(2016-05-03) We're Going On A Bear Hunt
We're Going On A Bear Hunt
Summary: Wounded bear equals dangerous bear. Steps are taken
Date: 5.3.2016
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There is a wounded bear southwest of town somewhere, and a wounded bear is a dangerous bear and this one even more so as it has already attacked one person already. That sweater will never be the same again. A hunting party was quickly thrown together and once they were shown where the bear had made his stand the group broke up to see if they could track the creature to where ever it has made it's den.

Monica is not, as has been well established, a very good hunter or tracker. The game she hunts are usually critters she stumbles across. This might explain why she starved a lot on her trek. Too, she typically carries a Sharps rifle, which is potent enough for deer. Not exactly a bear gun, but after being offered the usual AR15/M16 clone, she took a deep breath and decided to stick with the Sharps. She knows it, and she puts her faith in large, well-aimed (hopefully) hunks of lead moving comparatively slowly. She rotates the trigger guard down and loads the sharps for the first time in quite some time. Closes it. Pops a percussion cap onto its nipple and settles the hammer to half-cock. She's ready.

<FS3> Teigue rolls Hunting-1: Failure.

Teigue moves along with Monica as he moves carefully through the woods, his trusty hunting rifle is in his hands, locked and loaded. He scans over the area, trying to use what little hunting skills he has to look for any signs of the bear that they're hunting, but is having no luck with it at the moment. He takes a deep breath as he steps over a fallen branch in his path, his eyes scanning over the area around them for any signs of the bear.

Quinton has a sweater to avenge. He's changed, obviously, and is looking for a little bit of payback. Or maybe he's looking to just make sure the bear doesn't attack anyone else. Either way, he's not taking lead, instead he takes up the rear, watching for any sneak attacks.

Monica scans the ground carefully. Not that she'd know bear poop if she stepped in it or anything, but still. It should look different. When that gets her nowhere she stands and listens.

<FS3> Teigue rolls Hunting-1: Good Success.

<FS3> Monica rolls Hunting -1: Success.

Teigue continues to move with the others, pausing for a moment as he picks up something and kneels down to get a closer look. He look back to the other two, motioning towards the tracks he found and points towards the direction that he thinks the bear went and starts off in that direction.

Quinton's no hunter, he just lucks out mostly when he goes out. His rifle is lifted and he follows, "Lead on." Despite the attack earlier, he seems rather with it.

Monica flips up the tang sight on her rifle and sets it for long range. That's where she hopes to find the bear. She listens some more and hears something out that way, the direction Teigue is headed. She moves that way too, fanning out from the others a little.

As the trio follow the tracks that Teigue found they also start to find the occasional turkey feather, probably from the turkey that it attacked Quinton and Piper for. It is much longer though and they find the actual turkey carcass itself, being picked at by crows. It's obvious the bear feed her and then moved further west.

Teigue keeps following the tracks that he found, picking up the feather that appears ahead of them, holding it up for the others to see. "This the turkey you guys shot?" He asks to Quin before he stands and continues on further. As they find the carcass, he looks around the area for any sign of the bear. "It's gotta be close." He says, motioning towards the west as the tracks suggest before he heads off in that direction.

Monica crouches down near the turkey for any poop there is to find. Turkey she recognizes. That other stuff…. bear poop. She sniffs at it and wrinkles her nose. There's a reason she never learned to do this well. Tracking is all about poop. At least, that's how she was taught. She crouches down and moves through the grass away from the others. Not so far, hopefully, that she could be mistaken for a bear…

Quinton just blinks at Teigue and then deadpan answers, "It was much fatter." He lets the other scout a head, he keeps his gaze behind.

Teigue smirks a bit at Quinton's comment, looking down at the feather. "I would hope so." He offers before he looks around the area as he moves towards the west a few more paces before he looks towards Monica. "Do you see anything?" He asks before he returns his attention back to the area around them.

<FS3> Monica rolls Hunting -1: Good Success.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Hunting-1: Success.

The tracks continue to the west and seem fresher. In the distance there is a wooded area and as the tracks are followed that is where they seem to be headed.

Late afternoon finds one of the few hunting parties that went out to hunt the bear that was wounded during an earlier attack on a couple of hunters. The trio of Teigue, Monica and Quinton have found the bear tracks and to make it easy one of them reported that over the walkie-talkies, letting the other parties know in case anyone from those wanted to join them.

