in a dolly. She heaves it up onto the trailer. "Geez I lost a lot of muscle."

It's great to be. She hasn't been good in a long time. Piper plans to enjoy it while it lasts. Continuing to pet the horse she watches as Monica disappears then reappears with the sand to load onto the truck, "Want help?"

Monica smiles. "Yes please." She watches Piper's body language curiously. "Anything you want to talk about, or is it private?" She heads in for another bag, waiting for Piper to follow her in.

Piper does follow Monica in, smartly she wore her boots today. Usually it's only when Quinton's around but with the neighborhood they are in a destruction zone, she is wearing them just to be safer. Glass she can handle, nails not so much. "About?" she is totally clueless as to what Monica is talking about and goes to grab a bag to carry to the wagon thing.

You say, "It's ok, nevermind. None of my business." She gets another bag of sand, watching Piper haul it out without benefit of a dolly or anything. She sighs and follows along, trying not to envy, just a little. She heaves her bag onto the cart and counts up how many are there. "There are a couple more left. It's the last load before I take him back to the field and curry him down so… if we walk, he can haul the lot. How's little Quinn doing? And the other kids?"

Piper just looks at Monica in confusion a moment as she carries the bag. It's a task for the petite woman, but this is also the woman who flipped a dead deer by its antlers and ripped a door off its hinges…though the tornado may have helped with that last one. No one is positive. Needless to say she is a bit stronger than she looks, in short bursts at least. "In time…" she's amused "Good. Need to…" she hmmmms trying to get some b-word out but it doesn't want to.

You say, "Bathe?" She hauls another bag of sand out, the last one. "How'd you get so strong as a concert musician?" She chuckles."

A better question would have been how did she learn how to body check someone as a concert musician. But strong works too. It nearly makes Piper drop the bag in her arms "Uhm, cellos?" Piper is much better at evading questions than answering them untruthfully…though that could be it, cellos are heavy.

<FS3> Monica rolls Sense Motive: Good Success.

Monica grunts as she heaves her bag onto the cart and rests, leaning against it. "I thought you sang." She shrugs. "Probably's pretty handy with little Quinn. They get heavy as they get older." Mon can be clueless sometimes when people fib to her sometimes. This, apparently, is not one of those times. She Spocks an eyebrow, where it promptly disappears under blond hair. Why would Piper lie about why she's strong? It's not like it matters. Mon doesn't comment, but it does remind her about the sheer force with which she was thrown against the trailer. Her big brother could have done that. Maybe. "Well, has to be handy, anyway." If the woman's been doing steroids, Mon doesn't really want to know. This long after the end of the world, it's probably not an issue anymore anyway.

"Mostly." implying she did other things too "Fresh?" she offers an alternative if that one wasn't good enough. Monica has hauled how many for how long now? And she has hauled all of two "No." about the only thing she carries around are children, some of which do weigh over 50 pounds.

You say, "There's that, and you were plenty strong the other day," she says, finally. "Piper, if something's none of my business, just say… even one word. None. I'll get the picture. Okay?""
"Scared." anyone can be strong when they are scared and adrenaline is pushing through their system. There is a fine line there, about who's business it is, its hard to say one way of the other. She can shake her head though and moves to go climb up on top of all the sand bags to perch there…and since she isn't walking she has no need for shoes.

Monica watches her climb up and nods. "So was I." She walks around to the front of the cart and pats Chester. "Come on boy, let's make this last trip and then you can go hang out in the field with your horse buddies.

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