(2016-04-25) Nerds of a Feather
Nerds of a Feather
Summary: Bored and stuck in medlab on concussion watch, Mon volunteers for medical duty, since she has some training in the subject. Not that she tells her patient that.
Date: 2016.04.25
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Bored Bored Bored. Mon's still stuck in medlab recovering from a concussion (because the medical folk know she's exactly the kind of person who'd go straight back to what injured her in the first place if they let her out.) She's read all the books in the place and sketched a notebook half full of ideas, some more practical than others, and as a desperation move, has offered to pull a shift in medlab. So here she is, in her pajamas, bored, stuck in medlab, on the last day of a head injury watch. Next patient please.

Being led into medical by some members of the guard, Teigue steps into the room, looking around for a few moments. One of the guards speaks with the new arrival as the other approaches the medical staff. "Got some fresh blood for you." The guard offers before he rejoins the other and the two leave to return to their duties. Teigue looks back towards the individual that the guard spoke to, offering a slight smile. "So, I guess this is where the party begins?" Teigue offers with a playful tone in his thick Irish accented voice.

Monica looks up at Teigue. Almost immediately after that, she smells him. "Lordy, you're fresh in from the cold, aren't you? Yeah, welcome to medlab. I'm Monica. I'm really a patient, but I volunteered to play nurse today." She curls half a smile and offers a hand to shake.

The one thing about being on your own for a while is that you get use to your own smell. It's Monica's comment that brings this to forgotten fact to his attention, offering a slightly embarrassed nod. "Yeah. Still have that new survivor smell." He offers as he moves to shake the offered hand. "Teigue. Pleased to meet you, Ms. Monica." He says before he retracts his hand. The news of her being a patient does cause an eyebrow to raise slightly. "Are you really or are you just a patient trying to trick the new guy to get a laugh when the doc comes in?"

Monica says, "I'm seriously a patient. I've been stuck here climbing the walls while they monitor me for signs of brain injury after a concussion. I've had plague, so I'm intimately familiar with the symptoms and immune. We used to doctor our own livestock, so I know my way around a syringe. So it's this or we both sit and wait for the doctor to come in." Monica grins. "I kind of blew myself up last week." She washes her hands according to procedure, anoints them with strong booze (looks like off brand vodka this month) and motions Teigue to come in and have a seat. "So how'd you wind up here with us?""

Teigue listens to the woman speak, raising an eyebrow slightly at the mention of her having the plague. "Well, I guess I'll let you take charge then." He offers as he sits in the indicated seat. He watches her scrub up and at her question, he beings to speak. "Well, I was in San Francisco when the lights went out. Colorado for the drop. Survived both and then got the plague. Woke up in a camp in Oklahoma when I recovered. Stayed there for a little bit until one day when I came back from a scavenging run and found the camp gone. The group of us left out on our own, but they died or left. I heard rumors about a camp this way, so I decided to head towards it. And here I am."

Monica nods and sighs a little. "Yeah. Lot of pretty country out that way. I'm from Wyoming myself. I came here by way of Nebraska. On a horse cart. Time I got here, I was malnourished with bad teeth and a stink like the south end of a north-bound dead horse." She gets down to business. "Turn toward the window please?" She shades one of Teigue's eyes with her hand, then the other, watching the pupils respond. "What've you been eating since everything fell apart? Also, hold your head real still." She feels his tonsils and adenoids, then feels the salivary glands up under his jaw. "Would you tilt your head back please? Open your mouth and say ahh?" She cups one hand behind the base of his skull.

Teigue shrugs slightly. "I suppose it's nice. It was all new to me. I'm from Ireland, so it's a real change of scenery." He offers as he follows the instructions given, shrugging slightly at her question about what he's been eating. "Pretty much whatever I can find. Didn't do very well in the onset. Scrounging mostly. I put on some weight at the camp and learned some things there too. Since then, been trying to catch what I can and fish where I can. Mostly it's just been scrounging what I can again."

Monica nods. She feels the back of Teigue's neck for any signs of a Camo-Kid implant, and looks into his mouth and nose for any signs of bleeding. "Any loose teeth, bizarre thought patterns, anything like that?" She takes a pinch of his arm and lets it drop back. "Decent hydration. Coat's matted and disheveled, no unusual signs of bleeding in the nasal and oral mucosa…" She pauses to take some notes.

Teigue shakes his head at the question of the teeth. "No. But I have started to have a pain in some of the back teeth. Maybe a cavity or something." He says as he points to his right cheek at about the point he feels the pain. He chuckles slightly when she mentions the coat. "I'm not going to need a flea bath am I? I haven't been to the vets in a while."

<FS3> Monica rolls Medicine: Success.
<OOC> Monica says, "so does Teigue still have plague?"
<OOC> Teigue says, "No."
<FS3> Monica rolls Medicine: Success.
<OOC> Monica says, "is he a camo kid? :)"
<OOC> Teigue says, "No."
<FS3> Monica rolls Medicine: Failure.
<OOC> Monica smacks her forehead. We may have trouble finding a vein.
<OOC> Teigue says, "CRAAAAAP!"
<OOC> Teigue gets a new Quirk: Fear of needles thanks to Monica.

