(2016-06-07) Throat Doctor
Throat Doctor
Summary: Another kiddie bomb comes to call. This time she doesn't go boom.
Date: 6.7.6016
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There has been some tension in camp lately. With the new rumours going around about the countdown to bomb day and how there is a major Kamo Kid base less than a day to the east (Fort Worth to be exact). Today's rainy weather hasn't helped with tension either. The day is nearing its end though. At least the working part of the day. The sun hasn't set yet and the camp is gathered for the evening meal time. Half way through though it is interrupted by one of the gate guards running into the clubhouse "Hey docs…" he approaches a bit out of breath "there is an issue at the northeast gate that needs your attention."

Elijah is seated at a table near the door, just in case he needs to run back to the infirmary for anything. Good thing too! As the guard runs into the clubhouse his gaze goes up from his plate, Eli standing and wiping his mouth with a furrowed brow "What's the matter?" His gaze towards John, a nod being given to the other man as well. They were singing their song!

John has already finished his meal for the night and is sitting next to the door. Well sitting is actually more like lounging with his hat over his eyes, snoring quite loudly. As the guard comes through, he jumps slightly falling out of his chair and slamming ass first onto the ground. "Sonofa! He yells, wincing in pain. "Who turned off the lights? Oh right." He pulls his cap up and catches Eli's nod. He stands, following the others out. "What have we got?"

There are a lot of eyes on the guard and now the doctors who he came to fetch. "Uhm.." he looks around and gestures outside leading the way out of the clubhouse and only when they are outside does he explain "There was a little girl at the gate, can't be more than four." he is clearly nervous…of a little girl "Complaining of a sore throat. Piper has her secured at a house northeast of town." hopefully a safe distance "Sent me for you two."

As the guard leads them outside, Elijah follows, listening…as his expression becomes steadily more grim. He looks over to John "Have you had any experience with the bombs?" John's reaction or reply would tell him if he needed to explain further. He'd just nod to the guard "Take us…" and he'd start following. There wasn't any time to waste. He of course makes sure John comes as well!

"Low explosives or high explosives?" John says, keeping pase with Elijah. "I am a chemist, and I make my own gun powder. So I know just a small bit, but I am failing to see how that could affect a sore throat?" He follows the guard and Elijah with a weary gate, rubbing his eyes. "Do you know this house we are going to?"

The guard will wait as necessary for both Doctor's to get what equipment they will need and then quick step leading the way across town to the house where Piper, who was most likely on wall duty when the girl approached, has the girl secured, in a fashion. It's only a little girl so extreme measures don't need to be taken. She has set the girl down on a chair and given her a glass of water and is prompting the girl to take small sip after small sip with a hand gesture..from across the room.

As they walk towards the building, Elijah looks over to John and figures he doesn't have time to sugar coat it. "They use children as weapons. Implanted. Thus the sore throat…" he frowns "Walking bombs…" The young doctor keeps close following with the guards, them approaching the building after grabbing any needed equipment from the infirmary. "We've seen it before. When it detonates it creates a crater sized hole…took out a whole house last time. The family in it as well."

Well wasn't that just fantastic! As they get to the door Eli looks back to John, "I can't promise we'll be able to successfully extract it. I understand if you don't want to assist but…I'd be glad for your aid, John." He waits to see how the man responds to all that was just divulged to him.

John furrows his brow as Elijah explains the situation they are in. He shakes his head and growls under his breath. This whole thing stinks and John's face betrays his feelings rather strongly. "That is a rather human tactic for use by Aliens," He says ith a grumble. "Like shoe-shine boys in Vietnam, or fake pregnancies in the middle east."

As they arrive at the house in question, and Elijah gives John an out, John's face turns even more sour. "Now that is a hell of a thing for you to say to me," He growls through gritted teeth at Elijah. From his facial expression, you'd think the man just called John's mother a very dirty insult. Without another word, John walks in.

As the two doctors come in with the guard lurking a few feet behind them, Piper turns her grim expression to the pair briefly and then gestures for the girl to drink again. This only causes the little one to shake her head "Not thirsty." there is a plaintive tone in the girl's voice "It hurts." she rubs at her throat. The expression she then lays on the docs clearly expresses her desire for them to do something, and quick.

