(2016-05-20) No TSA Required
No TSA Required
Summary: Quinton and Piper search suitcases at the airport
Date: 5-20-2016
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LThe ride down to the International airport was uneventful, and both trucks were used to get there, both pulling trailers for anything that was found. Which is good since both trucks were full of bodies. Seems everyone wanted in on this scavenge run. Why the airport though? Well one, why not. Two: It was probably less picked at than other places. Especially in the panhandle. Three: Spare parts.

As far as international airports go it is a small one, but plenty big enough to warrant a large group to search it. As expected it is a ghost town. What was probably less expected…or perhaps not thought of, is the remains of planes scattered across the air fields that surround the airport from when they crashed during the first wave. Other intact planes sit on the runway, stairs leading up to the hatches, and more at the terminals, awaiting passengers that will never get on.

Inside the terminal is a mess, a few broken windows leave glass scattered in places and food wrappers, garbage and carryon luggage are spread everywhere, from either humans that were stranded here and now long gone or animals that have managed to get in. The place has certainly been taken over by birds, they fly around above, filling the quiet air with their noise.

Quinton's conflicted about going to the airport, but when he saw that almost everyone was going, including Piper, he felt he needed to. So far he's not had any flashbacks. In fact he's handling pretty well considering. After scouting the area and not seeing any movement they went in, splitting up. He and Piper headed off, back packs on. They can always pull luggage if they need more carriers. looking up at the sign, "Where to first?"

Piper has been quiet the whole trip, the most that came out of her was humming with the music being played on the way. She was worried about the flashbacks and when none pestered the poet she was relieved. Dealing with that falling thing was not something she wanted him to suffer with. As they head down the empty terminal corridor she looks around, trying to decide that herself. Plenty to choose from, the few empty eateries, the place that sells books, magazines and snacks, which has more of the first, not so much of the second and the tourist place with the Texas themed merchandise, scattered around the area. Downstairs for baggage claim or one of the empty airplanes. "Uhm." she says as she looks around and the points towards the still escalator that leads downstairs.

Quinton nods, letting her take the lead. It's darker down there so he stops her at the top of the non moving escalator, "We should…lantern." He'll start shrugging off his backpack to get to his. Pale green eyes flicker up to her and he'll smile softly, "I'm ok."

There is a moment of curiousness when he stops her, but the explanation is enough to answer the question she didn't ask. As he gets out the lantern she scans as much of the gloom below that she can see, glancing at him when he speaks. Hearing him say it, even though she hadn't seen any signs of it, helps ease her a bit more "Good." she tells him the smile she offers back is more of ghostly thing, but there.

Quinton lights the candle and then looks towards the darkness (He shoots it!). "You sure you want…down?" She's behaving a little twitchy, they could just go through luggage and the convenient stores if she wasn't feeling up to it.

"Enough." she tells him with a nod. It might be dark down there to him, but to her it isn't a bit shadowy sure, but not dark. She is a bit twitchy, but it has nothing to do with the dark or their surroundings. To show she is fine with it she begins down the escalator…or since it isn't moving at all, metal stairs. The noise of their descendent though seems to cause a lot of scurrying below and a distinct hiss or three can be heard, though not the snake variety. More like the kind from a furry creature.

Quinton softly groans at the hisses. Ugh. He doesn't want to fight possums for luggage. "What was down here again?" He hurries to catch up with her, his free hand touching the small of her back in hopefully a comforting manner.

At the noises of both types she has paused at the bottom of the escalator to look around at the baggage claim area. The conveyor belts, pieces of luggage still on them, are still and go through holes in the wall to the mysterious inner workings of the airport. There are connected chairs spread about the place and an enclosed office area where passengers can report lost luggage. "Bags.." is all she manages to get out, the touch on her back making her tense up, but she isn't so twitchy that she lashes out or freaks, and after a moment and a breath she relaxes.

Yep it's a few possums though they seem more ready to hiss at the interlopers at the moment than attack or anything.

Quinton eyes what he can of the area, looking for anything he can use as a club to smack the critters if they get too close. "Righ, bags." He rubs her back as they walk, trying to get her to relax, "Maybe medicine. Or snacks." So many possibilities. "Chocolate." He's trying to get a smile, honest. "Instruments. Books. Alien RPGs."

The fact that he didn't pull away but continued to rub her back is a relief. Piper doesn't want him to be afraid of touching her twitchy or not, because that won't help her get over it. She skirts the areas where the possums that still hiss an occasional warning at them and over to one of the conveyor belt. The mention of instruments of course gets the best reaction, a hopeful look and a smile at how great that would be. Stepping up on the conveyor belt she reaches for his hand "Back." she points to the hole that leads to the little seen baggage sorting area.

Quinton eyes the hole, "Think we can get the door open?" He'd rather not try climbing through there. He gladly keeps physical contact. It's still pretty dark, even with the lantern. "Maybe we'll find booze. Or smuggled drugs…" How very CSI of him!