Monica chuckles. "Tempting, but no. Regular soap and water once a day for a couple days is all it takes. Be gentle. Your skin can get a little gummy when you live in the same underwear for six months." She writes down some notes, then gets out a wad of cloth and douses it in the vodka, then swabs a spot on Teigue's elbow. "Okay. I've never done this except on cattle, so please be patient with me." She ties a shoelace around Teigue's arm and slaps the inside of his elbow to bring the veins out. She seems comically disappointed when they don't just pop up.

Teigue nods at the instructions, making a mental note to remember them. It's the mention that she hasn't done something she's about to do to him except on for on cattle that he gets a worried look on his face. "Wait. Uhh… what? Umm… you know I'm not a cow, right?" The beating of his heart starts to quicken as he watches her and his arm.

Monica nods absently. "Yeah, you're a couple nipples short, for one thing." She slaps the elbow a couple more times, then unties the lace and looks at Teigue's neck. "Could go with the jugular vein, I guess… or that one on your temple that's sticking out… buuut… I think I'm going to leave that for someone who knows what the hell they're doing. You don't have plague, I'm pretty sure, and you're not one of the camo kids."

Teigue continues to watch the girl try to figure out the vein situation, his eyes widening as she talks about his neck or temple veins being used. "Uhhh… I'm not sure I'm okay with that." He says, a slight trembling in his voice. When she lets him off the hook, he lets out an audible sigh of relief, his head lowering slightly as he says a silent prayer in thanks. He lifts his head again when she gives him the prognosis, an eyebrow raising slightly at the mention of camo kids. "Camo kid?" He asks, looking down at himself. "I don't have any camouflage. I did have a pair of pants that were camouflaged at the camp, but I didn't have those when the camp was destroyed." He offers, seeming confused by what she meant.

Monica puts the syringe away. "Camo kids. I'm not really sure what their game is, but basically they're kids, about… ten to mid teens… they have a bulge in the back of their necks where something or other is implanted, and they tend to shoot at regular people when they see us. They call us Teds, whatever that means." She gets into the jars in the dispensary for her own addition: a transparent yellow mixture. She pours a couple cups of it, adds honey to sweeten, and offers Teigue a cup. "Pine needle tea. It's got Vitamin C. Prevents scurvy. Everything I read about scurvy, it's something you want to prevent. So what did you do back in the world?"

Teigue relaxes even more when the syringe is put away before he looks back at her as she explains the camo kids. "Really? So, really kids?" He says in disbelief. "I heard rumors that the aliens look like us, but I haven't heard anything about this before." He takes a moment to contemplate what he has just heard. It's her question to him that brings him back. "Huh? Oh. I tested the security of company's networks for vulnerabilities and then tell them how to fix it. My da' wanted me to be an electrical engineer like him, but I went my own way. He taught me a lot though." He says as his eyes drift towards the floor in thought.

Monica shrugs. "I don't know. I assumed they were regular kids. They sounded like regular kids. Except for the neck thing it could be a Lord of the Flies kind of thing. All I know is they shot at me and missed." She looks away. "I shot at one of them and didn't miss." Monica adds, "If you've got electrical background, we can sure use you. Computers, not at the moment, but… maybe. I'm working on getting electrical power going for the whole camp. And running water. Bath-house with flush toilets too. There's going to be a vote whether to do it or not because of the risk of light leakage, but… I expect we'll vote yes.

Teigue frowns slightly at her experience with the kids, looking up at her. "I'm sorry you had to do that, but it's either kill or be killed in this world." He offers with sympathy. The talk about electricity seems to peak his interest a bit. "Really? What kind of generator are you thinking of? Solar? Wind?" He asks, looking at her. "The demand is going to be pretty big, so the source is going to have to be able to keep up with it otherwise it's going to fry the system."

Monica nods. "I have a 30kw water turbine I'm going to turn with water from the water tower. I'm filling the tower with pumps and a 30kw wind turbine. The water tower is to store the energy and smooth it out. I've been designing the governer system for the water turbine or turbines… I actually have a spare… and I've been filling the overflow tank on the ground about a quarter full of sand to filter the water so it can be drinkable. Got the wind turbine, the water turbines, the water tower, the tank is more or less ready. What's left is to hook everything up and turn off power to the town where we're not using it. Ditto with the water, but I want all the fire hydrants live. I'm gonna need all the help I can get before this is done. I set out to build a bath house with flush toilets. The project kind of mushroomed." Mon chuckles.

Teigue thinks over the plans and nods his head. "Well, it does sound like an ambitious plan and you've definitely got a good idea worked out. Using the water tower is a good idea too." He thinks for a few moments. "Is there a power station in the town or something that can be used to regulate where you want the power to go or where to restrict it?" He asks, leaning back in his seat slightly.

Monica looks at Teigue and thinks about that. "I haven't found one. I figure they got their power from one of the larger cities and controlled who got it and who didn't by whose meter was plugged in and whose wasn't. That's how I mean to control it. But yeah, good point. We'll want to cut the lines leading out of town, for sure. The lights in medlab are on a gas generator, same as the bar downtown. There are solar panels on the roof of the clubhouse, so there's just enough power for lights. They're using some kind of jury-rigged capacitors to store the power overnight.

