(2016-05-26) Two Doctors
Two Doctors
Summary: Elijah and John finally have a chance to meet
Date: 5-26-2016
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Mid-afternoon finds the little settlement that was sprung up in Stratford as peaceful as it ever is, and sometimes it isn't. There are the usual sounds of the wall guards talking in the distance, dogs and other animals snuffling around. It's been another busy morning of picking through houses for Piper, it’s doubtful she went out alone, but she is returning alone… well sorta, she does have company, the seven month old secured to her chest, that just can't keep still today, providing a nice counterweight to the stuffed pack on her back. Her barefeet make no noise on the pavement the only thing giving the woman's presence away, besides her being in the open, is the babbling boy attached to her.

Elijah had been out by the gardens today, choosing to spend some time outside of the infirmary and stroll around the area. There weren't any pressing emergencies and his experiments…well he was at a standstill with those for the time being. His satchel is over his shoulder as usual, the doctor's hands in the pockets of his trousers as his gaze is once again on the sky as he walks.

Until he is veted enough, John isn't allowed to carry his bow or pistol in the settlement. He was however, allowed to keep his combat knife. He is taking a stroll around today. Doctors and strolling apparently. He has his Dallas Cowboys hat pulled down over his eyes to shade out the light of the afternoon sun, and his hands in his pockets. He hums a toon softly, sometimes breaking into soft lyrics as he seems lost in his own mind. Walls seem to have calmed a large part of his twitchy-ness on the road.

If Piper is carrying, and she is, the weapon is concealed quite well in her petite person. She has noticed Elijah woolgathering as he walks, but the humming and music grap her attention. Anyone that knows the young woman, also knows that music in any form is her passion and at times weakness. A hand smooths over the baby's braided hair, poor boy, cursed with his mother's wild, curly mane, she lowers her head to whisper in the baby's ear which has him quieting and looking around, just as she does. Elijah there, John there, surrounded by doctors, let the twitching begin.

Elijah hears the humming as well, looking around and seeing John. Eli had been in the group that met with John upon his arrival, so he would at least look familiar. A nod is given from the doctor as well as a wave. It is then that Eli notices Piper and the baby as well, offering a small smile to the woman as well.

"Dacw 'nghariad i lawr yn y berllan," John softly sings to himself, lost in the day. He does notice Elijah as he waves, and John gives a friendly wave in return. He walks over to Elijah with a friendly grin, seeking to smooth any trouble waters that would have been created by his tumultuous arrival. "Hello sir," He says extending his hand. "I don't think I got your name when I came in." To Piper he gives a friendly grin, but doesn't approach.

Piper's attention narrows on the tune, at least the parts that she hears, and it is one she recognizes, but she is like the Rain Man when it comes to music so that shouldn't be surprising. A hand lifts in greeting to the men "Hey." she even speaks as she approaches, since they are between her and the clubhouse she really doesn't have a choice. When she waves, the baby waves, only for him one of her braids is included.

"Greetings…glad to see you're settling in" the doctor offers. His hand extends to take John's as it is offered, a shake given "Elijah. Doctor Elijah Reid. Nice to meet you…? Sorry I don't think I caught your name either." A lot had gone on during the exchange and meeting so Eli had mainly let those more equipped handle it, staying in the cab for most of it. Piper's approach gets another smile from Eli, an added wave given to the baby as his smile spreads some.

John shakes Elijah's hand warmly. "Doctor Reid," John says with a nod. "Doctor Jonathan Kirkwood." He shoves his hands in his pocket. "Call me John though. I really hate my last name." He turns to look at Piper and smiles. He also waves to the baby, giving him a playful wink. "If I remember correctly, this was the young woman with the large rifle I was so afraid of that night."

Piper watches stoically as the two doctors introduce themselves to one another. It's her usual goto stance/expression, stoicism. Though with the two doctors in vicinity she is hard pressed to keep it. Were it just Eli that would be fine. She has gotten used to him, the stranger though, different story. The baby recognizes Eli and there is babbling at him. John addressing her in such a fashion has her head tilting and then giving a nod. Yep its her, not so scary in the light of day with happy baby hanging from her.

