(2016-04-25) Hoarder's Paradise
Hoarder's Paradise
Summary: So much stuff!
Date: 4.25.2016
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159 Wall St.

Good luck finding anything in this small two-bedroom ranch house. Unless you want a newspaper from June 6, 1975..or any newspaper since then. There are neat stacks of them piled up as well as magazines and cardboard boxes full of who knows what. The newspapers and boxes form makeshift hallways through the living room and dining area. There isn't a single surface that doesn't have something on it, including pyramids of unlabled and washed cans, and similar constructions of soda and beer cans. The kitchen and bedrooms have more to the same, only add bags of clothes (mostly vintage), unopened boxes of tableware and other housewares and other items that one would either buy or sell at a yard sale.

After living in Stratford for about six months the homes that haven't been poked at or into is getting harder to come by. The northeast part of town though is less touched the the other parts so that where Quinton and Piper have come to do some scavenging. The little ranch house seems as good a place as any though something seems to be keeping the door from opening enough to get through and the windows are curtained so looking in to see what the deal is. There is no awful smells coming from inside, just the usual stale dusty air from a house that hasn't had decent circulation for a long time. "Back door? Window? Force it?" Piper suggests eying the door then glancing at the poet.

Quinton looks at the house , studying it. "Back door first, then windows." He really needs to learn how to pick lockets. He rubs his chin, which needs a shave, "If they're not open, we can force this one." He looks back to the tiny woman and smiles supportvly. "We'll get…in."

Piper nods to him, looking at a few of the windows that line the front porch "Want me to wait here?" which is the usual thing, but she asks anyway in case he wants to switch things up today. "Hope it's worth the trouble." she returns the smile, she doesn't doubt him.

Quinton chuckles, "It is, even if it….to no it's not worth too again." Piepr gets a smirk, "Right Dee?" It's a playful look and he nods for her to stay and he'll check the back door, as usual. He's in a good mood as he moves to check the back door.

"Uhm, yes?" Piper isn't quite sure she knows what he is talking about, but agrees anyway. She watches him head around the house her expression a mix of amused confusion. Then it is the waiting for him to either get in and come through the house or come back around and try something else. While she does she watches the surroundings for potential threats

Good mood, but his mind is rather scattered. He goes to the backdoor, it was locked, but someone busted it. But weirdly, it's closed again, like whoever opened the door decided the house wasn't worth it. The poet's eyes widen as he looks in the kitchen, stacks and stacks of possebilitles everywhere, "Shara! Come around to …the back!" There to worry in his voice, maybe a little bit of excitement though. He's not going to be able to make it to front door to let her in.

"Shara.." Piper says to herself as she begins to make her way around.."that's the best one yet." she quickens her pace and slips through the door to join Quinton in one of her not there and then there kind of manuevers "Wow." she says as she looks around "No wonder the door…." she is pretty much speechless at all the stuff stacked and piled up every where.

Quinton nods, in agreement. He grins and looks over to her, "It's…impressive." That's not the word most would use. "Papers…kindle for sure…" If they have newspapers, Quin bets there's books too!

It's certainly not the word Piper would have used, but she just nods her agreement as she moves through the piles to look into the living room, "It doens't end." she turns her head to look back at Quinton "Where to begin?" its just overwhealming to her. Just so much stuff.

Quinton chuckles, feeling a bit more at home in the mess that he probably should. "Here…near the door. We can…it'll be slow." Pale eyes roam the room, "And treasures…" Yikes, his mind is all over the place. The back door is left open to help the stale air circulate out.

Near the door, okay. Piper can do this. "Have all day." she says to him, committing herself to this project of going through all this stuff one box and bag at a time. Moving back to the door she looks at him and then grabs a box to put it someplace where they can open and see what items it holds.

Quinton nods, indeed they do have all day. Looking around the kitchen there's that small part of his brain that is able to see what he does, and is slightly relieved he's not this bad. "We could…have a ban fire…" There's enough cardboard and things… He grins though when they find a bag of quilts, "Needs washed, but good!"

When he mentions a bonfire Piper looks toward the stacks and stacks of newspapers and magazines "I like that." and they can burn the scrap and debris from the neighborhood that was ripped through too. If so many piles and not all of it organized she does her best to focus on one small section at a time "So many clothes." she says as she uncovers a stack of laundry baskets full of all sorts of clothes items "Good condition too." though like the quilts need to be washed. "How long," she gestures around "to collect all this…stuff?

