(2016-05-05) I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for...
I Scream You Scream We All Scream for…
Summary: Mon does a technological experiment. Many benefit.
Date: 2016.05.04
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<FS3> Monica rolls Mechanic: Great Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Machinist: Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Physics: Success.

Monica rummages around outside in the wrecked cars until she finds and liberates an air conditioner condenser. Most cars have one - cars without air conditioning were tough to find in the last decade of the old world. She then gets some pieces of pipe, and machines them to a tightly matched piston and cylinder. Adds valves. Yay. She's made a tire pump. Or a compressor, if you prefer. This takes her several hours at the lathe.

<FS3> Monica rolls Search: Great Success.

Monica then gets a pair of large plastic buckets. They apparently held kitty-litter at one point. She scavenges up some packing peanuts and a saucepan, which she cuts the handle off of, and adds a bent metal wire bale, scavenged from the inner plastic bucket. So three buckets, two plastic, one metal, and they nest like matryoshka dolls. She takes the sauce pan out and bores a hole through the nested plastic buckets. She plumbs it with some pressure tubing from the aforementioned car's air conditioner. She then cuts a much larger hole at the other side of the inner plastic bucket, nearer the top, again through the outer bucket. She plumbs this with a chunk of PVC drain pipe from the house the tornado wrecked. She connects this to the inlet of her makeshift compressor, connects the outlet of the compressor to the air conditioning condenser, and connects the outlet of the condenser to the small tube leading into the bucket.

<FS3> Monica rolls Mechanic: Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Search: Good Success.

Monica finds yet another small gasoline engine, and fixes its ignition system. It's rote for her by now. She connects this engine to the home-made compressor, and welds the whole business to the dolly she used to have her arc welder on.

<FS3> Monica rolls Welding: Good Success.

The little gas engine has more than one pulley. The bigger one turns the compressor. The smaller one, however, turns a much larger pulley (from the lawn tractor) and Mon welds up something that looks like a small TV antenna to tie to that shaft. It just fits inside the saucepan. She nests the sauce pan in the plastic buckets, wraps a piece of cloth over the compressed air inlet for a filter, and after some tinkering makes a lid that holds all the moving parts together
<FS3> Monica rolls Jury Rigging: Success.

Monica hauls the whole business outside and cranks up the engine. She lets it run for ten or fifteen minutes, then shuts it down and opens the lid to check on the inside of the former-sauce-pan

<FS3> Monica rolls Physics: Failure.

Monica goes over the whole thing again, adjusting things, moving the condenser further from the gas engine, and so on.

<FS3> Monica rolls Physics: Success.

the second test produces the desired result. Ice, frozen right out of the humidity in the air, scraped off the inside of the sauce pan like snow cone ice. Mon grins, and hauls the whole business back to the club house. Then she gets called away on the bear hunt. Morning of the next day, however…

<FS3> Monica rolls Cooking: Success.

While the machine runs outside, Mon mixes about four quarts of milk, warm and pretty much straight from the cow minus a little sieving, some eggs, sugar, and vanilla. She caaarefully warms it over one of the grills outside to Pasteurize it without curdling it. She opens the lid of her machine, pours the mixture in, sets both belts to turning, closes the lid, and lets the machine run.

Hours go by. Somewhere in there, Mon disconnects the belt to the impeller inside the sauce pan of her machine.

It's a pleasant afternoon, to pleasant to be indoors, that's for sure. Piper wasted no time going to pick up her infant son from his caregiver du jour, she didn't even bother dropping the things she scavenged off. With the perpetually happy Quinn, who seems to be cursed/blessed with his mother's genre of hair, on her hip she makes her way onto the patio. Her backpack seems suitably stuffed and she wiggles out of it causing the baby boy to giggle.

<ooc> description for Piper, who hasn't seen it before.

Monica wheels a dolly in from the car port. Too noisy to run in the more populated parts of the complex. It has a small, running gas engine on it, along with some belts and a small, roughly machined gizmo driven by it. One of the belts should be attached (but isn't) to something that disappears into a kitty litter bucket. "Hi"

"Hey Monica." Piper greets as she begins to pull some things out if the pack, first being the 3 heavy metal albums. She's not really into the genre per say, but music is music and she can appreciate it just for that alone. Yep she would have called it a gizmo too, just for lack on knowing that the heck it is "Half?" she asks as she pulls out a rare treat next, a Twinkie two pack.

