(2016-05-31) Hit and Run
Hit and Run
Summary: A Silencer is hit, fleeing ensues and then info bombs are dropped.
Date: 5.31.2016
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The party left Stratford when it was still dark, super early this morning, so they could get the Scarborough Camp at sunset. With them two Ham radios, two generators and trade goods. The visit to Scarborough Camp was interesting as any trip to a camp full of Rennies and SCA people would be. After getting to know the people there, doing some trading and a quick nap and lunch around sunset the group set off again. And now it is just pushing full darkness and the group is about a 1/2 hour outside of Fort Worth, and like before they are taking a wide berth around the city just to be safe. Music of the driver's choice plays softly on the radio, so it's whatever Quinton wants it to be, and shotgun can shut their cakehole about it.

Kayla usually gave her brother a hard time about music, just on principal, but not anymore. Any music is good music, now - it's not like they have unlimited radio stations anymore! It was an interesting day out; not one she's planning to repeat tomorrow, but that's beside the point.

Takara sits in the back, taking a spot where she could keep lookout easy enough and having her gun ready. Just in case. With the music playing her gaze scans the area around them as they travel. For now she stays quiet.

Terry doesn't go anywhere without his pack. Not without good reason, anyway. He's got his pack with him, this time — room enough for his rifle, plus a good bit of storage space — as well as his usual sidearm. He scans his sector of space with the watchful eyes of a hawk, glancing periodically around to the other folks in the truck before returning to his watch. He remains quiet.

With Tak and Terry pulling guard duty in the bed of the truck, Piper is in the cab with the other two, trying not to doze off as the music and the movement of the driving lulls her into a relaxed state. It's not easy considering how little sleep she…well they all got, but she is managing, if the others can't/won't sleep she isn't going to either.

Kayla is not dozing off but wishes she could. She stares out the window, half keeping watch and half day dreaming.

Takara continues to keep watch, gun held ready. As she sits in the bed of the truck she straightens her posture some, helping to stay alert and not succumb to the sleep. She could sleep once they got back to camp. Now? She needed to keep watch.

Terry , being used to odd hours, and little sleep, found himself taking in the surroundings as the group travelled along, in a second wind of sorts. He wondered about the choice in music, but kept his mouth shut. Not his place to speak. Instead, he kept a grip on his weapon, ready and willing to use it should the circumstances require.

Quinton glances from the road to the mirror to make sure everyone is still in the truck. Hopefully everyone is there.

Having decided to go around Fort Worth and with no road maintenance having been done in over a year the woods and undergrowth have started to overtake the highway the group is traveling over. Because of this the lone figure that darts in front of the truck as it is speeding along doesn't get noticed into to late. The brakes are slammed on, there is a loud thud as the figure is thrown onto the hood at the impact and then the sound of glass breaking as the figure, wearing nothing but camo pants and a hospital gown crashes into the window.

The last thing that Piper expected was to get into a car accident especially one involving hitting someone, so seatbelt wasn't even thought of. The sudden stop has her still moving forward and striking her head hard enough on the dashboard that she is going to be out for awhile. Thankfully the body in the windshield prevents anyone in the cab from being thrown through it.

Kayla is thrown forward, right next to Piper. She doesn't hit her head quite as hard as Piper, and so she is left slowly leaning back with a deep groan, lifting a hand towards her forehead.

Whether good reflexes or some other force working in her favor, Takara is able to brace herself quick enough in the bed of the truck to avoid getting thrown too roughly. As she grips the sides she slides down with her back against the bed and inside of the truck, pressing her body weight back with a foot against the bed to try and brace herself as best as she could. All the while letting out the very appropriate, "Tawagoto!"

Terry, attention focused on ensuring he doesn't lose his grip on his weapon, finds himself jostled around like a rag-doll. His head thumps against the truck-bed, and he'll have a mild goose-egg in the morning, but otherwise he's pretty good. He's a trooper, he'll get by. He lets out a grunt of discomfort, but nothing more.

There is a groan coming from the teenage boy that has found himself wedged into the window, rolling out he shakes of his daze as he pulls at an arm snapping the obviously broken appendage into place without even breaking a sweat or cringing in pain. He peers into the cab and then to the pair in the back. "RUN!" he cries out, before realizing those in the cab aren't really with it. He is a blur of movement as he jumps down, literally yanks the door off the driver side and pushes Quinton aside to take the place of driver. "Hold on!" is the only warning he gives before slamming on the gas, while putting the truck into gear. The squeal of tires fill the air as the truck jumps from zero to oh my god fast…well fast for how old the truck is.