Quinton's pale eyes roam the room and then he steps over to a pile of newspapers further away from the door. Tilting the pile, his eyebrows raise slightly as he reads the date, "Decades…" Ouch. Maybe he needs to get rid of some things in his apartment. The pessimist in his counters they're not going to live decades. The poet shakes his head, trying to step away from that line of thought. "This is like….an entire apartment complex in one house."

Piper has stopped picking through the clothes and looking into shelves when he answers. "I believe it." she moves over to his side, a jar of seashells in her hand "1983…" she reads the year the paper that tops the pile he was looking at "Exciting year." she gives Quinton a bit of a smirk at her comment "We should have brought some wagons."

Quinton smirks, looking down at the jar and tapping it lightly with a finger, "Pretty." So many uses…prolly. He snorts, "I wasn't even born yet…" Much less the younger Piper. There's a brief flash of something on his face as he looks at her, but then turns back to the piles in front of him, "I can go…get wagons…"

Piper looks down at the jar "Yeah..arts and crafts for the kids?" that's the first thing that came into her head when she found them at least. A nod is given to him and she starts to say something "I…" but then thinks better of it. She looks somewhat horrified at being left alone in all this "No, come back later with them."

Quinton shrugs but then nods, sure why not! "They'll like that…or biology lesson…" Kayla would like that! His head tilts, he's not freak out, so isn't sure why she is, "You ok?" maybe she senses something he doesn't? Alien nanites and all! The poet's gaze roams the room, what can be seen of it again, making sure there's no obvious dangers.

Setting the jar on a stack of magazines Piper gets a chuckle from the biology suggestion. Kayla might like that the kids might not so much. "Okay." she assures him "Just weird…" she makes a gesture to her head as if that would explain it. "Check out the other rooms?" she gestures down the hallway, that is barely passable because of all the stuff.

Weird. Ut-oh. He nods, but that sets off warning bells, she can't go into his bedroom, ever. "Sure…let me …go first." He doesn't want to mention rats, but yeah. There could be rats. He forces a smile and will take her hand if she lets him before starting off towards a hallway.

Now if only is was the actual hording that caused weirdness she was experiencing…but how does one explain that the alien in thier brain is thousands of years old and was sorta alive in 1983. Piper isn't feeling particularly twitchy today. It's a pretty good day in fact, so the hand is taken and she follows him through the tight alley between the boxes and clutter lining the hallway "Wasn't there a show about this?" she inquires as they head into a room that could have bedroom furniture somewhere under piles, boxes, bags, etc of stuff.

Quinton makes an affirmative noise, there was indeed. "Hoarders, i think…" He never watched it, ironically. Her hand is squeezed gently, he likes when there's no hesitation with that. He still worries. He stops at the door. Mostly because he has to. "Think there's….even furniture in here?"

"Never watched it." which was pretty much obvious since she was asking about it "I didn't care for those types of shows." Piper looks into the room, the wow expression returning to her face "Maybe…under everything? It's all sitting on something, right?" besides the floor that is.

Quinton shrugs, he'd think so, but one never knows in these situations. He's just glad there's no smells in indicate anything dead here. Yuck. This thumb runs over her knuckles briefly before he lets go and moves inside. It's a slow process. "Me neither. Too much…negativity." Says a poet. Aren't they made of hurt feelings?

"They can bring out the worst in people." Piper seems to be in agreement "Like those crank call bits that were on radio." she stays in the doorway. There is barely enough room for one person to move around, much less two. After a moment she smiles "Things we don't miss." and that they are better off without.

Quinton just nods as he looks around the room. Calendars, house ware…there's a plastic bag that grabs his attention though, something about the lumps looks familiar and he stretches across several other bags to snag it. It seems lighter than a bag of clothes, he's able to lift it with one hand. "I think …this is…" He walks back and set the bag at Piper's feet, "Open it, Lilly."

Piper watches him, a bit worried that at any moment he will knock into something and send a pile toppling over on top of him. And who know what kind of dangerous objects could be hidden in a bag or box. "Is…." she prods as the bag is set down. Looking at it dubiously but trusting that Quinton wouldn't have her open it it he thought it was dangerous, she opens it "Stuffed animals…" there is surprise in her tone as she pulls a teddy bear from the bag.

Avalanche! no, he's ok. Quin flashes her a smile, motioning for her to open it. There's gonna be some happy kids today. "We can give them some, and then save the rest…if you want." See, the house has hidden treasures! Hurray! On instinct he leans over and presses a soft kiss to her lips.