Monica smiles. "Hold that thought." She stops the gas engine, lifts the metal lid and pops the plastic lid off the outermost kitty litter bucket. She pops the lid off the inner kitty litter bucket and reaches inside, lifting a third, metal bucket (it looks like a 5 quart saucepan with no handle.) She gets out her Leatherman, opens the blade and pokes at the contents. "Looks like it's set." When she sets the pan down on the table next to Piper it looks for all the world like it's full of ice cream. "I'll get some dishes.

Piper watches what Monica is doing with curiously. Even moving closer to look down into the containers, "Is that…." her usual stoic expression moves into a smile "ice cream." what started out as a question became a sigh of longing "Dishes." she nods her head at Monica and clears the table of her pack and albums. Quinton is going to regret that he didn't come back with her.

Monica returns with dishes and spoons. "Yeah. I was up with nightmares a couple nights ago and got to thinking about fixing air conditioning when it gets hot. One thing led to another and I started wondering how to build air conditioning without refrigerant. I fell asleep about then, but when I remembered it in the morning it was like "Boyle's Law." Gas doesn't have to change phases to absorb energy. Long story short, if you compress air and cool it to ambient temperature, then let it expand, it absorbs heat. So to test the theory, I made a little ice cream machine." She dishes some up. "Twinkie ala-mode?"

When Monica returns Piper opens the Twinkie package pulls one out and passes the other to Monica. Of course she didn't understand half of what she was told, but she listened and nods. She's getting ice cream, Monica can talk about what ever the hell she wants. "Yes." she puts her Twinkie in the bowl and lets the other woman dish the ice cream out "Great idea."

Monica grins. "Thanks. It's just vanilla. I had some chocolate chip cookies I was going to put in them, but once I tasted the mix it was like… don't screw with it. Until we get cacao growing in a greenhouse, vanilla is fine. It's also the only kind I know how to make. We did it in chemistry class once with liquid nitrogen." She settles down next to Piper and the kidling(s) and dishes ice cream for anyone old enough to hold a spoon. She looks at the almost-gallon of ice cream left and gets her walkie talkie out. Before turning it on, she adds, "How're you?"

"It's fine." when you haven't had ice cream in…well she has had it in the past year, but it has still been a long time, any ice cream is good ice cream. Her tone suggests its more than fine. Her eyes remain on the frozen confection as it is dished out and she wastes no time in scooping up some ice cream with a bite of twinkie. Her eyes close blissfully as she takes the bite and she mmmmms "Great." she has ice cream, why wouldn't she be great. She just wishes Quinton were here to enjoy this too. Opening her eyes she grins at Monica "You?" she gently grabs at Quinn's hand moving it away before his fingers get into the ice cream.

Monica digs into her ice cream. "Mmm…" Her fears are put to rest. No flavor of oil or exhaust fumes. Just ice cream. "Doing ok. I've been tinkering a lot, and I was on last night's bear hunt, but other than that… not much is new. I have Teigue working with me on the power and water project. He was an electrical engineer back in the world, so he knows power grids in all the ways I don't." She holds up one finger and raises her walkie talkie to her lips (after turning it on) Hey Quinton, you around?"

Quinton pages: it takes almost full minute, but then the crackle of the walkie goes off, "Yeah, Grace. I'm….everything…good?"

You paged Quinton with 'Your presence has been requested at the club house on the deck. It's something good.'

Quinton pages: another pause, and then, "…ok….on…way…"

Piper scraps a little bit of ice cream off the top of the scoop in her bowl and feeds it to the baby. It's a new experience, freezing cold food, for the infant. He's used to baby food, but nothing like this. He isn't sure what to make of it. "Poor bear." she understands that the creature had to be put down, but she doesn't have to like it. The woman are sitting at one of the tables, eating what looks like cake and ice cream. There is a strange contraption nearby, that Monica could explain better than she could where said frozen treat is. "He's handy." she doesn't know the Irishman all that well. They didn't have the best first encounter. As Monica calls for the poet through the walkie-talkie she headcants, curiously waiting to see if there is a response. She doesn't know if he took a radio out this morning or not.

"He's on his way." She looks at the dish. "I didn't make enough for the whole camp. Should I tell everyone it's here, or just get busy and make this machine bigger?" She nods about the bear. "Yeah. If we didn't blow too many big holes in it, we should have a nice bear skin for someone to wear. Or a rug, or whatever. I probably have how to tan a bear skin in one of the foxfire books.

