(2016-05-12) Taking A Swim
Taking A Swim
Summary: Swimming was planned, but not like that
Date: 5-12-2016
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Summer has hit Stratford. It's hot, but not humid thankfully and there isn't a cloud in the sky for miles. A lot different than the violent storms of yesterday. It's only mid-morning so the potential for it to get even hotter is there. It's a good lake day.

Because of the hot weather, Piper has switched her usual jeans for the lavender floral sundress that was given to her awhile back. With her hair braided into a crown on her head the tattoo on her back is prevalent. She carries her share of fishing equipment and plenty of mint laced bottled water. "Fish off the platform?" she gestures to the floating diving platform in what was the swimming area. They would have to use a boat to get there, since swimming with all the fishing stuff would be hard.

Quinton's still jeans, but he's got on a sleeveless t-shirt. If it wasn't the end of the world, the poet would look completely out of place. His entire demeanor is sweaters. He's been eyeing the are as they walk up, slightly on edge since the bear attack. "…yes…platform." Although to be fair, he might not mind a swim today, if the boat dunks him. Which is likely.

Piper wouldn't complain if the boat ducked either of them today. "Should bring the kids later." after the sun gets past peak and their lessons. The boats are eyed and she gets her equipment down in the center of the closest one then waits for the poet to put his stuff in it before helping him push it partially into the water, before getting in herself.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Reaction: Good Success.

This is routine, stuff in, move a little, Piper in. Then the theory starts up. Quin pushes the boat out further , letting his legs get wet. In this heat jeans won't take long to dry off. And the he's hopping on the side and is not e boat. It's a first! The poet grins stupidly, little victories, right? "Yes…swimming…"

There is a lot of watching from Piper, with Quinton's track record she is fully expecting him to fall in or otherwise get dunked and when that doesn't happen a surprised grin comes to her face. "The day a dunking would be nice, and nothing." she takes the paddle and begins to row toward the platform "Maybe lessons too." the older ones do sorta okay, but not the younger ones.

There is a lot of watching from Piper, with Quinton's track record she is fully expecting him to fall in or otherwise get dunked and when that doesn't happen a surprised grin comes to her face. "The day a dunking would be nice, and nothing." she takes the paddle and begins to row toward the platform "Maybe lessons too." the older ones do sorta okay, but not the younger ones.

Quinton laughs softly, reaching over to flick some water at Piper before he too picks up a paddle to help them move and get to their destination. He can swim, but not good enough to teach the kids. "Maybe we can…swim before we…?" It's not a perfect word day, but most of them are getting out.

Piper does the real mature thing and sticks her tongue out when she is flicked with water. "Fish?" she finishes, though unsure if he meant that or before they bring the kids swimming. It's a quick trip to the platform and as the canoe gently bumps into the platform she grabs onto the ladder and ties the canoe off, pulling so the side of the canoe is against the platform.

Quinton shrugs, eye flickering to her to see if that would be ok, "Or after." He's not going to push it though. He helps, holding it steady for her to get out and setting their supplies onto the platform.

She doesn't seem opposed to the idea of swimming now and later. "We could." Piper keeps hold of the ladder, using it to help her get onto the platform, which rocks a bit unsteadily under her weight, but once she is on it fully, steadies.

Quinton smiles, glad for that answer, even if it's kinda vague. It's a happy vague. The rest of the fishing supplies are set down before he turns to scan the shore line. No bears today. "Okay." He'll then carefully uses the ladder as well to climb up.

Well the diving platform has been out here over a year with no maintenance, and who knows how long it went without maintenance before. Some of the ropes used to hold it in place must have rotted because as soon as the poet's additional weight is put on it one side lifts quick and high, making the platform a slide instead of what it is supposed to be. Swimming is coming a bit sooner than expected.

Quinton barely has time to register what's happening. Although here's always time for a swear word before he's tossed and underwater, "Shit!" The force has him go deeper than he's normally go, so it takes the man longer to resurface.

