(2016-04-30) Trailer Park Treasure
Trailer Park Treasure
Summary: Sara, Teigue, and Terry scavenge around the trailer/mobile home park.
Date: 04.30.2016
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Mobile Home Park Stratford
Sat Apr 30, 2016 — Sat Apr 30 23:02:14 2016

As one would expect here there are lines of mobile homes that fill this large multi-acre area. The space between the mobile homes are generous leaving room for vehicle parking and a small green space for growing things, be it just grass or a few flowers or vegetables.
Of all the areas in town this is by far the worst off. Drainage isn't good here so puddles of water and sewage both large and small dot the area. Many homes stand open and there is lots of evidence that wildlife has already moved in.
Thankfully though this area is free of any human remains. It was probably one of the first places hit by the plague so there were still enough people around to deal with them.

It is spring. The weather is cool and raining.

Sara -
Teigue - A young man with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.
Terry - 6'1", 175lbs of pure Massachusetts muscle. Brown-hued hair in a high-and-tight haircut. Green eyes. Camo jeans, GORE-TEX hikers, and a black shirt.
Exits: [O] Pine St (PS)

With the nasty cold months leaving, Sara is currently picking her way through the mobile home park, carefully peeking through doors where she can, and not rushing inside. That and the windows are a bit high for her to peer through. She's still wearing Teigue's jacket at the moment, with her own hidden away in her pack. Her shotgun is holstered over her shoulder, but she has a crowbar in hand at the moment.

Terry makes his way into the mobile home park from the opposite end of the lot, and begins hunting around for anything that looks even remotely useful. He tries to keep the noise down, lest anyone else in the area hear him and come looking. After a short poke through the first trailer — a lockpick kit from his go-bag makes quick work of the door-lock mechanism — he returns to public view with his pack noticeably bulkier. Sponges, taco shells, and candles are all useful things.. in some ways. Maybe.

<FS3> Teigue rolls Body: Success.

Teigue moves into the trailer park with Terry, moving towards a trailer on the opposite side of the road. He moves with an empty pack and the rifle and pistol that he had before, but this time he is sans his jacket, having loaned it out. Unlike Terry though, Teigue doesn't have a lockpick set so when he tries the door and finds it locked, he just puts his shoulder into the door, knocking it open though with a lot more noise. He glances over to Terry and shrugs before he heads inside and looks around, not finding much. He finds a book in French on a table and what appears to be a fresh and pretty looking flower.

Sara doesn't seem to be worried about the noise, as she cracks open the door on the trailer she's chosen. She cracks the door open and pushes her way into the not-so-abandoned trailer. She searches through, just moving quickly and grabbing things. The dead body she finds doesn't really get much of a response from her. The mag is shoved absently into her pocket, and the tiara is carefully balanced on her head. With a shrug of her shoulders, she takes the corpse by the ankles and starts to drag her new friend out.

Terry lather-rinse-repeats his earlier actions, busting into the trailer and poking around for useful things. Alas, second time definitely isn't the charm: he comes up empty. "Damn.. and I thought today was going to be fun." He mutters to himself, shrugging lightly, as he inhales and exhales some cool spring air.

<FS3> Teigue rolls Body: Failure.

Teigue tucks the book into his pack and tucks the flower in behind his ear. He searches the rest of the trailer, but comes up empty so he moves onto the next house. He tries again to shoulder the door, this one doesn't budge and he lets out a grunt of pain and a few choice words before he rubs his shoulder. "Son-of-a-bitch." He says before he tries to handle and it opens. The door was unlocked. "Mother fucker." He says as he steps in and looks around the home, only coming up with a fashion magazine and a dog collar. A nice leather and spiked one. He studies the collar for a moment before he stuffs it into his pack and heads out into the road again, looking around the area for a few moments, still rubbing his shoulder.

Sara drags her new friend out into the open, most likely so she can make a bonfire sometime, and she rubs her now dirty hands on her jeans and takes a step back. She mutters to herself in Cantonese as she takes a moment to inspect her nails, and then shakes her head. She stiffens up when she notices someone else in the road, but she does raise up a hand and offers a friendly wave to the man who was friendly towards her the other day. The corpse continues to lay there lazily.

"That looked painful. You need a hand?" Terry inquires, heading over to the pair. "I know a thing or three about quick entries." A glance is cast to Teigue's shoulder. "Busting down a door with your shoulder is just asking for trouble. Kicking down a door is easier, and less stress on your body." He offers.