Piper nods, she didn't expect Monica to do that, but she appreciates the gesture "Get busy." she says around another spoonful of ice-cream that she is having to keep Quinn from grabbing at. Apparently the baby decided he liked it. Smart kid. "Blan-ket." she suggests or some kind of bed covering maybe. The baby gets another small bite of just the ice cream and he mimics the mmmm sounds the woman made when eating it.

Monica chuckles. "We're going to have to rustle up some more dairy cows." Note the verb. "I've never actually rustled cattle before. Should be fun." The more she tries to lead a civilized life, the more skills she learned for her persona become useful. It's a strange world. She waves at Quinton when he turns up and gestures to the mutilated sauce pan (the handle's been cut off) with a big spoon in it. "Grab a dish. Ice cream doesn't keep."

Quinton steps in, slightly dusty from wherever he's been his backpack looks fun, but what's interesting is he has 2 new weapons on him, A shot gun and a rifle both sticking out of the backpack as well. The poet stops at the sight, the slightly dazed look is replaces with a bight and happy smile, "Seriously?" He starts to shrug off the bag, eyes on the prize, "How…when?" Pale blue eyes dart between the two ladies.

Piper isn't sure how they would do that. All the livestock that was abandoned has went feral or been eaten by predators by now "Something." whatever that will be it will be a task. Even if it is just waiting for the cows they have now, including the calves to breed more cows. "Yes." she beams a smile, ice cream time is happy times. She moves her pack off the other chair at the table setting it on the ground. She also pulls a package of Twinkies out, the cake portion of their afternoon treat. "Monica." she gestures to the woman with her spoon.

You say, "I was doing an experiment with Boyle's law. I was actually thinking about building air conditioners that don't need complicated or poisonous refrigerant. This was basically the experiment, and I figured "why just make ice?" We've pretty much agreed that I need to make the machine larger so everyone can have ice cream."

Quinton set's his heavy backpack down, eyes still on the machine. He nods, but doesn't really know what Monica is talking about. "Re-domesticate…" Cause that won't be a pain in the butt. "Ice cream…cheese…" They're going to be a very popular group. He sit down next to Piper, giving her a smile before egis eyes land on Quinn, "Hey Peter…" It must be a bad day for him to get the baby's name wrong. Thin fingers wave to Quinn before he starts looking to where the bowls and spoons are. "More…good."

A very big pain in the butt, that's implied by Piper's expression at the suggestion. But hey, not her job so if someone wants to do it, more power to him. An empty bowl and spoon are pushed toward Quinton and she opens the Twinkie and drops one from the package straight into the bowl. "Help yourself." like Monica says it isn't going to keep. The greeting, even if its the wrong name has baby Quinn waving his own arms up and down excitedly and making some babbling noises.

Quinton's finally put on all the weight he lost from when he was shot, but it sure would ahem been easier with more junk food. The man loves it. He's still grinning as he scoops ice-cream onto of the twinkie. "Is it hard to….make?" He'll get them more damn cows if it means they can have ice cream. he shifts, spooning up a mouthful and then sighing happily. His eyes close and his foot bumps into Piper's underneath the table.

This one she can at least answer "Not really." Piper helped Bea make it that once when then had that two weeks of power in the dining hall. "Have ing..ing..ingre…stuff." she points to the contraption that Monica made. "Need cold." that was the only thing that was missing. Her barefoot at that. It's to warm for shoes, but it doesn't hurt or anything, though it does make her hook an ankle over his. "Quinn likes it." she gives the baby another small bite, sans the cake, then takes a larger one for herself.

All off this makes for a happy poet and he smiles around the spoon. Unintentionally he makes the same yummy noise that baby Quinn made. "Good." That it's easy to make? Or is that just a statement of what the ice cream is. Or life? Quinton finally takes a deep breath, happy and looks to the babe, "Good…taste then." His left hand raises again and fingers wiggle at Quinn.

Monica returns from wherever one goes to relieve ones-self in the camp. Mutter mutter flush toilets, hot showers mutter mutter. She draws a little water from Terry's water system and washes her hands with whatever soap is handy. "Sorry."

Piper takes the word to mean that it is easy to make, it's easy to see that Quinton is enjoying the treat by his emoting while he digs into it "So far." though the taste of food and people are about the only thing that the baby is really able to form opinions on at the moment. As Monica returns Piper glances up at the woman's muttering "Okay?"

Quinton's gaze flickers to Mon, unsure what she's apologizing for either. So instead of commenting he just keeps eating. While Piper’s looking up he'll reach his spoon over to snag some of hers. Everything tastes better from someone else's bowl, right?