Monica draws her legs up under her and shows Teigue the sketches of the water turbine governor.

<FS3> Teigue rolls Electrical Engineering: Failure.

Teigue nods his head and considers for a few minutes. "I think cutting some of the wires to the areas you don't want would be a good idea, but also should be done in a way that if we want to repopulate those areas, it'd be easy to reinstall the wires without too much trouble." He offers, thinking about all the sources of power around the town. "Are you guys using car and boat batteries to store the power?" He asks as she pulls the sketches out and he pulls his chair over next to her to get a better look at the plans. He studies it for a few moments before he looks up at her a bit confused. "Maybe it's the metric/imperial system that's getting lost in the translation." He offers, though it could be the fact he hasn't dealt with anything that complex since before the arrival.

Monica says, "Nope. The water tower is the storage system. It's just not storing energy as electricity. We haven't gotten batteries to work reliably since the aliens wrecked everything." Mon turns the diagram. "Okay. That's a synchronous electric motor in parallel with the water turbine output. The faster it turns, the more it closes the valve to the turbine, because it means the turbine generator's frequency is going up, which means the turbine is getting faster, which means we're making more power than we have load. So we cut the water flow. When it gets here it stays steady. When it gets down here it increases the water flow because we're starting to slow down. This branch over here starts the backup turbine if the main is wide open and we're still too slow. I figure the best place for the spare turbine is plumbed into the system and ready to run."

Teigue continues to study the plans as she explains, looking over the parts that she points out as she explains seeming to see the whole picture now that she explains everything. Too bad we can't extend the height of the water tower. The higher elevation could draw more flow and produce higher output, but that should only be an issue if the camp grows beyond the size the tower could handle at the moment." He offers before he looks up at her, nodding his head slightly. "This is a good idea." He says, pointing at the sketch. "It's really ingenious." He offers with a smile.

Monica beams. "Thanks. And yeah, if the camp gets bigger, things get more complicated. There is another water tower. It's derelict, and I haven't checked to see if it's even water tight or anything, but theoretically, we could set up a whole other generator system over there. It's on the other end of the compound though, so it'd be really inconvenient. Now we might be able to use it just for water pressure and use the big tower for electric only, which would let us run both turbines at the same time, but I figure we should walk before we fly, and I want to be able to get my bathhouse going and take a damn hot bath before I worry about expanding the system.

Teigue laughs a bit at her words and nods his head as he looks at her. "Of course. You should have a base system in place before even thinking about expansion and a hot shower would be amazing." He says before he looks back towards the drawing for a moment then back at her. "So, if you don't mind my asking, what brought you to the medical bay?" He asks with a bit of curiosity.

Monica blushes. "You know those big electrolytic capacitors that idiots put in their cars to keep the voltage from sagging while they drive their humungous stereos? That's how I landed myself here. I don't remember much after I started the gas engine turning the alternator out of the same car… I woke up being carried by a very strong woman named Nora with a screaming head, ringing ears, and acid burns." She touches her bandaged left arm gingerly. "So I assume it blew up. I haven't been back to the shop to see why yet. I was building an arc welder."

Teigue smiles a bit at her blushing, looking at her as she explains what landed her in the medbay. "Oh really?" He says, can't helping but let out a little laugh. "Wow. You're lucky that's all that happened to you." He says, motioning towards the bandage. "Have you thought about trying a lithium ion battery if you could find one?" He asks after a moment.

Monica says, "Haven't seen any, and I don't know how to make them. If it turns out we can make batteries work, I'm leaning toward lead acid, since we already have all the materials in quantity, or nickel-iron. There might be other options, but I have to keep some secrets for when your blood test gets done, right?"

Teigue grins and nods his head. "True. They are pretty hard to come by." He admits. "I keep having to remind myself that this world is not the same one that I left home in and most likely won't ever be again." He admits before he smiles slightly at the mention of secrets. "My mother always said that a girl has to have some secrets to keep otherwise she wouldn't be as mysterious." He says with a slight chuckle.

Monica chuckles, blushing a little. "No, it's not likely to be the same any time soon. Let me guess. You spent your entire travel time wishing you'd fallen in love before the world ended too, right?"

Teigue smirks and shakes his head. "No. I figured that'd happen when it happens. I figured when I meet the right woman, it'll happen." He says as he looks at her. "I just wish I had gotten to see more of the world. There was so much more that I wanted to see." He offers as he leans back in his seat again. "But at least I don't have to worry about being deported back to Ireland."

Monica laughs, apparently missing the subtle hint entirely. "Well yeah, the only illegal aliens now are the ones who came from space, right? The rest of us… hey, we're human."

Teigue returns her laugh and nods. "We are all human." He says with a smile. "I'm just glad I've been able to come to terms with my situation. I mean it's hard to know you're most likely stuck in a foreign land without seeing your home again, but in a way, I guess that's how we all are." He offers another smile. "Just got to take a deep breath, pull up your sleeves and start a new life. A better life."

Monica says, "It's not official yet, but welcome to Camp Hope."

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