"Yes." she looks over her shoulder at him briefly as she answers and then pushes through the plastic curtain to lift the barrier between the two areas. After a few tugs upward it lifts, similar to a garage door and she goes through the hole to the other side. "Oh my." she says as she looks around the large warehouse like sorting area.

Quinton meant a real door, but ok. He'll follow her, crawling on his hands and knees. Over her shoulder on the other side he squints, it's too dark for him to make anything out, "What is it?"

The baggage area looks to have been used at one point as a living and sleeping area for those stranded her after the first wave. Suitcases and bags are stacked up to create walls and rooms where there are still a sleeping bag and pillow are two have been left behind. Partially burnt candles sit on surfaces and in sleeping areas.

The question has her hmmming. She really doesn't have the words to describe it, "Walls, uhm.." she struggles with this one "cases." she lets go of his hand a moment and moves away. There is some shuffling noises and then the flare of a match and she starts lighting a few of the candles that sit along the suitcase walls "A camp."

Quinton pauses, a sad look coming over his features. "Wait…" He chews his lower lip and then calls out, "Hello? Is anyone…here?" Lord knows he doesn't want to be viewed as a raider.

Piper holds off on lighting any more of the candles, now that there are enough for him to see by at least. His expression and calling out has her looking worried for a moment, her head canting in that listening pose, but there seems to be nothing but echoes of his voice answering back. "Left." she says when it seems there is no one here.

Quinton is frowning, but nods. He figured as much, but still. He's not a thief. The end of the world hasn't; done that to him…yet. A soft sigh and he steps closer to the candles, "I guess let's just start?" They can't bring it all, but they can look for important stuff.

Piper brushes his arm at his frown, not quite sure what has him doing so, "Okay?" she asks as she shifts a candle over and pulls a suitcase from the top of one of the suitcase walls. Probably not the best of ideas. Suitcases don't make sturdy walls and when she pulls one down, they all start tumbling down around and on her, one hits another wall which causes a domino effect, suitcases and bags are falling everywhere!

Quinton smiles, forcing a smile and shaking himself, "I'm okay." He turns to look, but it's too late, the walls are coming down! Piper gets a scrawny poet shield as he throws himself at her, trying to block a bag or two from squishing her, "Piper!"

Piper wasn't expecting to be drowned in suitcases or jumped on protectively by Quinton today, but given the choice she would probably take the latter. There is an oof from her as the weight of both poet and suitcases cover her and when it’s all over she looks up at him a bit dazed for a moment before reaching up to touch his cheek, "That…I…" uhm "Sorry." she tells him a bit breathlessly. "Hurt?" she's asking him, not saying she is.

Quinton's bruised, but not broken. He grunts, slowly trying to push some of the suitcases away from them, "I'm ok, you?" He stills at the touch and will chuckle softly. This is ridiculous, they've survived everything else to be buried alive in suitcases?!? He turns his head just enough to place a soft kiss on the palm of her hand. "Just my manhood."

"Yes." she tells him with a nod. "Fine." though she wind was knocked out of her, when she was landed out. His follow-up answer has her giving a genuine laugh, "Not..broken?" its a bit of a struggle to get the two teasing words out but it is a silly situation so it deserves to have more piled onto it.

"maybe…stunted." That's fair. Taken down by a wall of luggage. He hand is nuzzled briefly before he sighs and lets go of her hand to start trying to dig them out. His chin is a little scruffy.

There is a shake of head at his reply, though Piper is still amused by it. Once he is off her, she sits up herself, rubbing her back where something in her backpack poked at her. During the collapse a few have opened and clothes and assorted things are scattered about a bit. ""Made a…" there is a gesture before she begins to help push suitcases off them.

Quinton's not blind, he knows he's not as 'manly' as some in the camp. It's ok. Better to poke fun at out than be upset. He snorts, finishing her statement, "Mess. Yeah…" Apparently the case he's pushing belonged to a woman, several ladies unmentionables tumble out, along with some tank tops.

Nothing wrong with that. The camp can only handle so many Terrys…one is more than enough. "Light?" she asks him as she eyes the items that pop of the suitcase he is moving. The collapse took out some of the candles, "Bay…" she points to what is probably the exterior wall and the large bay door in it.

Quinton looks up to where she's pointing, "Yeah….air flow would be nice too." He stands, "Want me to?" It seems pretty safe here, despite falling walls, so he's not antsy about her going forward ahead of him.

The protectiveness she once found annoying Piper now appreciates so there is a moment while she waits for him to take the lead, but when he asks instead she goes ahead "To help." it's a big door, she might not be able to lift if by herself, though she would probably try and fail.

Quinton starts making his wave over the mountain of suitcase, happy once his feet him concrete again. "Let's get some light in here." She's flashed a smile before he moves off to one side to try and see who the bay door works. Hopefully it's not locked.

"Yes." if only more words today could be as easy for Piper as that one is. The large door works like any other electric garage door would, just on a larger scale. There is a manual release, which has been flipped at some point, so the door has been manually lifted open at some point in the past. So not locked most likely. Leaning over Piper takes the handle and waits for the signal to lift from Quinton.