At John's response Elijah doesn't react, letting the man vent. Perhaps this was a sign of the kind of alpha male personality he had grown use to around camp. Or just showed how often he said the wrong thing and had to deal with the consequences. You never know! After John enters, Eli follows and looks to Piper. He gives the woman a small nod…they'd do what they could. Eli then looks to the small girl, giving a warm smile as he walks towards her chair. "I know it's hard to swallow, but the water is cool and will help your throat. Just take small sips." Reaching her chair he gets in front of her and crouches down, "My name is Doctor Eli and I'm here to help you feel better. What's your name, sweetheart?" As he speaks to her he lowers his bag from his shoulder and onto the floor beside him.

John gives Piper a nod and a small smile to the young girl with the water. He doesn't say much, letting Eli take the lead on this one because he knows more about what needs to be done. John does take the bag Eli drops, an moves it to a nearby table. He clears and area, and starts to slowly unpack, setting things out so they can be easily identified and used quickly. John works professionally and moves methodically.

Piper frowns at the pair and their clinging to polite bedside manners. "No." she says sharply to Elijah as she darts, a lot faster than one would give the woman credit for, across the room to cover his mouth with her hand. No what? Talking? She makes a gesture, the kind that one does when asking someone to breath in and out "Bad." she points to the girl and the dining room table.

The doctor kneeling on front of her, the sudden movement as the girl dropping the water bottle as she brings her knees up to her chest. "'Manda." she answers in a horse whisper to the question.

Elijah lofts a brow and doesn't move to stop Piper putting a hand over his mouth. Perhaps this was just a sign of even more strange behavior that seemed to be the norm at camp. Watching Piper's motion he furrows a brow before nodding. When the woman removes her hand he'd look back to the small girl and reach down, picking up the bottle and handing it back to her before giving a thumbs up with another smile. It was going to be ok. He'd then make the motion of drinking and point to her bottle. Take a drink.

Standing, Eli walks over to the table where John had set his bag, motioning for the man and Piper to follow him. Withdrawing a notebook from it he lays it open on the table and grabs a pen from his shirt pocket before scribbling on the pad ~Talking is bad. Breath is bad. Why?~ he offers the pen over to Piper for an explanation.

John doesn't say anything as he continues to unpack the bag. He gets the last of it out and set up before filling a bowl with water and beginning to wash his hands throughly. He keeps his eye on the other two, and his other eye on the little girl who is going to be their erst-while patient. He sets aside a pair of gloves for himself and Eli.

Piper nods when it seems that her point was understood, taking the notepad she quickly responds in as few words as possible in writing. "CO2 is the detonator." hopefully it is enough as she hands the notebook back to Eli, before going to collect the girl, picking her up and taking her over to the table to lay her down. By now the little girl knows something isn't quite right and she is starting in on the waterworks.

Elijah reads the notebook…and a hand quickly runs through his hair as his expression drops. Oh great. So the only thing that set this bomb off was the very thing their bodies produced naturally!? No pressure! Moving to get John's attention he holds the notebook up to the man so he can read Piper's note, then mimicking the breathing motion the woman had given earlier. He'd scribble something else in the notebook before holding it up to John again ~Masks. Outer pocket of bag.~ Masks often worn in surgery would be found, Eli meanwhile taking the gloves that had been set aside and pulling his pair on.

John nods and gets masks ready. He pulls out one for himself, Eli, and offers one to Piper as well as a pair of gloves. He moves over to the young girl and gives her the most comforting look he can before slipping his mask on. John reaches down to his belt, and pulls up an old style flashlight. He looks up at Eli and gives him the 'Ready Doctor' look.

The mask is taken and put over her face, but Piper shakes her head at the gloves, they will just impede her. Smoothing the girl’s hair from her face she makes soothing noises as she gets the girl to lay back on the table and tilt her chin back. The little girl seems to not want anything to do with what is about to happen and she makes an attempt to scurry off the table.

A nod is given to John at his readiness before Eli motions him over and points to the flashlight, then his own throat before the little girl. He then holds up his hand, palm facing John to indicate for him to wait a moment. They had to get her to open up first! However, the girl was understandably frightened and fidgety. Seeing the tears he turns the notebook to a blank page before doodling a very badly drawn dog and house on it. He'd then point to the girl, then move his hand in a laying down motion before offering the notebook out to her. Hopefully the bribery worked in hand signals.

