(2016-04-29) Pulling Mons Chain
Yanking Mon's Chain
Summary: It was an (almost) innocent question. Mon's being paranoid about Camp Hope's mores about dating. She gets way, way more information than she bargained for, and who knows if Eva was serious or not? Happens after "To Talk of Many Things"
Date: 2016.04.29
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On a platform halfway up the ground storage tank, Mon's cut the feed line to the tank with the torch, and welded a flange in place. Lots of welding. The welding-lawn-tractor is low on gas. Now it's time for the wrestle-heavy-equipment-into-place part combined with a lot of tinkering to get her turbine-speed/water volume regulator working. Basic mechanic stuff. So when, after breaking for lunch, Mon found Eva, she asked (begged) her to come along and help.

And Eva came along, after grabbing a coat and throwing it over and taking a roll of duct tape. Cause you never know when you need one of these. "Alonzy!" she says cheerfully abefore looking at the tank and the other gears, "So, what exactly do you need my help with here, if I may ask? You did a good job with the welding, from what I can see."

Monica smiles. "Thanks. I need help with the lift and carry stuff, bolting stuff up, plus the pressure regulators need a lot of tinkering. I just invented them like… Tuesday? We'll have to adjust them once we get water in the system, but that's for another day."

Eva nods lightly as she looks at the whole machinery again… and simply blinks, "Right. So… What exactly can I help with cause plumbing is… not my specialty. At all."

Monica climbs down, hauling the hook of her comealong with her. "Think of it like the cooling system of a car. That…" She points at the tower, "is the radiator. That electric pump down there is the water pump, and that," she points at the storage tank, "is the block. These turbines… I don't know. Heater loop? I never worked on a car with working heat." She hooks the hook up. "Let's start by hauling this turbine up to the platform, and then hook up its plumbing."

Glancing at the various items raises Eva an eyebrow, "Munchkin." she comments with an amused little smirk, "Now then, we 'ave one of these cranes or, whatcha callit, self made Pythagoras levers? It was Pythagoras that said that, didn't he?"

Monica tugs the strap of the comealong, making the ratchet that pulls it bang against the platform. "This will do the job. Besides. They're not that heavy. I'll tell you though, if you can get heavy equipment, especially a crane, working, I'll cook your breakfast for a month. There are a ton of wind generators out in Sunray that I can't touch without a crane. And a backhoe? I think the Corps of Engineer guys would worship at your feet.

"Well, I was thinking more along the lines of a trolley system. We may need more rope, but we could lift some heavier things with some simple manpower." muses Eva, "A real crane though. Well, 'ave only seen them in Europe and… they are a bit big and standing out."

Monica crouches down, stretching her legs. This promises to be a struggle. If Eva's got better ideas… "What've you got in mind?"

"Well, it is from an old textbook I read years ago, but basically, with trolleys and… I am not sure what they called…" starts eva as she points, "Could we create a pulley system that allows us to lift things up. With some thick woodbars and wheels we could even make it semi mobile, a sort of mobile crane."

Monica blinks. "Oh, the kind you walk inside the big wheel to generate power? Like they used to build Medieval cathedrals?" Mon thinks about that. "That's a really good idea, actually. Figure… car wheel bearings for the big wheel, get Virgil to make us up a heavy wooden boom, or weld one up out of pipe or something…" Mon beams. "That'd be awesome."

"Yes, exactly." says Eva with a nod of her head, "We can always reinforce the wood with metal as well, when we got it, so that it can lift heavier things as well. A slow start and buildup, but invaluable."

Monica nods. "And it will work next year when we don't have much diesel fuel." Mon grins. "We'd need a fuck-ton of rope… not sure where to get that, but … it's around. Steel cable would work, chain… probably not…" Mon rambles as she hooks the hook up to the first turbine. "Meantime, let's haul these up with what we've got. I want lights in my room, a hot shower, and flush toilets. You want to work the comealong, or do you want to wrestle with the turbine?"

Evangelyne nods and mhms, "Yes, Chains might not be as good. Steel cable though. Might be better, especially if we can get some industrial non corrosive steel." beofore shrugging, "I don't think I am strong enough to just lift the turbine like that, but maybe if we work together?"

Monica nods. "Yeah, that's what I had in mind. Let's get this thing done." She flashes a grin, her brain already turning over on the idea of the crane. That would solve some titanic issues. She climbs up the stairs to the comealong, spits in both hands, and starts working the lever. "Just… push it so it's coming up the stairs and not trying to climb over the handrail. Don't get between it and the rail, and watch your fingers!"