Teigue glances down the street towards the movement of the wave, offering one in return as he recognizes the girl. "Hey!" He calls out, waving her over. As Terry arrives, he offers a smile and then looks down to his arm. "Yeah. I know. I thought I could use it, but I'm okay. It's just a little sore. I don't think it's dislocated or anything like that." He offers with a smirk. "Did you find anything good?"

Sara makes her way over towards the duo, and she offers a smile as she approaches. She tilts her head a little to the side, and glances back towards the corpse. "Found something to burn," she comments absently as she waves towards her unsavory find. "Oh, and a tiara," she offers with a bright smile. Of course, there's that adult magazine poking out of her pocket, that she appears completely unaware of. "If you have problems with doors, you should find a crowbar. Good for opening doors and heads." She offers a sweet smile when she says that.

"Just a bunch of sponges, taco shells, and candles." Terry offers with a shrug. "Nothing special, yet." He adjusts the straps on his go-bag, and hikes it up, shifting the weight around, as he glances around, taking everything in.

Teigue looks towards Sara as she arrives, glancing towards the corpse she left in the middle of the road then to the tiara as she mentions it. "Looks nice." He says, reaching up to the flower he tucked behind his ear and offers it to Sara. Out of the three of them, it seems like she would appreciate it the most. He looks back to Terry as he says what he's found and nods. "Yeah. I haven't found anything myself. A couple of books and a dog collar." He says, disappointed with the find so far.

Sara takes a step back when Teigue offers something towards her. Her brow furrows for a moment as she regards the flower, and she leans towards him. "Teigue, could you please put it in my hair? My hands smell like dead people, and that smell is hard to get out of your hair." The Chinese girl does look hopeful. "You can have the magazine I found. I do not want it." She then looks towards Terry for a moment. "You have found better things than me."

A dog's barking breaks the monotony of conversation. Seconds later, a *big* German Shepherd trots into view, and settles down next to Terry. "Heya, Fritz." Terry leans down to give the dog a good scritching between the ears. "Wer ist ein guter Hund? Du bist!" He says to the canine, receiving a bark in response.

Teigue smiles at Sara's request for him and the flower, nodding his head. "Sure." He says, positioning the flower in her hair, tucking the stem behind her ear so it'll stay in place. "Goes well with the tiara." He says before he looks towards the magazine, an eyebrow raised slightly as she offers it. A grin forming on his lips. "You already read that issue?" He asks with a chuckle before he looks towards the sound of a dog barking and then to Terry as he interacts with it. "Uhhh… a friend of yours?" He asks, nodding towards the dog.

"Thank you," Sara offers to Teigue, as the flower is placed in her hair. She looks a bit uncertain with a dog barking, as dogs in her books mean that there's trouble. She takes a step back as the large German Shepherd settles next to Terry. She pulls the rolled up magazine out of her pocket, and blushes bright red at the teasing. "Oh, no. I would not read this at all. I collect it to barter." The dog continues to be eyed with caution

"I've already fed you enough today. You're going to get fat!" Terry peers at the dog, as it had adopted a playful begging demeanor. Fritz promptly runs off, reappearing seconds later carrying a bloody rabbit corpse, which he sets down in front of Terry. It's barely recognizable, and inedible in any form. The big oaf noses the corpse toward Terry, tail wagging furiously. "…Bribery won't work.." He stands firm, at first, before fishing a dog treat out of his pocket and offering it to the dog. The treat promptly disappears. "Guys, this is Fritz…" Terry says, nodding to the dog.

Teigue glances towards Sara as Terry talks with the dog then to the dog itself. He then watches as the dog goes to run off and returns with the rabbit corpse. "That's interesting." He says as he watches the interaction, remembering the collar he found and digs in his pack and pulls it out, offering it to Terry. "Here. You might be able to use this." He says before he looks back to Sara. "Keep the magazine. You can always trade it for something good." He digs in his pack again, finding the fashion mag. "This may interest you?" He says, shrugging slighlty.

"My father had a dog back in Hong Kong," Sara offers, as she regards the dog. "It was a police dog that a family friend had. You train with treats instead of praise?" She tilts her head to the side and purses her lips, and then glances towards Teigue. She rolls the magazine up again, and slips it into her pocket. The fashion mag appears to be considered for a few moments, and she shakes her head a little. "Thank you, but I do not need one." She frowns a little when she says that.