Quinton gets a good grip as well, looking over at Piper and nods. It's heavy, and hasn't been moved in some time. Unfortunately, that means they only get it about a foot up before there's a screeching sound and something catching in the track. The whole door shutters from the movement and the sudden stop.

And there is the signal and Piper is heaving, she has to grab on with both hands and pull upward to get it moving. Where is that Silencer strength when you need it? There is wincing at the screeching noise and the sudden stop of the door has her owing a bit. But at least there is some light and fresh air. Dropping to her hands and knees she looks under the door outside "Weird."

Quinton shakes his own hand, grimacing as well, "Yeah." he steps over to look at the track, but he's not a mechanic, it all just looks like..parts. "It'll due, I guess." He throws Piper an apologetic look, his poor, stunted manhood.

She is small enough that she could probably squeeze under the gap in the door, maybe. There is a moment where Piper contemplates it but decides against it for now. Brushing her hands off on her jeans she looks up to catch the expression shot her way "It's good." no apology necessary as far as she is concerned.

Quinton nods, moving back to start going through the nearest suite cases. Seems the pile he's started with has already been gone though, although he does end up with a small pile of snacks and a few pieces of sturdy luggage.

So many suitcases means there will be a lot of clothing at least. Though that isn't particularly something they are short of at the moment. Still doesn’t hurt to gather things that wear out quickly. Piper goes through a few, adding to the pile of snacks and she eyes the packs of gum she found "Good?" she asks, sure there is an expiration date, but sometimes those are just guidelines.

Quinton looks up, a whole bag of dirty underwear is set in the garbage pile. Yuck. The gum get s again, "Should be. Want me to test?"

That gets a yuck face from Piper too. She certainly wouldn't want to have to wash those and certainly wouldn't make anyone else do it. Handing him one of the unopened packs she breaks open the plastic wrapper on another, intending to test as well. What's the worst that can happen really? A mouth full of, in her case spearmint flavored powder.

Quinton opens his and takes out a crumbly stick s well. But hey, screw your courage and all that jazz, right. It's defiantly stale, but chewable. Piper gets a grin. Sugar is sugar. "Surprised there's food.." if people were crashing here, that is.

Well it still has flavor at least and after a few chews hers becomes more pliable at least. "Right." Piper tells him as she opens another suit case and rummages through it. "Uhh." she can't help but utter as she pulls a riding crop type whip from the suitcase. Well finding that was unexpected. She isn't sure she wants to look through that suitcase anymore.

Quinton looks up at her ugh and then laughs. It's loud, louder than he would normally in an insecure place, but that's funny. A hand goes up to his mouth, trying to stifle the noise, but the look at her face! "Is there more?" Is he actually curios, or wanting to tease her?

Piper turns her head quickly to look at Quinton when he bursts out laughing. She isn't finding it funny just yet. Poking into the suitcase with the crop she pushes a few things around and after a moment lifts the crop which now has a pair of handcuffs dangling from it. "Yes." she's also really done looking into that particular suitcase, or else she may be the one to get the flashbacks.

That does not even cross his mind, although he sobers up some when she doesn't find it as amusing as he does. Ok, no teasing about that stuff. His lower lip is chewed on and eh turns back to start really going through suitcases. He'll feel guilty later tonight when it dawns on him.

The things are put down delicately and the whole suitcase is pushed aside. Piper offers a smile to show that she is okay. More suitcases are rifled through but it is just more of the clothes and toiletries that most people seem to pack. She does find a pair of mickey mouse ears which she leans over to drop on Quinton's head.

Quinton offers a confused one back, but he doesn't push anything. He's got a pile of snacks and toiletries as well. The poet is focused on a bottle of aspirin, opening it to see if it's just that or something else. So the ears are a surprise and he looks up, causing them to go crooked on his head. He doesn't know exactly what’s on his head, but doesn't remove it as Piper's the one that put it there instead he just asks, "Look good?"

"Very." she answers but the smile she gives him is bittersweet, and considering both american Disney parks are gone, Piper will never be able to share that experience with Quinn or the rest of the flock. Seeing what is in his hand looks into the bottle with a curious look. That doesn't look like aspirin to her. But they can figure out what it is later, for now they have suitcase to finish going through and more parts of the airport to explore. And that's gonna take a while.


1 Bottle of Coke
1 Snack bags of Mixed Nuts (Quinton)
1 Fuji Instamatic Camera (Quinton)
1 Snack bags of Pretzels (Quinton)
1 Snickers Bar (Quinton)
1 Bottle of Coke
3 Packs of Gum (Quinton/Piper)
1 Bottle of Sprite
1 Small bag of Cheez-Its (Quinton)
1 Small Whip (left)
3 Tank Tops
2 Bras
5 Tights / Stockings
1 Charm Bracelet
5 Boxer Shorts
3 Children's Shoes (Piper)

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