Kayla isn't entirely sure what's happening but they are suddenly going fast! And she's squished between Piper and Quinton now. Ow. Double ow.

Takara is trying to scramble up in time to stop the boy "Hey! No wait who the hell are Y-HEY!" She's off balanced a bit by the sudden speed the truck takes on, but catches herself quick enough. The boy was warning them about something. Right…either they were being kidnapped or…what had he been running from? She decides not to ask, rather turning and quickly aiming her gun behind them as the truck continues on. Trying to see if there was anything pursuing.

Terry sits up, and immediately begins sliding toward the tailgate as the truck's momentum picks up. He slams into the tailgate, and winds one of the tie-down straps around one arm for support, reaching for his sidearm with the other hand. He grabs the sidearm, chambers a round, and points it at the unknown individual. "STOP THE VEHICLE!" He puts on his 'official' voice, learned from years of serving in a position of silent guardianship.

Pursuit might not be seen right away but those bullets that ping against the truck and shatter the back window are a dead give away that this teenager, with the longish hair, and wearing only the hospital gown and camo pants is being chased by someone(s). And all those scrapes and bruises that cover his arms, those are mending right quick like too. "Sure, stop the vehicle…and then let Squad 25 kill all you after you run me over trying to save your damn lives. I don't think so!"

"Squad twen…enty five?" Kayla's fuzzy head catches that much. She reaches over to check on Piper, her hand trembling…still breathing. That's good.

As bullets ping the back of the truck, Takara ducks down for cover before laying on her stomach and looking over to Terry. Seriously? Even if he did shoot the kid they'd just crash again anyways with how fast they were going. What was he trying to accomplish? "We need to take care of the bastards shooting at us and then we can worry about the bastard driving us!" she yells out over the noise before propping up on the edge of the truck enough to fire her own shots back.

Squad 25? Who the… military? Someone else? Terry wonders to himself, peering at their new driver. He's not going to shoot the teen, and of course with the way things are going (rough terrain, erratic driving, darkness), he's not going to be much help shooting pursuers. He just keeps his head down and mutters a quick prayer for survival.

Quinton drools a little.

The teen doesn't slow down, even after the firing stops and they have left whoever it was..this Squad 25 behind. Glancing at unconscious passengers in the cab and then to Kayla he gives a sorta grimace of apology and then glances out the back window "Fort Worth Naval Air Station is the Other's command center for this region. It is one of twelve world wide. Squad 25 noticed you coming this way and laid an ambush for you." he starts to explain, talking loud enough to be heard by those in the back "I lead them off and was going to warn you." but then he got hit instead.

"You're one of them." Kayla stares at the teen for a long moment before she goes back to checking both Quin and Piper. "Jesus."

All Takara knows is their bullets are hitting the back of the truck so she keeps shooting until they are out of range. Covering their asses. As things settle down enough for her to hear the teen boy explaining things, she furrows a brow and sits up more, but still keeps her gun readied. At Kayla's comment she frowns "If he was one of them he'd be driving us towards them…" She didn't know the boy's backstory, but she knew that much. Her gaze then goes to the teen "Either that or you have a really shitty strategy, kid…" She smirks before looking back out to make sure they weren't being followed anymore, leaning over and saying something to Terry.

Kayla rolls her eyes and shoots a look back to Takara. "Not one of squad 25…that I don't know." He might be - just going to go back to their home and take them all out there, maybe? "But one of -them-." You know, the Others. THEM. And she leaves the clarification at that.

Terry nods to Takara. He glances to their driver 'friend'. "Hey, would you mind pulling over?" Oh, sure. Driver guy pulls over, hops out of the truck, Terry hops in, and leaves mystery guy in the dust. … And back in reality, Terry nods to Takara. Gotta figure out how to get the kid to pull over, nice and easy. Preferably without ventilating anyone. It's never /that/ easy.. or is it?

