(2016-04-19) Hornets are Jerks
Hornets are Jerks
Summary: While gardening a hornet's nest is found
Date: 4.19.2016
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Rolls to see who gets the brunt on the hornet attack

<FS3> Caitlin rolls Luck: Good Success.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Luck: Failure.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Luck: Success.

<FS3> Amy rolls Luck: Success.

Long gone are the days of running to the grocery store if you want to eat. Now if you want to eat you have the hunt and/or grow the food yourself. With spring here the growing part has finally become an option for the residents of Stratford. The tomato and pepper sprouts are ready for planting and the small starter plants sit in wheelbarrows in the gardens started behind the houses on Cedar Street. The ground has been lightly turned, fertilized and is ready for growing things to be planted. Everything that will be needed for the job is ready at hand.

Quinton's by a barrel, humming softly to himself. The man is dressed for gardening, old jeans and a stained t-shirt. Plants are handed off, one at a time for people to take. While he's not gotten anyone's name correct today, he's smiling and talking quite a bit. It's broken sentences, but they're there.

Amy has never done anything like this before. But she's going to try. Today she shows up in boots, with gloves, and her big floppy hate. Let's do this.

Caitlin, as usual, is more than a little archaic in her attire - but the outfit is at least both durable and easy to move in. Upon arrival, she has her crossbow slung over one shoulder, hitching at it a little nervously as she eyes the prospect of having to set it aside to work.

With a trowel tucked into her belt, Piper takes a couple of the plants from Quinton. She smells faintly of sunscreen, she might be dark complected, but she can get sunburned too, not something she wants. "Thank you." she tells the poet after the plants are taken. Seeing the other two women she gives them both a wave "Hey." seeing Cait's nervousness she goes into reassurance mode "We're fine. In the walls." if something happens they will know. And she has her pistol on her hip still and Quinton's probably armed too.

Quinton is armed. Very rarely is the poet seen without his pistol. Which is a sad truth. He motions Amy over to come get plants and points at Piper, "Margie will…help you." Cait gets a warm smile and a wave, but he doesn't shove plants at her just yet.

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Caitlin's smile is a little shaky, but she succeeds in finding one for both Quinton and Piper. A deep breath, then she nods and steps forward, holding out her hands to the poet. "Here's hoping I can remember which way up to put it," she tries to joke.

Amy nods to Piper, and laughs. "Thanks. I really don't know what I'm doing here and I totally don’t' want to mess anything up. This is really important." She'll then go to ‘Margie’, and try to do exactly as she's told.

Margie?…well that's not the worst name he has come up with, so Piper doesn't react to the improper name. Hearing both Cait and Amy expressing their noviceness when it comes to gardening and with Quinton telling them to go to her…well this is going to be the case of the blind leading the blind. "Just don't plant them…" she holds her hand and moves it sideways to indicate what she means.

Quinton's very helpful. "Green up." They both get a soft smile as he hands over the plants and nods in Piper’s direction.

Caitlin flashes a grin at Quinton, then nods to Piper. "I'll do my best. Hopefully these things can survive our efforts long enough for us to learn what we *ought* to be doing with them. But… it feels good to have the chance to try."

Amy laughs nervously. "I don't know how to like, green up. I mean, I've never even had a garden before. But now I'm growing those plants for the um, for like the candles. But now this… I totally don't want to do it wrong, you know?"

"Not the only garden." Piper tells them, so if they mess this little one up there are others all over town that hopefully those more competent will have better luck with. There is a sigh at Amy and Piper is flicking the green top of a plant in Amy's hand "Plant green part up." she interprets then moves to a section of the garden and takes a knee, setting the plants down so she can start to dig into the ground with her trowel.

Quinton blinks and then points to the top of the plant along with piper, which is green. "Green up." Amy gets a friendly smirk before he turns back to the remaining plants. His humming starts up again, although he does scan the area every once in a while to make sure it's ok.

