(2016-04-15) That Buzzing Isn't Bees
That Buzzing Isn't Bees
Summary: Pesky drones, why won't the go pester someone else
Date: 4.15.2016
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5th Street

What was once a neighborhood with rows of houses and a fenced in condo complex is now a debris filling crater spanning multiple blocks. To the south at the edge of the crater is Stratford Park and to the north Wall Street where houses have felt the brunt of the explosion. There isn't a window, car or tree that hasn't been shattered, flipped over or uprooted. The creek that flowed behind the neighborhood, now flows into the crater, collecting slowly and will someday make a pond.

Amy comes out here for reasons that aren't exactly clear. Beginning to see the signs of an explosion of some kind, she shakes her head, staring in awe at this wreckage.

It's the wagon wheel squeaking that announces that someone else or in this case two someone else's are wandering this side of town. Probably out scavenging and/or foraging on this drizzly morning. If anyone would have told Piper that the panhandle of Texas got this much rain…well she would have shrugged…she had no idea nor did she care. At the moment they are coming from a side street. It's quite reminiscent of when Amy ran into them originally. He's pulling the wagon, they are holding hands, it's the usual stuff. On seeing Amy the woman slows offering a "Hey." in greeting as they get close enough.

Quinton nods, offering Amy a soft smile. He's not having a good talking day, but seems in a good mood. In fact, he's in enough of a good mood, he's not even coin g the paranoid glance around he usually does.

Amy gives a little wave, and gestures toward the crater and the broken everything. "What happened here?" she asks with disbelief. "This is terrible."

Yeah broken everything, the reason Piper is wearing shoes at the moment. It's been a good five months since the explosion, but it’s still like yesterday to her and probably to those who witnessed as well. The woman looks around, a bit of a melancholic expression forming on her face "Ex-plo-sion." she points back to the crater where the pond is forming "Was Reyes com-pound."

Quinton's good mood drops when he realizes where they are. A head shake is given, trying to clear his head some. This is not a good place, for many, many reasons. Despite his injury, he thinks he got off easy, he didn’t have to really see the aftermath. Piper’s hand is given a soft squeeze and he lets go, finally scanning the grounds to make sure they're safe.

Amy shakes her head. "There was a compound here?" She looks around again, slowly. "It looks like a crater, not a building. Was there a whole building that like, blew up here then?"

"Yes, condos." she looks back to Amy then at Quinton when he goes on the alert. "Anita…Lorenzo's family." Piper goes all stoic faced, her way to cope with the bad, don't feel anything "Only survivors." Anita and Lorenzo that is, they were the only survivors. "The Others." a point to the alien ship in the far distance.

Quinton runs a hand through his shaggy blonde hair, letting the two woman talk. Pale eyes scan the ruins, like they always do. Like some clue will suddenly be findable.

Amy winces. "I feel like I'm missing details on what happened here but like… at the same time I don't want to know." Coming on closer to the pair, she shrugs. "Anyway, what are you guys doing today?"

"You don't." Piper states with an adamant tone, suggesting that she doesn't want to talk about it either. Which is just as well, she doesn't know how much Quinton remembers of that or if he remembers the cause, and she'll protect him from that awful knowledge "I'm…good." a step up from her usual hand wobble or okay.

But then there is that feeling, the one that always comes before the drone. The mild vibration, the fine hairs standing on end and then the loud buzz to the north.

Quinton was told, it's the stuff of nightmares. Well, that and falling. He catches the positive remark form Piper. And a ghost of a smile tugs at his mouth. Which quickly vanishes when that feeling comes upon them. "Hide." It's an order to both women. He quickly motions towards a half blown up house, his other hand is already arching for his pistol. Not that pistols do much against drones, but still.

Amy was trying to find out WHAT they were doing, as much as HOW, but she's distracted from pressing that point by vibrations and static. "Hide?" She looks around. "What's going on?" Where Quinton motions, she starts to move, but she’s not quick, making sure she's going the right way, ready to follow rather than lead.

"Drone." Piper states, trying to keep the panic from her tone, but doesn't quite manage that impossible feat. "You too." she tells Quinton as she takes the lead, attempting to latch to Amy's elbow with a hand, that is remarkably steady, unlike her voice, and get her moving in the right direction as she scans their hiding place for the safest way in.

Quinton takes a moment to knock over their wagon. A filled wagon laying there is a indicator people were there, a knocked over one? Not so much. That puts him a step or two behind Amy and Piper, but he does manage another word, "…faster!" His gun is out and he's scanning the skies, trying to find what direction the drone is coming from.

Amy winces at the sight of the gun, but she's perfectly willing to be led by Piper here, doing her best to match pace, and get where they're going. "You guys are kind of scaring me."

