(2016-05-01) Electrical Consulting
Electrical Consulting
Summary: Monica brings Teigue in on her power project.
Date: 2016.05.01
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Monica has returned to the scene of yesterday's failure with two things: An electrical engineer, and the pickup truck with the winch. "…So what I'm planning is to wire them with heavy gauge wire directly to the power line, bypass the high voltage transformer and set them up for 660v…" Mon natters on about the electrical setup. On the face of it, it's not a bad plan, but there are lots of details she's missing, and Teigue may have seen some of her handiwork at the bar.

<FS3> Teigue rolls Electrical Engineering: Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Electrician: Good Success.

Teigue moves up next to Monica, looking up at the power line as she discusses her plan, nodding his head for a few moments taking in the plan as he studies the scene, picturing the whole thing in his head. It's really not a bad plan at all. "That could definitely work. With the bypass, it could be a little bit dangerous, but if we set it up right, it shouldn't be a problem."

Monica nods. She navigates the pickup truck through the empty streets of Stratford, dodging the chuckholes and random crap that seems to accumulate in the road in places where the roads aren't actively maintained. "Dangerous?" She glances at the nearest power pig, the heavy transformer that reduces the overhead line down from 660v to single phase 220. "You think the drop to the water tower won't handle it?"

Teigue shakes his head. "No, I think it will. I'm talking about people in general." He says with a smirk. "When it comes to anything dealing with electrical jury rigging, there's always a sense of danger. We're going to have to make sure it's all secure. Maybe even fence in the area to keep people away from it."

Monica chuckles a little. "Yeah, I hate to break it to you, but jury-rigging is what I do." She stops the truck under the water tower where the two heavier-than-expected water turbines are still sitting a considerable distance below their final mounting platform. She thinks a moment as she parks the truck and shuts it down. "I've reached the point in this where I need a lot more help. I've done all the small stuff that I can do without lifting heavy shit and I'll be honest, I know just about zilch for how this town's grid is supposed to work. Can you set it up to run wild power down that line…" she gestures to one of the wires running over head, "from the windmill to drive the pump… pumps really … via the power pigs, and pump 660v direct from the turbines to that line…" she points to the other one on the same pole. "If you can, you'll put me days or weeks ahead of the game. I don't know if you do that here, or from some central control thing, or anything. I'm used to dealing with the tail end of power grids and off-grid. This… is complicated.

<FS3> Teigue rolls Electrician: Great Success.
<FS3> Teigue rolls Electrical Engineering: Good Success.

Teigue's attention moves to each place she points out, nodding his head. "Yeah. I can do that. I just need some tools, a winch and pulley and few other items. I can definitely do this." He says as he climbs out of the truck and looks at everything up closer. After a few moments, he nods his head again. "Yeah. I can definitely do this." He says as he looks back over his shoulder at her. "Do you got work gloves?"

Monica pulls her welding gloves out of her belt and hends them to him. "Will these do?" She slides out of truck and gets the hook from the winch. "I need to get these things up there and get 'em bolted into the water system. Once I have 'em up there, you can have the winch.

<FS3> Monica rolls Mechanic: Good Success.

Teigue nods his head as he moves to take the gloves. "Yeah. That'd be perfect." He says he looks up to his work area, picturing and planning what he's going to have to do. "If I work all day, I think I should be able to have it done in a day or two. Three or four at the most." He is working alone, so it'll be a bit slower.

Monica says, "Perfect. If you know how to switch the grid off to the buildings we're not using, that'd be good too. I don't know how many of the meters have been pulled yet."

<FS3> Teigue rolls Electrician: Great Success.

Teigue nods his head and grins. "If it's anything like the plants back home, I think I should be okay. My father took me to a plant a couple of times. I think I can figure it out. I'll take care of it. Give me an extra day and I'll look over the entire system and see if anything needs to be repaired and/or replaced."

Monica nods. "Code being code, it's probably pretty similar." Mon gets to work bolting the turbines to the platform."

Teigue nods and smiles as he gets to work on the things that he can get working on while Monica works on the turbines and bolting them down. "Just think. This time next week, we could have a working power grid and be able to take a hot shower."

Monica says, "Depends on the vote… And if all this crap works."

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