(2016-04-20) Stoned
Summary: Quinton gets a taste of his own medicine
Date: 4.20.2016
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First Aid/Medical – Patient Room #2

This room is furnished sparsely with three twin beds each and several candle heaters to keep the rooms warm in the cold of fall and winter as well as to provide needed light. A small nightstand sits next to each bed with an additional lantern for light.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Singing: Success.

The singing can be heard from the hallway, it’s hard to believe that such a powerful voice can come from such a tiny, soft spoken woman, but it does. The song being sung seems to be some upbeat Abba tune, the quality though is not her best. Not that it is bad, but she can do so much better. She has managed to pull the IV out of her arm, though she probably didn't need that anyway, and is standing in the middle of the bed quite happily singing for no one, but apparently from her POV she is putting on some sort of show. A show in her PJ's, a cami tank top and long PJ bottoms with happy little otters all over them.

Quinton tried, he really did. But somehow all he found today were dandelions. And while those can be eaten, that's not what he wanted them for. He slows as he enters the room, head tilted to look at the singing woman. It doesn't take any real genius to pick up she's not all there. He tenses , but doesn't rush her when he sees her IV hanging, blood probably on her arm. She's ok, she's ok. He keeps telling himself that. He shuffles a little bit hopefully into her view, his backpack full with some basic things fem her apartment.

It takes a few more lyrics for Piper to notice her real audience and in that time she continues her performance keeping true to the upbeat, 70's nature to the song. Her singing fades a little slice of reality intrudes into her hallucination or whatever that is, but she still looks quite beatific. Her gaze hones in on the yellow flowers "Oh! You brought me flowers!" she begins to walk toward the end of the bed and doesn't stop with the mattress ends and empty air begins, so when her foot just keeps going, well gravity…

<FS3> Quinton rolls Reaction: Failure.

Quinton's just having a horrible day. The worry about Piper, the frustration of not finding her any flowers, the corpse he found earlier….The poet frowns, looking down at the weeds in his hand, "It's not….much. Sorry, I-" Oh god, she's falling! He leaps forward, but not with any hope of stopping her. He may be able to break her fall with his own body…maybe. But there's no heroic catch this time.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Reaction: Good Success.

It takes a few seconds Pipers head to tell the rest of her body that she is in fact falling and then there is the grasping at empty with flailing arms. Quinton's attempt at being a hero does at least get him in the right place as she falls against him, not quite knocking him over, she isn't /that/ heavy, her grabby hands finding purchase on his shirt. "There really should be a sign there." she says after a moment to let her brain catch up with what just happened.

Quinton gasps as well, his arms not quite fats enough, but at least she didn't face plant. His eyes shut and he wraps his arms around her, a small scared quiver going through him. He'll mock her later for that comment, but first he needs to make his heart start beating again. "Bethany…Please…please be careful."

Her arms drape over his shoulders and Piper gives a snort at the name "Bethany? She sounds horrible." maybe she doesn't realize he is calling her that "And would she do this?" she pushes herself to her tiptoes to give Quinton a fervent kiss, not to long, but crossing the border of intense. "You know what I want to do?" she asks but there is only a beat before she is answering "Go swimming." she pulls away to take his arm and march towards the door. Through it all she can't keep the happily stoned tone from her voice.

Quinton's jaw works, "No..I…" He drops it, realizing the issue. The poet starts trying to rearrange the tiny woman to get her back into bed when he's suddenly on the receiving end of a very intense kiss. It takes his breath away and he stands there a moment before it clicks she's trying to leave, "No!" God, this is not the day to be having brain issues! He hurries after her and wraps an arm around her waist. "Stay…with me?" It never works trying to explain inquires to injured people. So he tries a different route. "Please…with me?"

Piper walks against the arm around her waist, but she doesn't get any closer to the door. Her brow furrows slightly as she realizes she isn't making any progress. "No swimming?" she seems to find that perplexing a moment and then it dawns on her why "The lake. We can't swim in the lake…" she puts a finger to her lips as she turns in his arm to face him. There is a shhhhing noise "Fish live there." she whispers as if it were some big secret. The alternative solution staying with him as her blinking a few times and then she nods "Stay here with you." but she doesn't move to go anywhere.

For as many times as he's knocked his head and been out of his mind, Quin has no idea how to handle her now. "Yes…fish." Where the hell is Eli? Pale eyes flicker to the doorway and then back down to Piper, "With me. Yes." He adjusts his arms around her and will start slowly walking backwards towards the bed. "What were…you singing?"

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Singing: Good Success.

Now he gets to experience some of what Piper did during his concussions "Okay." she complies willingly enough but when they pass the dandelions scattered on the floor she pauses "My flowers…" she pouts a bit and bends over to pick a few of them off the floor, clutching them to her chest. "Oh I was singing…" the reminder of what she was doing when he came in has her starting to sing again, much better this time. "Super trouper beams are gonna blind me / But I won't feel blue / Like I always do / 'Cause somewhere in the crowd there's you…" and she continues into rest of the song, full tilt, probably until she is stopped or the song ends, whichever comes first.

Quinton does what he can to get her back into bed, promises with a broken sentence to pick up the rest of the dandelions if she'll stay put. As he does, he listens to her singing, eyeing the arm that the IV was in. He should check that, or bandage it, or clean it or something. Eli gets another mental wooing from the poet. "Here…Donna…" The yellow bits of sunshine are offered up to the singer. Whatever makes her happy.