"Good." Piper tells her flatly, she's scared. "Scared keeps alive." hope Amy wasn't expecting pity or anything because that isn't coming from the petite woman. Faster it is as she ducks through a crevice that is fine for her, but may be a tighter squeeze for bigger folks, not impossible, but much ducking will need to be done. "Come on." oh its dark…ish..okay more deep gray, but her augmented eyes quickly adjust and she leads the way through the maze of beams and broken walls that used to be a house. "Careful."

The buzzing drone can be seen, doing a circle over where the tornado took out that neighborhood.

Quinton doesn't respond. Either to agree with Piper or calm Amy. He gives the girls a few seconds to get moving through the twisted ruins, eyes on the drone. He's already realizing this might not work for him, he's much taller than the tiny piper, and only slightly taller Amy. His gun is gripped a little tighter, eyes darting to see if there's somewhere else he can dart to, even if it's just to draw attention away from the girls.

Amy isn't huge, so she creeps in herself. She has to get free of Piper to do it, holding her dress to herself, getting in without being caught or anything. "What is it?"

Piper looks back at Amy, "A drone." she says again "Alien thing. Keeps track…Silencers…you…us." a bit of a slip there, maybe the other girl won't notice. They don't have to go real far but there is more ducking under another beam and there are a few flipped pieces of living room furniture though one is thoroughly squashed by the bathtub from the bathroom that was once stairs but now is partially in what is left of the living room. There are a few sneezes at the dust they are stirring up and a quick rub of her nose. "Here." she indicates a good place to sit…or as good as they are going to get and peers through the twisty tunnel for Quinton the rear guard "Quinton?"

The sound of large caliber firearms can be heard in the distance. The guards on the wall trying to deal with the alien menace.

The sound of the machine guns seems to shake Quin. He stops advancing, not that he was making much progress, he's just taller than both women. His name floats back to him from the twisted tunnel and that's enough to make the need to protect flair up. He's not very far in, so it's not much to turn and head back out, gun raised ready to shoot. The drones know they're here. They know they have guns. He's tired of hiding and being afraid.

Amy gasps and looks at Piper, as she follows along. Trying to keep from sneezing herself, rubbing her nose, she sits. Huddled up a little. "Me?" she gasps. "What, are you saying like, they were watching me when I came here?" She looks at Piper, jaw dropped a little as she tries to grasp this. At this point the guns would be bothering her more if not for Piper's slip.

But clearly not tired of giving Piper heart attacks, which she would have if she knew what he was doing. There are to many guns going off to be able to differentiate his from any of the others. She is torn between seeing what is taking him and staying, the mental debate is paused a moment as Amy has her questions "Not /you/" she gestures to Amy "Humans."

Yes, he'll probably get yelled at later, but Quin doesn't think about that now. Instead he advances to get closer to the drone, lifting his gun and taking his tim to aim. Maybe if he can hit it at a different angle than the machine guns…. Maybe he can help.

Amy sighs immediately. "Oh not me, oh okay," she nods, glad to hear she's not any sort of target, even as she completely missed then Piper's little slip. So, now that that's done, she's really noticing all the shooting going on. "So are they trying to like shoot it down?"

Knowing that the drone isn't actually physically dangerous and is basically just a big probe full of sensors, Piper finally makes her decision and goes to settle near Amy, her eyes stay locked on the tunnel though, she is obviously anxious "Yes. The bat-tery."

Pale eyes narrow , Quin exhales and starts firing away at the drone. He takes bios time, he's not got many bullets on him. While doing this, his focus is not on anything else.

Amy settles in for the wait. With shooting going on, hiding inside seems more sensible. She covers her ears now, and starts to wait it out.

"Over soon." Piper says out loud, just as much to reassure Amy as herself. "Gone fast." her eyes dart to Amy, but then right back to the tunnel, listening to the buzzing and the gunfire both near and far.

The buzzing stops and the smoking drone can be seen spiraling from the sky, the crash can be heard but not seen.

Quinton stays where he is, at the mouth of the twisted opening of the house and waits. Sometimes there's more than one drone.

Amy hears the crash, and starts to uncover her ears as the shooting stops. She looks from one to the other. "Is it done?"

The only answer Piper can give is a shrug and a soft "Hope so." with no poet seemingly coming she gets up "I'll Check." and moves up the tunnel of collapsed walls and beams "Quinton?" she calls out again. She can't imagine that he went that far. That wouldn't be like him "Clear?"

Seems like just the one this time.

Quinton waits a few extra seconds, scanning the skies before calling back, "….yes!" All clear. For now. He doesn't bother moving in, he actually moves to take a few steps out of the way. His gun is still in his hand while he waits, now on edge.