Monica nods. "Yeah, just wishing a little bit that the bath-house plan hadn't mushroomed into Camp Hope Public Utilities. It's going to become a lot more urgent when we stop being able to find toilet paper." Mon is still pondering how to make bidets, since nobody in small town Texas seems to have any that she can steal. That ought to be some fun engineering. To say nothing of the testing. She smiles at big Quin and little Quin together, and laughs at his stealing ice cream from Piper. Kind of like stealing blood-cicles from a lioness. If she likes you, you might get away with it. Otherwise you could lose an arm.

There is a bit of a frown at Monica Piper probably hadn't been thinking anything along those lines. Logically she knows it will get to that point, but she tries not to think about it. And sanitation is probably not the best talk over ice cream. The expression she gives Quinton at the liberation of some of her ice cream into his mouth says Hey! but there is amusement in it at all.

Quinton ignores the TP talk, that's something to be worried about later. or by other people. Instead he raises an eyebrow almost comically at Pioper and turns to Quinn, "Your mother…not sharing." the poet's had shakes in mock disappointment.

Monica laughs a little. Quin (big Quin) and Piper are so … domestic is the word she wants… when they're together. "So should we invite everyone else to join us before this goes bad? There was most of a gallon here when we started.

Pulling her bowl closer to her Piper blocks and further stealing with her arm, at least for the moment. "Mine." she drawls and points to his bowl "Yours." she is highly amused by it all, and hardly serious. Monica is looked at and then she peers at the ice cream "Yes?" depending on how many actually showed up there may be enough for everyone to get a taste…but she isn't sharing her twinkies with them.

Quinton's nose wrinkles and he shoots Quinn another look, like the baby can help him with this. Monica's question those has him sober up. "Kids first." He still makes attempts at Piper's bowl, but will huff and settle in to eat his own.

Monica passes her radio to Piper to call for the kids. "I think by the time the kids are done there won't be any ice cream left." She looks over at the machine. "I'm going to go tinker this thing up to using a 5 gallon pail to make the ice cream in. If we have the milk to get it going, I'll make more ice cream and we should be good to go tonight sometime. It takes hours."

"Yes." a gesture is made to Quinton, Piper agrees with him. Sure the adults would appreciate it just as much, but if there is going to be more later, they can wait. "They don't.." she shakes her head as the walkie talkie is handed over "I'll go…" she gets to her feet, pushing her bowl toward the poet, see she can share! The poet gets a caress on the back of his neck and then she is off to get the kids, baby Quinn happily babbling on her hip.

Quinton starts to argue, he was teasing about the ice cream. but if she's going to leave it… He reaches up and touches her hand briefly and then she's gone. He watches the door a moment before he turns back to the cold dessert. "Do do…have enough milk?" Between this, and Soph's cheese…and the calves needing milk…

You say, "I dunno. Might have to wait a few days. Sophia's cheesemaking is cutting into the milk supply. Once I have this thing…" she gestures toward the ice cream maker… "working reliably, I'll probably foist it off on her and let her manage the dairy supply. She's also got ways to store at least a little of it. Although that little fridge has a truly tiny icebox." Mon sighs. “Electric power, as always, is the answer."

Quinton nods, thinking Soph probably won't mind having the ice-cream stored near her. "Do we …wind mills.." He knows everyone shot the idea down before, but he doesn't see how it could hurt. He sighs around a spoon full. "We need …more." More what, exactly?

Monica nods. "Between you and me, I'm building extra capacity into the system. If everything works, we can add a second windmill and pump up the water tower faster. Then we can run the backup turbine full time. That would about double our electrical to fifty or sixty kilowatts continuous." Mon runs her hand through her hair. "If we want more than that, we're going to have to find a natural gas well, or maybe harvest drone batteries, if I can figure out how to recharge one. I have the dead one out of the school bus. I'm going to mill the top off and see what's inside it one of these days soon.

Quinton blinks, she's talking Latin…if he didn't speak it, that is. "That sounds…good." Talk of the drone battery gets his attention more though, he sits up and nods, "Use …against them, yes." The man's all for any strike against the aliens. So much for peace loving poets, huh?

Monica nods. Then the children arrive, and the rest of the scene is getting ice cream for little kids and their long-suffering guardians.


1 Box of Twinkies (Piper)
1 Coffee Maker
3 Misc Heavy Metal Albums (Piper)
1 Will Work for Food sign
4 Folding Chairs
1 Duck Tape
1 Hello Kitty duck tape
1 Rifle
1 Shotgun
5 Citronella Candles

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