(2016-04-16) Duck Season -Boom-
Duck Season –Boom-
Summary: Monica and Piper go out hunting, with Terry for armed protection. They meet Boris. Some of our heroes (Monica) might be more than a little trigger happy.
Date: 2016.04.16
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Mon's been getting enough to eat for a while and it shows. The eyes are a sharper blue, the dark circles under them are practically gone, and her face has softened and smoothed as befits her age. Her face is still a riot of varicose veins and arteries, but even so, they stand out less with more soft tissue under them. Her skin is more than a little tanned, and shows a little crinkling at the corners of her eyes from sun exposure. Mon may never look normal without plastic surgery, but she looks better.

Mon's wearing battered (broken in) buckskin pants and a buckskin shirt over buckskin moccasins. They're all about the color of dry grass, heavily fringed to help break up her outline. Buckskins were camoflage. Who knew? Her bright blond hair is braided and tied back with (you guessed it) a buckskin thong and a few decorative beads. In addition to the usual pistol, slung across her belly for a cross-body draw today, and the usual cartridge pouch slung in back, there's a simple, obviously hand-made Bowie knife with an eight inch blade tied in a scabbard on her right hip.

This rather hairy man stands a bit over six and a half feet tall. Despite seeming worn down and rather rugged he is none the less a broad shoulder man with well developed muscle. His leathery skin having been tanned by weeks in the sun and browned by dirt. His eyes are a bright amber color and sit beneath bushy black brows and above a nose that may have been broken once or twice. His black hair is clearly not cut very often and is held in a simple pony tail with some string. A full thick beard and moustache completely cover the lower half of his face. A tribal tattoo has been inked into his broad back. It depicts a rising sun over a living tree.

Further solidifying his appearance is his clothes. He wear a dirty, heavy leather coat that seen more than it fair share of patching up and along hooded sweater and a plain blue t-shirt with many holes. Thick stained jeans and formally high quality hiking boots serve to protect his lower half. An aged backpack that has seen better days is strapped to his back, having odd nit nacks hanging off of it, such as a leather leash, rope, feathers and beads. Slung over his shoulder at all time is a shot gun that can be easily slipped off, should the need arise.

<Hunt> Monica hunts and bags:
1 Duck

Monica aches everywhere. She doesn't even want to think how much sand she hauled to the access door at the top of that water tank, but it's only got a couple feet of sand in it for all the tons of sand, gravel, and landscape rock, and it needs several feet more. It'll have to wait for another day. Meantime she's taking Chester for a ride, his reward for being a patient draft horse yesterday. They're hunting. She's got her shotgun riding on one hip, guiding Chester with the other. She's loaded with buck on one side, bird on the other, the usual. When you only get two shots before a five minute reload, that kind of thing matters.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Boris=stealth Vs Monica=alertness
< Boris: Good Success Monica: Good Success
< Net Result: Monica wins - Marginal Victory

Boris has been wandering around. He wasn't quite sure where he is or how far he has gone since he first set out when the The First wave came. But having found the resouvair, he had stop, along with his boar to check on their supplies. That was untill he heard a loud gunshot go off! He quickly makes for the cover of some bushes, making sure his boar follows. Of course, in his rush he left his backpack open on the ground nearby. And the bushes do not provide the best cover. None the less he was loading his own shotgun - never can be too sure.

Monica had just slipped off Chester's back to pick up the duck. Gotta get a hunting dog one of these days. Something catches her eye, some movement in the distance, maybe. The click of Boris loading his gun surely didn't reach her ears, not this fast after shooting. Hearing protection might be good too. She crouches by the duck to make sure the poor animal is dead, and scans the area with her eyes, and the muzzle of the still-loaded other barrel of her shotgun. She glances toward Piper to make sure Piper's noticed something's up.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Boris=stealth Vs Piper=alertness
< Boris: Good Success Piper: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Success.

