(2016-04-19) School Supplies
School Supplies
Summary: Kayla, Quinton and Piper search the elementary school
Date: 4.19.2016
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Stratford Elementary

It's a plain sort of building. Low and squat, composed of sandy hued bricks and thin, high rows of windows that might have been designed to allow in natural light while discouraging students from distraction. The main entry sits flush in the middle of the building a wide set of double steel doors with large two foot squares of glass framing it. There's an awning with another entry to the left and another set of doors just a short walk to the right. The parking lot is hardly a lot, but rather a u shaped drive likely designed with the idea of parents dropping off their charges and escaping with ease. Now the building sits deadly quiet, the short sapling trees planted in the small grassy area between the street and the lot stand silent and ghostly, as though waiting for the world to become normal again.

Inside, rows of empty desks and classrooms are eerily silent, Murals of the mighty Elk that was once the mascot of the school district adorning the halls, along with class projects and schedules.

This morning finds Kayla, Quinton and Piper out scavenging in the elementary school. Not necessarily for anything specific really, though it is a good place to find paper goods, books and has better natural lighting than the library. Today Piper is in good spirits, unlike the last few days, where she was a twitchy mess, and is talking in near complete sentences even. Carrying baby Quinn, who is looking around at this new place in curiosity making happy babbling noises, on her hip instead of the snuggie she has stuffed in her backpack she looks at the other two with her. "Where first? Cafeteria? Classrooms?"

Paper and pencils are always in need in the school room, so Kayla was likely only too happy to make a foray into that buildings. "I need to hit the library, and a few classrooms…but if you guys want to go to the cafeteria, i can catch up with you.' she offers

Quinton looks to Kayla, school stuff is more her domain. "We can go to them …all." His backpack is empty , but on his back and he gives a smile to both women before he waggles a finger at the babe. "Classes…first?" His speaking has been hit or miss lately, but he's been in higher spirits. Smiles and some actual laughter even.

"We have all day." Piper concurs, in a manner of speaking with Quinton. There only limit is what their backpacks can hold. The baby responds to the finger wave from Quinton by covering his eyes with a hand and then quickly uncovering them and making a sound strangly like boo. Pretty obvious what that is. "And spec..speci…certain books?" she begins to move down the dusty hallway lined with bulletin boards with dusty and fading decorations on them.

"No, just some graduated readers would be good…some of the older kids are starting to graduate up from the ones we have right now," Kayla moves off down the hallway - she's explore the school before so knows the way

Quinton let's Kayla lead, reaching out his hands to take Quinn. He knows Piper gets tired, and he's not hefted the kiddo around recently. "Hey buddy…" He is listening though and nods, "Books, okay."

At six months old Quinn gets heavy a lot faster than he used to so when the offer is made it is gladly taken up on. Handing the baby over Piper kisses both baby and poet on the cheek "Thanks. My arm felt like…" she wiggles it and makes a motion to the floor. "Teaching children from other camp too?" she asks Kayla as she begins to follow her to wherever she is going.

Kayla nods slightly. "I've made the offer - they don't usually come but…its there." She pushes open the door of the library as they reach it, and the smell of dusty books fills the air

Quinton nods, Quinn's getting big, he's sure Piper's little arms get tired. To Kayla, "Time and trust." Two things they don't always have enough of. The book smell makes he slow, he loves that smell. It reminds him of th old archive rooms in New York. The baby is hugged a little as they walk inside, "Sacred ground, little man."

Piper would offer to talk to them but she is sure that Kayla has done so, and with her speech dificulties…well pointless. Instead she just nods in agreement with Quinton's sentiment "Give them books?" she suggests, a smile coming to her face at the poet talking to the babe about the library. Quinn looks at the man when he speaks then around, before sneezing at the dust that lingers in the air.

"That's a great idea, Piper - maybe we can put together a full set." Kayla suggests as she charges forward into the library. So many books, so little time!

Quinton laughs at his name sake, "Too much?" He moves inside, but stays near the door. His focus is on the little one, he lets the other two look for whatever set they were wanting. "We need to…read to you more, huh?"

The exuberance from Kayla catches Piper by surprise for a moment. She really wasn't expecting it, it quickly merges into amusement and she lets out a bit of a laugh "Okay then." she catches her son's hand a moment and gives it a shake, "Yes we do." she replies to the question posed by Quinton. Letting go of the baby's hand she gives a gentle rub on the man's back before following after Kayla to help her search out appropriate books.

