(2016-05-25) Words of a Poet
Words of a Poet
Summary: It's just one of those days.
Date: 5.25.2016
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Somedays you get the bear and other days the bear gets you. It seems today the latter part of that is going around. Not only is the weather uncooperative, but Piper isn't really able to string words together. She isn't twitchy though, so there is that. The scavenging so far this morning has been subpar for her, the highlight being the lime tree she found growing in the backyard of someone's house. It will be awhile before it bears fruit, but she marked it accordingly. Moving toward the commercial district she glances in car windows of those parked in driveways and on the street. With a working CD player in the truck and Monica promising power soon she is building up her music collection. The gramophone is great but the needle is starting to wear out from her listening to the albums she has to often.

Quinton's doing about the same. he's been up and out for a while, so the light jacket he has on his damp and sticking to him, which is not improving his mood. The poet's scavenging has been awful as well, the snickers bar tucked safely into his backpack. Seeing the peeping CD stalker he pauses to smile before moving forward, shuffling his feet to let her know he's approaching.

And payday, a CD case just laying on the passenger seat of a small pickup truck. Piper checks the door but it is locked, (at least the passenger side) and while she has so-so luck with picking the locks of houses, she has never managed a car door. She is pulling a shirt from her backpack to wrap her hand in her she hears shuffling feet, there is a brief moment of tenseness as the woman looks for the source, but relaxes in seeing Quinton "Hey." she greets. The evidence that he has been out for a bit is clear, she had a late start so isn't quite so damp, though her hair glistens with raindrops. "Luck?" she asks then shakes her head indicating that she hasn't had much of that.

Quinton echoes her head shake, pale eyes dropping to see what's in the car. Ah, that makes sense. He eyes the other door before nodding, looks like they'll have to break it. Although her fist? No no. Quin starts looking around for a pipe or crowbar . Piper doesn't need a broken hand. Looking back up at her he motions to his mouth, mincing eating. It's clearly a question.

There is a slight grimace. She was hoping that at least one of them would. The implications of that are clear to her. They will have to start going further from town and into others for scavenging. A glance back into the car is given. Piper was at least going to protect her hand from getting cut up by the glass though she can see that breaking the window with her hand isn't an option, though she guess she could of perhaps found a large rock or something. The shirt is tucked away and she leans against the car. She knows that he is asking about food, though she is unsure if he means has she eaten or does she want to, so she finds a middle ground. "Could."

As he looks for something to break the window with he shrugs off of backpack. He must care about her as he offers over the snickers bar. Or maybe he's still feeling a little guilty about the airport kirfufflle. "Narrow road, wide road…. all of us on it, unhappy…." Oh…it's one of those days. He frowns, shaking his head softly, like he can dislodge the poetic words and have normal ones again. That doesn't work, but he's found a half a brick that will break the window at least.

Sharing a Snickers bar for Quinton is almost like Piper sharing peanut butter, she is willing to do it, but only with certain people, and after the children it is a very short list. There is some contemplating of the candy bar before she carefully opens it pulls off a piece and then folds the wrapper over. As he begins to spout poetry she looks at him, it’s not a poem she has heard before, but the context of it gives her a worried look. Stepping out of the way she answers back in the only way she can, with song lyrics, "Everyone I know, everywhere I go, People need some reason to believe." she never has problems sing-songing those back at him.

Quinton's nose wrinkles in frustration at himself. "Unsettled…. seven yards short of immortality.." He sighs hefting the brick for Piper to see so she can be prepared for the noise. He moves to break a back door window, Less glass where they'll be at. The brick collides with the glass, unfortunately the glass only crackles into a spider web. the brick is less fortunate and cracks into several chuckles, all with sharp edges. "It swallows substance up?!" Apparently that's the closest thing to a swear his poem addled mind can come up with. The thin man's hand is already bleeding as he yanks it to his chest.

Piper back away even more, letting Quinton release his frustration out on the car window with no risk to or interference from her. She isn't sure if something happened since seeing him last night or if he just woke up in a mood, and she doesn't have the words to ask. The results of said rock through window though have her wincing looking from the cracked glass to him. At least she understand what the last statement was supposed to be. Shrugging off her pack she pulls the small first aid kit out and hurries forward to carefully take his injured hand with her own.

Quinton's teeth are gritted, from pain and frustration. "A finer Shame of Ecstasy?….Convicted of Itself? But that's Behind the Grave…"He has that lost quality to his voice again. Some days he just wakes up and is falling. His hand is cut, nothing too damaging, but it will need to be bandaged.

The kit is opened and set on top of the car. Piper examines the cut but with the blood it is hard to tell how bad it is at first. Taking an alcohol swap out she tears it open "Sting." she warns before she dabs at the wound to clean it a bit. It looks okay she supposes, but she is no doctor. Cradling the hand, she uses the gauze and wrap in the kit to bandage it as best she can, hands are awkward. When the task is done she reaches up to cup his cheek in her hand, "Okay?" she asks, before lifting to her toes to press lips to his. She can't do anything for the falling feeling, but she tries for calming at least.

Quinton's body tenses, but he doesn't pull away his hand. He looks away, embarrassed. "So many long days, That I can't remember….So many hard nights…" He takes a deep breath, almost a gasp as he lets her wrap his hand. His eyes slide closed at the kiss, "…That lasted forever." He'll stand there, eyes closes head tilted down for her kiss. His uninjured hand will wrap around her torso, pulling her close.

Embarrassment, pain, these are things Piper doesn't have the words to sooth, but she really has never needed them for that, not lately especially, though they do help. Arms wrap around him letting the kiss linger a few more moments and even when it is over she stays in his arms…well arm in this case. "Cds? Home?" she ask softly, resting an ear against his chest. It's raining on them, they are having awful luck, seems time to cut their losses and head back.

Quinton grumbles into the side of her neck. At least it's not poetry. He nods, finally pull away to look for another something to smash the rest of the window in with. It shouldn’t be hard, it's already spider web cracked.

Piper assumes the grumbling is about letting her go. What else is she going to think? She gives him a reassuring smile and then looks around and down at her feet. Slipping a foot from the workboots that she never ties, she leans to pick it up and hand it to him. The heel makes a good mallet. She can go without a shoe for a few minutes, all day even if she were alone.

Quinton gives a slightly pitiful smile back at her when she offers her shoes. that won't shatter at least in his hand. He left handed busts the window and then opens the door for her through the broken window so she can retrieve her CDs. At least he can do that for her.

Piper once more steps back out of the way of any possible flying glass. She's been injured plenty thank you. There is a certain level of anticipation in her stance as the car door is unlocked and then opened. Cds! Yay! She grabs the case and quickly starts to go through it. Some are actual bought cd's, but most are ripped, with illegible writing in the front so who knows what kind of music could possibly be on them. Standing by Quinton we can easily see the contents as well.

While piper goes through the CDs Quin kneels down and helps her get the boot back on. Better to be prepared.

How very Prince Charming of him, but instead of a glass slipper it’s a work boot, and Piper is no princess, even if she looks like she could be a fairytale one. She lets him manhandle her foot and even tie the boots up if he chooses, it's not like she will be wearing them long. CDs and first aid kit go back into her backpack and she glances down at the poet offering him her right hand so he can take it with his uninjured left.

The Cinderella thing doesn't cross his mind, but he will tie her shoe before taking her outstretched hand. "Home." He sounds tired and cranky. Someone needs a nap.


1 Lime Tree (Fall)
1 Day Lily Tubers (Spring/Summer)
1 Pack of Napkins
2 Shirts
1 Handful Wisteria flowers
1 Snickers Bar (Quinton)
4 Creamer Packets

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