(2016-04-19) Emergency Treatment
Emergency Treatment
Summary: Elijah and Caitlin treat the Piper
Date: 4.19.2016
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First Aid/Medical

This three bedroom apartment is nothing exciting. The inside is a decade or two more modern than the outside at least, but drab. Beige floors, off white walls leaves the place looking a bit instititutinal. At least the previous occupant tried to liven it up a bit with modern furnishings.

The kitchen is divided from the living room by a breakfast bar and a window lets in light from outside. Three furnished bedrooms and bathroom lead off the living room.

Two bedrooms are used for patients, the third for the doctor on duty. The two patient rooms are furnished sparsely with three twin beds each and several candle heaters to keep the rooms warm in the cold of fall and winter as well as to provide needed light. A small nightstand sits next to each bed with an additional lantern for light.

Quinton burst through the infirmary door with a violence quite unlike the poet, Caitlin trailing after him. In his arms a passed out Piper, huge red, swollen welts covering arms, neck and a few on her face even. On top of that she is gasping like a fish out of water. The doctor was promptly yelled for and Piper set down on one of the beds. In broken words he said something about searching and antihistamines and then bolted, even though he probably would have much rather stayed to make sure the woman was okay, but he knew she wouldn't be without the much needed medicine.

Fortunately, the archaic Briton sticks around to provide a little more by way of information. "Hornet's nest. She seems to be allergic," she explains. "Couple of us got stung a bit, too, but she's the only one in trouble."

<FS3> Elijah rolls Search: Good Success.

Elijah was in the back doctor's room area of the infirmary, but with the sudden commotion he is quickly in the front area. Listening to Quin and then seeing the man run out, his gaze goes to Caitlin as she explains. It doesn't take much explanation though before Eli runs back to the kitchen where the medical supplies are kept. "Lay her on the bed!"

Thank goodness for the doctor's obsession with organization because an epipen is quickly found. Returning, Elijah is quickly by the woman, uncapping the epi before administering it to her leg. Once that is complete he keeps his eyes on the woman for responsiveness, but speaks to Caitlin again "IV drip. In the kitchen, third drawer down on the right hand side of the counter."

Fortunately, Caitlin's picked up a little more medicinal knowledge than most - and though it's near enough the limit of her competence, she is confident enough in both locating and setting up an IV… and remains tolerably calm while doing so. She even keeps quiet, rather than risk distracting the doctor.

As Caitlin returns with the IV, Elijah is ready to take it from her to administer…but then the woman takes to the task herself. Right. The doctor's attention is back on Piper, his bag grabbed from a nearby chair and the stethoscope pulled out. Eli checks her vitals to see if the epipen was administered in time.

Lip bitten as she concentrates, Caitlin does her best to ignore both her own hurts and what Elijah is up to, instead endeavoring to focus upon the task in hand. That does, however, leave her somewhat at a loss when she finishes - blinking worriedly at her friend and the doctor.

During the initial epi-injection and the insertion of the IV needle Piper has remained passed out, gasping for breath. The medicine isn't an instant fix, it takes a few minutes and as the two wait and do their tasks her breathing starts to get better at least, becoming less dying fish and more normal human like.

Continuing to administer her vitals until signs of improvement start to show, Elijah gives a breath of relief when Piper's breathing starts to even out again. Removing the stethoscope and returning it to his bag, the doctor looks to Caitlin "Her vitals are starting to balance again. Thank you…" Then, being able to relax and take his focus off of Piper the moment he looks over Caitlin from where he stands. "How about you? Did you say you got stung? Are you alright?"

"Couple of times. My clothes took most of it," Caitlin answers, lifting her gaze from Piper to offer Elijah a rueful smile. "Bloody sore, but I think it's safe to say I'm not going to react like she has. Still, if you want to pamper me for a bit, I won't say no. I'd guess we just wait and watch her?"

Elijah nods, not seeming convinced as he gives her another look over and then nods. "I'd like to check…just to make sure. If that's alright with you. It'd make me feel better, especially with her condition." He figured chasing Quinton down was out of the question. Though he was worried about him too. "I have something that will help with the soreness…I'll be right back." With that he moves back to the kitchen, soon returning with a mason jar of some kind of greenish liquid.

Piper wasn't so lucky, with her shortsleeve shirt and her hair in braids, she had little protection from the stinging hornets as they swarmed. Her breathing continues to get better as she lays there oblivious to the two chatting above her.

Caitlin's quite willing to claim a perch and keep an eye on Piper while she waits… and offers Elijah a smile upon his return. "She looks better. And, honestly… I'd normally make more of a fuss. Hornet stings are *really* fricking painful, it turns out. But I can see how much worse it could be." Her own archaic attire evidently shielded her - aided in no small part by the hood - but the stripey horrors did succeed in scoring a few hits on wholly-unprotected skin.

"I'm just glad that everybody will be alright" Elijah's gaze goes to Piper for the moment. She wasn't alright now, but was already improving. She'd be ok. With a worried frown he looks from her to Caitlin, unscrewing the top of the mason jar and holding a spoon against the jar in his other hand. "Here…" Setting the lid down he grabs the spoon with his free hand, offering it to her. "Piper made it. Helps with a variety of ailments. Start with two spoonfuls and we'll adjust it after observation if we need to."

Caitlin dubiously eyes the spoon, before cracking a rueful grin. "I admit I was hoping for some nice, soothing cream…." But after a moment she accepts the offered medicine. Her eyes widen, before her face screws up… though she does manage to swallow before gagging. "Eeurgh. That is *vile*. Gah. Ummm. Yeah. If you don't mind, I'll grab something to… ugh. But thank you. I think." Blinking somewhat watery eyes, Caitlin gestures vaguely, before pat-patting Piper's foot on her way out in search of a taste-away.

Elijah watches the woman's reaction to the medicine, grimacing a bit himself in sympathy but unable to contain a small smirk. As Caitlin makes her exit, the doctor watches her leave and gives a sigh. "Well, Eli. You're an odd one. The women either throw themselves at you or run out of the room gagging in disgust…" Shaking his head he goes to put the jar back in the kitchen.

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