(2016-04-26) Warm Welcomes
Warm Welcomes
Summary: Piper and Caitlin meet a new face and make him feel welcome.
Date: 2016.04.26
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<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind +1: Good Success.

Mid-afternoon finds the complex relatively quiet, if quiet means there is a music playing, in this instance Mozart's opera, the Marriage of Figaro, from the gramophone that has been pushed out on the patio on its cart. Along with the music there is the beauteous young woman humming along to it as she stirs some concontion or other in a pot on one of the grills. Whatever it is, it smells minty. On her back, papoose like, except arms and legs free to move, is an infant boy, nomming on a teething ring.

Music, especially with Piper-accompaniment, once again serves to draw in a certain Briton. With her hood flipped back, the archaically-clad redhead peeks around a corner - not wanting to bring either the recording or the humming to a premature halt by means of a startling intrusion.

Out exploring the camp, Teigue is without his gear at the moment save for the pistol that rests on his hip. The Irishman soon steps out of the clubhouse, his eyes scanning over the area to stop on Piper and the music that she accompanies. The redhead hasn't been spotted yet, just looking at the woman with the child as she hums, not having seen something as simple as this in a while. He just takes a few moments to watch as a small smile appears on his lips. After a moment, he moves towards the gazebo, trying not to interrupt the woman. Unfortunately, he doesn't see a chair sticking out from a table and trips over it with a clatter. He gets the chair under control and looks up, embarrassed. "I'm so sorry." He says a bit sheepishly.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Herbalism: Good Success.

Oblivious to her audience in Caitlin, Piper continues her work, peering into the pot then removing it from the grill as she turns off the burner. While not scarce just yet, propane is still a bit of a luxury so she doesn't want to waste it. She moves to the table where all her stuff is set up including small mason jars lined up in a neat row. While she might not notice Teigue right away either the baby does and he begins to babble and wave while, his mother, their is definite resemblance between the two, especially the hair and dark skin, drops a handful of something into the pot which causes it to steam up breifly, stir, stir, stir and she starts to pour the clear red and green flecked liquid into the jars. That is until the stumbling occurs and then she is spilling it in her startlement. She lets out a gahhing noise and looks over to the strange man setting the pot down, her eyes narrow at him briefly, before a veil of stocism replaces her expression, her hand reaching for the knive on the table, even though she has a pistol on her hip as well.

For her part, Caitlin had also been rather too distracted to register Teigue… but now she pivots back out of sight behind the corner. Unslinging the crossbow from her shoulder, she draws it, drops a bolt into place, then peeks back around to see if Piper needs support.

Teigue slides the chair back under the table as he looks towards Piper and the child, noticing the bit she spilled. This causes him to grit his teeth a bit with a slight raise of his eyebrows. "Sorry about that." He offers again, glancing towards the movement of her hand towards the knife. His eyes widen slightly as he stands up straight and holds up his hands. "I didn't mean ta intrude. Just lookin' around the place." He offers, not wanting to make any sudden movements. He looks around the area for a moment just missing Caitlin disappear around the corner then back to Piper before she reemerges from her hiding spot, missing her entirely. He remains quiet for a split second before he speaks again. "I come in peace?"

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Sense Motive: Failure.
<FS3> Caitlin rolls Sense Motive: Good Success.

The woman's expression remains stoic as her hand closes around the weapon. Piper doesn't do anything with it, just holds it at her side for now as she studies the young man, maybe it just makes her feel more comfortable. His words don't seem to make her stand down, and make her tense even more. Yeah she doesn't beleive him…or isn't sure she should, one of the two. Even the baby can sense that someone isn't quite right and has gone all quiet. "Who?" she asks the knife does come up, but only to point it at him in a vaguely, but not entirely threatening gesture. It's hard to look entirely threatening when you look like cover model and have a baby on your back.

