(2016-05-27) Charity Case
Charity Case
Summary: Sara may see herself as someone not worth giving to, but Piper just sees a lost girl trying to find redemption
Date: 5.27.2016
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Sara had to vanish for a bit, most likely after finding enough fuel to move her 'mobile home', but she's popping back up again. The former Teen Soldier is currently hunting through the train depot, with her shotgun and underslung bayonet. The camo is gone, replaced by an old stained pair of jeans someone might have once died in and also Teigue's jacket. Though her white under shirt is stained, most likely in blood. Perhaps hers and someone elses. Pickings have been very slim for her. She's found an empty can, which got her hopes up that she'd find a hidden stash. Though the halloween mask in its place seems to have caused her to drop to her knees and stare vacantly at it.

The other night someone got to close to the 'camp' for everyone's liking. Thankfully the man turned out to be harmless, but that means patrols have been stepped up a bit, and pretty much any one skilled and/or willing to do it is assigned to them. Piper falls under both of those catergories so she is out, wandering the town, dressed for business, well in jeans and over-sized ochre cardigan. Of course she is armed, rifle hanging from her shoulder, pistol and nunchuks at her side. Despite the weapons, her youthful good looks, petite figure and meatball buns kind of make her look harmless. A while back a Silencer attacked a few people in the train depot, and with its many hidey holes it is searched quite frequently, this is what the young woman is doing now. Walking down a row of derlict train cars, barefeet making little to no noise on the gravel between the tracks.

Sara doesn't have much of an understanding at what goes on at camp. Well, apart from the occasional tidbit she gets from Terry, Teigue and Moni. With footsteps moving in her direction, the former Kamo Kid swings the underslung bayonet forward, and moves. "If you are from Camp Hope, I don't mean harm to you," she calls out in an accent from Hong Kong. It seems that she's had an English tutor, as she doesn't have a heavy accent at all. She's also cautious of people who look young. After all, she knows what she can do, not what the other person can do. "Keep your weapon holstered and approach slowly."

The voice is not a familiar one which sets off all sorts of alarm bells in Piper's head. She might have been told of the teen girl that has been lurking around but she isn't thinking about what she /might/ have been told at the moment. All she is thinking is that there is a female stranger giving orders to her. Yeah, that isn't happening. The train depot has lots of cover and hiding spots so she flits silently from one to the other getting behind Sara, rifle swinging into her hands like it is part of her. On silent barefeet she approaches the teen from behind, rifle up but not pointed directly at her just yet "No." she says softly, but loud enough to be heard.

Sara might have been expecting the voice to come from the front of her. Her body tense in anticipation. Maybe they would resist coming that way? Maybe she could torment someone. She keeps the shotgun ready, watching and waiting with baited breath. However the voice came from behind her, and so she lets the shotgun hang as she moves her hands away from it and curses softly in Cantonese, as she raises them up. While she's young, she does close her eyes and takes a deep breath. "Make it quick if you are going to kill me," she offers.

Piper wasn't sure what to expect when she spoke up. There were a few options the teen could have taken. Thankfully surrender was the one that was. "Turn." she commands in that same soft voice. "Slow." there is no threat to the voice, it's just firm.

Sara rises to her feet, and slowly turns to face Piper. She's been up against Camp Hope in the past, and she's not being hostile. She keeps her breathing controlled as she regards the older girl, but she doesn't act out or strike out. She could be surrendering peacefully. "I am not a hostile," she states honestly. "I understand that you are cautious. If you are from Camp Hope, Terry and Teigue can tell you that I am not a threat. Monique can tell you that as well."

The rifle still isn't pointed directly at Sara, but a quick movement could have it aimed and fired and that would be the end of the confrontation. Piper studies the young woman as she listens to what is being said. "Know." the rifle is dropped and then slung back over her shoulder. Clearly Piper is taking Sara at her word or she has some magical way of knowing that she isn't any danger. Could be both.

