(2016-05-08) The Garden of Earthly Delights
Summary: Mon learns the big secret about Piper. Or at least one of them. Takes place after "We have met the enemy, and they is us."
Date: 2016.05.08
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Late afternoon on a sunny and warm day finds the town of Stratford peaceful and calm. It's one of those days were even the grumpiest of people are at least somewhat pleasant. From the neighborhood that makes up East Main, 5th Street and Wall Street comes the sound of singing. Today's selection is Broadway showstoppers. There is no question who it is, the question is where is the songstress. She can't be found on the streets and she clearly isn't inside, so she must be in a backyard somewhere.

Monica is sleepy, the ice cream machine is doing its thing, she's done chemical analysis on the insides of the alien power cell and really needs to get ahold of Linc. She's out wandering aimlessly, maybe looking for tools, maybe just seeing the town. The voice, though, she recognizes. She's heard it, belting out Abba. What Piper is singing now, Mon has no idea. She follows the sound to its source, down an alley, and into the backyard. She leans against a tree, just listening.

The backyard, like all the others that are used for gardening, is turned over and there is the faint scent of manure in the air, nature's fertilizer, which as been mixed into the loose dirt that covers the ground. Piper seems to have been working for awhile at this. There are already several rows of little green plants poking from the ground and another row of button shaped cacti. The rest of the garden is dotted with jars of all sizes, plants growing out of them, set out in rows in organized fashion. The woman herself is quite dirty from her work and kneels between rows digging a small hole, removing plant from it's jar and planting it, all the while singing as she works oblivous of her audience.

Monica spocks an eyebrow at the little cactuses. "So that's where the peyote's coming from," she says. She waits until one song ends and asks before the next begins.

Patting the dirt firmly around the little green plant that will now have a happy home in the dirt, Piper's glances up and then around to find the lurking Monica "Sorta." she hand wobbles as part of her answer. "Trans-planting." it's not something she can grow from seed, not like the other plants she is growing, which if given a close inspection has a a familiar seven serrated leaves per stem. She isn't planting the cacti at the moment so her gloves hang from the backpocket of her jeans.

Elijah had been in the area, deciding to try and scavenge for more supplies for the camp and infirmary. As he wanders, he hears the sound of singing. He knew that voice…a small smile coming to his features as he makes his way in that direction. "Wonder what she's up to now?" he wonders to himself.

Monica folds her arms across her chest. "Now… I'm no botonist, and I don't know a lot about drugs, but… that's pot, isn't it?" Mon chuckles. "And here I was complaining to Eva the other night that nobody was doing serious agriculture…" Mon waves at Eli from the tree she's leaning on. "Can you do me a humungous favor and save as many seeds as you can spare from those guys? I'm thinking hemp fibers for clothes, for paper, all that. Plus the buds would make a great trade item if we grow a few acres of it, I figure."

There is a look from Monica to the plant she just planted and then back "Yes." Piper says finally. No use hiding it, not like it is illegal anymore…not in any real sense. "Plenty clothes." she says about making them out of hemp but still nods her agreement "Save seeds." she was planning to anyways. As for acres, that just has her shrugging. She is going to have a hard enough time with just these few backyard plots. At the wave she glances to where Elijah can be seen wandering over and she lifts a dirty hand to wave as well.

Elijah waves to the two women as he approaches, "Hello." Looking from them to the plants he lofts a curious brow "What are we up to today?"

You say, "Taking a breather. Letting the new ice cream machine do its thing in peace for a while. Got about five gallons this time. It should be set up enough to eat around dinner time, maybe breakfast time tomorrow. She's planting your pharmacy, I think." Mon dusts her hat off and pulls it back on her head."

"Bak-ing pies." Piper says, someone has a bit of snark in her today, but her tone isn't snide or all that sarcastic. She crawls a few paces to the next jar and repeats her planting process. There is an audible mmmmm and a breif smile comes to her face at the mention of ice cream. She points the trowel briefly at Monica's serious answer to what she is doing "Yes, that." It's not all pot and peyote, she has other medicinal herbs for planting as well in the jars that wait her attention.

At the mention of ice cream, Elijah grins "That sounds delightful. I'm sure everybody will enjoy that…especially the children." Upon hearing what Piper is working on, "Oh. Excellent!" Walking forward to get a better look, Elijah looks to Piper "Thank you. Is there anything I can assist with?"

