(2016-05-12) Don't Get Sewage on the Chef
Don't get Sewage on the Chef
Summary: Mon finally runs into Gabriel. Their happy reunion is tempered by a previous plumbing fail during her grand-theft-toilet operation. Mon is stinky again.
Date: 2016.05.12
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<FS3> Monica rolls Plumbing: Failure.
<FS3> Monica rolls Search: Good Success.
<FS3> Gabriel rolls Cooking: Amazing Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Carpentry: Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Jury Rigging: Good Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Search: Failure.

Another day and another moment for Gabriel to stay busy in the kitchen. Having kept busy, and a bit to himself the past weeks. A focused look on his face as he works. Cooking up something amazing. However the smell being contained inside the food itself at the moment. The cats are also around, keeping a bit to the side though, as the man cooks. With Trouble nearby as well, probably occasionally trying to play with the cats. Being used to them after all.

Monica stinks, frankly. There was that incident separating a toilet from a partially wrecked house… how was she to know it was clogged since before the Arrival? In any case a quart of the rawest of raw sewage dumped on her. Mon's a farm girl, and it's not the worst she's smelled. She pressed on, gathering toilets and flanges. What she's not found is any way to separate them. You'd think cubical walls would be common as dirt, but apparently not in smallville Texas. In any case, it's hours later, and she realizes she's been hard at it since breakfast time, and she's starving. Mon sets off in search of food, and arrives at the clubhouse. If the idea of eating when she smells like she does is nauseating? She can't smell it anymore. She did wash her hands, at least. She brightens considerably when she realizes who's cooking. "Hey you."

Gabriel does notice the smell as she comes along. Though hearing her, and perhaps other small things he notices from her, movement and perhaps other smells, he can at least recognize her and smile. "Hello." He greets her. Plating for her as he puts it on the bardesk. "Hungry?" He asks as a spoon is offered as well. So she can crack the omelet wrap to release all that is inside, which is mixed vegetable and meat, and all other kind of things. Anything they have really.

You say, "Starving," Mon says. "It's good to see you." She's about to reach out to touch him when she realizes that even the dog isn't coming near her. "Do I still stink?" She digs into the plate like a starving animal while she waits for the answer. "Where've you been?" she adds, with her mouth full. "This is awesome.""

Gabriel chuckles and nods, "It's good to see you, as well." He offers to her. After a moment the dog does yawn and start to move towards her, mainly just tired it seems. "Perhaps a bit." Gabriel teases Monica. "But I don't mind." He assures her. Happy that she enjoys the food. "Doing scavenging runs and helping out. Quite a bit of thinking as well." He tells her. Finishing up and making sure that people know that there's food. Anything else is left to cool off. If they have any working fridge, there will probably be a note about putting it inside when it has cooled down. Most likely there isn't too much food though, about enough for each person to eat a little bit. Not making it go waste. Mainly have the nutritions that they need and feel full. "Sorry that I haven't been around much." He does seem to have lighten up a bit now that she is around..

Monica looks around to make sure we're alone, then wriggles out of the horribly stained coveralls she was wearing. Clad only in underwear and the shirt she was wearing, she pads in to hug Gabriel tight. Don't get sewage on the chef. That sounds like the title of the Camp Hope book, or one of them. Is she taking advantage of the fact that Gabriel's blind and can't see her semi-dressed? Hell yes.

Gabriel raises a brow though as he hear her moving about then something falling to the ground. Then he's hugged. A small smile on his lips as he return the hug. "Hi there." Letting his arms wrap around her. At least she's wearing her shirt still. So he might not quite figured out what state she is in, just yet. A bright smile on his lips. "Sorry. I promise that I didn't forget about you." He offers a bit playfully.

Monica kisses Gabriel softly. "I didn't forget you either. I missed you. Oh, I realize that the primary use of it doesn't do you any good, but for what it's worth, there's a vote coming on turning on the electricity to the camp. On a good windy day there should be enough power for baking.

Gabriel returns the kiss. "Missed you as well." Nodding a bit about electricity, "Ah, yes. Would be good. I don't care about lights that much. But using it for other things would be good." Kissing her cheek and smiles. "Did you help out with setting all that up?"

Monica smiles at Gabriel and brushes his nose with hers. "I invented it. I had help building it, but it's been my project from the beginning. It kinda mushroomed out of my flush toilets and hot showers project." Mon snuggles close. Gabriel smells like food. And man. And it's wonderful. "Also, your girlfriend… me… is on the town council as chief of R&D."