Feeling that enough distance is between them and Squad 25, the teenager slows down to a more reasonable speed giving a nod to Kayla, "If by one of them you mean what you call a Silencer, then yeah." he makes a gesture to the unconscious but breathing Piper, "but not like her. I've had the 12th System implanted, but I don't have any of those fake alien memories that all the other Silencers were given to make them want to kill every human they see. Because there are no aliens, not in Silencer's brains and definitely not in that mothership up there." he glances at the others and begins to slow down more and pulls over, pretty sure that the news he has been sharing isn't going to make him welcome company "Can you guys give a message to those at Camp Hope for me?" funny how he knows that's where they are from.

Kayla slides a sideways glance to the Silencer in question. "What's your game?" she asks, carefully - without Piper and Quin coherent, she's going to ask the questions. "And if you know about Camp Hope…jesus, you might as well take us there - if you know about it, taking you thee won't make us any more dead than we already could be." she mutters.

Jesus. This is why she didn't want kids! "Let Terry ask the questions." Simple as that. He was technically the one in charge after all with Bob not here. Even if she didn't like it Takara at least had good enough sense to respect it. As the truck is pulled over to stop, she climbs over the edge to hop onto the ground. She offers a glance to Terry, giving him a nod before walking around the truck and checking for the extent of damage from the bullets and general crashing motions.

She'd also make her way over towards the driver's side. As Takara walks she's also putting herself in a better position to defend if the boy should try something. He obviously wasn't clueless so she didn't expect to take him by surprise. He also didn't seem too interested on fighting them either. Didn't mean she couldn't be ready. She'd stay aware in case Terry gave a signal. As for his words? If they surprised or shocked her, she didn't seem to show it.

A glance is cast to Kayla, and Takara. "What's your name?" Terry inquires, locking his gaze on the kid. His tone straddles the border between firm and (hopefully) reassuring. He keeps his hands in plain sight, not wanting to give the kid a reason to hulk out or anything. That's the last thing that needs to happen…

Kayla shoots a look back at Takara, but whatever retort she might have, she bites it back. Just because Terry was voted in as sheriff doesn't mean she can't ask questions. This was still a democracy and not a dictatorship, wasn't it? She does fall silent, though, as Terry steps up with a good start question.

"No game." he answers Kayla first easing his hands of the steering wheel and using a hand to sweep the hair from his face. Like all the other Silencer's the group has encountered he has really good looks, though his are a bit effeminate in nature. "Everyone, " there is a pause "Meaning the Others know about Camp Hope and all the other survivor settlements in Texas…and well everywhere in the world." he says "My squad called me Chevy." and then he answers the question he assumes will be next "The Fifth Wave was pulled back when Wright-Patterson went down. You have until the Equinox. Then they are bombing every city large and small all over the world. That's the message. One hundred and thirteen days before bomb day. After that the 5th Wave wipes up the survivors and then all those implants in those teen soldiers necks, they fry every brain they are attached to."

Terry just..kinda..deadpans. One hundred and thirteen days until it's D-Day all over again. Good freakin' grief. "Well.. that's it, then. I mean, what can we do?" He exhales, glancing around. "Stay and fight, run and hide.. Why does this feel so familiar?" Because it's happened before. Past circumstances.

Kayla just stares at the kid sitting on the other side of her goozy brother - maybe she's still goozy too. She must have heard him wrong. "113 days? Why are you even telling us this?" she asks, rubbing her forehead where there's a decent sized bump formed from her close encounter of the dashboard kind. Her head twists and she looks back at Terry. "And why wait? It doesn't make sense…" Yup, because this has all made sense so far.

"Well you have until the Equinox to figure it out dontcha." the teen named Chevy tells Terry oh so helpfully as he slides out from behind the wheel and looks to Kayla as he stands next to the truck "The Other's killed my family, my friends. They have brain washed countless kids to kill innocent people, they are using littler kids as walking bombs. They need to be stopped before there are to few of us to fight back." the remainder of Kayla's questions get shrugged at "That's all I know. If I knew more I would tell you." he glances back toward Fort Worth "I'm going to make sure you weren't followed. Your welcome." then Chevy is off, moving a lot faster than any human could or should move and disappearing into the darkness.

Kayla blinks as Chevy moves to suddenly take his leave, as unexpectedly as he appears. "Uh…thanks!" she calls before adding, "Maybe stop by sometime…send warning so we don't shoot you!"

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