(2016-04-21) Earth Shattering Kaboom!
Earth Shattering Kaboom!
Summary: Mon makes a wiring error on a project. Gets a very large capacitor wired backwards fed by a 200 amp alternator. The results are spectacular, and she winds up being rescued.
Date: 2016.04.21
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<FS3> Monica rolls Search: Great Success.

Monica wanders the street in the drizzling rain. Where was that? Where did she see it? She finally finds the thing she was looking for, a car wrecked by the tornado with a truly legendary stereo. The door has a large hunk of wood through it, so the weather's been in the car for a while. The stereo is wet garbage. But that's not what she's after. She pops open the hood and grins at that monster stereo's power system. Two-hundred amp alternator? Check. Massive capacitors? Check. Some idiot paid large for the privilage of annihilating his or her (probably his) hearing and the hearing of everyone around, and while the machine undoubtedly sounded like ass, as do they all, the top quality power components remain. It takes her half an hour or so under the hood of the car to extract the alternator and the capacitors, and as much of the heavy one-gauge copper wire used to wire the whole shebang together as she can extract without taking the whole car apart. She also takes the drive belts and pulleys.

Monica puts the parts in a cloth grocery bag, and continues scavenging. Looking for a lawn tractor.

<FS3> Monica rolls Search: Good Success.

Monica finds a lawn tractor, an old Sears model. As usual, the magneto's windings are burned from the EMP, but it seems to have good compression and be in reasonable shape mechanically. She flops her grocery bag in the seat, finds the clutch, and begins pushing it home to the auto shop.

<FS3> Monica rolls Body: Success.

Monica mutters to herself. "I'm going to have every small gas engine in town right about the time we run out of gasoline."
<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
1 Tuxedo
1 Cans of Beans

Monica also finds another tuxedo in the same garage with the mower. "Well, if we're going to have any weddings soon…

<FS3> Monica rolls Mechanic: Great Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Electrician: Failure.
<FS3> Monica rolls Machinist: Good Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Welding: Good Success.

Monica sits back from her handiwork after a few hours, lifts the end of the modified dolly, and rolls it out onto the street. She pulls the starter cord to start the engine, which cranks on the first pull, gratifyingly. Then she switches on the field connections to the alternator.
<FS3> Monica rolls Reaction+body: Failure.
Monica spends 1 luck points on Bad roll. No biscuit.
<FS3> Monica rolls Reaction+body: Failure.

Monica is, when her would-be rescuers arrive, lying on the ground unconscious not far from… well… it looks like a dolly with a big lawn tractor engine bolted to it, driving a large alternator. On top of that would appear to be the source of the explosion: a wrecked aluminum can about the size of a Red Bull can with little bits of paper confetti falling out. Note. The bits of paper are on fire. The dolly has tipped over and the engine has stalled for lack of fuel, but that is a gas tank on it, and if the burning bits of paper hit the gas puddle, things could get bad in a hurry. Mon is bleeding from some small cuts and bruises, and has what look like acid burns.
<FS3> Nora rolls First Aid: Good Success.

The explosion did not go un-noticed, not by a long-shot. Terry had been on the wall when things went down, and thus he'd opted to lead the rescue party. "Secure the area!" Terry calls to the three guards following him, as they arrive on-scene. He's also brought a couple of medically-trained folks to take care of the injured — an explosion like that more than likely has injured, he figures, and in any case better safe than sorry. He then begins hunting around for Monica. Once he spots her, he rushes to her side. "Mon! Are you alright? What the heck happened?"

What she was doing when the explosion was heard round the town is irrelevant. What is relevant is that Nora is here now, first aid kit in hand and surveying the damage to both the surroundings at more importantly Monica. She lets out a string of Chinese sounding syllables, most likely cursing or expressing some form of suprise and shock at the scene in Mandarin. She is right behind Terry in the hurrying to the downed woman's side, dropping to her knees and going through a vitals check. Heart beating? Check. Lungs working. Check. Brain working…well that has yet to be determined but she does lift her eyelids to check pupil response, which is normal.

Monica 's heart is beating. She is breathing, and her pupils are responding to light. In fact, she flinches at the bright light and groans. Status upgrade: semiconscious. She groans again, and lifts an arm to flail about a little. It's showing some blisters.

While the Camp Hope shooters keep the area secure, Terry dashes off into the auto shop to hunt for a fire extinguisher, figuring every common-sense-gifted person has one. He also pokes around for something absorbent — towels, a mop, rags, something — to use as a firebreak for the gas puddle. Seconds later, he returns with an extinguisher, and two pockets-full of dirty rags, and begins spraying down the area affected by the fire.

Nora gently catches the arm before she gets beaned with it by accident. "Careful there." she says as she brings the arm back down by the woman's side "There was an explosion, you have some injuries. Be still while I check you over and get you patched up." she explains to Monica in a gentle but firm tone.

The fire had, in fact, reached the gas puddle, but Terry's swift actions prevent the gas puddle from getting bigger and the fire from living more than a few seconds at its larger size. Sometimes overkill is the way to go. Mon groans again and stars to move. She moans again as the arm is touched. Something on the arm has some bite to it too. If Nora bare-handed it, she'll feel the chemical sting attack her hand right about… now.

Terry's extinguisher abruptly quits — it was one of those "mini-bar" types that doesn't last but a few seconds — prompting Terry to remove his shirt (cue 80's sax music), and use it to beat out the remaining flames. Aside from a few contact-singes, the shirt ends up relatively none the worse for wear, so he slips it back on and returns to Mon and Nora. "Everybody still have all of their fingers and toes?" He inquires.

<FS3> Nora rolls Body: Good Success.

After a gunshot would a little acid burn is nothing. Nora wipes her hand on her worn t-shirt and carries on. Grabbing a bottle of water from her bag she does a quick rinse off then dries it with the towel she always carries with her. Old habits die hard, and she was a bonafide beach bum. "At least all the same ones i had before." she comments as she does what she can for Monica, but the doctor will have to do a through examination "Let's get her back." she puts an arm under Mon's knees and another under her shoulder and easily lifts the slender woman and heads out in a jog back to the complex.

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