Monica chuckles. "They did with the test batch. I'm going to hand the ice cream machine off to Sophia. She's the only one with a working freezer anyway, plus she's in a position to manage the milk supply." Mon stretches. "Oh, I mugged a feral cow. Haven't checked…" Mon gestures to suggest putting her arm up the backside of a cow, "but I'm pretty sure she's pregnant. So hopefully, if she's healthy enough, we'll get useable milk out of her in the near future. I think we should round up more. But… I sure hope someone here's a better cowboy than I am. I'm used to dealing with the mellow, overfed, lethargic cattle, not skinny, stringy, mean ones."

"Watch where…" uhm "step." Piper answers Eli's question as she gestures around her little high garden. She doesn't want any of her plantlings smooshed by feet. Her work continues, she has a lot to plant before nightfall and can chat and work at the same time "Was good." she was lucky enough to get a bowl of that first ice cream batch. There is a hmmming noise given at Mon's conundrum, she would suggest Isa, but the woman has been scarce lately.

Elijah heeds Piper's warning and is careful of where he steps, watching her work and then turning to Monica with her explanation. "I know we have a few people who have more experience in the veterinary field than I do…but if I can be of assistance let me know." Though from the looks of him, the good doctor would be useless in trying to actually wrangle a cow. Though that would be an amusing spectacle to behold.

Monica nods. "Yeah… she'll need a health check and all that. But she's only been feral since everything fell apart. She's not that long out of her vaccinations and everything. She should be ok." She watches Piper work the plants a moment. "How're things, doc?"

"Isa. Jade." Piper says about the vets. And while Isa has been scarce, Jade is a normal sight at the farm where the animals are kept. She is even got the oldest of Piper's flock as an apprentice. Have to pass on the knowledge somehow.

Monica nods. "Okay. I'll find one or the other of them. Thanks." Mon rubs her shoulder, and the arm on that side does seem to have some bruises. "I had an interesting chat with Sara. She's an ex-camo-kid kind of hanging out at the periphery. She had the thing in her neck, but she cut it out, apparently. Heck of a scar. She's got some killer insights to the camo kids, and why we haven't seen them. Someone blew up their command base."

Okay that gets Piper's attention, and not in a good way. All the color drains from her face and she drops the jar that she was gently getting the next plant out of "There's a kamo kid?" she almost squeeks out the question "Here?" and then the news of the base falling "Wright-Patterson…down?" good thing she is already on the ground or else she probably would have gotten there the hard way.

You say, "Ex-camo-kid, she says. Like I said, the lump in her neck is gone. She's been pretty forthcoming on what they do and how they're trained. I was thinking we should get her checked out, and bring her into the fold. It's not like she doesn't know we're here. She was part of a larger troop, but they're apperently dead."

Monica does spock an eyebrow at Piper's naming the base explicitly. "You um. Seem to know a great deal, Piper," She says, gently.

Elijah watches the exchange between the women, lofting a brow "Monica is your shoulder alright? It looks bruised…" He frowns "If she even has healing wounds I'd like to make sure she's alright. If you think she would be alright with that? Sara I mean…I'm ok going to where she is if that helps."

Oh look her plant fell out of the jar and needs to be rescued so Piper takes a intense interest in that as Monica speaks of the girl and then comments on how much the songstress knows. And thankfully Elijah is jumping in to act as distraction. She'll have to thank him for that one later.

Monica looks at the Doctor, then back at Piper. "You know, I got kicked around by a cow just recently. Thousand pound animal, left me pretty banged up, like I'd expect. But I got banged up not to long ago, by a pretty upset Piper, who's six inches shorter than I am, and probably weighs less too. And I recall several times when she's said someone was clear or not. And now, Piper, you know the name of the base the camo kids were operating out of. And Eli, you're trying to change the subject." Mon closes her eyes. "I heard … what the silencer did to Quinton. I saw how banged up he was. I'm seeing a pattern, and I don't know if it's right. But I need one of you to tell me the truth, one way or the other. Piper's my friend. I need to know.”

Elijah lofts a brow, looking to Monica. He was a doctor…inquiring about injuries. How was that suspicious? "I'm sorry if it came off as I was trying to change the subject Monica, but as you were talking I noticed your arm and then you mentioned a girl who had performed a serious surgical procedure on herself. I think that warrants concern from me as a doctor." His words were genuine.

Piper could debate that whole need to know thing. There was only one person that /needed/ to know and he does, everyone else that knows, well that was mostly not from her mouth. She pushes herself to her feet, her face still pale. "Okay…Elijah." she then turns to Monica "Was a Silencer. Not any-more." she gestures to Eli as if saying he can explain. Of course it is an uncomfortable topic for her so she grabs the water pails and stalks off to fill them.

Monica holds her hand up to the good doctor. "Save it." And with that, she too stalks off.

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