(2016-06-02) The Real Truth
The Real Truth
Summary: Takara confronts Piper about the real truth of the Silencers.
Date: 6.2.2016
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After the hit and run with the young Silencer with the disturbing deadline news, Quinton and Piper spent the next day in the infirmary recovering from minor concussions. It was a new experience for the young woman. She has been of the observation end of concussions, but never experienced one herself. She spent most of it high as a kite on the peyote painkiller and even now is still a bit glassy eyed. It's still morning and with the weather nice as it is she may just take another day to rest, and not head out to do her usual things. She is found on the patio, baby Quinn on her hip and the toddler Troy clinging to the hem of her sundress as she waters the plant sprouts in her not so little mason jar garden.

Takara had spent the majority of the evening and morning after either on patrol or fetching what was needed to help those in the infirmary. After taking a few hours to catch a quick nap, she now is out and walking around again. Even before all of this, she never had been one for long periods of sleep. So her steps take her around town now, past some of the different housings and buildings. Her gun is holstered to her hip as usual, a backpack over one shoulder. Her hair is pulled back into a messy bun. Pretty much just to get it out of her face. As she walks she softly sings some kind of melody in Spanish.

The melody is heard before Takara is seen and draws Piper's attention away from her task. Music always does. "Hello?" she greets the unknown singer and when Takara comes into view she does so again with less worry and tentativeness "Hey." her hands are full of baby and watering can else she would lift a hand as well. "Okay?" she nods toward the other woman.

When Piper calls out, Takara's melody drops short. "Hola?" Walking a little further and seeing the woman with bundle in tow, a smile spreads on the other woman's features. "Ah, Piper." She says the next part in Spanish "How are you? And hello handsome" with a grin directed at baby Quinn. With Piper's inquiry she lofts a brow, "Okay?" In what way? Physically? Yes. Mentally? Hahaha…sure.

"You okay?" Piper is going to assume she is physically at least, unless she is told otherwise. In her experience there are very few at camp that are okay mentally. The events of the last year and handful of months having taken a toll on everyone in the mental department. Everyone knows that she isn't and the impact with the dashboard the other day, probably didn't help. The goose egg on her forehead and bruising certainly haven't gotten any better, though the cuts seem to be healing well. The watering can is set down and she gives a hand wobble then rubs at her temple "Headachey." Quinn is old enough to know when he is being spoken too and he babbles back, making ma, ma, and ba, ba sounds at her.

"Ah…yeah sorry" Takara nods "Better than you and Quinton that's for sure" she says with a bit of a sympathetic smile. Watching Quinn respond and Piper balancing him and the watering can she walks over closer to the patio, "Here. Want me to hold him for awhile so you have your hands free? Give your head a rest too." Because babies cried. Or screamed. Or just in general wanted to 'talk' about everything! She's make to climb up on the patio if there was room.

Taking the baby, Takara is instantly all grins, which might be a surprisingly look for the women depending on how you knew her. Quinn is on her hip and given a finger to grip if he wants. As she bounces and starts to sway back and forth to keep him calm (hopefully) she says a few sweet things to him in Spanish before looking back to Piper. "Well…depends on what you mean?" She smirks "We were riding along minding our own business when some kid ran out in front of our truck. Apparently was trying to warn us about some soldiers or something…" She pauses a moment before adding "Said he was a Silencer…" she looks back to baby Quinn a moment, bouncing him a bit more now and waiting to see how Piper responded.

Quinn is a happy baby, another way him and his mother are quite different. He may have his preferred people but generally he isn't picky about who holds him. He shakes the finger and if Tak isn't careful it will go straight to his mouth.

Piper continues to water the abundance of plants in their jars as she finally gets an answer about what happened. She remembers them hitting something, but after that it is nothing until she woke up in the infirmary shortly after getting back. When she is told what it was though she visably stiffens, her hands white knuckling the water can as she looks sharply at Takara.
The finger is surrendered to a drool covered fate, Takara chuckling some. Glancing back up at Piper she notices the woman's stance and posture, adjusting Quinn on her hip some and continuing to rock back and forth. "I'll get right to it, Piper…" She shakes her head then "I don't care what you were. Or weren't. What you did. Or didn't do."

Shifting her stance she wiggles the finger in Quinn's mouth a bit to help his gums, keeping focused on Piper though. A small frown is given "I have plenty in my past I'm not proud of. My own secrets. We all do…and anybody who says otherwise is either full of shit or led a privileged life"

She shrugs, "I've had more than my share of run ins with bad folk. You…are nothing like them. You're a good person and that's honestly all I care about. Anybody who doesn't feel the same can answer to my gun if they give you trouble…got it?"

So there you go. Takara does add, with a bit of a smirk to try and lighten the tense mood "Besides. We're Delgado…Familia. We have to stick together no?"