Kayla leaves the lovebirds by the door as she, instead, moves about the library. She has so much to dig up…books books BOOKS. She ignores the older kids sections, beginning instead with those books suitable for fourth grade and below.

Quinton watches his sister. happy she's back n her element. She always shone best when talking about teaching. Pale eyes move to Piper's dark ones and he gives her a soft, but warm smile, "Go. I got him."

Piper doesn't have to be told twice. She isn't as exuberant about it as Kayla is, but some of it is contagious and rubs off on her. "How's these?" she asks as she finds a few after a few minutes worth of searching at the opposite end of the aisle Kayla is. She moves toward the other woman to offer them over so Kay can examine the small dusty tomes.

Kayla glances over as she hears the question, and she nods. "Good…a bit advanced but the kids'll grow into them," she muses as she shrugs out of her backpack and begins to fill her bag. She has plenty of room…!

Now that theme are alone, Quinton turns to lean against the checkout counter, "So…how's things?" He raises an eyebrow looking down at the baby and his grabby hands. "You are getting so big…we need to….find you shoes. Don't be like…mom…wear shoes…" It's a very manly conversation. Someone has to full the kid in on the important things in life.

"Oh. Okay." Piper says as she takes another glance at the books as they are taken "Doesn't hurt to be prepared." she continues to search the shelves finding a few more books as she occasionally looks over to where the 'menfolk' are chatting. "You been okay?" she asks Kayla as they search.

The baby is picking up some of the affectations of his mother and he head tilts as he is spoken to in soft tones by Quinton. "Ma-ma-ma." he says amidst his other babblings and looks around to point in the direction of the women.

Kayla nods slowly as she quickly fills up her bag - too quickly, really - she'll have to make more than one trip. "Well enough." Kay agrees before the baby's babbling has her glancing over and grinning. She hesitates a moment before, "Here, I'll take the books back - you guys can do your own thing." she offers.

Quinton chuckles, nodding, Yes. Ma-ma-ma-ma…" he bounces the baby and then pushes off the counter to dance with him while he waits for the ladies to gather school books. No change of any poetry books, so he doesn't need to rush ahead.

"Uhm, sure?" Piper says as she hands the other books over as Kayla hurriedly packs them away and suggests leaving so soon. There is some confusion on her face, and she can't help but wonder if it was something she said or did. Those thoughts scatter though and the final suggestion and she is suddenly a lot more interested in the books on the nearby shelf than Kayla departing.

Kayla winks at Piper, and moves to put her backpack on. She then goes to take a brief stop at her brother, reaching to take the baby along with her "Let's go leave these two with a bit of privacy, young sir, hmm?" she murmurs, if she's allowed to take the child.

Quinton is confused too. he blinks, but doesn't hesitate in handing Quinn over. "What's…going on?" He looks from Kayla to Piper.

Piper looks up from the books in time to see Kayla take the baby and meets Quinton's look with a confused one of her own. Yeah, she didn't expect that either so she has no answer for the question that was asked and so she begins to move back toward where they are.

Kayla settles the babe on her hip. And she looks impishly at the duo remaining behind as she starts for the door. "We're giving you two a bit of time alone." And she waggles her eyebrows and disappears.

Quinton's eyebrow raises at Kayla's reasons. he's not going to argue it, alone time is always nice. He glances to Piper though, it's really about what she wants. "We can…keep searching…if you want?"

No argument from Piper either, though she is probably more understanding of Kayla's motives than he is, even if they are unnecessary at the moment. She watches a moment as Kayla disappears out the door "Of course." she is up for more searching or whatever "I think she is up to something." she comments as she reaches for Quinton's hand and heads out with him into the hallway to do more school searching.


2 Small bags of Skittles (Kayla)
1 Car Magazine
1 Granola Bar
1 Bottle of Water
1 Bottle of Mt. Dew
1 Old People Magazine
1 Small bag of M&Ms (Piper)
1 Lighter
1 Picture frames w/misc family pictures
5 Packs #2 Pencils (Quinton, Kayla)
2 Packs Colored Chalk (Kayla)
2 Handfuls of Pens (Quinton, Kayla)
1 Logo memo pads (Quinton)
2 Boxes Kleenex
2 World's Best Teacher Mug
1 Small bag of Fruit Snacks (Kayla)
1 Payday Bar (Kayla)
1 Packs of Pens (Kayla)
2 packs Old Maid Cards (Piper)
1 Pack of Stencils (Piper)
6 Containers of Play-doh (Piper)
3 Books – Poetry (Quinton)
6 Reading text books (Kayla)

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