(2016-04-27) Weapons Cache
Weapons Cache
Summary: A bit of a road trip to find one of Sonny's weapon caches
Date: 4.27.2016
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Mid to later Afternoon a call for volunteers for a bit of a road trip was called for. Bea the former leaders widow had found maps that marked all of the weapons caches Sonny had hidden away in case the camp had to flee. And while they did have to flea Nebraska, he was dead and no one knew of the maps until just recently. The closest cache is a good five hour drive northwest, which is straight into what is suspected is Kamo Kid territory. The group so far has been driving almost five hours now and are in the vicinity of the cache, which happens to be a hole in the wall truck stop in the middle of nowhere. One that even before the alien invasion rarely saw an actual truck stopping or any other business for that matter.

Having heard the call for volunteers, Teigue is one of those who volunteers his services for the cause. Either eager to prove himself to the community or just an excuse to head out. He has been outside the walls far longer than he has been in the community, so it may be a comfort thing. Regardless of the reason, he now is a part of the group driving towards their location. He sits in the vehicle, looking out one of the windows towards the surrounding scenery whipping past, remaining quiet.

Sophia's driving, the tiny woman has been quiet, but seemed to want to et out of the walls just as much s anyone else. Her finger keeps tempo to whatever CD they have in currently, dark eyes scanning the roads.

Perhaps Torvi had volunteered for this weapons run out of gratitude for the shelter she's been afforded at camp the last 24 hours. Or maybe she just really enjoys a good road trip (hint: this is probably not the answer)! Either way, the blonde Swede is presently settled in the back seat, as quiet as Teigue and Sophia for most of the ride. A hand tugs idly at one of the tiny braids in her hair, but when the next song on CD comes on, she ventures, "I remember this one." Her accent is thick.

Road-trip to a hidden weapons cache? Count Terry in. Being who he is, he requires little prep time, taking along only the essentials for the trip — water bottle, gun, extra ammo, a pair of socks, that sort of stuff. Travelling into potential Kamo Kid territory means nothing is left to chance, and even still, Terry never goes anywhere (willingly, at least) without a weapon of some sort — his sidearm, in this case, is holstered at his hip. Just in case things go *really* pear-shaped, though, he also has his rifle stashed away in the vehicle.

According to the map that Terry is reading from the place the group needs be is still a few miles up the road and as the truck rolls along it quickly comes into view. It's a long abandoned truck stop, looking to have been closed up for at least a decade. The sign in front of it is partly collapsed into the building itself. The windows are mostly broken and the place looks to have been a party spot for teenagers a time or two. If the vandalization and graffitti is a clue.

As the truck stop comes into view, Teigue's attention is drawn to the building as he sits up in his seat. His grip on his rifle tightens slightly. He tries to get as good of a view on the building as he can, looking the place over as best he can before he glances towards the others he's with, taking a deep breath as the vehicle draws closer to their destination. "Why can it never be a stuffed animal store?" The Irishman asks to no one in particular.

Sophia reaches and turns the tunes off, "Sorry Torvi. We'll listen more on the way home." It's time to focus. The hispanic woman isn't in charge, but she definitely puts off that vibe. Teigue's comment gets a smirk, but she keeps her eyes forward. "How close should I get?"

Torvi offers Sophia a soft smile in the rear view mirror. But soon, her dark green eyes shift to settle on the dilapidated truck stop before them. "Charmig," Torvi murmurs wryly in Swedish, a close cognate to the English word which means the exact opposite of what this place is. She remains quiet otherwise, letting the others discuss strategy. She's just a newbie along for the ride.

"Alright, so," Terry begins, putting on his 'leader' badge (so to say), "Normally, I'd suggest we split into teams, one set up and secure a perimeter, the other complete the objective… but we're not set up for something like that. We'll have to clear on the fly. This cache could be anywhere on site.. So eyes open, head on a swivel." He glances around to the other survivors, offering a slight shrug. "It's a basic plan. I'm open to suggestions." He may be a leader, but he's no tyrant, nor is he necessarily weak-willed. He values the opinions of others.

Teigue looks towards Terry as he speaks, offering a suggestion. He nods his head slightly, willing to go with whatever plan is offered. He's not one for tactics or strategies. At least not out in the real world. "That sounds good to me. Should we clear the outside first or do we just want to go in?" He asks, looking around the area. "Seems pretty quiet out here to me."

Sophia huffs, although it's hard to say if it's at the situation, or the plan, or just a natural sound she makes. She's got an angry pretty going on. "I'll pull up then. If anyone is here, they'll have already heard the truck."

The blonde is looking out the window again, her breath fogging up the glass a bit as she listens to the others. Torvi clears the fog with the sleeve of her rose-colored shirt. "It's always quiet, too quiet everywhere," she offers softly to Teigue, glancing over at him with a little smile before shifting her gaze to the occupants of the front seat. It's all on you, guys!

"We don't want to be here any longer than we absolutely have to be. Let's find those guns, and get moving." Terry responds. Once transport arrives at the site, Terry does a round of breathing exercises to find his zen, hops out, draws his sidearm, and begins sweeping the area.

As the car stops, Teigue takes a few deep breaths in an attempt to calm his nerves. As Terry climbs out of the truck, Teigue follows him out of the vehicle with his rifle at the ready. He scans over the area around them as he moves towards the front of the vehicle.