Elijah nods "Fair enough. Nice to meet you, Doctor John. Glad to have another pair of hands to help in the infirmary. If you're interested that is. I can show you around the facilities later…it's not much, but it has gotten us by." Noticing baby Quin's attention, Elijah makes a goofy face in his direction. "I see his hair is still coming in full and healthy" he says with a small chuckle to Piper.

"I would like that," John replies to Eli with a nod. "I am willing to help out in whatever ways I can. Hypocratic Oath and all that. Plus, small facilities are a good challenge to work in. I'll write a paper and submit it to all the Post-Apocalypse Medical Journals." John grins at his own joke, trying to break the ice. He notices Piper's edgy-ness, and attempts to give her a disarming smile. "I'm John. May I ask your name?"

Of all the residents in Stratford, the baby that is clearly her child, is probably one of the healthiest. He's certainly happy, the proper size, and making all the age appropiate sounds. Eli's comment has Piper giving a sigh and her hand once more gently caresses the baby's braided locks. Being quite expressive in both facial expression and body language the combination makes it seem she would like it to stop.

The trio of Elijah, John and Piper are standing in the road just down from the clubhouse. Of the three Piper is the only one that seems to be burdened, with backpack stuffed with scavenged items and baby Quinn as well.

The disarming smile really doesn't help, it just brings out that wary look she wore the other night, and she gives a sidelong glance to Eli the back to John, "Piper." she says after a long moment, "Quinn." she gestures to the baby.

Elijah nods to John and gives a smile "Yes. It's been a great facility so I can't really complain." It was definitely easier than the circumstances he had started off with in this apocalypse. Still…like John said. The Oath. The other doctor's medical journal joke has Eli laugh a bit. Ah doctor humor. "Sounds good. I've actually tried to keep journals of my own. For logging purposed as you said. I have some extra blank ones in the office if you're interested and I can show you a nearby store that you can scavenge in for certain supplies." Oh no. He's going nerd mode. At least it suited him well.

"Its nice to meet you Piper and Baby Quinn," John says with a nod. He turns back to Eli as he discusses the facilities. "I haven't done any actual writing in forever. Getting pen and paper in my hand will feel good. I've been moving to much to just stop and breathe. If you'd let me, I'd like to look at your medical files. Just the stuff you'd be willing to show off. I'm trying to build some kind of idea how certain people can survive the…The sickness." He looks away for a moment, a cloud passing over his face, and then it is gone.

Terry wanders out onto the street, decked out in his usual garb, save for one small change: the "Triumph Tiger '80" shirt he usually wears has been swapped out for a "Punisher" flaming skull shirt. He performs a quick visual sweep of the area, and spots the Hoper group, offering a wave as he heads over. He shifts his bug-out bag to a better position on his shoulder, and re-secures the strap. "What's on the menu today, guys?" What is it with him and food-related puns?

There is a sorta brow furrow at Elijah for a moment. Piper can complain about them, but mostly her complaint would be spending way to much time there. There is a nod to John and she gives a simple "Yes." though if she is agreeing that it is nice to meet her and the baby or saying that it is nice to meet him as well…that's questionably. She's enigmatic that way. Mention to the plague has her shifting a bit uncomfortably as well, she knows why some people were, but she certainly isn't sharing that in mixed company. "Hey." she says lifting a hand to greet Terry as he walks up. As for what is on the menu she gives a shrug, she did find a bearclaw pastry, but she tends to give all the snacks she finds to Quinton.

"I understand…writing helps me focus." Sometimes it even helped him escape back to a time before…all this. Elijah nods again to John "I'll get those notebooks for you." The mention of the plague has him furrowing a brow, nodding. "I've been working some on that as well…but unfortunately my background is more directly medical and less what I'd need to determine or make any progress researching illness and cures. If you have any experience or ideas I'd be glad to have your input." Terry's approach has Eli offering the man a wave now as well "Hi Terry…menu?" Obviously the pun went over the good doctor's head!

