(2016-06-02) Greased Rabbit
Greased Rabbit
Summary: Mon goes out to test her rifle. It works. Then she runs into the doctor and they talk.
Date: 2016.06.02
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<FS3> Monica rolls Gunsmith: Good Success.

Notes on the .350 Foreman for the firearm-inclined
.35/100 Foreman Nitro Express: (aka .350 Foreman) 0.35 caliber, caseless, 100 grain solid propellant, projectile length 1.92 inches, diameter .35 inches. Total cartridge dimensions: 3in x .5 in, of which about an inch is bullet sticking out the end. 212Gr powdered steel very low drag projectile at 3350fps, for a muzzle energy of 5282ft-lb. Rifling 1-10 or so. Armor piercing version can be machined steel. Thanks to a muzzle brake, light(er) weight steel projectile, and the fact that the M0 is relatively heavy at 9 pounds, it kicks a little less than a .30/06 or a .45-70.

Nobody's told Monica, nobody's announced anything about the events of May 31st. She is blissfully unaware, having buried herself in the chemistry lab at the school, then in the machine shop inventing, testing, retesting, redesigning, and hammering out the ammunition for the Foreman M0 rifle. She has a twenty round magazine full, and another in her pouch, plus about fifty more rounds loose in her pouch. Her first production test run. Having gotten the ballistics about where she wanted them, it's now time to see if the sintered steel round is as deadly as it's designed to be. Mon's going hunting.
<Hunt> Monica hunts and bags:
1 Rabbit
1 Rabbit

The first thing that moves is a rabbit. The rifle barks - it's not a quiet thing - but moving rabbits are good for accuracy testing. The slug hits the rabbit squarely. There aren't explosives in it per se, but the sudden change of material from air to liquid shreds the steel from its pressed shape back into powder. The rabbit explodes in a pink mist.

Monica crouches down near the smear of rabbit on the ground. Mon whispers something into the rain and gathers all the bits of rabbit she can find. Maybe… soup. "Okay… useless for small game. Got it."

scene change

Elijah -
Monica - 5'7, slender but getting enough to eat, finally. Early 20s. She has blond hair, and if you can see her face, it's a mass of varicose veins.
Exits: [77] 76-78 8th Street [BH] Bath House
[CS] Chestnut Street (CS) [G] 8th ST. Gardens
[PS] Pine St (PS) [SGA] Shady Glen Apartments
[WM] West Main (WM)

Monica has her new monster rifle slung over her shoulder. She's carrying a game bag, but whatever's in there seems to have no bones and is kind of… leaking out the bottom of the bag.

Elijah stands in the middle of 8th street, looking up at the various buildings…and seeming stuck on one in particular. For the moment, the doctor does not notice the approach of Monica, his back towards the street and his usual satchel over his shoulder as well as a backpack on his back.

Monica looks over at the doctor and remembers a fleeting crush on him. She smiles, letting the cold air hit her bad tooth again, damn it. It's getting worse. She hopes a dentist turns up before the thing has to be extracted. The smile fades. "Hey Doc."

His attention is pulled from the window he was looking at, nothing there it seems as Eli offers Monica a small smile and nod in greeting. "Monica. Good evening. I hope you are doing well?"

You say, "Well, I've established that the .350 Foreman isn't useful on rabbits," she says a little sourly. "Given what I designed it for, I probably should have seen that coming. What's new? I've been in the chem lab and the machine shop for the last couple weeks."

Elijah blinks a bit at the first statement "Oh…sorry to hear that." He then sees the leaking bag. If he wasn't a doctor and used to blood, it might be an unpleasant sight for him. As Monica continues he nods "Not much. Typical duties in the infirmary…but also been trying to get out more to scavenge as well as stretch my legs." See! He was doing good! No more Piper appointed required breaks!

Monica nods. "It's quiet around here. I just wondered. Any word on the electricity vote?" One downside to the M0 design is that it's a pain in the butt to unload it. So Mon pulls the hammer back to half-cock, the only safety the thing has, and keeps it pointed a safe direction. "Any word from anyone, basically? Sorry. I've been alone and I'm squirrelly again."

The doctor lofts a brow, shaking his head. "I don't recall hearing anything no…but then again I haven' kept my ear open for it either. Apologies." Watching her ready the gun his gaze goes back around them a moment before back to her. "No need to apologize. I've seen people around if that's what you mean? Nothing out of the ordinary though I don't believe." Eli shifts some, adjusting his satchel over his shoulder.