Piper knows exactly what Takara is talking about, and she doesn't pretend she doesn't. She is confused though, and isn't sure if she believes what she says or not about the other woman's feelings about it. "How?" is the first question, quickly followed by "Who?" though the answer to both is probably the same. She takes a step back, looking around nervously as if expecting attackers to come out of the wood work and kill her or worse.

Tense is right, and the smirk really isn't working for Piper, but she does nod at the family bit. "Yes. Family stick to-ge-ther."

The woman just shrugs, "The boy that ran into our car." Because that is technically what happened right? "Told us about himself…and mentioned about you. Said he was different than you though. Because he didn't have the fake memories implanted or something?" Takara thinks another moment "Yeah that was it."

If Takara was being dishonest about how she felt concerning Piper being a Silencer there was no outward sign of it. She seemed genuine. As Quinn continues to squirm and 'devour' her finger she laughs a bit and looks to him "Ok, handsome if you keep going at it like that I'm not going to have anything but a nub!"

Takara glances back to Piper "Look. If I have a problem with you I'll tell you…you know that. I don't have time to waste faking tolerance." So. Many. Morons. "We're cool. I mean…as long as you're ok. So I guess it's your call." As Quinn settles against her chest some she starts humming softly, continuing to sway for him.

Well he would have to be different, they are all still alive aren't they. Piper looks more confused than ever. She knows that all the Silencers have a way to tell each other apart from normal humans, though she really couldn't explain how it works. That they ran into a Silencer is bad enough, him outing her and then telling them something like that, worse, at least for her, she thinks. "Fake memories?" she shakes her head "Don't under-stand." even the antics of her son, which would usually bring at least quirk of a smile isn't enough to swing her mood. Which is slowly descending into panic attack despite the assurances of Takara.

Seeing the woman's mood worsen, Takara lofts a brow, switching Quinn to her other hip so she can reach out a comforting hand to the woman. "Hey. It's alright. We'll figure it out. Even if I gotta' go find the kid again…we'll find out what he meant ok?" She looks to Piper with a frown, "You need to sit down?"

Touching Piper, when she is in this state of mind, is a bad idea it usually ends up in body checking or her fleeing. The only thing that prevents those things is the fact that Tak is holding her son, and she isn't about to do anything that leads to baby Quinn coming to harm. Instead she takes a few staggering steps back, careful not to step on Troy, who knows something is wrong but isn't sure what, since he is only a year old plus a few months. Sitting down, yes sitting down is good. She does that at the nearest table, pulling the toddler into her lap and putting her arms around him. "What…exact words?" those words were hard to get out.

Takara watches Piper sit down, pulling her hand back and taking a couple steps back herself to give the woman room. She thinks for a moment, bouncing Quinn on her hip to keep the baby calm. "Exact words? I don't remember his exact words but…" She thinks more. "Said he wasn't like you. Had something called the 12th System implanted but…'no fake alien memories'. I do remember him saying that part."

She looks to Piper with a frown "Said the memories are what make Silencers want to kill humans." Takara tries to think harder, sighing a frustrated breath and shaking her head "Something about there not being any aliens.." She shakes her head "There was a lot going on…I don't really remember anything past that. I got out to check the truck when we stopped."

Piper listens carefully, staring at the top of Troy's head, the tension palpable. She gets the 12th System thing, that it is what they call the nanites that are in her body and give her what is left of her abilities, but the rest of it, fake memories, no aliens, it's a lot to take in, "But…it can't…" its too much for her to process, it was bad enough with her thinking she and the other Silencer's were actually aliens in human bodies charged to wipe out the human race, but this, that she and others were manipulated, made to think they were something the weren't to kill their own kind, humans. Hugging Troy to her she rests her forehead on his head and it's easy to tell from her shaking shoulders and the sounds that she is bawling.

Given Piper's previous negative reaction to her touch, Takara just stays where she is as the woman begins to cry. All she can do is continue to bounce baby Quinn to hopefully distract him from his mother's distress. Takara had already decided long ago…back when all this began. However, seeing her friend like this now and learning what she had recently…it just resolved the fact. These bastards were going to pay.

This isn't working. Trying to get comfort from a toddler, he's good at hugging sure, but Piper is going to need more than that to help her process this. There is sniffling and she gets up, putting the confused little Troy down and moving to take Quinn from Takara. As beautiful as the young woman is she is an ugly crier, "I have to…" she struggles for words "Must find…" you don't have to know her well to understand the gist of that, she has to go find Quinton. He might not be able to help her make any sense of it, but at least he will be able to comfort her.

Takara hands the baby over, wiping her drool covered finger on her pant leg as she just gives the woman an understanding nod. "Go. I'll stay with the kids and make sure they get dinner."

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