Sara is slow and deliberate with her movements, even turning to the side so that Piper can watch her move her shotgun so that she can unattach the bayonet from it, and return it to her belt with a practiced ease. She then shoulders the weapon and leaves the breach open as well as ejecting the shell in it. She collects the shell quickly though, and shoves it into her pocket. She falls silent for a few moments, before looking back towards the older girl. She bothers her bottom lip, and then opens her mouth and then closes it. After a few more moments of silence, she gives Piper a hopeful look. "Do… Do you have any food? I have not found much lately." Her shoulders slump when she admits that. They did teach her things, but there was always food back there. "I… I'm hungry. Even junk food would be good."

Piper watches Sara in stoic fashion. Nothing the girl has done has her moving to grab a weapon, and if she is aware that she is a former Kamo Kid it isn't showing in her actions. "Yes." this is accompanied by a nod and she moves to close the distance between them as she removes her backpack. She never knows how long she is going to be out so she always carries something to eat on her. "Just food." she assures indicating the pack before she opens it up and pulls out a snackpack of applesauce which she hands over to the girl.

Sara looks excited by Piper's reply of 'just food', and she smiles broadly. She accepts the snackpack with a small but polite bow and then regards the apple sauce with a strange look. She might not have encountered it in the wild before, and she studies it closely. "Thank you," she offers in an uncertain voice as she tries to figure out if she's been handed food or a drink. "If you have any uncooked food, I have a small cooking kit in my home," she offers. "I don't find much I can cook. I am not the best cook, but I can sometimes make tasty food." She gives a soft sigh, before shaking her head and trying to clear unwanted memories. "Also, I am Sara."

There is a look between the snackpack and Sara, one that clearly says 'Well?' though after a moment of that she digs into the pack again and offers out a plastic spoon. Maybe that will clear it up. Piper shakes her head at the question "No." she has no reason to carry uncooked food on her. "Home?" she questions with a head cant. She then beckons the girl to follow her "Show you." she begins to walk in an easterly direction, pausing to see if Sara is following "Piper." she taps her chest.

"You are one of the quietest people from America I have met," Sara admits, as she gives Piper a curious look when a spoon is offered. She seems to put two and two together and thankfully doesn't make the spoon into a weapon. She just uses it to start to scoop out the contents of the apple sauce once she's opened it. When Piper starts to lead, she starts to follow, eating quietly as she moves. "My home moves. I am out of diesel again. It sucks, so it's stuck where it is." She sighs softly. "Well, it is nice to meet you Piper."

The woman doesn't seem worried about the weapon possibilities of the spoon, or the fact that she now has a potential enemy at her back. Piper just moves along toward the east of town. The comment has her making a sound of amusement "Yeah." she agrees, even though today she is a veritable chatterbox compared to what she usually is. A glance is thrown over her shoulder "Truck?" she asks, almost sounding curious.

St. Brigid's Church

Built in the seventies, this building is a single story that features the high ceilings and pitched roofs that were prominent in churches of that time. A river stone wall in muted browns, grays and beiges give the building a sense of character while the steeple on the other end identifies the building for what it is, The building itself is almost the shape of a cross, with the doors placed on the shorter end perpendicular to the portion of the building featuring the stonework. A faded blue and white sign, the kind that has the plastic rows of letters to display messages, announces it as the First Church of God.

Inside the building is a solemn place, long rows of padded pews facing a platform and podium where once the pastor would give his sermon. Hymnals and bibles still sitting in their bins built into the backs of each pew. A piano sits to one side of the stage, and risers show where the choir might have sang in early morning worship.

The longer wing of the building houses Sunday school rooms, with the children's rooms sporting bright depictions of old testament scenes done in cheery colors. The adult rooms sport white boards and chairs, giving a more business like feel to the place.

Sara continues to eat cheerfully, and she falls silent again as she follows after Piper. She's given her food, so she seems content for the time being. With talk of trucks, she rubs her shoulder for a few moments. "We had a truck once, but it was stolen," she admits. "Our team leader was 'reassigned', and we never saw him again after that incident. I have transport though." She takes a deep breath, and looks thoughtful as she's lead to the church. She does look a little confused by the building. "This is your home?"