Mounted on another horse is the petite Piper. Unlike Monica she has a bow in hand her quiver hanging from the saddlehorn at the moment. It's not her only weapon, she has a rifle hanging from the saddlehorn too, as well as a pistol and nunchuks at her hip. Strangely, despite the weaponry she has a harmless air about her, maybe its her size or cover model looks, whatever it is she certainly isn't one that would inspire fear. Her dark eyes are watching Monica as she retrieves her kill and at the unusual look from the other woman she cants her head in a quizzical fashion. She's oblivious.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Terry=Alertness Vs Boris=Stealth
< Terry: Good Success Boris: Success
< Net Result: Terry wins - Marginal Victory

Across the way, Terry scopes out the area, keeping watch over his fellow Hopers. At first, all appears well, but then.. something catches his eye. Might be an animal, might be something else. He racks a round into the chamber of his high-powered scoped rifle, and zeroes in on the potential threat, reaching out to key the radio with a free hand. "Piper, Terry. You have company.."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Monica=alertness Vs Boris=stealth
< Monica: Good Success Boris: Failure
< Net Result: Monica wins - Solid Victory

Boris peers from his hiding place. From other survivors he met along the way, he heard of people called Silencers. Having heard some say they were Aliens posing as humans, or that animals didn't like them. Super attributes…. he wasn't sure if he could trust the two women he seen. But…. they did have a horse. He hasn't seen Terry yet. Patting razor, the boar he grumbles lowly "Well, may as well introduce ourselves" he grips his gun in a relaxed manner from his hiding spot in the bushes. Wetting his lips he begins to whistle 'Happy Birthday' and prayed these girls were friendlies

Monica hears the radio call go to Piper, since nobody's issued her a walkie-talkie yet, or even told her of their existence. She glances toward Piper and then toward Terry and looks again to try to find the interloper. "Got him!" she shouts. "All the way over there. Dude, you want to stand up already? We see you." This will either get the shooting started, or make it so it doesn't have to start. Mon leaves the duck and starts toward Boris, circling around the reservoir.

The message over the walkie clears up the look that Monica gave her. The bow and rifle quickly switch places as Piper nudges the horse to follow after Monica. The young woman does has it ready, but isn't aiming it directly toward the location that Monica pointed out, but won't be much of a move if she needs to shoot. The shout from the other woman is probably indication enough that Terry was heard, so she doesn't bother replying over the walkie.

The sound of an angry bird cawing echoes across the reservoir, and through the radio link. "Piper, Terry again. … Lost visual on target, attempting to reacquire. Give me a min—Bugger off, you! … Damn birds." Terry grumbles.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Monica=stealth Vs Boris=alertness
< Monica: Good Success Boris: Failure
< Net Result: Monica wins - Solid Victory

Monica moves silently through the tall grass, her buckskins completely concealing her - at least to Boris - but when she gets to where she should have a reasonable shot at him, all that's left is his backpack. She slowly, carefully raises her head above the grass level to look for him. She finds Terry and Piper, but no sign of the quarry. For those who read lips at a distance, her comments are unprintable, if silent.

The commotion over the walkie has Piper grinning in amusement. Poor Terry. And she double clicks the call button to acknowledge the heard him. She can't read lips accurately when she is standing right in front of someone, distance doesn't matter. But Monica's expression is pretty readable to the woman. Nudging the horse into a canter to get to Mon faster she does her own survey from horseback around the lake, but sees nothing or no one at the moment. As she approaches where Monica is she eases the horse to a stop and slides off only after the mare comes to a complete stop. "Lost?" she asks Monica.

CAW-CAW! CAW! CA— The noise abruptly ceases. A few seconds later, Terry's voice crackles over the walkie-talkie. "There we go. Problem solved.." followed by, quietly, "Bastard." He settles back into position, zeroes his rifle again, and resumes watching Mon and Piper, while keeping an eye out for their new friend.