"Yes." Piper nods "Save some." then her brow furrows thoughtfully "Wish I knew birthdays." she looks from the teddy bear up to Quinton to find him leaning in to kiss her. It's unexpected, but a welcome gesture and she lifts to her tiptoes returning it as her free hand reaches for his to lace fingers together.

It's not anything but a brush of lips, but he smiles against her's, happy. He's been much happier, even if his head's not been as focused. "The older kids might remember…and we can…give them birthdays." Gladly his fingers enter twine with hers. "Parties are always…good."

Considering their surroundings Piper is fine with the kiss as it was. Anywhere else and she may have pushed for more, but not here. He's happier and she no longer has the trembles, except perhaps on really bad brain days. "Becca's is June. I'll ask. If they don't know, we make it up." the mention of parties has her thinking "Theatre or bowling place may have supplies, decorations." if they are going to have birthday parties for the kids, may as well do it right.

Quinton chuckles softly, "Even if they low the season…that could help." He nods, "Or here!" It's a possibility! He seems way m ore amused by this hoarders house than he should be.

Piper nods, would help a lot. Looking around the room and then over her shoulder down the packed hall "Wouldn't be surprised to find the holy grail or ark of the covenant here." or any other ancient relics, much less birthday party stuff. "You're enjoying this." she of course has picked up on that part, to her it is just overwhelming. She likes poking through people's stuff as much as the next person, but this is just a /lot/ of stuff.

Or alien tech to destroy the mothership. One can hope. He chuckles though, "Maybe." His chin goes up in mild, amused defiance. "It's ….possibilities." And something he can affect.

The woman hmmmms at his answer thoughtfully "I can see that." she says after that moment of thought "Every box and bag is one." still holding his hand and with the teddy bear still in the other she moves out of the doorway and down past the bathroom that she isn't brave enough to go into and peers into the next bedroom. Big mistake there. While there are boxes and bags gathered there too, the bed itself has nothing on it but the decayed remains of the person that accumulated all this stuff. Seeing that immediately has Piper turning on her heel and burrowing her face in the poet's chest. That's a sight she has never been able to get used to.

Damn it. Day ruined. Quin's fee hand reaches up to try to close the door, but it's blocked so only closes partially, "Okay….I'll…" Gah, he hates dealing with bodies, even old ones. "Let's go. I'll do this house." He hugs her a moment and the tries to slowly start maneuvering her out the hallway back towards the bag off stuffed animals.

Piper nods against his chest and doesn't resist being moved down the hallway back toward the other room "I can manage…" she gestures toward the living room and kitchen. As long as she doesn't have to see it she's fine. Even if it will take a few minutes to get the images out of her mind. "Maybe I should get the wagons." she offers. That'll give him time to clear out the body should he want it.

Quinton frowning worriedly at her and places a hand on her cheek, "Is that what you want?" He can clear it out now or later. It's whatever will help her. The poet's thumb rubs against her cheek before she drops his hand, "Maybe grab others…"

"Yes. At the moment." Piper answers even if it is tentatively "I'll haul the baskets of clothes and stuff to the front porch." her tone gets more sure though as she speaks, taking the comfort the cheek caress offers "Then go get the wagons and bring someone to help you deal with…" she gestures down the hallway. He shouldn't have to deal with that alone.

Quinton's dealt with enough bodies, he can do this one while Piper's gone. He'll be upset about it later. "Okay…go." She gets a smile and he'll help lift the bag of toys as the pass, "I can start bring stuff to the porch. while you're gone…"

Something he doesn't have to be alone if he doesn't want to either. "Right. Thanks." Piper nods, she gets a smile and he gets a hand squeeze before she lets go and heads out. Of course before anything can be moved to the front porch the stuff blocking the front door will have to be cleared, which she does just by shoving it aside. She has to put all her height into it but she manages to move it enough to get out the door "Be careful." she tells him before she disappears out the door.


1 Plague Corpse
1 Bag of quilts
1 Dead Rat
3 6 pack Paper towels
1 Bag full of mix-matched socks
1 Stack of old wall calendars
1 Box of Asst. Houseware Items
1 Bag of stuffed animals
5 Jars of sea shells
4 Laundry Baskets of Asst. Clothes
1 Bag of quilts
1 Empty cereal boxes
5 Milk crates of empty booze bottles

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