Caitlin emerges from cover… crossbow most of the way up, stock lightly resting against her shoulder, but the point of the bolt not actually pointing at anyone. She cross-steps smoothly to flank Teigue. "He seems non-hostile," the archaicaly-clad bow-woman opines. "And he had the drop on you if he'd wanted it." She sounds both British and educated, almost as out of place in post-apocalyptic Texas as her clothing. The crossbow, at least, is a very modern carbon-fibre affair.

Teigue keeps his focus on Piper, not making any sudden movements and keeping in his place. He keeps his eyes on her as she asks her question. "I'm Teigue." He says as he points to himself. "I got here yesterday." He offers as Caitlin makes herself known. Because he hadn't known she was there, this causes him to jump slightly as he looks at her. "Where the bloody hell did you come from?" He blurts out, looking now between the two women. He takes a step towards the Brit. She at least doesn't seem to be the most non-threatening one of the two. "I really was just looking around. Promise."

Piper is a lot less surprised by Caitlin's entrance than she has Teigue's. Not surprised at all actually. There is a sigh, "Who?" she asks again, maybe she wasn't asking who he is but something else. Her eyes move to the Briton who she givesa nod. The knive comes down and is set back on the table. There is a twitch of her face at Teigue's surprise though, could it be humour held in check or something else? Whatever it was comes and goes but the stoic expression is at least replaced with a dubious one. She still isn't beleiving him just yet, but she will trust Caitlin in that he isn't a threat at the moment.

Caitlin lowers the bow a little further, in response to Piper's own (marginal) increase in relaxation. "Who brought you in?", she asks Teigue, venturing a guess at what Piper might be asking. She looks as if she's remaining ready for action… but seems keen not to give the impression that she's about to precipitate anything.

Teigue continues to look between the two women, raising an eyebrow again as Piper asks her question again, not sure what she's asking him. He looks to Caitlin as she clarifies, nodding his head slightly. "One of the guards. I think his name was Terry or something. I was taken to the medical bay to see someone named Monica who blew herself up trying to make an arc welder." He says, offering some additional information. He still doesn't move from his spot and keeps his hands raised slightly, not wanting to give them any reason to see him as any sort of a threat.

That's exactly the question Piper was asking of Teigue, and the young woman gives Caitlin another nod as she acts as translator for her. The answer though has her giving a bit of a lip curl, at least to the Terry part. "Sure." she says. It has faded by the time Monica is mentioned, but the fact that he was greeted by the paranoid woman does have her giving him a sympathetic look "Sor-ry." it seems two syllable words are a bit problematic for her.

A low chuckles, then the redhead nods to the chair Teigue tripped over. "Feel free to take a seat, if you're able to relax enough," she suggests, before swinging her bow down and to the side. It's still both cocked and loaded, at present, but there seems no intent to use it. "This is Piper. And I'm Caitlin."

Teigue's hands lower as they seem to be letting down their defensive stances and starts to ease up. He offers a slight smirk at the sorry elicited from Piper. "It's okay. At least I didn't get stuck with a needle." He says, shaking his head at the memory of her attempt and, thankfully, her resignation of the attempt. He turns his attention to Caitlin as she speaks, chuckling softly. "Thanks." He says at the suggestion of taking a seat and he does exactly that. He pulls out the chair and sits down in it, taking a deep breath to try to calm the adrenaline running through him. He nods to each woman as they're introduced and he introduces himself again. "Teigue Mannix." He offers with a slight nod of his head.

Piper finally relaxes enough that even the baby on her back can tell whatever was going on is over. He quickly returns to his happy state, chewing on his teether. She gives a finger wave at the introduction and with him sitting she turns back to the project on the table. Quite literally on the table since she spilled some of it. There is a sigh and she continues to fill the jars with what's left in the pot, which has become thicker and whiter as it has sat.

