(2016-04-19) Ducks, Bucks, and Not a Lot of Luck
Ducks, Bucks, and Not a Lot of Luck
Summary: Terry and Virgil head out to do some hunting.
Date: 04.19.2016
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Stratford Park Stratford
Tue Apr 19, 2016 — Tue Apr 19 03:14:35 2016

This is more of a former baseball diamond with swings and a picnic area than an actual park. There is a fence behind what was homeplate, and on the other side a small set of bleachers, but no real dugouts or anything. Certainly no school games were played here, but possibly the community little league did.

The diamond is now starting to get covered with dandelions and other weeds and grass. Safely behind another fence in the outfield are the swings and picnic pavillions.

It is spring. The weather is warm and overcast.

Terry - 6'1", 175lbs of pure Massachusetts muscle. Brown-hued hair in a high-and-tight haircut. Green eyes. Camo jeans, GORE-TEX hikers, and a black shirt.
Virgil - Tall and fit blonde with stubble and soft blue eyes.
Exits: [FC] Fossil Creek [O] 5th Street

The weather is slowly getting warmer and warmer, which is an appreciated thing during the spring. With the aim of finding food for the town Virgil figured he'd check out here, where the park is starting to get overgrown. Having asked around to see if anyone else wanted to tag along, ending up with bringing Terry along. A rifle is held in Virgil's hands. His handgun at his chest as usual as well. "So. What do you think our luck rate is going to be?" He asks with a glance over to Terry.

Terry glances back to Virgil. "No comment," he responds with a grin. Not gonna say anything, so no chance to jinx it. "Let's just let the chips fall where they may." He offers with a shrug. He's decked out in a pair of loose brown shoes, well-worn blue jeans, a white cotton undershirt, and a red plaid overshirt. His standard sidearm is stashed in a 'Summer Special' IWB holster inside his jeans, while he also carries a rifle.

Virgil does not, a small grin on his lips. Moving easily enough. Wearing his usual worn shirt with a jacket over. His blue jeans slightly worn. The positive thing with scavenging being the occasional useful pair of clothing, so soon enoough he might be able to find new before this are unwearable. For now, however, he focuses on the mission. Trying to see if they can hear any animal. "How have things been?" He asks, making some small talk in the morning. As the sun hasn't quite gone up completely. Just out at first light.

Terry smiles. "I'm hoping things are on an upswing… We could use that." They could *always* use an upswing. "For me, they've been great. I've been cooking, hunting, scavenging.. it really makes a guy feel alive, getting back to his roots." He indicates the rifle, making sure to keep the business end pointed away from himself and Virgil. "You ready to get this party started?"

Virgil grins and nods, "I know what you mean. It's always nice to get back to one's roots." Making sure to point his own rifle away from them. "As ready as I can be." He answers as they slowly approach the less visible areas. Starting to kneel down to listen. "Spread out a bit?" He suggests, still able to keep eyes on each other, but expanding the searching area.

Terry nods in return. "Copy that." He moves off to take up a position parallel to Virgil, a good distance away, while maintaining sight of the other man. He assumes a good shooting position, and chambers his first round of the day.

Virgil readies his own rifle. Crouching as he moves forward. Trying to listen between gentle breezes. Glancing to see if Terry manages to find anything before slowly turning his head to continue forward.

A few seconds go by, and then Terry spots movement. A big, fat rabbit comes screaming across the park, and right into Terry's sights. *BOOM* Terry fires off a shot, and the rabbit goes down, skidding to a halt on the park's slightly wet grass.

Virgil does look towards Terry at the shot. Causing him to have to wait a bit longer before he himself find anything. Trying to see what Terry got his hands on. Giving a thumb-s up before moving for another couple of minutes, trying to find something.

"…Somebody said something jinx-y… Usually, I do better at hunting. Granted, my usual prey is trying to find me, and often shoots back.." Terry muses to himself, glancing around, looking for other things to shoot. He fishes a water bottle from his pack, and takes a good pull from it, enjoying the fresh water.

Virgil does move. Hearing some of the words maybe, as he grins. Perhaps due to Terry's earlier shot, it scared a Pronghorn, as it is moving. With Virgil keeping it in his sights and let out a shot, letting the sound echo through the park. Seeing the animal go down. About to move in the direction, however several birds and ducks start flying from where the Pronghorn went down. Causing Virgil to try and bring something down from the air. "Try your luck." He offers towards Terry. Since both of them shooting would increase their chances.

Terry 's gun-sights go up, and he takes aim at one of the ducks. He gives it a good lead-out, and then… *BLAM!* … Well, somebody back at camp will hopefully be able to use the feathers, at least, as that's all that remains of the duck, after Terry's cannon blew it to bits. "Eh… Damn."

Virgil does let out a shot as well. Being in luck as the duck only falls down. Trying to shoot again but it misses, sighing. "Well, at least we got one." He offers, furrowing his brows at the loss of a shot though. "We should be able to get enough food at least. Let's get what we got." He suggests. Trying to move to gather up what they managed to bring down. Probably going to need help with the Pronghorn.

Terry packs up his gear, and moves to assist with the pronghorn. "I'll grab heads, you grab tails.. Easier that way." He notes, waiting for Virgil to get into position. "Alright, lift on 'three'. One, two.." and then he lifts.

Virgil does move to grab the duck. It it's still alive, he'll break it's neck. Finally moving to the Pronghorn to help Terry. Moving and nodding when he has a good grip On three he lifts as well. "Three." He offers as they lift.

It takes a bit of doing, but in short order, Virgil and Terry have their fresh kills back to camp, and stashed away for later breakdown. Terry offers Virgil a quick salute, before heading off for some rack time. It's been a good day so far, and he's tired.

Hunting Rolls

1 Rabbit
1 Pronghorn
1 Duck

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