"I train with praise, and treats. We do enough work to where we can afford to live a little." Terry responds, with a light roll of his shoulders. "I work the heavy bag on a regular basis. I also do mountain climbers, kettlebells, pushups, squats.. And, every morning, a two-mile run. A little bit of everything, just to keep things interesting."

<FS3> Teigue rolls Body: Failure.

Teigue shakes his head at Terry's regiment, chuckling slightly. "That's just too much work for me. I couldn't do that. I walked enough already for three lifetimes." He says before he looks to Sara, nodding his head as she refuses the magazine and puts it back in his bag. "I need to find something good." He says before he glances at the next trailer in his section. "I'll be back." He offers, heading towards it. He tries to kick in the door, but doesn't hit the door in the right spot. The door wiggles a bit, but it doesn't give.

Sara gives Terry a strange look at his reply. "I was not thinking about the training that you do to yourself, but your dog, Fritz," she corrects with a soft frown. "I apologise if I caused confusion." She then politely inclines her head. "It is good that an older person like yourself is still being active." She glances towards the door that Teigue is trying to kick in, and reaches back to withdraw her crowbar. She's not going to move to help though, as she seems amused by it all.

"Put your foot into it, right below the knob. If you're doing it right, it should feel like you're falling into the door. Come down with the sole or heel of your foot to maximize kinetic impact. If that doesn't work, try a mule-kick." Terry suggests, recalling some hopefully-beneficial aspects of his training.

Sara continues to smirk as she watches Teigue trying to get the door open, and she shakes her head. "Use Terry's head, it's hard enough," she comments with a soft laugh. She purses her lips and shakes her head. "I would offer to help, but this is much more fun."

Terry casts a brief, not-entirely-menacing glare at Sara. "My head's a hot commodity. Damage it at your own peril." He responds, grinning wryly.

Sara arches a brow at Terry and she slowly shakes her head. "You are right, if I tried to damage your head, I would bend my crowbar," she casually comments, though she's still smirking a bit. She hmms softly. "I guess that none of your camp have crowbars?" she then offers, as she looks towards the man.

<FS3> Teigue rolls Body: Failure.

Teigue glances back at the others as they call out different techniques, raising an eyebrow. "I'm IT. I don't do manual labor." He calls out as he tries to kick the door again, obviously not hitting the right spot as his foot hits the door and he is thrown back against the railing of the porch. "Screw this! I'm not good with these damn doors." He moves to pick up a pot from the porch and moves to the living room window next to the door, ready to throw it through the window.

<FS3> Sara rolls Body: Failure.

Sara eyes the door, and she draws her crowbar and approaches it. The girl gets closer, and she eyes the door with a grin. "I've got this," she says with a grin, looking more than confident than ever. "I have this," she says cockily, as she moves up towards the door, and slides the tip into the crack. She throws all of her weight into it, and the crowbar doesn't move and she tries jiggling it about. She simply doesn't have the strength to handle this door.

<FS3> Teigue rolls Body: Failure.

Teigue sets the pot down as Sara approaches the door with her crowbar, making a dramatic gesture for her to try. He looks at her as she places the crowbar in the crack of the door and works it. He smiles a bit at the problems she's having. "If we ever tell this story, the door was made of solid steel and reinforced from the inside with steel barricades." He says to her as he moves to her side to help her with the crowbar, trying to put as much strength into it as he can. With his shoulder still hurting, it isn't much.

<FS3> Sara rolls Body: Failure.

Sara teams up with Teigue, trying to get all the weight and the pesky door openned. She's turning red in the face, and trying to avoid slipping as she tries to get enough leverage. "I have an excuse. I am sixteen," she comments with a laugh. She appears to have given up on the door, and her mood seems to change quickly at the challenge. "I have breaching charges nearby. I will defeat this door!" She carefully pulls the crowbar out, and returns it to where its usually stowed. "Well later on."

<FS3> Terry rolls Body: Good Success.

"Make a hole, folks!" Terry notes to his companions, before approaching the door. He then assumes the proper mule-kick position, and delivers a solid kick to the door, just like he was taught back in the day. The door, already weakened by Teigue and Sara's respective assaults, gives way under Terry's coup-de-grace. Booyah. He steps away from the door, and gestures. "Have fun."

Scavenging Rolls

6 Scrubbing Sponges
2 Boxes Taco Shells
3 Boxes Taper Candles
1 Prom Tiara
1 Plague Corpse
1 Big Busty Asian Porn Mag
1 Book-Fiction-French Language
1 Pretty Flower
1 Dog Collar
1 Magazine-Fashion

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