Caitlin's cautious enough to run her gaze over their surroundings before she moves the crossbow once more - though this time, she unloads it, then releases the string, before returning the bolt to its case and the bow to her shoulder. "Caitlin Moore, for long, in my case. I was over here as an exchange student when… everything happened. How'd you wind up here? You don't exactly sound local."

Teigue watches Piper for a few moments as she relaxes and returns to work. His eyes drift to the child for a few moments before his attention is is drawn back to Caitlin by her question. He offers a smile, nodding his head at her last statement. "I'm not local. Irish. Born and raised." He offers before he shrugs. "I was on a business trip in San Francisco when the lights went out. Tried going east after, hoping to get home but the big drop put an end to that. I don't think my home exists anymore after that."

The jars get filled and then capped as Teigue and Caitlin speak. Piper doesn't offer any further name like Caitlin does. If asked no one is even sure that is her actual name, but she seems to answer to it, so that's what they call her. Another wince at the comment about his homeland "No." she shakes her head at him, and after the wince kinda looks guilty, like it is all her fault or something. She then drops her head to focus on cleaning up the mess she spilled.

Caitlin offers Teigue a decidedly sympathetic look. "We don't know what happened over there. Nor how much survived. But there are many fewer fault lines for them to have triggered earthquakes, at the very least. I've… thought, and worried, and had nightmares, about it rather a lot myself, believe me."

Teigue glances up at Caitlin and offers a small smile and a nod, looking up at her. "Yeah. I can imagine." He offers in return. "It's the not knowing for sure that is the worse part, I think." He glances up at Piper, frowning slightly at her words and the shake of her head. "That's what I'm afraid of." He offers before he looks back down at the table in front of him. "But I try not to dwell on it too much. Occupy my time with other things." He says as he takes a deep breath and lifts his head again.

Piper uhms and then opens her mouth as if she were going to say something, "I…" comes out and then it is nothing but dead air from the young woman. There is a bit of a frustrated sigh from her as she begins to put the knife and the other utensils and stuff she was using in her prep work into the pot.

It's midafternoon and opera music is playing on the patio, thanks to the gramophone that has been pushed out onto the patio. The patio is occupied as well. Caitlin and Teigue are conversing while Piper, with baby Quinn on her back is cleaning up after making one of her herbal remedies, a minty one if the smell that still lingers in the air is any indication.

Caitlin mananges to conjure up a low, rueful chuckle - and shoots Piper a sympathetic look, before refocusing upon Teigue. As she replies, she moves to claim a seat for herself, though she doesn't yet manage to look wholly at ease. "Keeping busy is, I suspect, the main activity for most survivors," she says softly. "Paired with the equally-prevalent 'try desperately not to think about it too much', of course."

Teigue looks back to Piper as Caitlin does and nods his head. "Yeah. I guess that has become the new pastime for the world. Try to forget and not to dwell on the dark things. Oh and to survive." He offers with a soft chuckle before he looks to the others. "But I suspect that may be easier if you have something to occupy your time with around camp, am I right?" He asks, looking between the two.

Yes, Piper has communication issues, but is seems to be just in the talking department. Her hearing seems just fine as is her comprehension so they probably don't stem from her being mentally challenged either. The woman gestures to Caitlin, then taps her nose, indicating that she got in spot on. "Cait." she goes for just the first syllable of the other woman's name, even though she usually doesn't have problems with those. She points to the baby on her back then loosens the waist part of the bandeu of fabric that keeps him attached. "Keep. Busy." she offers "And. Hob-bies." that's a lot of syllables at once, especially for a stranger.

Looking as if she's not wholly sure if she's missing a cue or two in Piper's words, Caitlin nods. "I sew. Being one of those Ren Faire freaks came in rather useful, when the world ended. And sturdy wool and good leather kit lasts a heck of a lot better than polyester, nowadays. My old habits of making clothes and costumes are now kind of useful. Same for being a nutter who liked a bit of archery. I'm no crack shot… but there aren't too many guns that let you recover the shots you fire and use them again. So… yeah. We try to keep busy. I've spent a lot of time out on the road. Making contact with a few groups in Texas. Trading, as best we can. Different people have different skills. And opportunities. But there's always a use for another pair of hands, and more skills to share."