Monica says, loudly enough to hear. "Found his backpack. If it blows up suddenly and I die, you'll know what happened. I'm thinking we leave it be and see if he comes back for it. Anyone who'd put bombs inside children wouldn't hesitate to put them in a packpack and wait for us to kill ourselves poking into it." She backs away from the backpack a good distance. Arguably the size of the crater in the middle of town. Pretty much the maximum reach for her shotgun load.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Firearms: Great Success.

Bombs are volatile right? There is one way to find out if it has a bomb in it or not. As Monica retreats to a safe distance, Piper does too on horseback. She indicates to the other woman to get further back, since her rifle has a farther range. Patting the horse, she lifts her rifle, drawing a bead on the backpack "Fire…" she starts to warn but only gets the one word out before the trigger is pulled. If it is a person it would be dead, but since it was just a backpack the shot just sends it flying a few feet, with no explosive side effects. Another mystery for Monica to solve, how a concert musician is such a sharpshooter.

"So, not dealing with a bomb, I take it?" Terry inquires over the walkie-talkie. "What *are* we dealing with, then?" He dials in his scope a bit more, just to be sure he has things good and truly dialed in. "Any guesses, thoughts, random musings?" He adjusts his position, proned out behind his rifle.

Monica gets further back, and take the opportunity to pull the cap off her buckshot loaded barrel and reload the empty one from shooting the duck. Also with buck. "I gotta get a rifle with a magazine," she mutters. "This one or two shots stuff is for the birds." Which is a pun, of course. That's what shotguns are for. She quirks a smile while reloading, cool under fire. How a basic farmgirl gets cool under fire? Re-enactment is good practice, it turns out. Loading muzzle loaders while shooting is going on, specifically. She recaps both barrels and cocks both hammers. Comes time for shooting, she'll want them both ready to go. "Don't know. It's always possible we just shot some new friend's laundry."

Well the pack didn't go boom and hopefully Piper didn't break anything. Monica wanted to know though, so there it is, no bomb. Monica and Piper are at a safe distance, just within rifle firing range of where the unsub left his backpack. There is a shrug as she dismounts again and reloads the rifle. Whoever it is or was can probably live with a holes in his clothes, not so much with one in his chest.

"Well, if he's friendly, and it comes down to it, I've got some clothes I can spare, no problem.." Terry comments over the radio. He gives the area another sweep, finger off the trigger, not seeing anything worth shooting just yet.. but he's ready, just say the word.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Monica=stealth Vs Boris=alertness
< Monica: Success Boris: Failure
< Net Result: Monica wins - Marginal Victory

Monica moves again in the high grass, circling toward where Boris was, doing her best to blend in without getting in Piper or Terry's lines of fire. The downside of stealth is always friendly fire. The cover thins out, so she's not as concealed as she might want, but… hey. She keeps searching for Boris.

Well Boris didn't go far. Especially when he realized is backpack was left behind. He had heard a secondary shot and questioned going back…. but he needed his supplies. As such, he came back, this time not sneaking around, but in the open. His shotgun was out and ready to fire at the first sign of trouble. The boar was by his side as he carefully approaches the backpack, looking around for anyone currently still around.

As Monica disappears into cover and with Terry over there someplace that leaves Piper out in the open..leaving the mute and peoplephobic woman to make first contact with an unknown entity. Is that really the smartest move? Probably not, but what's done is done. While she could just as easily disappear like the others, she doesn't, she stands there in the open, silently looking harmless, rifle pointed to the ground at the moment as she sees Boris come into view. She makes no move to either greet him or move in his direction, just watches.

Terry, meanwhile, continues to watch from his perch, his targeting reticule zeroed in on Boris' eye as he comes into view. All the while, he continues going through his breathing exercises, preparing himself just in case things go south. Hopefully they won't.. but, you never know. Above him, another bird flies by. Terry notes it, and ignores it for now. He's had enough of birds screwing up his shots, and this is one shot he can't afford to miss.. if it gets to that point, anyway.

You say, "You want to put that scatter gun down, sport." Mon says quietly, looking at Boris down the trough between barrels of her shotgun. "Real, real slow. We've learned the hard way that not everyone who wanders by is friendly." The voice is soft, but there's a matter-of-factness that says she probably won't hesitate to shoot.

