(2016-05-04) She Worries
She Worries
Summary: Mon takes Eva up on that offer to snuggle. She pours out her worries to the other woman. Also, with a bunch of rolls for work that took place off-camera, Mon rounded up another cow for the camp.
Date: 2016.05.04
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<FS3> Monica rolls Search: Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Animal Husbandry: Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Farming: Success.

Mon's been getting enough to eat for a while and it shows. The eyes are a
sharper blue, the dark circles under them are practically gone, and her face
has softened and smoothed as befits her age. Her face is still a riot of
varicose veins and arteries, but even so, they stand out less with more soft
tissue under them. Her skin is more than a little tanned, and shows a little
crinkling at the corners of her eyes from sun exposure. Mon may never look
normal without plastic surgery, but she looks better.

Mon is dressed in a plain white, monstrously oversized t-shirt that comes down
nearly to her knees. She's written "WWMWD?" on the front of the t-shirt in
big, permanent marker letters, and underneath, "What Would Mark Watney Do?"
Her legs and feet are bare, and the neck hangs loosely and comfortably to the
top of her sternum.

It's the middle of the night. A knock comes at Evangelyne and Fiona's apartment. Eva opens the door to find Monica standing there in her sleep shirt. She invites Mon in.

Monica wanders in. She looks and smells freshly scrubbed, but she's banged up like she's been in a fight. Not injured, per se, just battered, and exhausted. "Hi. Couldn't sleep. Gabriel's not around. Were you serious about that snuggle? I could sure as hell use one."

Evangelyne tilts her head lightly to the side as she looks over Monica before nodding, "Oui. I was" she replies before smiling lightly and pointing to the bed, "There or on the couch or chair?"


She stands at around 5'10" foot tall, 1.77 Meters, with blonde hair that passes slightly past her shoulders.

As it is is she wearing a thick black sleevesless leather vest, with a copper zipper down the front, under which she wears a short sleeved checkered reddish button up flannel shirt, which that is unbuttoned completely. Underneath the flannel shirt wears she another shirt, a simple grey button up shirt, with slightly longer sleeves that go past the checkered sleeves of the flannel shirt, and are rolled up near her elbows, and finally a low cut white shirt under it all the layers of clothing.

A pair of blue jeans, stained with various spots of dust, dirt and mud all around and over it, cover her legs and end down at her ankles in a pair of laced up brown sturdy hiking boots.

Monica looks at the floor and thinks about it a while. "Too many corners and edges on the chair, I guess." She looks at Eva. "Bed." Seriously, she thinks, what's the worst that could happen? Bed bugs?

Evangelyne nods and plops down on the bed, legs crossed, as she pats her lap while grinning a bit amused, "Now then, tell Aunti Eva all about your troubles and issues while we hug it out."

Monica settles into Eva's lap and snuggles close to her. She rests her head against the other woman's shoulder and sighs. "Troubles and issues… I worry that people aren't interested in agriculture. We can't go on hunting and scavenging forever. The old world's stuff is going bad. Gas and diesel are going bad. We have to have the feedstocks to make all the stuff that goes bad within the next year or so and … nobody is doing it. I mean, case in point. I built an ice cream machine. I have to make it bigger, because I want to make enough to have ice cream parties for the whole camp at once. But that involves a buttload of milk and we have like… four cows?

Evangelyne wraps her arms around Monica and nods slowly, "Well, I don't have much experience in gardening but I had a little wee garden back in France. So, if you need help setting that stuff up can I lend some of my aid." Softly squeezing Monica begins she to gently stroke over the back of her head, "You could use water as well. It doesn't have the same taste at all, like milk, but it could work as well." She pauses and adds, "Maybe we can keep scavenging Twinkies. These things are supposedly good for over a hundred of years. Or maybe Fancy Lad Cake Snaks."

Monica shudders at the gentle caress, relaxing slowly. She flinches occasionally as fingers find a fresh bruise or bump, but even that's not so bad. "I went out and found a feral cow. No calf, but I'm pretty sure she's pregnant. Spent all afternoon winding her down and leading her in. I haven't had to knock a cow down and tie her up in a long time, and I'm way out of practice. She kicked me good a few times too." Mon smiles. "But I got her. She's in the pasture with the others. I warned folks she's feral, and it's going to take some time before she'll let us handle her." She rests her head on Eva's shoulder "Skinny thing too. She had a hard winter. I don't know how many more there are, but… unattached cows… that's agricultural power literally on the hoof."

Evangelyne mhms softly and nods as she keeps caressing softly and carefully along the bumps and bruises, "Well, I never had to do any of this, so I can't offer any help there either. Though getting the cows to keep producing milk won't be such an issue if we have a bull. It also will create more calves, so that the herd will keep growing. I am not sure if it alone will be able to help us keep feed, but…" She sighs softly and gives Monica a light squeeze, "Food will be a problem though. I think about sixty percent of us will have to work the fields and farms to produce enough food for the rest of us. We do have some knowledge about crop rotation at least, so there is that. Plus cow dung can be used as fertilizer as well. Still, it will be rough down the road."

Monica nods, brushing her nose against Eva's neck. "We can do it with a lot fewer people than that if we can get some heavy farm equipment going. This year. And with soybeans and pretty much any cellulose, we can make biodiesel and butinol, which is a pretty good substitute for gasoline. I figure soybeans, wheat, something for clothes. Hemp maybe. Corn for animal silage for winter. That's the farming I know. Otherwise this time in a year or two I'm going to be making plows out of car springs and we're going to wish we had a lot more animals to pull them." Mon sighs. "I worry. Between that and my nightmares, I don't sleep. That's why I'm here."

Evangelyne says, "Wasn't marijuana also very fast and easy growing? Aside from the relaxing effects of it, could it be used for clothes as well." suggests Eva, "Admittedly, I only skimmed about that once in a report, so I have no idea." Nodding and keeping a firm yet gentle hold on Monica, keeps Eva squeezing softly on her, "A horse or two would be ideal as well. Plus dogs, as well as cats to fight pests."

Monica nods. "Horses we have, at least a few. Cats, we're good on. There are some stray dogs around." She relaxes some more. Eva's gentle. She's warm, and she smells good. Mon curls up against her some more.

Evangelyne smiles gently and keeps holding onto Monica, hugging the other woman close to her. "A German Shepard would be ideal of course. Though for small pests a Corgi and Dachshund would be even better."

You say, "Herding dogs would be great too." Her eyes are drooping. "I should… probably go back to my place and go sleep." That would involve moving though."

<OOC> And on that note, I had to go sleep IRL.

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