The promise is enough to get her to stay put for now and as he collects flowers and she sings her fingers absently scratch at the still swollen stings on her arms. This time the wrong name passes without comment, her attention on the flowers that are handed to her. The taking of them ceases her itching and she spreads them across her legs. It doesn’t seem to bother her that they are dandelions "So many wishes." she says an awe tone in her voice as she picks one of the flowers up and weaves the stem into a braid. Nevermind that they will never form into white little puffballs that children blow to make sure their wish is granted.

Quinton nods, sitting down gently next to her, "All for you to…feel better…" His hand twitches, let he wants to hold hers, but doesn't want to disrupt the hair thing. "…need anything?" He finally takes a second to shrug off his backpack.

"Oh I feel wonderful." she tells him as a few more flowers go into her hair. Of course she feels wonderful thanks to whatever it was the doctor gave her for the pain of the stings. Piper really hasn't taken her eyes off Quinton since he handed her the flowers and she continues to look at him "That stuff tasted like 100 year old swamp but I feel grrreeat!" she laughs, the descriptor is probably enough to give a clue as to what she was given. "And you should have seen what it did to the otters." she pokes at one of the cartoon otters on her pj bottoms "Yes." she nods at his question "Water."

Quinton ahhs and nods, a very high Piper it is. "Well…glad it helped." His backpack is set down and he moves to get up to pour her a glass of water. He's got an amused tone to his voice now, "What did it…do?"

Piper laughs as she nods about it helping. Maybe a little too much, or he didn't account for her weight when he dosed her or something. She looks from Quinton to her PJ's and back "They were swimming around of course and splashing around, frolicking. That's what otters do." well at least they weren't doing that around the room or anything, just a normal, mild hallucination "They stopped when I started my concert. Guess they don't like Abba…or my singing."

"Right. Your singing was….beautiful. Must not be…Abba fans." It's what otters do. Quin smiles softly and hands her the water, "Here…drink up." Once the glass is taken, he sits down again and reaches for his backpack, "I brought you something…"

"Oh water!" It's funny how everything is awesome when you are stoned, the glass is taken and Piper drinks half of it and then puts the rest of her dandelions in it and sets it on bedside table. "I do, don't I. Some otters just have no taste." she glances at her bottoms and pokes at one of the creatures "That one especially." the idea of a gift has her shifting to her knees and she looks at Quinton in anticipation "Better than flowers?" she scratches her arm absently

Quinton snorts softly, focusing briefly on pulling out her pony stuffy that he gave her. He figured she's want something to snuggle with. "It's not…new. Sorry." There's a touch of guilt, maybe he should have went looking harder before coming here. The pony is held out, "Sorry…"

"Hey, it's my second favorite thing to cuddle up to." Piper can't help but laugh as he holds it out, "What are you sorry for?" she isn't putting the sorry togehter with him bringing her the plushie. Taking the plushie she hugs it to her a moment then reaches for him "But you're a tie for first." she tugs for him to sit back down next to her.

Quinton sits down as the tug instructs him to. A hand raises to lightly tough the side of her face, "I'm sorry I didn't find you first…" Amy was just screaming so loud, she was easy to find. "If you feel better later, the kids can…come…" If she's not stoned, that is.

There are stings on her face too, that are only slightly less swollen than the ones on her arms and neck. Turning her cheek into his hand she is confused by the statement a moment "Find me?" her dark, glassy eyes widen "Were we playing hide and seek?" oh the winding path the stoned mind takes "Am I supposed to be it?" she begins to crawl over him to get out of the bed "Yes the kids, I bet they would love to play hide and seek."

Quinton inhales and then nods, "Yes…I found you." He continues to stroke her cheek lightly, being careful of the stings. He stops her, letting go of her face to hold her and set her back on the bed. "We'll play…later." Finally he looks down at her arm frowning, "Let me…clean…Stay still."

"Good. I hope you didn't have to search long." Piper doesn't have much fight in her at the moment so is easily put back in place. Her eyes follow his to her arm "It was really itchy so I took it out." of course so is the rest of her arms but at least she could do something about that one. There is a nod and she holds her arm out so he can do that.

Quinton could get all sappy, but it would eb lost on the woman so he just smiles at her, "Just long enough." He sighs, "It's….good for you…leave it in…when Tony…puts it." He leans over and wets a washcloth before coming back and starts to gently wipe her arm. "Careful."

She just nods at his words, Piper agrees but she isn't making any promises. She gives her own sigh, only hers is at how nice the cool, washcloth feels on her stung up arm "That feels great." she clarifies if the sigh wasn't enough, but then she yawns as she antihistamines finally over take the peyote in her system. Or maybe the lack of decent sleep does "Better idea…lets sleep." she looks at him, yep she is starting to look drowsy.

Quinton nods, "Yeah…you need sleep." He starts to scoot away, wanting to help her lay back. "I can….get fresh water…cool…" If it feels nice, he doesn't mind doing that for her.

She really doesn't need help laying down but allowing it gives her a chance to takes his hand "Do that later." Piper can't enjoy the feeling if she is sleeping "Stay." the tugs his hand to try to get him down next to her, much like he did to her when he has his last head injury.

Quinton's a big old softy. He frowns, "..Sure? I don't want to….hurt you.." By brushing up against anything. But that hand tug leads directly to his heart and he nods, laying down next to her on his side. "Sleep…get better….kids need you." He raises a hand to strokes her face, "I need you."

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