(2016-04-29) To Talk of Many Things
To Talk of Many Things
Summary: Mon runs into Piper on her way to the shop. They talk. Mon blushes. A lot.
Date: 2016.04.29
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Monica wanders absently toward the lawn tractor, with her nose in a book. The book is, apparently, "The Bullet's Flight from Powder to Target," and it looks a century old. Maybe more. Probably borrowed from the library. She looks up to see Piper, and moves a slip of paper (a check out of some dead person's checkbook) to mark her spot and closes the book. "Hi. Hey, do you know who borrowed my welding torch?"

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind: Good Success.
<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Crochet: Success.

Piper and the rest of the kids. Of course the children are running around the place playing some kind of kick the ball game so they aren't paying attention to the woman sitting in the chair sleeping baby on her shoulder as she does her best to crochet something, it's still to early to tell what exactly it is. The question has her looking up at Monica with a quizzical look "Your what?"

Monica smiles at the little kids. Time has passed, she's socializing a bit more, and they don't all remind her of her little brother so much anymore. "I had two torches when I came here. My oxy-gasoline cutting torch, which I still have, and an acetylene gas welding torch. It's um… it looks like two pieces of brass pipe that come together into a single pipe with some knobs, it goes up, takes a right angle and comes to a point. I've been using the one at the shop. It's in better shape, but I can't find mine." She looks at Piper's crocheting. "Whatcha making?

Piper's eyes go back and forth from Monica to the yarn and hook in her hand. She isn't skilled enough in the craft to do it without looking. "Oh." she replies after Monica explains what she is talking about "No. Sorry." and why would they tell her if they did "Where?" she asks but when Monica asks about her own project she picks the completed part to study it a moment "Sweater? Afghan?" she isn't sure yet.

You say, "Ahh." Mon stretches. "The torch was in my room. I'll look around in the shop for it, see if it wound up there. There's gonna be a lot of welding coming. I'm about ready to cut the pipes on the water tower and hook up the turbine." She kicks the tire of the pimped out lawn tractor. "This thing is an arc welder now. It's what blew up on me last week. I can weld with it with only gasoline, which is good, because I don't have a lot of bottled oxygen to work with. The bottle I brought with me is empty now, and I have about one bottle left. For cutting the pipes at the water tower and whatever plumbing I need on that end, I should be ok, now that I don't have to save any for welding. So… couple days to install the turbines under the water tower, couple days to raise the wind turbine, hopefully without getting clobbered by the gin pole again, a day or two to wire up, and I'll be ready to switch on. Hopefully the vote will be soon."

The crochet is set down briefly as Piper looks at Monica and listens to her update on what she has been working on has far as her own projects have gone. She glances at the contraption and gives a nod, not that she completely understands what the other woman is talking about "Feeling better?" that's the part that she asks about, since at least that part she can understand.

Monica nods. "Yeah. A little headachy at times, but it's getting better. I slept a lot the first couple days in medlab. Then it was like… climbing the walls. I'd better not land in jail, or I'll probably lose my mind.

You say, "How've you been?"

Having dealt with patients…or patient rather, that doesn't do well in the confines of the infirmary Piper has to chuckle at that "Been there." a gesture is made to her leg. It was a long while back, still in Nebraska, her last stay wasn't really long enough to get to the climbing walls part "Good." she replies, a ghost of a grin coming to her face.

Monica smiles. "Yeah, I've seen some smiles like that on someone else lately too." She chuckles, but she's not poking fun. She's all too aware how terrifyingly nice it is to have someone who's more than just a friend. And how fragile things like that are. She blushes a little at a related thought that wanders through her head. She looks around at the little kids and thinks better of asking it. Perhaps ask Eli. Yeah, and watch him die of embarrassment followed shortly by her when she asks about … you know. Birth control.

Another quizzical look comes to Piper's face when Monica mentions someone else "Who?" but as soon as the question is out she realizes the answer to it. "Oh..yeah." she own eyes drop, she doesn't blush herself but there are definite signs of her own embarrassment. "He is hap-pier." and she seems to be less twitchy, most of the time "Some. Thing. Wrong?"

Monica nods. "You both seem happier. That's good." Mon blushes some more. "Oh… I've kind of been seeing Gabriel. It's all… I mean until he came along I'd barely been kissed." She blows out her cheeks. "I've been kissed now, lemme tell you."

Piper ohhhs as she is told this bit of news "Good." she nods in approval at that match up "Jules was…" uhm she struggles for the words but can only come up with "not ready." anything else and she risks calling herself some stuff. There is a bit of darkening of her face, but its nothing to do with Monica and fades quickly. "Just….care-ful."

Monica nods. "Yeah, I guess she just disappeared." Mon blushes some more. "Yeaaah, careful used to be a lot easier. I want to have kids, just… not soon. The longer I can let my body heal from the plague, the better off I figure I am. Plus…" She looks down at the sleeping baby on Piper's shoulder. "Well, I may be worrying too much about things being unstable. You seem to keep little Quinn safe enough. And the rest of them too."

"Yes. Sent patrol." Piper explains "Gone." she gives a bit of a shrug, indicating she has no clue why, though she does have her suspicions. There is that glance down again to indicate a bit of embarrassment "I have…things." the things that Monica is wanting to prevent the early start of a family. Her eyes lift again and shakes her head "No." she is probably worrying the proper amount. Her hand lifts to rub the baby's back "Quinn..no choice." her eyes go to the children playing "They were." she choose them, but not the baby on her shoulder.

Monica reaches down to pet the baby's head lightly with a few fingertips. She winces at 'no choice.' "Yeah. Thought it might be something like that. I'm sorry." She tries to stay off the topic, but "Um… what things?"

Piper gets to her feet, setting the crocheting on the chair. Piper gives another dark look to Monica, but not at her "So are they." she says firmly, with little emotion in her voice. A deep breath is taken "Con-doms." she says in a softer tone than she usually uses "In medical." when she finds then while scavenging that's where she puts them..or did put them. Still plenty there. She will then go show Monica where they are kept so no more baby Quinns happen.

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