Laughing, Caitlin nods. "Thank you," she says warmly to the poet, before refocusing upon Amy and 'Margie' - moving to crouch beside the latter, watching attentively. "I've done this before… but not since I was in primary school," the Briton murmurs. "And back then, at least half of us were more interested in chucking dirt around than learning how to do it properly."

Amy laughs aloud. "Oh I get it. Green up. The green part on top. Oh I can do that." She then squats down, and gets to digging then, making holes to put stuff in, so that the non-green part will be under the dirt, while the green part will be above.

"Won't throw dirt." Piper tells Caitlin with a chuckle as she begins to dig into the ground with her trowel "Done planting…weeks ago." she's chatty today too it seems "Pots and jars." all of them decorating the club house and patio. All stuff for medicinal use of course. Not for actual eating. "Right." she tells Amy with a chuckle, she does have to wonder what Amy thought that Quinton meant by the comment.

As the trio of women begin to dig into the ground the buzzing noise goes unnoticed over the sound of talking. That is until a trowel tip breaks through the ground hornet's nest that took up residence in an empty mole tunnel. The buzzing becomes loud and angry very quickly and a swarm of hornets flow up from the ground to form a cloud of flying, stinging, well cloud of angriness around the women.

Quinton might throw dirt. He's in a mood. The man's eyes are trailing the perimeter, and if he hears the buzz, it only causes him to straighten and eye the skies, not the ground. That is, until the ground explodes. "Shit!" His eyes widen a moment, unsure what to do. Water? Aren't they supposed to get under water? Or smoke? Gah! "Scatter!" Then at least all three woman won't be the main target, right?

Amy eeps all of a sudden when there's buzzing. She drops her tool in the dir right there and just takes off. Backing away quickly, hands out in a disgusted posture. "eww oh my god bees," she whines trying to get away.

Letting slip a startled yelp, Caitlin *stares* for a moment… then jerks back and away, while flipping her hood up and forward. At the least, she can restrict the stripey terrors' access to her exposed skin. "Clear the area!", she calls out, rising to her feet with the intention of obeying her own instruction.

Piper lets out her own gasp of horrified surprise as the air is suddenly full of small, flying, buzzing terrors. Falling backwards she scramble back then gets to her feet at the similar commands from both Quinton and Caitlin. With no cowl or hat to protect her face, she uses her arms instead. It's taking every effort to swat at the insects, that'd just make them angrier. "Inside?" she calls out the suggestion since there are a line of houses right there.

When the ladies scatter the cloud does too. Smaller swarms follow all three, stinging wherever they get the chance, exposed flesh or not.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Body: Failure.

Quinton's voice is lost for a moment. He had hoped they would have stayed in a giant sway so he'd only have to worry about one woman instead of all three. Finally, "Yes….inside! Cover!" For whatever that's worth. He moves in the direction of a house, he has something in mind, but it's a long shot.

Amy gets stung a couple of times on the upper arms, as that's what's uncovered. Fortunately that's not too sensitive or too bad. Bus he gets inside as soon as she can, getting into the house, and trying to hide.

Caitlin's outfit was never chosen for its potential use as hornet-resistant armour… but anything sturdy enough to be proof against thorns can at least offer a little protection against stingers. Still, there're a few sharp yelps as Caitlin scurries into a house, hunched over with one hand holding her hood tightly forward.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Search: Great Success.

It was her suggestion so Piper is already heading to the house in question. It seems that the hornets are /really/ mad at her, she is getting the brunt of the swarm and she has been stung quite a few times on her arms and neck, she has tried to keep her face protected but at least two have slipped past to sting her there too. Are hornet stings supposed to swell up that much? She books it to the house, for a tiny woman she can run fast if she wants too.

Quinton changes direction last minute when he sees a shed in the back of the house he was running to. Instead of the house door, he yanks open the shed , which has thankfully already been gone through one. It leaves it easy to see the big can of insect repellant, specifically wasps just sitting there on the shelf. It's grabbed and he runs back out, now trying to determine which house each girl went into, "Where?" is yelled out, hopefully someone responds.

