(2016-05-13) A Hot Shower
A Hot Shower
Summary: Mon finally gets the bathhouse up and running. She (and Gabriel) find a way to celebrate.
Date: 2016.05.13
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<FS3> Monica rolls Search: Good Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Plumbing: Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Jury Rig: Good Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Carpentry: Good Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Physics: Success.

The day dawned sunny and hot, and Mon's been busting ass since sun-up And… miraculously enough, the plumbing all held pressure when she turned on the water, and nothing leaks egregiously when the toilets are flushed. The bathhouse is done. When one of Piper's flock wandered in and asked what was going on, Mon, ever conscious of the state of her septic tank, offered the kid the use of a flush toilet, then asked the kid to go tell Gabriel that Monica would like to see him and, as needed, lead him here.

Gabriel had been out searching for more things before ending up at the kitchen. Letting the child help him to get to the bathhouse. Letting Trouble stay outside. "Thank you." He offers with a small smile. "I will try and find candy for you next time I scavenge." He offers softly. Then continuing to try and find Monica.

Monica isn't hard to find. She's leaning against the back wall of the entryway with a pipe wrench in her hand. She's also added sweat to yesterday's stink. Yeah, this shower is much needed. "So um… It's done… got water pressure… got hot water… don't drink it yet… but…" She mops her face with one arm. The pipe wrench clanks a little as her hand shakes.

Gabriel does notice her soon after coming inside. Nodding to her words. He does seem to have a bit of sweat to himself as well. The smell of dust similar as well. "I will make sure not to." He assures her, raising a brow though, being curious. "But?"

You say, "So did you want to… you know… shower together?" Mon finally gets the words out."

Gabriel steps towards Monica, kissing her cheek. Aiming to at least. "Yes. But I know it might be too much, perhaps too tempting." He suggests and smiles to the girl.

Monica turns her head to get the kiss on the lips. Mon's decided she likes kissing a lot. When the kiss breaks, she's blushing. "Um… I'm… not against temptation."

Gabriel doesn't mind the kiss either. Enjoying feeling her lips against his. Touching her cheek, noticing the warmth. Assuming that it's from the sweating though. "Me neither."

Monica leads Gabriel off to one of the original showers in the duplex. "Deep bathtub. Be careful." She says. The things Gabriel can't see are: she's got clean clothes stacked neatly by the sink, with a box on top of them. A dried, cracked cake of soap is in the shower's soap dish, and a bottle of baby shampoo is next to that.

Around here, the camera pans away to leave our heroes their privacy and watch the steam pour out of the shower. After a while, Mon's arm does stick out from the shower curtain a moment, fumble around, and grab the box off the top of her clothes back into the shower. The scene fades out completely after that.

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