(2016-05-23) Hitting the Showers
Hitting the Showers
Summary: Terry shows Torvi to the showers. Nothing untoward occurs.
Date: 05.23.2016
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8th Street (8th) Stratford
Mon May 23, 2016 — Mon May 23 21:12:36 2016

8th street is a lengthy one, with lots of tall trees, unlike most of the town. Probably why the complex is named as it is.

The street doesn't quite make it to Texas Steet, a few blocks off from joining up with it. It is all residential, with the apartment complex at the west end and both multi-family homes and single family dwellings running the length of it.

It is spring. The weather is warm and fair.

Terry - 6'1", 175lbs of pure Massachusetts muscle. Brown-hued hair in a high-and-tight haircut. Green eyes. Camo jeans, GORE-TEX hikers, and a black shirt.
Exits: [77] 76-78 8th Street [BH] Bath House
[CS] Chestnut Street (CS) [G] 8th ST. Gardens
[PS] Pine St (PS) [SGA] Shady Glen Apartments
[WM] West Main (WM)

It's a decent day in Stratford — the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the birds are singing, and the weather is warm and fair. Probably not what you'd expect for an apocalypse. In any case, Camp Hope's resident lawman, Terry, is out walking about, enjoying the weather, casually strolling, with his hands in his pockets, and his rifle-bag strapped to his back.

Coming up 8th Street under the dappled sunlight filtering through the trees, Torvi looks less like she's taking a casual stroll and more like she's looking for something. Or someone, who knows. She's wearing a simple white sleeveless blouse, with skinny jeans and a pair of worn out leather boots. When green eyes settle on Terry, a familiar face, the blonde looks relieved, and cuts across the street to intercept him. "Hey," she offers in her usual softspoken manner, her voice thick with her accent. "Did I see something about showers posted in the dining hall?" She smiles abashedly. "My English is not the best, but I thought I read 'showers'?" She sounds like she's trying not to get her hopes up.

"Yeah. We finally got some decent showers rigged up. The bath-house is right next to the complex." Terry responds, nodding and flashing a confirmative thumbs-up. "Gods, they're heaven after a long day of slogging around in the wilds." He streeeetches luxuriously. "I could use one, now that I think about it."

"Sure, right this way." Terry gestures, indicatively, before heading off. "It's a small walk…"

The blonde turns to follow on Terry's heels, maintaining a few feets' worth of distance between them the whole way. If she'd been suspicious of him when they'd met, it seems most of it has worn off by now. -Most- of it. "Whose handiwork is this?" Torvi asks quietly as they come into the newly-dubbed bath house as she steps inside. Her eyes wander.

"Monica's, mostly. I helped a bit.. but largely Monica's. She's been a one-woman construction crew, lately. It's crazy.." Terry chuckles, glancing around. "Almost feels like home."

Torvi moves towards one of the repurposed bedrooms, her hand running down a bit of rough wood from the new carpentry. "I'd like to meet this Monica at some point, and thank her for what I'm about to do." She turns to look over a shoulder at Terry curiously before digging into the leather pack slung across her other shoulder. She pulls out two little wrapped handsoaps, handmade by the looks of it. "Here," she offers, pressing one towards him. It's rose. "Found these in a house a few miles from here. I think the wife had a soapmaking hobby."

Terry accepts the soap with a smile. "I'd be happy to introduce you." He nods, and then, "I'll leave you to get cleaned up." He turns to leave, adjusting his pack, and pulling a leatherbound notepad and pencil from his pocket.

Torvi lingers at the door to one of the bedrooms, still leaving a few feet of space between them. When Terry turns to go, she frowns a little. "Will you be close by? I'd like to follow you back, and…" Green eyes glance towards the door, then shift back to Terry to meet his similarly-colored gaze. After a moment, she continues in an earnest tone, "Sorry. It's just, I've had enough 'alone time' to last a life time, yes?" She grins a self-deprecating half-grin. "Would you mind waiting for me before you go?"