Amy yells "House" before she ducks in, trying to get Quinton’s attention. She grabs whatever's handy in the house, a coat from the entryway, whatever, to cover her body as she ducks down under it to avoid further stings, should the 'bees' come in after her.

For her own part, Caitlin doesn't intend to stop moving any time soon - she's quite willing to run a loop around the ground floor of the building she chose, searching for either a back door or simply doing a circuit. But sounds of distress will draw her in that direction, too.

Nearly running into Caitlin as she retreats toward the house, she grabs the redhead by the arm and pulls her along the back deck "Here." she will respond, anything to make the hornets go away and stop trying to sting her "Come on." she encourages Cait as she gasps for breath, hitting the door still running, flinging it open as she pushes the other woman inside before her.

Quinton zones in on Amy first. She's the only one that specifically called back to him. so he goes charging in. "Hold breath!" And hopefully she'll close her eyes. The poet doesn't say anything else and starts spraying any honest he sees.

Amy was already ducking under a thick coat. When he hears the spraying yeah, she'll hold her breath if she has to. "Don't spray me too much," she calls out from under the coat though.

Caitlin's quite willing to cooperate with Piper, letting herself be bundled into the house - moving further in a few strides, before turning to look back and see how much trouble her diminutive companion might be in… and whether she can identify the location of Quinton and Amy, now that she is registering the sound of their voices.

Well Piper is still on her feet, that is something. Thanks adrenaline! She continues to push at Caitlin right into the cloud of spray that Quinton is unleashing with righteous fury and she is right behind the redhead, holding her gasping breathes in and squeezing her eyes shut as the insect repellant fills the air around all three now.

A good portion of the swarm has shut out side when the ladies rushed in, but there was enough still swarming around them to cause trouble. The spray does its work though and hornets start to fall from the air as the poison does its job. Within a minute or two all of them are dead or dying and just the stench and haze from all the wasp killer is left.

Quinton stop spraying, but keeps the can up and shaken. "…okay?" He worriedly looks between the three women. He moves closer to the door to look out, trying to see if there's still a swarm outside or not.

Amy calls out "Okay." Her arms are a little sore but not too much. She starts to move though, under the coat, which keeps her from breathing much of the nasty stuff, getting away from the cloud of death overhead.

Caitlin coughs and splutters a little, before using her hood to wipe her face. Flipping it back out of the way, she peers closely at Piper by her side. "Problem here," she croaks. "Got stung a lot more than me. Doesn't look happy."

And the award for understatement of the year goes to Caitlin. Piper looks miserable, but that could be the swollen, angry red stings that are on her arms, neck and face, and those are the ones can that be seen. It's not quite as bad as what is portrayed in the movies, no swollen eyes or lips or anything, but still not good. Breathing isn't all that easy for her at the moment, she gasps as she leans against the counter, trying to stay on her feet. Someone must be allergic. Guess she isn't immune to everything. Stupid nanites.

Damn it. Damn it. The can is tossed to Cait and he steps over, "Picking you up.' He's not asking, he's telling Piper and up she's scooped into his arms. "Backdoor…" He's nodding his head indicating they need to go. Piper needs real medical attention, nothing they can do here for her. He's not waiting for her to stoop breathing.

Caitlin catches the can, then peers with intent worry at Piper. "Anti-histamines?", she croaks. "Even just hayfever meds. Allergic reaction." She coughs again. "Even just water and fresh air'd help." Scurrying ahead, she moves to open the back door - peeking out to check for problems, before leading the way.

Amy hides, going into a corner away from the spray of death, and waits for it to dissipate before she comes out. She’s' not a doctor.

There is no protest forthcoming from Piper as she is scooped up by Quinton. Not that she would have, most likely considering. The warning would be appreciated though if her brain wasn't desperately needing air at the moment. She pretty much is limp in the poets arms as he hurries out.

As they head outside there is no more danger. With no target the hornets have all retreated back to their nest, though buzzing can still be heard. The complex is only a block or two away so it isn't long before the woman is being treated by the doctor on duty, but by then she is passed out.

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