Monica holds her hand above the grass where people can see it. "Those are some big damn feet with big claws…" she says, and points the direction the tracks go.

Quinton nods, "Sharp too." His poor, poor sweater. "It's hurt….be careful."

Teigue stops in his tracks as Monica calls out, looking in the direction that she points out, taking a few moments before he sees what she's talking about. "We need to be careful. Take it down quick if we can. If it's able to charge, we may be in trouble."

<FS3> Monica rolls Stealth: Success.

Monica says, "Yeah… well… it's a bear…" Mon moves along the tracks warily, as quietly as she can. Her eyes narrow as her heart pounds in her chest. She takes a slow breath and seems to get more calm… there's a bear out here that's hurt one of her surrogate brothers and… well whatever Piper is to her. There's going to be one less bear in the world when she's done."

Hunting trip? Oh yeah, count Terry in. Black bears are *mean* sons-of-guns, so he's got his Barrett locked, stocked, and ready to rock. He keeps his distance from the group, to a point, wanting to avoid collateral damage if at all possible — eardrums or otherwise. The beast has a wicked roar.

He's all for hunting bears, period, but this one's personal. It attacked a member of his family — at least, that's how he sees the folks he's been with all this time — and so it won't be leaving the party without a party favor, at the minimum.

<FS3> Teigue rolls Search: Great Success.

<FS3> Monica rolls Search: Good Success.

<FS3> Terry rolls Search: Good Success.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Search: Good Success.

As stated before the tracks lead into the wooded area and the group splits up as the tracks pretty much end when the landscape goes from field to leave and pine needle covered ground. As Teigue moves deeper into an area he notices a hollow dug into the roots of a tree, unfortunatly for him the big bear happens to be coming out of said hollow at a quick pace, racing right for the Irishman, growling and huffing as he moves.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Teigue=melee Vs Bear Attack=3

< Teigue: Good Success Bear Attack: Good Success

< Net Result: Teigue wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Teigue rolls Firearms: Failure.

Quinton keeps his eyes and ears open and looks for the bear.

Teigue moves closer to the hollow and is attempting to remain quiet, but then the bear comes out and is charging right at him. Without thinking, Teigue raises his rifle and fires ("He's coming right for us!"), but the shot goes wild, not going anywhere near the beast. As the animal charges closer, Teigue turns on his heels and runs for his life in the direction of the others.

The bear has had his fill of humans, gunshots and bullet wounds today and is not taking it anymore. He rears up on hindlegs and makes a swat with a heavy clawed paw but Teigue is just a hair faster and he barely snags the man's shirt as he turns and runs away. The bear drops to all fours and gives chase.

Monica hears the bear (and the screaming) and runs that way. When she can see Teigue (and the bear) She'll rise up, pull the hammer back on her rifle, and take her shot.

<FS3> Monica rolls Firearms: Success.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Firearms: Success.

<FS3> Terry rolls Firearms: Good Success.

Quinton follows Monica, raising his rifle and firing at the bear when he gets the shot. "Move Jonas!"

As the bear moves into his line of sight, Terry inhales, exhales, pulls the trigger, and sends a shot downrange. "Tonight, we eat like kings," Terry muses to himself.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Teigue=melee Vs Bear Attack=3

< Teigue: Success Bear Attack: Failure

< Net Result: Teigue wins - Marginal Victory

The bear is a predator and only prey runs, and Teigue ran, therefore the man is also prey. Bear logic for you. The large creature tries to make another attack on the man but once more his claw just gets fabric or possibly shoe, no injury to Teigue at least. And then bullets are slamming into his furry flesh and he lets out a bellowing roar, causing every bird within hearing distance to take flight. It takes a few moments for his forward momentum to stop and his brain and body to sync up to say hey you can't stay upright anymore and after a few stumbling steps he collapses.

Monica flips her cartridge pouch open and pulls out a fresh cartridge, yanks the Sharps' breach block open and reloads. The breach block severs the end of the cartridge, baring the powder, and she adds a new cap to the nipple, throwing the old one away. Faster than muzzle loading. Still slow.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Terry rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Teigue continues to run for his life, ducking and then finally dropping to the ground as the shots are released, covering his head for the eventual strike from the bear. His eyes are shut tight, waiting for the end.

The bear is dead and now the fun part comes, field dressing it and trying to figure out how to get this nearly 300 pound bear back to camp. Good thing there is four of you so something can and is figured out and yes it looks like bear is on the menu tonight.

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