John nods his head and waits patiently. He looks through the medications they may have brought with them, looking for anything to possible numb pain or help the girl relax abit. Better living through chemistry, has always been John's concept, but it's not like they can completely knock her out in this setting.

As the girl tries to scurry off the table, Piper moves just as quickly to wrap an arm around her waist and pull her back. The woman has been wrangling kids for a long time, even before the Aliens, the last year and motherhood has just honed her a bit more "No." she says softly as Eli tries the bribing thing.

The notebook is grabbed by the girl and tossed across the room. "Leave me alone!" she protests still squirming in Piper's arms. The woman sighs and a hand goes to touch the bare skin on the side of her neck, less then three seconds pass and the girl suddenly stops squirming and allows herself to be eased down and Piper tilts her head back, keeping her hand on the back of her neck.

Well…that works too! Giving a small sigh behind the mask he nods to Piper and John before moving forward without worry of scaring the girl worse or making her move too much and disrupting the explosive. As Piper secures her neck, Eli moves to open the girl's mouth, leaving room for John to shine the light inside.

John steps up along with Eli, on the other side of the young girl. He switches on the light and shines it on 'Mandas mouth. John reaches up to hold the bottom of the girl's jaw to give Elijah the free use of his hands.

Whatever it was does work. The girl isn't unconscious, just suddenly calm and sedate and she looks up at the three worry free. Piper remains silent, her magic, calming hands holding the girl down gently.

Looking down the girl's throat though is enlightening. It's no wonder it is sore, it is quite red, but not from infection, but from the small hooks imbedded near the tonsils, threaded with some kind of monofilament, which secures a small green capsule in the girl's throat.

Elijah 's brow furrows as he sees the capsule…even more so when he sees the hooks. With John holding her mouth open Eli would give him a nod of thanks before moving to get the instruments he needed to extract the capsule and hooks. He'd then take to the task very carefully while doing (hopefully) as little damage to the girl's throat as possible. Nobody sneeze!

John is almost holding his breath as he carefully repositions the light so Eli can go digging without too deep of shadows. As Eli works, John plays nurse, handing over small tools, or padding his brow when needed.

Piper is silent as she watches the two doctors work on the little girl. She to is doing the breath holding thing, and when she does breath it is deep. It's the breathing out that is the dangerous part. Good thing she has strong lungs. As Eli does the work of extracting with John assisting she pulls a ziploc bag from her pocket getting it ready for the micro-explosive to be put into it.

Elijah starts off strong enough. Steady hands. Focused gaze. Getting a hold of the capsule with a long clamp he takes to the task of carefully removing the hooks. No pressure! No breathing! No amount of coffee or sleep was going to make this ok! He doesn't have time to be slow and steady so he goes for quick and hopeful! Eventually, after the hooks are taken care of, the long clamp is withdrawn from the girl's throat with the capsule intact. Nodding to Piper, Eli lowers it carefully into the bag.

John keeps 'Manda's mouth open long enough to pull out the device, keeping it lit as long as possible. As Elijah withdraws the item, he slowly lets her mouth close. He sets the light aside, turning it off.

Piper has to remove both her hands from the girl to seal the bag up to prevent any further CO2 from getting to it. Whatever spell the girl was under dissipates and the crying really starts from the girl then, there is an attempt at a scream but with how short lived it is, its obvious that the girl's throat hurts to much for that.

As soon as the capsule is cleared from her throat and in Piper's possession, Eli drops the tools onto the table and takes off his gloves and mask, trying to help the small girl sit up. If she'd let him he'd attempt to comfort her, but he didn't push that either. Piper would probably have better luck given her knack for kids.

John strips his gloves and tosses them aside. He pulls out his canteen, and unscrews the top. He offers the canteen to the young girl, taking a swig from it first to make sure she knows it is safe.

The little girl is at the point where she would take comfort from anyone, so for the moment she clings to whoever is willing to hold her. Taking the canteen Piper helps Amanda get a drink from it, though the girl wrinkles her nose at the metallic taste of it. "Back." Piper says "Bob." who is going to want to know about this ASAP.

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