Teigue looks to Piper and nods his head, offering her a smile. "Yeah. I need to find some new hobbies. Maybe get a football team together. I'm sure there's a place big enough for a field and can't be hard to to build some goals." He says as he contemplates it for a moment before he looks back to the other woman. "Well, I know who to come to if I need to get something patched up or a new leather jacket." He says with a slight smirk. "I might end up helping Monica with her power project."

Caitlin did not get it at all and that makes yet another sigh come from Piper. "High. School." she says to Teigue, pointing off into the direction the school is. The field will probably need to be mowed but it is big enough at least. She then begins the juggling and contorting process of getting the baby off her back without dropping him. That would be bad.

Belated though she fears it is, Caitlin moves to assist - intending to take the infant from his position, so that Piper can rearrange herself as she desires. "Sorry," she murmurs guiltily, before nodding to Teigue. "There's certainly space. Though if you want it inside the walls… for a kick-about, marking out a goal on a wall would be easy enough. And we can certainly find balls."

Teigue looks towards Piper then towards the direction that she points. "Hrm. Maybe. They have nets and all that at the school?" He asks, looking towards the woman again as Caitlin moves to help her with the child. "That could work." He says to her at her suggestion, nodding his head. "If we can't find a football, I'm sure we can find a suitable substitute. Anything rubber and round would work." He says with a smirk. He shakes his head for a moment before looking to the two. "So, what do you two do around camp?" He asks before looking towards Caitlin. "You just sew for the camp and go on trade runs?"

The help certainly makes it easier and once Piper frees herself and then the six-month old from the long peice of fabric she takes him back to hold him on her hip. Though the baby can't keep his eyes of the red-head, though when the man speaks up his focus darts to him. "Thanks." she offers to Cait for the assist. "We. Have." she supplies. Probably meaning that they do have balls. He has surely seen the near dozen of kids running around the camp, and where there are kids balls and other game things tend to follow. "Sca…Sca…scav…" she tries to say the word, but it won't come out so she looks over at Caitlin.

"Scavenge. And hunt, in my case. I'm not exactly Grizzly Adams, but I'm not bad." As she talks, Caitlin returns the baby's gaze… though she seemed glad enough to return him to Piper. "Also help teach people how to make candles. The camp I'm from includes a candlemaker. Someone who did it before… everything. Figured out how to, with the resources available now. I've traded a fair few, but… it's slow going, on horseback. And trading information and skills can help us all, in the long run."

Teigue leans back in his seat, trying to get more comfortable as he looks at the baby with a slight smile before he looks towards Piper again at the baby hand-off before he returns his attention back to Caitlin. "That's a pretty interesting skill to have." He chuckles with a slight smirk. "I just hope that I'll be able to make myself useful enough to be allowed to stay here. I'll do what I gotta do in order to pull my weight." He looks between the two. "If I can help out with anything for you both, feel free to ask."

"That." she says to the scavenge part when Caitlin says that first. "Other. Stuff." like what she was doing here, with the stuff in the jars, which is turning white as it solidifies. Piper shifts a bit as she is smiled at, not quite uncomfortably, but something close to that. Bouncing the baby on her hip she nods at Teigue "Bob. Will…" there is a bit of a pause "Work." Oh yeah, asking for help from a stranger, she rarely asks for help from people she knows, so that won't be happening.

"Can't claim to be much of a candle-maker myself, but I was around for quite a few of the experiments that wound up - eventually - with success. So I know a lot more than most people about it, nowadays," Caitlin says with a grin. "And… yeah. By 'before' standards, I'm really not much of an expert with clothes or hunting or much else. But leatherworkers and seamstresses are in short supply, so…. Anyway. I'll gladly help out with teaching people here to play real football, as best I can."

