(2016-04-25) No Dead Cats
No Dead Cats
Summary: Mon and Quinton continue unloading the hoarder house on Wall Street. They talk
Date: 2016.04.25
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Piper had gone back to the complex to let everyone know that she and Quin had found what appeared to be a hoarder's house, which could be a treasure trove. Hopefully. She left Quin there with promise to send people back with wagons to start carting things off. the poet had taken that time to remove the deseaced occupant and is not struggling to open up the front door. It's not stuck, there's just piles of stuff every where. A small section has been moved and is a laundry basket of clothing and a garbage bag filled with quilts. Those seem cleared to go back.

Monica got word from Piper just as soon as she got out of medlab, so she hitched up Chester with her cart, and rode out to the house Piper sent her to. She hops out of the seat and leans against Chester, who leans back just about as much as she can comfortably counterbalance, a game she and the horse have been playing for years. "Hi. What's going on?"

Piper may have also mentioned Quin's having a bad name day, which is evident when he looks up and gives Mon a soft smile, "Hey Gwen….Tanya send you?" He straightens and motions at the house, "Stuff…lots and lots of…stuff." He looks pretty dusty, he must have been in and out of the house quite a bit already.

You say, "Wow. Yeah, Piper sent me. Are there cats in there too? Like, lots and lots of dead cats? Or were they not that kind of hoarder?" She looks over the piles. "We should save all this paper. I could make a ton of nitrocellulose with it. Not many trees in this part of the world." She flexes her arm gingerly where it's still burned from exploding capacitors. "Have you met the new guy yet?" She gets to work hauling stuff to the cart."

Quinton's head tilts, "No?…should there be?" Another head shake, "So far, clothes and newspapers and calendars…" Oh, see? he just assumed they would burn it. "No…he nice?" Quin didn't even know there was a new guy, he tends to have blinders on some days. More piles are moves over to the clean spot, "How are you…feeling?"

Monica shrugs. "I dunno. You always see cat hoarders on TV. Well. Always used to see." Mon sighs a little. "I'm ok. My arm's sore, but my ears stopped ringing and my head has mostly stopped aching. Beyond that, little cuts and bruises. Nothing to write home about. I just got out of medlab. Shee-it concussion protocol is boring. I wound up working a shift as a nurse just for something to do. New guy's name is Teigue. He's very Irish, computer and electronics nerd. I hope he doesn't turn out to be a silencer, because he'll be super-useful if he's human. Plus… you know." She smiles a little. "He's cute."

Quinton nods in empathy, "Sorry." He's been there, way too many times. He gets it. "it's awful." How did Quin survive it so many times? An eyebrow raises and he then chuckles silently and moves another bag of what appears to be clothes into the clear spot.

Monica loads up more clothes. They're light and compressable. "You smile a lot more lately. Things going well with Piper?"

Quinton pauses, unsure how to answer so he nods, "Yeah. It's…She's more comfortable with me…I guess." A shadow of something negative passes over his face but he pushes it away. "Guess i proved myself?"

Monica nods. She may not know what he proved, although she has some ideas, but… "You're worth it. It took her a while to figure that out, but she figured it out. I don't know what her background is but… trust comes hard. I get that from her."

Quinton sighs and nods, it does indeed. "For everyone, unfortunately." The poet stops and turns to look at Monica, "You sure you should be…lifting stuff?" he knows he always pushed it with head injured, but he'd rather her not.

You say, "It's just clothes. They're light." Yeah yeah, she knows. She looks at Quinton and considers that yeah, she'd really rather not have the kind of difficulty he has, and given the beating her circulatory system has taken in the last few years, she might be wise to be gentle with it. "Are the two of you… together?"

Quinton's jaw works, he and Piper have never actually talked about it. "I…think so." There, that's right. He does think so. He takes a deep bretah and picks up a load of the newspapers, which are not light and walks them to the cart.

Monica nods. "Good. I'm glad that's working for you. I'm kinda seeing Gabriel. Sort of. He's still getting over someone else, and I'm…" she hauls another bag of clothes to the cart. "Well, I'm me, you know?

Quinton looks over at her and nods, "Good." He likes that people can find each other. It makes his poet heart hopeful. Changing the topic slightly, "Load up a cart load and I’ll go with…to help unload…"It's going to take maybe trips and many days to clear out this house.

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