Gabriel ahs and nods. "That is awesome. My girlfriend is badass then." He offers. Smiling brightly and still just enjoying her being snuggled in against him. Not seeming to mind her smell either. "Got anywhere else to be today?" He asks. Then one of his hands drop a bit, landing on her leg. Causing a surprised expression at the touch of skin to his hand. Letting it go back to her back, and the shirt. Clearing his throat.

Monica 's breath catches when his hand trails down to her bare thigh. "My coveralls were gross." She leans against him gently. "Anywhere to be today? Yeah, I could be on the roof of the soon-to-be bathhouses, I could be installing toilets and showers in them, I could be back at the water tower checking on the progress filling the standing tank and making sure my systems kick over to filling the water tower when the standing tank is full the way they should. Or I could be in my boyfriend's arms, secretly enjoying being touched even though I'm half-naked." Mon blushes a little.

Gabriel ahs and nods. "You. Surprised me, is all." He assures her. Nodding more as he listens. Allowing her to lean against him. About to let her go, to do so. Though hearing the last words, he grins a bit. "I think you just wanted to tease me, by being half nude." He offers a bit playfully. Biting his lip. Letting his hand slide down again, this time to her rear. "You're daring though. Half-naked in the clubhouse." He teases. "Though if you have to leave, I don't want to keep you. However, I want to keep you here if possible."

Monica 's breath catches again. "We are in the club house," she agrees. "Maybe… not the best place to … get used to touching each other again. And I probably smell pretty bad still." She squeezes her eyes shut. "But right now, all I want to do is stand here and have you touch me." She bites her lip.

Gabriel does listen and slowly nod. Not making it easy on him, as he listens to her words. "We could always shower, or bathe somewhere." He suggests to her. Gripping her rear though. "Someone might come in here." He admits, but not letting go of her just yet.

Monica bites her lip. "Bathhouse. Tomorrow or the day after. How about that?" Mon holds her breath. To be honest, it's a picture she's had in mind for a while. She's standing in Gabriel's arms. Her work coverall and boots are on the floor next to an empty plate on the kitchen bar, and she's in her work shirt and underwear. Also, her coveralls (and body to a lesser extent) smell remarkably like raw sewage.

Gabriel nods slowly, "Okay, sounds good to me." Her next words causing him to grin. "I see. I won't disappoint then." He offers. Keeping her in his arms. The two of them being in the kitchenette, food having been prepared. An empty plate resting on the bardesk. Offering another squeeze. "I will make sure to make time for it." He assures her.

"Howdy, you two. How's it going.. aside from the obvious?" Terry enters the clubhouse, moving deliberately, slowly, trying not to step in the source of that stink. "Gabe, when you have a free minute, I need to go over some stuff with you." Yes, a request, but more "sooner rather than later."

Monica shivers a little. She huffs slightly, trying to chuckle but not quite making it. "That sounds … good… and terrifying at the same time," she confides. I'll let you know when the thing is ready and the water is hot." She's oblivious to Terry's arrival, right until he speaks. She turns her head that way and blushes crimson. "Ummm… yeah… I should… get back to work."

Gabriel does try to cover Monica a bit so that Terry does not realize her state right away. Hopefully the bar counter helps with that. "Of course. We can speak now. Do we need to speak in private?" He asks. At Mon's words his eyes do go to her lips. "Are you sure? If so, I'll drop by later." He offers.

Monica nods. "Yeah… I have a bath house to build. And septic tanks to rehabilitate. And a thousand other things. I hope Sara was seriously interested in being my assistant. I need about three of me." She kisses Gabriel. Mon has not mastered the art of shameless casualness. She's trying hard not to die of embarassment as she disentangles herself from Gabriel and slinks over to her coveralls. Gee. Underwear. Like Terry's never seen that before.

"Just wondering if you've noticed anything of yours gone missing. Nicknacks, things like that. Or larger things. I haven't had any reports of folks missing guns, yet.. Hopefully folks know enough to keep their guns secured." Terry offers a shrug, fishing a pad and pen from his shirt pocket. A casual glance is given to Mon. Yeah, not like he hasn't seen a woman in skivvies before. Big deal.

Gabriel shakes his head. "Nothing that I am aware of." He answers Terry. The kiss is offered in return to Monica as well. "Talk to you later." He says before his attention is back on Terry. "There might be rations missing, but it's hard to tell. I am not currently the only one keeping track here. Though everything I use is listed. Hopefully the others do the same, so we can tell if anything has gone missing from there."

Monica takes the kiss and shuffles out the door. Eventually the air clears after her.

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