Boris keeps his shotgun up "Not a chance. Like sie said, not everYWAN who wanderz by iz friendly. Und Konsidering vere be two of you…. Ah am inclined ta keep my guard up real good like" he says, still not knowing about Terry yet. Despite the fact he hasn't put his gun down, he seemed quite relaxed, even as he makes some odd sounds "Kekkfrehehke." His eyes glance towards Piper but his is mostly focused upon Monica due to how close she is "Now… all I want is my stuff, nothing moar, unless sie git stuff ta trade" hey may be a dangerous situation - but you have to start trying to get things calm somehow - without losing your only means of protection.

Well Piper wasn't going to give away the location of either Monica or Terry, but it seems that Monica gave herself up. The beauty doesn't move forward nor lift her gun up in a threatening manner, about the only thing she does is tilt her head, her expression stoic at best. She's come along way, it used to be her shoving her rifle at every new person that was come across, now that task goes to other people.

Terry maintains his position, keeping an eye on Boris, as well as Piper.. and Monica, who seems bound and determined to get herself into trouble? Cripes. Not much he can do without exposing himself, and his only advantage right now is that he's still pretty much invisible. He keeps his weapon loaded, business end pointed at Boris, finger off the trigger. No reason to go DEFCON-1, yet.

<FS3> Monica rolls Mind: Success.

Monica takes a slow breath. This is one of those situations again, isn't it? Where she's overreacting, and way, way, way too ready to shoot someone without a good cause. She lets the breath out. "Got a point there, I suppose. What's your name?" Her instincts are screaming "shoot!" She's ignoring them for the moment, and hoping that won't come back to bite her.

Boris takes a moment to consider this, eyeing the gun. Well she wasn't shooting him… that a start "Boris… Boris Reinhart. Und my compaion here" gestures to the boar "Iz Razor" he lowers the gun only somewhat, perhaps in good faith "How about sie and yer friend ovar vere?" he gestures towards Piper with his head. His shoulders relax a bit "Und perhaps Ah kin move and git my pack withoot gettink shot? Yes?" he ask

With it seeming like things will be peaceful for now, Piper takes the reins of Chester and her own mare and with the rifle in one hand and pointing at the ground she finally moves toward where Monica and Boris are. Today she is barefoot, so there is no sound as she moves through the grass toward the two.

Terry, meanwhile, stays right where he is, waiting for any kind of signal that things are clear, and he can leave his spot. Until such time, he continues to make himself comfy, shifting about ever so slightly to keep his body from getting kinked up, or otherwise prevent himself from being less than fully effective in his duties.

Monica takes another slow breath, and ignore the urge to shoot again. It's getting more peaceful, and Piper's now crossing into the same arc of fire she's in. She lets the breath out, and whispers to herself, "You're not the only one who can defend your family. Piper's more of a bad-ass than you are." It takes a few times through it before she responds in a more normal voice. "I'm Monica. She's Piper. And um… we thought there might be a bomb in your pack. The Others… do things like that. There's a nice crater in town to demonstrate what their bombs can do."

Boris face lights up "A town sie say? Vell…. much as Ah be sorry fer vee bomb, a town be perfect place ta scavenge… or make trades. Tell me, iz vis town abandon, or haz et served az a base camp fer folkz?" he wonders. He wasn't here to make enemies, he was here to survive. He soon enough looks over to Piper and gives a simple nod "Mam" he greets as she comes over. But his eyes quickly wander over to Chester, he always was able to be around animal quite easily, and it seem the horse puts him in a better mood. He carefully offer "AH put my gun over away, and sie put yers?" and even remove his finger from the trigger wiggling them "No harm no foul" followed by a rattling noise he makes, as if unsure if he should be making such an offer.