Monica nods. She looks away from the doctor. "Some days I feel like this is all a mirage. Like… I maybe stumbled across this empty town, and I'm still starving, and just…imagining everything else. Everyone else. You. Terry. Quinton. Piper… Gabriel. Especially Gabriel." Mon stretches. "I need to talk to people more, probably. I was better than this when I got here." Mon shrugs. "You were scavenging. Want help?"

Another brow is lofted as Monica rambles. Was she alright? He nods though "Talking to people helps. Having the sense of community prevents the sensation of solitude and especially in these times can aid in preserving resolve." Elijah shrugs at her offer of help "If you'd like. I checked those two houses the other day" he points to the two he's standing most in front of. "Found some…rather…interesting discoveries." He frowns a bit.

Monica cocks her head. "Like what, more bodies?" She sets the greased rabbit and its bag down on the curb.

"Well…yes…" Elijah says with a bit of a low tone, sighing. "Plague victim. Except…" He hesitates, clearing his throat and brow furrowing again as his gaze goes back up to the window of the house. "She was in…a wedding gown."
Monica looks away. "That's sad. That's really… sad. Can't save her. Can't save her marriage either. Can't even salvage the dress, I wouldn't think. Not after someone's been skeletonized in it, plague or not. I wonder if we'll ever see dresses like that made again in our lifetimes. Or weddings like she was going to have."

Elijah frowns, seeming to force his gaze away from the window and back down to the street. "From her positioning in the chair…I can't tell if she sat there herself to look out over the town. Or if she was placed there…as a makeshift memorial?" He shakes his head, looking back at Monica. It was something that he couldn't help but think about no matter how much he may not want to.

Monica has death on one shoulder, and maybe that's what bothers her. The awesome sense of responsibility from designing a weapon, and testing it on a living thing. But she reaches out with her other hand to pat Eli's shoulder, and unless he strenuously objects, pull him into a hug. "In the midst of death, we are in life. That phrase has been going through my head for a week. Sometimes, 'In the midst of death we are in life, making death.' Sometimes not. Whatever happened, her suffering is over. She isn't in pain. She doesn't need your help, doc, but you remember her. That's more than most people got."

The doctor does tense as he is suddenly pulled into a hug, but Eli doesn't necessarily fight it. Maybe she needed the hug more? Embracing her a brief moment he hugs her back before releasing and nodding to her. "Thank you. I know there is nothing to be done for her…but I'm also hoping her suffering isn't in vain. The more we learn about the plague and other aspects of this new world…the more equipped we are to survive ourselves. Or at the very least preserve some kind of future."

Monica is a little shaky, but she smells like deerskin hunting clothes more than anything, and they're fairly clean yet. She lets the good doctor go after a moment, feeling his tension. "Yeah. that's why we're here. So we humans can have a future. Maybe not a very interesting one for a while, compared to what we could have done in 2014, but … some future, anyway." She thinks about Piper, and looks at the doctor. "I was rude to you the last time we talked. When Piper… told me the big secret. And I'm sorry. You were going to explain, and I wouldn't listen."

Elijah lets her speak, listening. It seems to be what the woman needed right now and he was willing to assist. At her apology he shakes his head and holds up a hand. "Don't. You had every right to feel whatever emotions you felt. So do not apologize for that. Ever." He sighs, looking to her "Just understand that there are certain things my code as a doctor holds me too and I cannot waver in that regard. No matter who I may risk offending." He then offers her a small smile "No hard feelings though? Agreed?"

Monica nods. "No hard feelings. A million questions… I mean… what if she knows something we could use to beat the aliens and doesn't even realize it? Big Quin said don't ask unless she brings it up, and I'm trying to live with that." Mon twitches a smile. "We're still friends."

"Good. And that's what we all need right now. Friends…family." Elijah nods, "I know it's hard, but we all need to make sure we are here for each other first and foremost."

Monica nods. "Yeah." She looks at one of the buildings. "I think… if you don't mind, I'll take my rabbit grease somewhere and bury it. Maybe go get some dinner."

Elijah nods "Not a problem. I'll see you later, Monica." He adds with a small smile "Don't hesitate to come hang out in the Clubhouse sometime."

Monica nods. "I'll be there more often. My next project, whatever it is, is gonna be more social. Even if it's setting up to mass produce these things."

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