Teigue looks to Piper, nodding. "Terry mentioned Bob. He's like the guy in charge of the camp, right?" He asks, looking from Piper to Caitlin and back. "At any rate, starting a football club for the camp could be a good way to get the kids out and active and to keep the up moral or something." He says with a slight shrug of his shoulders. "Someone else who knows real football would be a big help."

"Yer. Good." Piper assures Caitlin, gesturing down to the hemmed up jeans she wears, which would be both to long and just to big in general were it not for the sewing skills of the Briton. Having no football skills either version of the game she has nothing to add about that one. "He is." she does answer the question about Bob though.

Caitlin chuckles, then flashes a grin. "You'll find it's pretty widespread here among the kids, though naturally they aren't exactly much good for tactics. But yeah. I'd guess the high school'll have some indoor nets, too, if we want to steal those."

Caitlin chuckles, then flashes a grin. "You'll find it's pretty widespread here among the kids, though naturally they aren't exactly much good for tactics. But yeah. I'd guess the high school'll have some indoor nets, too, if we want to steal those."

To Piper, the redhead offers a sheepishly grateful grin. "I try my best. I'm glad to be of use, honestly."

Teigue returns the chuckle and nods at the redhead. "I'll have to check the school and see if I can find those indoor nets or anything else that can be of use." He says with a smile before he smiles at the exchange between the two. "Guess you're better than you admit." He says with a playful wink and a chuckle. He thinks for a moment before he speaks again. "Maybe I should check around and see if there's anything that I could start working on or see if there's anything that could be improved upon for the camp. Something to keep me busy."

Piper just nods, still bouncing the baby of her hip, who is starting to get a bit fussy for some reason. Instead of letting him get full blown fusspot she excuses herself with just a bit of a wave, gathers her things into the pot as well as heads into the clubhouse.

Caitlin offers Piper a fond smile and a finger-wave, watching her depart for a few moments… before looking back to Teigue. "Do you have any particular skills other than football?", she asks, lips quirking into a lop-sided smile.

Teigue offers a wave to Piper as she heads off to whatever it is that she is going to do. "Was nice to meet you." He offers before he turns his attention back to Caitlin, chuckling at her question. "Well, my main skills are cyber security and electronics. My was an electrical engineer and he taught me a lot of what he knows."

"I'm a history-buff, cosplayer, and dancer," Caitlin says dryly. "Now, I'm probably as good at sneaking around and shooting things with my bow as I am at anything else. And my costume-making's my most valued skill. It's… a weird world, to be sure."

Teigue raises an eyebrow slightly as he as he looks at her. "Cosplayer? Those are those people who dress up in costumes at the conventions? I seen pictures of people like that on the internet…" Pause. "Well, back when there was one." He offers with a smirk. "I have seen people use bow and it does seem like a useful skill to have. Would you be willing to maybe teach me to use one sometime?" He asks, his head tilting slightly to the side.

"Given how I dress, you hadn't guessed?", Caitlin asks with a laugh. "But yeah. I was a cosplayer back home. Over here, there's the whole madness of the 'Ren Faire' scene. Which… rather abruptly became rather relevant. Those crazy hobbyists with interests in 'antique crafts' and the like, they're now among the few who know how to do things like shoe a horse or make soap. But sure. The crossbow's really 'just' like using a gun, with some quirks. What kick there is, is all towards the front end, where the movement happens. The arm snapping forward, then coming to an abrupt halt, jerks the whole thing in the opposite direction to a gun. But it's more… adjusting, than needing to learn a wholly new skillset, if you're used to a firearm."

Teigue lets out a soft chuckle as he looks the woman over for a moment, nodding his head. "Well, I had a suspicion but I didn't want to assume anything. With the way the world is, now-a-days, you never know." He says with a grin. He listens as she explains the crossbow and it's personality. He considers it for a moment and nods. "That could be easier to learn." The comments about him being used to a firearm causes him to grin. "I'm from a small town in Ireland. All we do is drink and shoot guns."