As Piper draws closer it is much easier to read her. She is wary of this new man, with the German accent and the strange vocal affectation. A glance is given to Monica and a sign is made. She touches the back of her neck and shakes her head no. She isn't sure she can be more clearer without words. A nod is given and she hangs the rifle on her saddlehorn then lifts her arm making what Terry can interpret as the military hand signal for all clear.

There we go. All clear. Terry heaves a quiet sigh of relief, backs out of his hide, and begins packing up his rifle. A handful of minutes later, Terry appears next to Piper, twisting to and fro, working the kinks out of his I'm-too-old-for-this-stuff body.

Monica relaxes at Piper's gesture, and lets the hammers down on both barrels - slowly - to half-cock. The safe position. She gets to her feet and draws the shotgun's butt to her hip, muzzles pointed skyward. She's still holding it, and her trigger finger is resting on the trigger guard, but the gun hasn't got a sling, so this is as good as it gets. "He's Terry," she says to Boris. "Terry, Piper, this is Boris. Sorry about the greeting. We've had a few hostiles turn up." She doesn't commit to what the town is at this stage. The adrenaline needs to wear off more before she does that. Besides. Terry's done this before. He invited her in. Of course, she was clinging to him like a drowning woman and smelling like the back end of a dead horse at the time.

The appearance of Terry dosn't sit well with Boris. But considering arms are going down, he wasn't about to make a large deal of it. He slips his shotgun back onto his back making an odd "jhekekla" sound "Vell, tis nice ta meet Sie Terreh and Piper, und of cours sie Monica" he didn't press for more infomation at the moment. There was the matter of his backpack. With all arms down he makes his way over to the abandon back casually opening it up. "Hmmmm" he shuffles through the contents and seems to be making a list to himself. Though anyone that spoke German would understand what he saying "Ropes a bit frayed, not to bad. Canteen gots a hole now… hmmm, might be able ta use the hole to make it into a sling" he murmurs followed by some clicks. He switches back to English when he speaks up "So! All of sie must be a group eh?" he asks "Perhaps sie kin give an old traveler some infomatin on vee surroundin areaz?" he asks with some hope in his face, trying to keep it friendly

Even when she is introduced Piper says nothing, just continues to watch the man warily and Terry's appearance pretty much goes unacknowledged as well except maybe a sideways glance and a step away from the taller man as if she had a bit of a problem with personal space and people invading it. Which she does.

Terry knows a thing or two about personal space, and so that's why he tries to stay out of folks' personal space as much as possible. Hence, he's a good couple of steps away from Piper and Monica, hands clasped behind his back, feet spread hip-width apart, glancing between the two women and Boris.

Monica looks at Terry. She was hoping he'd do the formalities. When he doesn't, she sighs. "You're near the town of Stratford, Texas. There are a few of us living there. Traders are almost always welcome. We'll probably have one of the medicos want to give you the once over, just on general principals, but hey. You can come to supper if you want. I can say there will probably be duck on the menu." She hopes she got it right. Tell the man enough to know he can come in from the cold without trusting him with real tactical or strategic information. Soo much easier to be a guerrilla. They don't trust anyone.

Well, that was enough for Boris "Oh? Vell vell vell, vank sie very much for the invite! Ah be taking sie up on vat!" he says followed by a sudden sharp squeel and a bright smile on his face. He pats razor on the back "Seems sie willnea be sniffink oot food fer us tanight ma friend!" food was definitly a quick way to get on Boris' good side. Not exactly surprised. He looks to Piper and Terry and Monica "perhaps sie will nit mind me follow yer group along?" he asks "Even got some bullets if sie are running low"

Piper is still silent, but she seems to hear just fine so it's clearly not because she is deaf or anything. A glance is given to Monica and she gives a nod to the woman before she turns to mount her mare. As she turns the horse around toward the town she makes a beckoning gesture as if to say 'bring him'.

It /was/ getting to be about that time, Terry thought to himself, nodding, as he headed off with the group back to camp. He found himself casting a final glance at the area as he backed out, ever mindful for potential threats.. and seeing none. Next item on the agenda: food.

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