(2016-06-02) Nothing Else Matters
Nothing Else Matters
Summary: Drama! After the talk with Takara, Piper runs to Quinton
Date: 6.2.2016
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Theme - Nothing Else Matters

It's morning and with that came the doc's willingness, grudgingly, to release the patients. Piper's first mission was checking on the flock and assuring them that everyone is okay. That was maybe an hour ago, now though she is urgently knocking at the door of the poet's apartment.

Knocking is always weird now, but the urgency has Quin bolting to the door and yanking it open, "Franny! What's…" he looks frazzled, but that could be the day after drugs too. He's in jeans and a large t-shirt and his hair is brushed, like maybe he was just trying to clean up some. As he holds out a hand to her he looks down the hallway, to see if anyone else is there.

It's just Piper on the other side of the door. Teary, red-eyed, sniffling, sobbing Piper. The name doesn't even register, the hand does though and she takes it, as she practically flings herself at him to bury her face in his t-shirt, the sobbing once more starting in earnest.

Quinton's eyes widen and he engulfs her with his arms, "Hey…hey…" He's confused, but his hands immediately trail up and down her back, half comfort, half checking there's no injuries he missed. He steps backward into his apartment. " ….what's …wrong?"

The sobbing continues for a few moments before Piper takes a few ragged deep breaths to try to get it under control, "Lost…" she gets out between breaths "I don't…" there is a brief shaking of her head "I'm not…" a fist comes up to lightly knock against her head "In here…" like any of that is helping.

Quinton frowns, his heart skips a beat, fearing suddenly one of the kids is missing, but then Piper continues and he shakes his head, confused, "Lost?" That sounds like something he'd say, He reaches ups and takes her hand , enveloping her fist with his, "What's happened?"

"It's not…" Piper doesn't struggle against the hand keeping her from tapping her head "It's not real." another deep breath "The Silencer…" there is a vague gesture with her other hand and she lifts her head from his chest so her words are no longer muffled, but she doesn't look up at him "no aliens, not there," she makes a gesture to the sky "not here." she uses that same hand to gesture to her head.

No one has filled Quin in on anything so he just frowns, shaking his head, "Bethany…stop, that's…" Not right? He pulls her close, "Sshhh…." She too upset for him to make any sense of this, so he cradle shed head against his chest. "It's okay…" cause what else can he say?

Piper lets his comforting calmness wash over her as the sobs slow down to become more like hiccups as she clings to him. Today he is the rock. "How…" she mutters into his chest once again "acc..acci…wreck re-mem-ber?"

Quinton doesn't remember much of any of that, but he nods. He knows he hit someone that darted out in front of them, but beyond he was okay, Quin knows nothing else about it. His hand reaches up to stroke the back of her head, letting her cry and cling. He can do that at least. His head shakes then, "What about it?" What if the guy didn't survive and they lied to him? Frowning he leans down and places a soft kiss to her forehead.

"Silencer…" so the guy was very much alive, but so are they, so either he was overpowered, or he didn't try to kill them all "Outed me." well that could explain some of her issue here. Could be either Takara or Terry confronted her in a bad way about it. "Have memories," she indicates her head again "alien ones." she lifts her head, wiping her face with a hand "Said they are fake, im-planted…" she shakes her head "What if…what if…" she can't even finish that sentence the idea of that maybe he lied at its the human ones that aren't real is too horrific.

Oh. Shit. Quin's arms tighten again, protectively around her. He frowns, shaking his head, because that makes no sense. "Why?" This doesn't make any sense. "Stop….Latia….Stop. You're you….you're mine…forever…" He remembers that from the other day. Forever. He presses another kiss to her, but this time on her lips.

"I don't…" Piper shakes her head. She was in too much shock to ask the whys of Takara, if the other woman knew herself. His words have her studying his face for a moment, though her eyes partially close at the kiss, returning it with a needy fervor as she wraps her arms around him.

Quinton doesn't know what else to say, this isn't right and he feels like it’s not all the pieces so he just holds her and kisses her. He ignores the stab of pain in his chest when she wraps her arms around him, no more drugs to stop that pain from the bruising. Instead he holds her tighter, "Mine…nothing else matters…"

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