"It'll certainly be different to a shotgun," Caitlin answers, flashing a grin. "Much smaller area of impact as well as very different character. But the basic principle's the same, right down to sighting along the shaft of the weapon. Real archery, with a bow and arrow, is rather different. Not something I can claim to be much good at."

Teigue smiles as he watches her, nodding his head slightly. "I really look forward to the training and seeing how it works first hand." He says with a chuckle before he looks around the area then back to her. "Real archery is something I haven't ever tried before, so I can't claim to be much good either."

"Hitting a target's not too hard. Can pretty easily learn how to manage that," Caitlin explains. "But getting good enough to hit, say, a moving rabbit… there's a reason they have the bullseye on a target, and competitions happen at range. Though hunting archery's often done with the bow horizontal, for a quicker release. It's more important to hit, than to get every possible ounce of power."

Teigue leans back in his seat as all the information is given, an eyebrow raising slightly. "Wow. I never really realized that there was so much that goes to it. I figured you just load an arrow, aim and release. Didn't know there was so much technique that goes into it." He lets out a soft sigh. "But at least you don't have to worry about running out of ammo as you practice."

"Quite a few tribes around the world work on the principle that if you wound an animal, you can just run it till it drops. There're even a few who run animals to exhaustion, then use a weapon… but neither of those exactly works nowadays, when you don't want to blunder into dangerous territory." Caitlin shrugs sheepishly. "Sorry. Nerd."

Teigue raises an eyebrow slightly at the outburst of information, a grin slowly spreading across his lips. "You don't say?" He asks, chuckling slightly. "The more you know…" He says with a laugh before he waves off her apology. "Don't worry about it. As a fellow member of the United Kingdom, I won't hold it against you." He chuckles. "But everyone has a nerd in them somewhere. Mine just happens to be with computers."

Caitlin offers a sheepish little grin, followed by another shrug. "So… you're from Norn Iron, then?", she asks, managing a reasonable Northern Irish accent. "I can't claim to know it too well, but I spent a fair few holidays over there visiting family."

Teigue laughs a bit and grins at her accent. "South east Ireland, actually. But I have family up north in Derry. Moved to Dublin to work after school." He says with smile, leaning in towards her as he lowers his voice, almost conspiratorial. "Which part did you holiday in?" He asks, the look in his eye matching the mock conspiracy.

"A few bits. Scatter of family across the province. Belfast, Newtownards. An uncle on a farm near Newry. Cousins out in rural Fermanagh. Grandparents on the North coast near Portrush." Caitlin shrugs gently. "Always loved the countryside, though as a kid, I could certainly have done with spending less time driving to and fro across it."

Teigue seems to light up a bit more at the talk of his homeland, his smile growing even larger and seeming to come to life. "But the countryside and the drive was some of the best parts of the country." He says simply. "You just drive and relax." He offers with a slight nod of his head. "Though I must say, I am kind of glad that I was not there when the EMP hit. I may not be alive today if I was." He admits, his smile fading along with it. "But, having someone from the Kingdom here, does help bring back some nostalgia and makes me feel more at ease in this country. Thank you for that."

"'Just drive and relax' doesn't work so well when you're a child stuck in the back seat of a car, cooking in the Summer sun, while swinging and bouncing along country roads," Caitlin says dryly. "But you're welcome, honestly. I hope that you fit in, and really find a place here. I'm… not exactly formally part of the group. But I spend a good bit of time here."

Teigue thinks about that for a moment before he nods. "That's true, I suppose. I guess living there and visiting on holiday are pretty different." He admits before he raises an eyebrow at the mention that she's not a part of the group, but remembering that she mentioned the people at the ren fair. "Oh right. Well, at least I'll have a bit of home each time you visit then, I suppose." He offers a warm smile at that. "Who knows, maybe I'll check out the ren folk after I get settled in. Is it far from here?"