Sophia's not dumb, she slides the keys out of the ignition and into her jean pocket. She grabs her own rifle and climbs out of the truck too. As the men seem to be taking the initiative to go first she waits with Torvi to take up the back. She keep her voice low, "hopefully there's more than just guns here." they need bullets more than guns at this point.

Torvi waits until Sophia has opened the truck door on her side before hopping out, taking a few moments to stretch her legs (five hours is a long ass time!) and muster her courage. It may become apparent now that the woman is not armed— at least, not with a gun. Slipping a hatchet from her leather pack, Torvi moves around the vehicle, following Sophia and the others… at least until a busted-open side door catches her eye. "Looks like a quiet way to get in," she murmurs. She heads that way.

Teigue looks over the building once more before he looks back to the group. "Let's get this over with." He says before Torvi spots the side door and starts that way. He watches her for a moment longer before he looks to the others. "Let's go." He starts for the direction Torvi goes. As he nears the door, he slings the rifle across his back and draws out his pistol, flicking off the safety and holds it at the ready.

Sophia starts moving forward, but then Teigue is changing directions. She frowns, but follows him, letting him look ahead wheel she keeps lookout from behind.

So kind of everyone, trusting Torvi's judgement. Here's to hoping it doesn't end in tragedy or bodily injury for all of them! Carefully, Torvi approaches the busted side entrance, slips through the slashed storm door and into the building. Her gaze flits around the room, briefly assessing for any sort of danger— human or otherwise— before she heads towards what looks like a small dining area with booths. She glances back at the others. "What do you think?" she asks in her thick Swedish accent.

Teigue glances back towards Sophia and Terry to see if they're following or taking another way in before he quickly moves through the busted door and into the building behind Torvi. Once inside, he quickly raises his pistol as he checks the area around them for any signs of enemies or danger. He steps further inside the room, making room for the others before he looks to Torvi as she speaks. "We need to make sure this place is safe and look for the stash." He looks around the area for a moment. "It seems quiet, but that doesn't always mean anything."

Sophia stops near the entrance and then just says, "Si, I'll stay here, to keep an eye on the truck." She can eye ball the room, and make sure their wheels don't disappear as well.

Torvi nods briefly in Teigue's direction, and offers Sophia a soft "Bra ide." Whatever that means. The blonde moves towards the booths, craning her neck to look behind them and under the tables…. Nothing. After a few more minutes of searching, Torvi sighs a bit and takes a seat on one of the dusty plastic booths. Except instead of holding her weight, the whole booth shifts a bit, making a loud scraping sound across the floor and revealing what looks like empty space beneath. Green eyes go wide.

Teigue looks to Sophia and nods his head in agreement with her suggestion before he looks to Torvi and returns the nod, moving to the other side of the room, starting to search through the items and shelves that he comes across, mostly coming up empty. He keeps glancing around him and towards the others to make sure there is no one around who shouldn't be. He continues to search until the sound of the booth scraping is heard. His head whips around in the direction of the sound, his own eyes widening.

Sophia winces at the noise, quickly glancing from the noise back outside, she raises her own shotgun a little, expecting if anyone was out there, the noise could be some kind of sign to move in. Her voice stays low, "Can we be a little quieter, pro favour?"

"Forlat!" Torvi murmurs, repeating in English for their benefit, "I'm sorry!" She shifts off the bench, though, settling on her knees to peek down into the hole under it. A grin curves her lips. "If this isn't a weapons cache, I don't know what is," she muses.

Teigue moves over towards the booth as Torvi moves off the bench to help check it over. "You found it?" He asks, looking at the exposed hole. "Great job." The Irishman says with a slight grin. "Let's move this out of the way and get everything loaded so we can get out of here."

Sophia readjusts her grip on the gun and looks back again, "Bueno. Is it much? Guns? Ammo?" Smokes, she hopes.

Torvi gazes up at Teigue, smiling. "Good luck, is all," she assures him, before nodding once and helping to push the bench further back to open up access to the stashed weapons. Afterwards, she moves back so that people with more gun expertise than her can see. "Take a look," she offers Sophia with a grin.

Teigue helps push the booth away from the hole, looking into the stash of weapons, trying to see what's inside. He flicks on the safety to his pistol before he slides it into it's holster then kneels down to get a better look.

Sophia doesn't move, she's on guard. Instead she sighs and will eye the surrounding areas, figuring they'll let her know if it's anything out of the ordinary.

The blonde watches Teigue kneeling down on the truck stop floor. She takes a moment to glance around at all the litter and chaos left over from whatever happened here. "Worth the drive?" Torvi asks Teigue curiously. She offers Sophia a little smile over her shoulder.

The area underneath the booth has been hollowed out so it will fit a few dozen semi-automatic rifles, which is does, as well as the ammo cases containing the ammo for those guns. There is enough ammo to extend the current supply a few months, if it isn't wasted on unnecessary things.

Teigue looks over the weapons, picking one up to check it out. "Looks like a lot of semi-auto rifles and ammo." He sets the rifle back down into the cache as he looks back to Torvi, nodding his head at the question. "Indeed. Let's get this loaded up and get the hell out of here." He says, starting to pull some of the ammo cases out.

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