Piper remains silent as she leads the teen Sara through town and to the church. There is a noticeable tensing at the mention of team leader and she is once more giving the girl an appraising look. Pushing open the door of the church she steps in and holds the door a moment so Sara can go in ahead of her "No." she answers in her usual monosyllabic fashion as she leads the way through the sanctuary towards a set of doors in the back. She was on patrol this morning, so is armed accordingly, but none of her weapons are trained on the girl at the moment.

Sara is also armed, though her shotgun is slung over her shoulder and her bayonet is hanging from a belt attached to her jeans. She's also wearing Teigue's jacket, too. She still seems surprised at the church she's been lead to, and gives Piper a strange look when she admits that it isn't her home. "I am buddist, if you are thinking I will pray," the Chinese teen admits. She does make her way further into the church, but she keeps an eye on the older girl.

There's some soft noises coming from the back room, someone is moving something. They stop when the ladies enter.

Piper pauses briefly at the noises she hears, but doesn't seem alarmed by them. She isn't sure who it is yet, but until it is proven otherwise she is going to assume it is someone from 'Camp'. There is a shake of head, accompanied by another soft "No." she heads into the room that was once the church's food bank and there are still a number of cans, boxes and misc non-perishable food items on the shelves that line the walls "Food." she says to Sara, looking around to see if she can spot the source of the noises that had been heard.

Sara startles at the noise, and her hand rests on the bayonet at her hip. She cocks her head from side to side, but she doesn't withdraw the stabby implement, as her guide hasn't responded in a hostile way. She curses softly to herself in Cantonese again and then takes a deep breath. She follows Piper's lead towards the room that once held a food bank. Of all the food available, she moves up to snag a box and hurries to open it. Only to find it's like the rest of her searches, and it ends up with her getting her hopes up over nothing. The next box, seems to make her happy as she actually manages to find food. She doesn't seem to mind that it has baby cereal or goldfish crackers in it. The canned fruit really does seem to get her excite. She holds the partially full box close to herself, and she closes her eyes. Her shoulders tremble, and it seems like she's trying to figure out how to respond to charity.

A thin bland man is crouched down, eyeing the door as Piper and Sara step in. Quin's own hand is resting on his gun, but it's not pulled from it's holster. Around him is spread some food that he's placing into back pack. "Hi." Piper gets a warm smile and Sara too. The poet seems in a better mood than last time he talked to Piper. He's not spouting poetry lines at her at least.

"Hey." Piper responds, echoing the smile as she notices Quinton surrounded by his loot. "Found." she gestures to Sara glancing over to watch the girl search. For being in the presence of a stranger she is being very verbose and non-threatening, though she could have gotten the threatening part with over earlier. And knowing Piper, that probably happened. It's all good now though. She begins to search shelves herself, a hand softly brushing the poet's shoulder in passing. Of the things she picks from the shelves, two of the cans of nuts and a jar of the preserves are put in Sara's box. "Okay?" she asks the girl as she as an emotional moment, a glance is given to Quinton as if she is unsure what to do. Little kids she can manage, but teenagers, that's another matter.

With the thin bland man piping up, Sara seems to forget the box she's holding as she stares at him. He might be a new type of human judging by her surprise. "H… Hello," the Chinese girl greets. She looks completely surprised when Piper puts in the extra cans of nuts and a jar of preserves. Sure, she might have been trained to be a killer, but the thoughtful gift she's been given has moved her. She gives a wet sniffle and glances down at the box she holds again. "I… I have to go," she admits as she steps back towards the door again. "This… This is too much. You should share things like this with a person like me."

Quinton looks between Piper and Sara, slightly confused. Piper's behaving strangely, And Sara's words are odd. He'll hold up a jar of honey, offering it over as well. Sound sleek she's not staying, and honey is like…the bets energy food that's out there now. "..here." It's offered with a soft smile. he doesn't stand, not wanting to spook her.

Piper's brow furrows slightly at the reaction from Sara and she moves to take the honey from Quinton "Wrong." she tells Sara as she moves to add the honey to the box in Sara's arms "Was you." she explains as she gives the girl a reassuring smile. Well sorta, close enough for Piper at least. Maybe that explains her odd behavior to Quinton.