Terry shakes his head. "What are we up to today? Anything special, or just out and about?" He clarifies. "I was thinking about doing some hunting later. Maybe some fishing." He gives a shrug. "Haven't decided yet. So much potential. Either way, I have a good feeling about this.. tonight, we eat like kings."

Elijah grins at Terry's comment, offering a nod. "Let me know if you need any assistance." Was he actually good at hunting or fishing? Who knows, but he always offered to help. So he offered it now. "Perhaps more jerky?" Eli offers, figuring it would keep longer and be easier to carry on runs and whatnot.

"Yeah, definitely." Terry agrees. It's been a while since he's had jerky. "What's your recipe, if you don't mind sharing?"

Elijah blinks "Oh…apologies. I don't actually know how to make it. I just know we've had it before here and it's typically gone over well." He nods "I have no problem learning to make it though if somebody can show me. That way I can help make some in the future as well."

Terry nods. "I know *basically* how to make jerky. It's just dehydrated lean meat. It would be nifty if we had our own supply. We could probably make it from a lot of different things.. turkey, deer, beef. It could be a good trading commodity, if we ever find ourselves in that situation."

"Agreed" Eli nods, "Especially with how many new faces we've been getting…it'd be good to keep potential trade options on hand." The doctor looks around them, habit. All clear! He looks back to Terry "How have things been since the voting? Belated congratulations are in order I suppose…apologies for not giving you one sooner."

"Thanks. Same to you." Terry responds, smiling. "They've been going alright. I've been jumping into my work feet-first. I've got roving patrols set up, so that each area of the camp is always under watch. It should help to minimize any further thefts."

Elijah nods again "That all sounds great. Good work." He then laughs, rubbing the back of his neck "Yeah…I was honored by the vote, but on my end things haven't changed much. I guess they just wanted everybody to have assigned titles for order and to introduce newcomers." It made sense. "Things have come together very well here in the time since we settled." It was encouraging.

Piper can only carry both stuffed backpack and baby for so long, so while the discussion of jerky, which got a nose wrinkle, she isn't fond of dried anything, she hasn't spoken up, because she usually doesn't and because she was juggling getting the pack off which somehow got tangled up in the straps of the baby snuggie. The talk of the thefts has her paying more attention. She didn't have anything stolen just yet and she is locking her door when she leaves her apartment during the day now. "Found?" she asks, the pack going on the ground at her feet as the baby is switched to her hip.

John has been quiet for most the this exchange, letting the townies as it were talk shop. "I don't think we were introduced," He says to Terry, extending his hand. "I'm John. Nice to meet you."

Terry nods to John, and shakes the offered hand. "Terry. Same to you." He foregoes the whole "name, rank, serial number" military introduction, since he's not totally sure how John would react.

Elijah lets John and Terry introduce themselves, listening to the talk of robberies and frowning a bit. He was just glad the infirmary hadn't been hit. Hopefully nobody would go that low.

Freedom! That's what Quinn would be shouting if he was old enough to talk. As it were, now that he is free of the snuggie he is really squirming wanting to get down and move, which isn't going to happen on the paved road. "No." she says softly to the baby as she bounces a bit. Not that it helps any. Before the whining starts though she gives a brief wave, grabbing her pack and heads toward the clubhouse, where the little guy can crawl around as much as he wants.


1 Blood Pressure Gauge & Cuff (Infirmary)
1 Packaged bearclaw (Piper)
1 Thermos (Piper)
1 Half box Shotgun shells (25 total)
1 Throw Rug
1 Jug of powdered protein (Piper)
1 Butter Knives
2 Technical References
2 Shorts
1 Book-Fiction-Mandarin Language
1 Religous Hymnal
1 Pairs of Sunglasses
2 Cans Pineapple
1 Partial tube of Antibiotic Ointment (Infirmary)
1 Intro to Crochet Kit
1 Wedding Gown
1 Bottles of Sauce / Ketchup
1 Plague Corpse
1 1 Walkie-Talkie
1 Chapstick
2 Canned Puddings

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