(2016-05-03) There's A Bear
There's A Bear
Summary: During a normal hunting trip things get dicey when a bear shows up
Date: 5.3.2016
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Though the pair have been walking through the overgrown fields for about an hour the morning hasn't gotten any warmer. Sweaters were definitely called for. Whether it will remain that way is yet to be seen. As usual Piper is more interested in the plants that are growing wild than in the occasional animal sighting be it flock of pheasants or herd of deer in the distance. The bow hangs from her shoulder as she strips leaves from the whippish branch she has in her hand, only passively paying attention to where they walk, trusting that Quinton will keep her from stepping into trouble.

Quinton isn't complaining, sweater weather is perfect weather, in his mind. His attention is split between eye the area for food and eyeing the area for dangers. Currently, while Piper looks, he's scanning their surroundings. He's had a very bad few weeks, so today's quiet, but well put together sentences are a relief to the poet. "If only the weather would stay like this…"

The thin almost needle like leaves are stuffed into a baggie, looking up from her task as Quinton speaks than looking around Piper gives a nod "We could move back north. Wyoming…Montana is probably still getting snow." it would be a long, dangerous trip, but doable as long as the trucks held out. She studies the branch in her hand a moment then tucks it away into her quiver.

Quinton rubs bios chin briefly, the thought an appealing one. "Need to…" he motions upwards, towards the mother ship. "The Resistance is more important. We need to help." Yeah, he just named them. Pale eyes turn back to study her briefly, "You'd want to go north?"

Piper doesn't look up at the gesture, she knows what he is indicating "The Resistance?" she stresses the words, her lips quirking a bit "Yes. We must win first." at the questioning she meets his gaze, "I would." there is little hesitation in her answer.

There's a pause and then he asks, "The Reclaiming?" What would she call them? Quin flashes her a soft smile before letting his gaze drift back to their surroundings. "Would and want are different." Oh, he's focused today. That's good and bad.

There is a wrinkle of nose at that suggestion "The Resistance is better." Piper is fine with whatever name the group wants to give themselves, as long as the are actually resisting like the name suggests. "And what I want later could be different than what I want now." she points out to his little argument.

"What do you want..now?" Dog meet bone. Quin's hand readjusts on the bow in his hand, not that he's spotted anything just yet. Piper gets another glance and soft smile, he's not trying to be a jerk, more just wanting a conversation while he can.

That's quite the question, one that Piper really doesn't have to think on or ponder at the moment, "More days like today, clear heads, untwisted tongues. A day without the constant worry about what's going to happen next. Her eyes stay on the horizon as she talks, focusing there makes the words easier "I want Quinn and the other children to be raised in a world without," she makes a gesture upwards now, indicating the aliens. "Us." the last word is a softer tone but still easily heard. She finally glances in his direction "And you?" if she is going to answer this question it's only fair that he does.

A deep breath from the poet and he holds it as he nods. "Yeah…I…I miss days like this. It's like coming out of daze…Like I’ve taken too much dayquil…" And not in the fun way. The softer comment gets a smile and his head bobs in agreement, "Yes…us. I like that too." His free hand reaches to brush against her's but it stops as his eyes land on something in the distance. "Bird." Clearly not a robin as his stance is shifting to hunting.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Stealth: Great Success.

Piper nods in understanding and agreement. Bad days aren't so much a daze for her, but she gets the metaphor. When he agrees about them the relief shows, one day she may not worry about things like that, but today is not that day. The smile is returned though and she's about to take his hand when the bird is spotted by the sharp eyed poet. Another nod and she gestures that she will move to flank the bird and flush it in his direction. She moves away and within five steps has virtually disappeared into the grassy field.

That's something Quin's not good at, the ninja thing. His shaggy hair sways slightly as he shakes his head in amazement before turning back and moving to a better position for the bird. As soon as it moves, he fires off an arrow.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Firearms: Failure.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Firearms: Great Success.

Piper isn't sure how she does it either, but as long as no one is suggesting to put a bell around her neck she isn't going to question it. Not when it has saved her and others lives more than once. As she moves silently through the grass she keeps an eye on where the turkey is, but she can quite see it or Quinton for that matter. She does hear the twang of the bow, but isn't sure if he missed or not. Just because she didn't hear the squawk of a turkey doesn't necessarily meant he missed. A turkey does take to wing though and she is quick to nock and let an arrow fly, there is a squawk from the bird but it is cut off as it is pretty much dead before it hits the ground.

Quinton groans to himself. That sucked. "Good shot." He's not join got be grumpy at her, dinner is dinner, right? He starts moving forward towards the downed bird and his arrow that's tuck in the ground, figuring she'd rather him carry it than her.

The woman is probably unaware that the turkey she shot and that he missed is the same one. They won't be going home empty handed, that's all that matters. She appears out of the grass in much the same way she disappeared and shrugs at the praise. Piper doesn't find her skill with weapons anything to be proud of. Seeing only the one bird and how he is pulling the arrow from the ground she manages to look sheepish, realizing then what happened "Sorry." she says as she reclaims her own arrow, cleaning it off in the grass. "We'll eat though…"

Quinton's head shakes, "Don't be…you got it." That's what's important. The arrow tip is wiped on his jeans before he slips it back into the quiver. "Eating is good. i like full bellies." A smile is even thrown at her. "Maybe we'll get something else on the way back."

Piper chuckles at his quick commentary "Much better than the alternative." she is pro full bellies, especially when those bellies are her flock of kidlets "Hopefully." she pulls the knife from its sheath and kneels to prepare to do the gross task of field dressing the bird "Nothing to large." she didn't bring the wagon this time, and doesn't relish having to help haul a deer.

