(2016-05-14) Better Living through Other People's Garbage
Better Living through Other People's Garbage
Summary: Mon goes scavenging. The excitement never stops.
Date: 2016.05.14
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It's the hoarder house on Wall Street. Mon's been meaning to come back here and have a look around, but she's been a trifle busy. Now that the power/water/shower/bathroom project is at least nominally done, modulo tuning for load and all that, she has some time on her hands. She opens the door, lets some air waft in and some heat waft out, and heads on in.

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
1 Bag of mix-matched shoes
3 Computer Towers
1 Box of Computer Parts

Rummaging around, she finds a box of computer parts. “oooo… Teigue will be happy to have these, maybe. I wonder if there's more?” And then she hits the mother lode. Three computer towers. “Oh man… oh man…” She peers in the back of each case. “There's stuff in there too. If we could get even one of these things working…” She lines them up with the box to carry out. She digs some more.

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
2 Nice Sweaters
3 Shoeboxes of Plastic Cutlery

“Software. Gotta figure there's software. Good night, where did all this crap come from?” She looks at the sweaters. “For Quinton, for sure…” The plastic cutlery she keeps. Polystyrene is thermoplastic. She can mold it into other things.

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
1 Bag of Vintage Clothes
8 Bags Ind. Wrapped Lifesavers Candy
3 Notebook Journals
1 Box full of DVDs
1 Stack of old wall calendars

The bag of vintage clothes is interesting. “Wow… polyester. And these are like… bloomers, what the hell?” She thinks about it. “Better take those for makign a pattern off of.” She takes the whole bag. Lifesavers, sure, they don't go bad. Notebook journals… well… cellulose for making nitrocellulose, at least. Then she finds the DVD box. “Oooo… movies… Ubuntu Linux Trusty Tahr. Oh man… that's an install DVD. Awesome.” She looks through the titles some more. “Anime… Southpark Naughty Ninjas + Bone Ranger…" She drops the DVD back in the case as though it's suddenly unspeakably dirty, and clamps the case back down on it. "Ew…" She takes the stack of old calendars for more cellulose. But for her, the computer parts are the find of the day. “Have to get at least one big screen tv working, but we have so many… maybe one of them survived.” She loads all the stuff up into the wheelbarrow she borrowed for the purpose and heads back to the clubhouse.

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