<FS3> Monica rolls Body: Failure.
<FS3> Evangelyne rolls Body: Failure.

Evangelyne nods as she moves behind the engine and begins to push, feet dragging over the floor as she grunts and pushes. "Is it… almost there… Yet?" she grunts while her feet keep sliding over the floor and the engine doesn't moves an inch. At least it could, sort of, look like the moonwalk.

Monica hauls down on the comealong, and fails to get the machine to move at all. "Yeaaah, it's heavier than I thought, looks like."

Evangelyne keeps pushing and then peeks over the engine block, which still hasn't moved a bit, "Well, engines. Hah." Wiping her hand on her pants glances she at the heavy block, "We could get more people to move it I wager… but no need to wake them all up."

Monica leans agains the railing and gets out one of the little walkie talkies. She turns it on. "Hey Terry. You busy?"

You say, "Eva and I are trying to get the water turbines up some stairs and could use a lot more muscle than we brought…" She listens to the response. "Okay, see you in a few." Monica snorts and chuckles. "I pick on him for lift and carry so much. Do you know Terry?"

"I think I do. I am… not that good with names."

You say, "Tallish, hunky, kind of lean strength more than anything. Older, but not as old as Bob… brown hair, blue eyes… used to be a Marine sniper. He gives good hug.""

Evangelyne nods lightly and then shakes her head, "Sorry, I don't really recall."

Monica nods. "You'll meet him. Hopefully soon." She sits down on the stairs. "So… can I ask you a personal question?"

Evangelyne stretches a bit and nods, then, "Oui, you can."

You say, "It seems like everyone in this place hooks up with someone sooner or later. I was wondering … if you're seeing anyone. I'm not like… offering. I'm not… I don't think I'm into other women… I'm just curious." Monica looks away and sticks her tongue out and stretches her jaw like her lips have gotten numb or something. Awkward topic, but… she'd like to know if it is as it seems, or if seeing someone seriously is somehow a thing that only Piper gets to do. Or something.

For a moment pauses Eva and just stares at Monica, "Well… The answer is a bit compicated. You know my Room mate? Oui? She and I… we sometimes…" A little shrug, "But ah… I see no reason why not… Merde, this makes me sound so lecherous. I mean, I wouldn't… No, lecherous too. I… Ah…" Yeah, awkward.

Monica holds her hands up. "It's ok. Really. It's ok. I'm … glad the two of you are happy. After that… what else matters? Seriously. After as much time as I've been alone, it's not right to be picky. Especially for other people.

Monica blushes though. It's easy to assume everyone she knows is heterosexual, even if it wasn't likely.

"No, no, what I mean is. Look, everyone deserves to be happy and I would not mind at all." answers Eva while blushing a bit herself, "I am just leaving the offer open. We… don't even have to do anything. Just cuddle or something."

Monica blinks. Twice. And blushes crimson. "Oh. Um…" She runs her hand through her hair… "Sure… sometime… cuddling would be fun." Mon blows her cheeks out. Well, it does sound nice. Mon comes from a large and affectionate family, and she's missed that. "Sure."

"A.. menage a trois, is it not called, oui?" asks Eva, with just the faintest bit of smirk.

Monica 's face gets hotter still, until it feels like it should explode. "One um. One step at a time, you know?" She looks at her walkie talkie. and wonders what's keeping Terry.

Evangelyne can't help but snicker lightly and lean a bit forwards when she sees the flushed face of Monica, "One step at a time."

Monica fans her face. "Yeahhh… Well hell, I guess Terry got delayed. Wanna try this again?"

Evangelyne just won't stop grinning but nods, "Certainly."

<FS3> Monica rolls Body: Failure.
<FS3> Evangelyne rolls Body: Success.

Monica hauls down on the ratchet again, but once again the heavy turbine refuses to budge. "How much do these damn things weigh?"

Evangelyne manages to move the engine block. A bit at least, all while grunting loudly and then letting out a sharp gasp once it has moved a bit, "A… "Gasp for air, "lot…"

<FS3> Monica rolls Body: Failure.

Monica hauls down again. Still doesn't get much motion out of it. Finally she just sags by the railing. "Okay. I think we're going to have to get more help. All we're going to do is injure ourselves."

<FS3> Evangelyne rolls Body: Success.

Once more Eva manages to push the engine block. But just a bit. "I think you are right…" she says as she leans onto the block, panting a little bit.

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