Amy gets up, and stretches a little. You notice how tense you were only when things relax. Grunting, she shakes her head, and rubs her nose again. "I miss tissues. Real tissues."

"Yeah." Piper beckons Amy to follow before realizing that she may not be able to see that well "Come on." A few more sneezes heralds Piper's return to the outside and there is a wrinkle of nose to stop another one "Head back?" she questions Quinton as she comes up beside him, and arm going around his waist as she looks off toward the east where both drone and camp is/

Quinton chews on his lower lip as he thinks and then nods. A finger is raised and he points in the direction the drone fell before wrapping an arm around Piper briefly to hug her back. Amy gets a look over and a questioning look, clearly asking if she's ok. The wagon is turned upright, although most of their stuff is scattered on the ground. Including, if anyone wishes to see it, a book with a banged up cover labeled, "Where Eagles Fly"

Amy shrugs and stretches between nose rubs. Trying not to sneeze. "I'm fine with going back. What were you guys out here to do anyway? Was it about that?" She then looks where Quinton pointed, trying to see it.

Piper nods "Guards will deal…" she says as she moves to start gathering the stuff that they had scavenged so far, starting with the two cans of Pringles "Looking…." she gestures to the stuff that is scattered about thanks to the tipping of the wagon "for stuff." scavenging. It's what they do now.

There's smoke from where ever the drone is. Piper answered most of it, so he just nods, motioning between Piper and himself, "…scavengers." The book is spied and he quickly snatches it up, keeping the cover facing out. He's suddenly as nervous as he was when the drone was above head.

Amy nods slowly. "Oooh, I get it." She walks with them for now, looking at the smoke, but then otherwise just following them. When she sees stuff scattered from the wagon, he'll try to pick some of it up.

The pringle cans are held in an arm while she picks up the few remaining items. They really hadn't gotten to do much in the way of searching before droney showed up. Piper wrinkles her nose slightly, she has never liked that term for them, just the images it conjures, leather clad ruffians circa Road Warrior or something. One can is set in the wagon but she opens the other, popping the plastic top and pulling the foil off the top..what's the shelf life on pringles anyway? "You?" she'll throw the question back as she holds out the can of chips. There is eyeing of the book, she recognizes, but doesn't say anything about it.

Quinton likes it. It makes him feel tougher than he is. He shoves the book at the very bottom of the wagon, making sure there's stuff onto of it. A sharp eye make catch the first name of the author, well, at least that it starts with a Qu. He stands, smiling a little too quickly and nods, defiantly wanting pringles. Junk food is his weakness after all.

Amy puts the stuff down she helped pick up. "I was just like, walking around, thinking, you know?" she explains. "I think I need to learn how to grow stuff. But it's a serious thing to learn. Messing with those pots, and everything."

Piper looks amused at Quinton's about face as she holds out the pringles, though she really isn't buying it." grabbing the wagon handle she begins to pull it as they make there way east, toward the complex "Yeah." she knows all about the thinking thing, she probably does way to much of it herself "Gar-den-ing?" a questioning look is sent to Amy "Candles?"

Quinton shoves a few chips in his mouth and sighs, almost contently. After shallowing he'll just add, "…all…needed….important."

Amy nods firmly as she starts walking along side the wagon. "Yeah, candles for starters. Maybe medicines. Useful stuff."

Piper is silent for a few paces, holding the can in easy reach in case more chips are wanted at least for a moment. And then she is lifting that hand to wiggle a few fingers at her head "What about…" the psychology stuff and helping with that.

Quinton grabs more chips, letting his eyes roam the area, just to be on the safe side. he's quiet about the Psychology stuff, he's not touched the meditation book Amy gave him.

Amy give Piper another nod. "Oh yeah. Couple days ago I was helping someone. Someone who was having classic PTSD, but was afraid that fixing it would be bad. I explained it would be good, and started explaining about mindfulness and all that. IT's really the best we can do unless we find lie, some sorts of medicines. Which we probably can't, not really. This person is better off than some, definitely a case I can help with. But… growing useful plants is something else I totally should be able to do."

Piper hmms softly nodding at Amy "Good." she's trying it at least and other things. Something is bound to help eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later "Well…" she starts at the medicine bit but pauses a moment "talk to Anita." she says instead. Since that is who Amy was going to for all this stuff. Then they are at the wall, the gate being opened for them and then the escort back to camp, because of the high alert an all.


1 Folding Wheelchair
1 Bottle of Tecnu
1 Pearl necklace
2 Cans of Pringles
4 Sweaters
1 Old People Magazine
1 Book - Poetry - Author: Quinton A. Wells
1 Pretty Flower
3 packages of diapers
1 12 Gauge Shot Gun
1 Toner Cartridge
1 Music Box
2 Atlases
4 Cans Tear Gas

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