"Yeah, it's a a fair distance. Several days' ride. And yes, I dress like this, carry a crossbow, and ride a horse. Not least because he lets me cut cross-country. Though I'm still a bloody awful equestrienne. Ride like a sack of spuds, to be honest." Caitlin flashes another sheepish grin. "And I have to admit that I've been spending more and more of my time here. I like the people. And it's dangerous out there. Can be dangerous here, too. There've been attacks, though I've not been caught up in any of them."

Teigue frowns a bit and smirks as he looks at her again. "So, you really are like a full medieval Brit, aren't you then?" He says with a grin. "Getting in touch with your ancestry?" He asks with a soft laugh. "I walked fro San Francisco to Colorado. Got the occasional ride on older cars and some carts. I can't ride a horse to save my life. I guess I let my ancestors down a bit." His shoulders rise and fall in a shrug. "I am a child of the twentieth century, that is for sure." The mention of the dangers cause him to frown slightly. "Yeah, but it is dangerous everywhere you go. I even heard rumors of aliens who look like us, but aren't. Then I get here and hear about camo kids. Danger seems to be everywhere now-a-days."

"Other than a couple of times perched on a saddle, I only began riding after all this started," Caitlin says ruefully. "Wish I'd started earlier. But… except for my hopelessness on a horse, I was the best-qualified volunteer we had. And there are some people - like our smith - who're just too damn valuable to send out. And who're, of course, vastly less use as soon as you take them away from their forge or whatever. Me… I can do clothing repairs with just what people give me or I can scrounge locally, in most areas. And I can hunt well enough to top up my food, and have at least a chance of avoiding trouble. Especially with the horse. Being even only a few extra feet off the ground can really help with the view you get. And most trouble, I can just turn away from before it's close enough to hit. Thankfully. But… yeah. There's a lot of weird and nasty shit out there. Including those soldier-kids, yes. And the stories of Silencers seem to be true. About the only 'good' news is that I've still not found anyone who can actually say that they've seen one of the drones attack. Those silent, flying cylinder things. They seem to be 'just' surveillance of some kind, as best I can make out."

Teigue nods his head as he listens. "It seems logical. Plus you seem to be able to take care of yourself, like you said, otherwise you wouldn't still be here. I wish I had learned to ride myself before all this happened." He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. "I can't say that I've heard of the drones attacking either. I've never seen it happen myself. But who knows, maybe it was one of those that wiped out the camp I was in before. I didn't see the attack, so I'm not sure." He offers before he glances around once more. "I hadn't heard of the camo kids until I got here and only heard of the Skinjobs… Silencers… in rumors."

"I suspect that quite a lot of what's blamed on Silencers is really down to nasty old-fashioned bandits and bastards," Caitlin says ruefully. "But… there's a fair bit of evidence for there being people who hunt people out there." She half-suppresses a shiver, then musters another smile. "Anyway. I should go and get on with some sewing, to be honest. I can help you hunt for goals and some extra balls in a bit, if you like?"

Teigue smiles and nods his head as he looks at her. "I think you're right. Probably just stories told by scared folk who can't imagine bandits or something." He says with a slight shrug of his shoulders. The mention of her heading off causes him to nod his head and stands. "Of course. I should go look around camp and try to familiarize myself with it." He says, smiling at her offer and nods. "That would be wonderful. I would appreciate the help. Thank you. I'm sure you can find me somewhere close by to here until I can get my bearings."

Caitlin nods, mustering another smile in spite of the somewhat grim turn of the conversation. "Sure. And I'm probably not too hard to find, myself. I'm likely to be somewhere away from the kids and their balls, but with good light for the sewing. Anyway… 'spect I'll see you pretty soon. Good luck exploring, not least in avoiding anyone else pointing weapons at you!"

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