"I wasn't planning on leaving you here alone." A beat. "I'll be right outside." Terry flashes a thumbs-up, and exits, stage left, leaving Torvi to herself.

Relief is evident on Torvi's face, though Terry's thumbs up earns him a bit of a chuckle. "Okay." The blonde watches him until he's gone, before moving all the way into the repurosed bedroom and into one of the shower stalls. The sounds of someone undressing can be heard from without. "How long have you been here?" she calls out to him after a moment, though she doesn't make it clear whether she's talking about him or Camp Hope in general.

"We've been settling in Stratford since October of last year. I joined the camp the previous August." Terry responds, fishing his KA-BAR out of his boot and scraping his nails clean. He finds a nice branch, and begins carving, no particular thing in mind, more "go with the flow."

"Mmm. So where are you from?" Apparently, Torvi'd been more curious about him than the camp. At this point, the water turns on, and after a few moments, a sound that is akin to a moan can be heard. "Herregud," she murumurs under her breath. The sounds of water splashing can be heard. "I'd almost forgotten what it feels like!"

"Greenfield, Massachusetts. It's a nice little hole-in-the-wall." Terry responds, making a basic walking stick out of his branch. "What about you?"

"'Massachusetts'," Torvi repeats, slowly as if she were tasting it for the first time. Maybe she's never heard of the state before. At Terry's question, she calls out, "Sodermalm, a suburb of Stockholm." Water continues to splash, washing away what is probably weeks worth of dust. A long moment passes before she offers, "It's an island. It's probably gone now."

Terry nods to himself. "Well, I don't mean to sound rude, but.. think of it as starting a new chapter in your life. You'll always have the memories." He offers. A moment of silence as a guard enters the building, and briefly converses with Terry. Keen ears would pick up words like "guards" "missing" and "not at their posts." Terry mutters a quick oath, and nods to the guard, before sending him back to his assigned duties. "…Well, someone's going to get their ass chewed out.."

Terry can't see the way Torvi frowns at this revelation about new chapters, but she doesn't argue with him— probably because he's right. She's about to respond, but then the sound of a new voice filters into the makeshift shower room, and the blonde quiets for now. When Terry speaks again, the water is shutting off. "Something amiss?" she asks, still not coming out yet.

"There's a gap in the fence. Somebody's not where he's supposed to be." Terry responds, not exactly *angry*, per se, more annoyed. "Enjoy your shower?" He inquires, keeping his eyes averted, just in case.

After a few moments, the short woman peers out from the shower room, her long blonde hair a mess of wet waves pulled in front of one shoulde. She's put most of her clothes back on, except for the white blouse. A white tank top is on in its stead. Her skin has been scrubbed pink. "More than any other before it," Torvi half-grins, gazing up at Terry before averting her eyes towards the front door. "Must be trying at times, managing people. And with stakes so high."

Terry nods. "Just means I get to go give the lucky SOB a prostate exam with my boot." He streeeetches luxuriously, twisting left and right. "I know how to manage folks." Put the fear of God into them, more likely. He fishes a toothpick out of his jacket pocket, and slips it between his teeth.

Terry earns a soft chuckle from Torvi, who's moving to slip her soap back into her leather pack. "Sounds like you have the situation under control, sir." Her face is all seriousness for a moment, but she can't hold it long. Grinning, she readjusts her pack then tilts her face back towards him, considering. "Thank you, for the escort," she muses, pulling a heavy lock of wet hair back behind one ear. "Would you mind taking me back?"

"Sure thing. Right this way, ma'am." Terry responds, stepping aside and holding the door open, gentleman that he is. He'll be back later for his own shower, before he tucks in for the night.

Terry's 'ma'am' earns him a little wrinkle of Torvi's nose, though she's still smiling as she slips past him and out into the sunlight. "I'm too young for 'ma'am'," she argues goodnaturedly, glancing over her shoulder at him. She waits for him to take the lead.

Terry heads out of the bathhouse, and back to camp, making sure to keep pace with Torvi so she doesn't end up getting lost.

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