While Sara has been using English for a while, she's found it's failing her again. Especially when Quinton offers her the honey. She does accept it, offering a little bow as Piper adds it to her box. "Thank you both," she offers in a soft voice, as she moves back towards the door again. "Wrong was I?" She looks more confused, but she actually offers a smile again. "I will go now. I need to eat, and put this stuff away safely." She offers another small bow at the door, and then slinks off.

That doesn't help, not at all. Quin blinks and then looks up to Piper to see if she'll explain.

Piper watches as the girl goes, her expression, well sympathetic is the best adjective for it really. There is a bit of a sigh as she turns back to look at Quinton taking in his confusion "She /was/ Kamo Kid." she emphasizes the word was, as if to her it makes a difference, and it does. She has clearly taken pity on the girl, empathizing with her easily since they are both unwilling victims of the Alien menace, just in slightly different ways.

Quinton watches the door where Sara left and nods softly. Ah, that does explain a lot of Piper's behavior. "…okay." He trusts Piper, if she says Sara's clean, he believes her. The poet turns aback to start packing the rest into his backpack.

"She needs to be brought in." Piper tells him, pausing as she begins to search shelves once more, "Not safe." there is a gesture indicating the outside, maybe outside the walls like they are now. The bottle of wine is found and she holds in out for Quinton to take "For later?"

Quinton agrees with that, on several levels. His head tilts and he takes the wine. it's church wine, so that's never good. But… "…good trade." There's a pause when he realizes what she offered, "I have…better…home." He gives her an almost shy like, like he's unsure he's reading her rift, "Want?"

The comment about trade has Piper a bit unsure herself and wondering if she should she press the point or drop it. And then he gets it, oh relief, and she is nodding "For us…for later." though how much later is left up in the air. She's in a good head space today so most likely means later today. That said she starts to turn to see what other things she can find.

Quinton will take whatever he can get. His head isn't good, but he's not awful like yesterday. So he'll just nod, sliding the bottle into his backpack. With this much glass, hopefully he doesn't fall on this back again. That sucked. His bag is about full, so he just leans back against the wall and watches Piper.

Well at least Piper is pleasant to watch as she moves through the shelves. She seems to be searching for something specific but can't really seems to find it, which brings a frown to her face. Finding the jar of coconut oil though helps a bit and candles are always useful. They may have power soon, but with blackout periods and the chance that it isn't all that reliable, having candle backup is always good. "My patrol is over." or else she wouldn't be here "Go drop this off?" she gestures to her pack which is packing with her findings. And they figure out what to do with the rest of the day after that.

Quinton pushes off the wall and stands up, "…yes. …okay?" He offers to take her bag from her to carry, if she wants. He might not be able to buy her things, but he can carry stuff for her at least.

There is that hesitation at the offer. Piper has gotten better at accepting help from Quinton, but she also doesn't want to push it. It's just a backpack though and if carrying it for him makes him happy she will let him. "Thanks." she does offer sincerely. Considering he gives her something money could never by, she has never nor would never complain about the lack of material things that would have consumed her pre-Alien times. Offering her hand she leads the way out of the church so they can figure out what the rest of the day will hold, maybe even including some wine.


2 Containers of Black Pepper
1 Jars Coconut Oil (Piper)
1 Rolls of Scotch Tape
1 Cans Fruit (Sara)
2 Boxes Votive Candles
3 Cans of Nuts (Sara/Piper)
1 Bottles Wine (Quinton)
2 Jars of Jam / Preserves (1 Sara)
1 Bags Spearmint breathmints (Piper)
1 Boxes Baby Cereal (Sara)
1 Boxes Goldfish Crackers (Sara)
3 Cans Fruit (Sarah)
4 Boxes Taper Candles
1 Bags of Dried Beans
2 Bags of Rice
4 Packs Communion Wafers
5 Jars of Honey / Molasses (1 to Sara)
1 Book -The Zombie Survival Guide (Sarah)
1 Salt (Sarah)
1 Sweatshirts (Sarah)
1 Halloween mask (Sarah)
1 Empty Tin Can

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