There is a surprised cry from Piper as the dock under her feet is no longer horizontal but vertical and into the water she is going, flailing arms and legs. She manages to take a breath before she goes under, going a good few feet into the water and hanging there a moment still a bit surprised by what just happened. It's not long enough to cause worry though and she is quickly kicking to the surface, breaking through the water's surface near Quinton.

Meanwhile the platform has righted itself and is spinning a bit from the violent motion it was set on.

Quinton sputters water as he gets to the air, "God damn it!" ok, he's not thinking this was funny at all. All their gear is now sinking or floating away. He turns first making sure Piper's above water and then trying to determine that they're not in any other danger, besides the slowly spinning platform of doom.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Body+search: Success.

Piper seems about ready to burst out in laughter at the incident, but seeing his expression when he looks at her makes her bite that back pretty quickly "I'm okay. You?" she glances around and begins to grab the nearest of the floating things, a couple of the fishing rods and sets them on the platform "I'll go diving." she means for the tackle box, since she seems to be the stronger swimmer between the two of them. And underwater she goes.

Quinton inhales, like he's going to argue , but down she goes already. He swims over to the platform and will try to get it to stop moving before he grabs anything else he can see floating around. he likes swimming, but on his terms, damn it.

Piper isn't under long enough to cause worry..but barely. She surfaces not quite where she went under but close, so the tackleboxes didn’t drift far before she managed to find them. They were the most important bits, anything else that sunk she either didn't bother looking for or is in her mind expendable. "I guess we are swimming." she gives a tentative grin to Quinton as she puts the tackleboxes on the platform.

Quinton's still in the water, but he nods to Piper, "Not…what I meant.." Finally he flashes her a soft smile. He's grabbed everything he could. "Not sure…if safe…" The platform that is. "Fish scared…"

"No, but since.." Piper gestures to the water and swishes her arms about as she tread water "may as well." she ducks under the water to pull her waterlogged sundress off and flings it onto the dock. "Don't swim on the platform." she nods at the fish bit "Less toe nibbling."

There’s no way he's getting his jeans off, but the t-shirt is easily pulled off. Less toe nibbles, but also less dinner. Ah well, it's already done. His own wet shirt is tossed up with her wet sundress and he doggy paddles a little closer to her. "Maybe find…plants…way back…" So they won't be completely empty handed.

Piper nods at the suggestion, scanning the bank "Cattails. Water lilies." she points to where those grow in a little curvy inlet. Both edible and don't taste all that horrible. There is a curious look as he doggie paddles "No swimming lessons as a child?" she holds a hand out, gripping the platform with the other, she can pull him closer if he would rather use that method.

Quinton says, "No….just in high school….barely." Gym class wasn't one of his favorites. The hand is taken and he pulls himself to her, his shoulder bumping into the platform. "You?" She seems much better at it than he."

"Oh." Piper nods to him understanding enough to not go into questioning him about gym class at least. "Yes. Went to the lake growing up. A lot." she is from the mid-west, that is what they do, "Never thought I'd miss it." and probably why she likes to go to the lake here, pleasant memories or something.

Quinton's legs kick lazily, keeping him upright as his hand transfers from hers to hold onto the platform. "We can…swim more…" He can hear that longing, if he can give her some happiness, he will. His head tilts and he smile before leaning forward to place a gentle kiss against her lips.

Piper is thoughtful a moment, mentally filling in the blanks were other words would be. She is guessing he means both more swimming now and most likely more often later. Which will probably be a requirement once Texas summer heat hits "Maybe someone can fix this." she nods to the platform. It would be nice to be able to use it. Seeing the kiss coming she returns it, floating a bit closer. With them both in the water it sorta evens the height difference out a bit, so it’s certainly easier in that regard.

"Teressa, maybe." Quin smiles into her lips, always happily surprised when she reciprocates. Like he's expecting her to suddenly slap him one day.

"I'll ask her." at least Piper will if they are talking again. There was another tiff between the two that still has to be patched up. But at least there was no violence this time. Another kiss is offered. Not all days are good ones, there could be slapping in the future! But then she swishes an arm to propel herself backward and she splashes at him, the first volley in the war to end all wars. The Splash Fight!

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