Quinton would have done it, but he steps back, letting Piper. Instead he eyes the area, field dressing always attracts other predators, and he'd rather not have to fight off a raccoon or anything. "I have a weird question for you…" He doesn't look at her, but there's faint brow crunch. "Has Kayla said anything to you…about my book?"

It's weird what a person gets good at when they absolutely have too, sadly Piper hasn't felt that it field dressing is one of those have too skills, so she is merely passable at it. The question has her looking up at Quinton a bit perplexed "Not since we found that one while we were north." she pauses in her work "Why?"

Quinton's jaw tightens slightly, even the mention of the book (Even though he brought it up!) bugs him. "I…think she went into my room and took them." His copies, that is. He sounds annoyed, on several levels.

This is one of those tasks Piper wishes she had gloves for, when the task is done she wipes her hands and knife on the grass, "Water?" she asks as she gets to her feet "All of them? Why would she do that?" that's unusual behavior.

Quinton looks away from the perimeter and reaches a hand back to get a water bottle for Piper. It's opened and he steps closer to pour the water on her hands. "I don't know. She's been out lately…she has her own copy…I don’t know why she'd…steal mine."

Piper is concerned, mostly because the case of the missing books agitates the poet. Rubbing her hands under the flow of water she hmmms "Yeah that makes no sense." she doesn't ask the logical question about them getting mixed in with other books. She is sure he probably ransacked his room looking for them "Did she deny having them?" she also assumes he asked her already.

As the pair stand there discussing the missing books there is a rustling of the grass in the distance. As it gets closer the rustling gets louder, and quite quickly too.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Quinton's head shakes, "Haven’t asked yet. She's been…distant." Maybe just busy. It's hard to tell. He's focused enough on the mystery of the missing books he almost misses the sound, but his head whips around, hand starting to cap the water bottle, "Do you hear…?"

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Alertness: Good Success.

There is a frown "I think she is still punishing herself." it's the only reason Piper can think off as to why Kayla is behaving that way "Suppose you could search her room." assuming he hasn't already. "Or maybe it's just time…" yeah she hears it too, the noise through the grass, and Quinton's reaction to it has whatever she was going to say stop. She lifts up on the balls of her feet, scanning the directing the sound is coming from.

It only takes a few moments to pinpoint the movement through the grass and there is no mistaking the large form of the black bear as it burst into the small clearing of grass where the pair and their dead turkey are.

Quinton doesn't particularly want to go through his sister's stuff, for many reasons. Once the bottle is capped he drops it, reaching for his gun. Cause that's a mother fucking bear. "Shit!" that about sums it up. He moves to get in front of Piper.

This is one occasion where Piper isn't going to complain about Quinton's protective nature. She clutches the back of his sweater, peering around him to stare at the bear, fear making her eyes go wide and her face pale. He took the words out of her mouth and she slowly starts to step backwards tugging him to do the same, at least to put some distance between them and the large and probably hungry black bear in front of them. She isn't panicked yet, and probably won't, "Run?" she whispers to him as if she the bear could hear and understand her.

The bear huffs loudly, spittle flying, as it spots the humans, it then lets out a roar and then lifts itself upward to its hind legs, towering over both Quinton and Piper.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Firearms: Success.

All Quin can remember is that you don't climb tree to get away from a bear..and to play dead? that doesn't seem right! If he was unsure what to do, the beast roaring at him solidifies the decision. He fires at it, not a kill shot, but it defiantly hits. Unfortunatly it's a bear, and now it's an injured, angry bear. Quin yells at Piper, "RUN!" He did not survive a lion to get eaten by a bear!

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls 4: Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Quinton=reaction Vs Bear=3

< Quinton: Failure Bear: Failure

< Net Result: Both Fail.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Piper=melee Vs Bear=3

< Piper: Failure Bear: Good Success

< Net Result: Bear wins - Solid Victory

The black bear begins to drop back down to all fours as the shot rings out. A bellow of pain is let out as the bullet lodges into the upper part of his chest near the shoulder. He rushes forward swiping at Quinton, knocking the poet down but the claws get caught in the sweater ripping it open but not the tender flesh underneath. Oh the horror! Sweater! Ruined!

Piper is all over the running thing and as soon as the shot rings out she is turning and beating feet away. She glances over her shoulder into to see the bear knock Quinton down and she swings the rifle that is suddenly in her hands to hopefully ht the bear with it but the weapon only meets air as the bear has lifted back up on his hind legs to take a few lumbering steps forward, roaring is rage.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Reaction: Good Success.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Firearms: Good Success.

There's probably a lot more swear that goes through Quin's head when the bear catches his sweater and flings him effortlessly to the ground. The only noise he actuality makes is a strangled cry though. It’s very manly. Somehow the poet managed to keep ahold of his gun and he fires again when he realizes that Piper isn’t still running. Why isn't she running?!? The shot, while close, hits the ground next to the bear's foot, spraying dirt and rocks up. And hopefully scaring the beast enough so the poet can crab crawl backwards away from it.

She really needs to have a talk with her flight or fight response, it's giving her all the wrong messages. Or because she is stupidly overprotective. Take your pick. Piper is still there though, pulling Quinton back as he tries to get clear of the bear and get him to his feet so they can run, run, run away.

The second shot has the intended effect. The bear twists as he drops down, quickly turning and rushing across the small clearing, trampling on the turkey carcass in the process.

Quinton scurry's up and back, his sweater and t-shirt both a torn mess, exposing the bullet scar he has on his stomach. He stays quiet, and hurries both of them back to the safety of the wall. Seems while there's no prize of a turkey dinner tonight, they also have the conciliation prize of no new scars for the poet.


1 Turkey
1 Yew berries/branches/bark
1 Handful of Mullein leaves
1 Handful of Purslane leaves/stems

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