(2016-06-08) Wrapped
Summary: Elijah has meet his match in the newest child to join the group (Prior to Mistaken Identity)
Date: 2016-06-08
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A hot meal, bath, clean clothes, and good night's sleep has done wonders for the little girl that was rescued from going boom yesterday evening. When she arrived she was malnourished, dirty and in threadbare clothes. And while the malnourished thing can't be dealt with overnight, the other two can at least.
Piper sits on a blanket in the large grassy area that the apartment buildings surround watching the older children play some tag game, the babies are napping and the newest child, Amanda, sits in front of the woman getting her auburn hair brushed and braided.

Elijah woke up with the events of last night still heavy on his mind. He just didn't understand it. Then again there was a lot about the enemy he didn't understand and didn't want to. Still…using children in such a manner? The doctor needs a break from the infirmary today. To clear his mind. His wandering brings him across the grassy area where Piper and the children are gathered, a small smile coming to his features as he sees them playing together.

Then, as he sees Piper brushing and braiding Amanda's hair he walks over towards them. "Hello, Piper…Miss Amanda" he offers the girl a smile and a small bow. Trying to get her to smile. "Piper is doing a wonderful job on your hair. You look very beautiful." He couldn't imagine what the small girl had gone through before meeting up with them. She deserved to be happy and carefree now…as much as possible at least.

As far as normal goes, you can't get more normal than children playing happily. Even if it is a scene more out of the '80s, before console games took playing outside out of the entertainment equation for children. Piper looks up at Eli has he approaches, her expression perfectly stoic. Until last night she hadn't spoken to anyone since returning home from that trading trip with a mild concussion, that anyone is aware of at least. She starts to lean forward to whisper something to Amanda, but the girl pulls the half-finished braid from her hands as she bolts to her feet, dashes to the doctor and proceeds to bear hug his legs.

Elijah offers a warm smile and nod to Piper's stoic greeting. He is about to say something to the woman before his legs are held captive by the tiny arms of Amanda. Lofting a brow to Piper in obvious surprise, he'd then look down to the girl and grin "Well hey there." A soft hand is put on top of her head as he rubs her hair a bit "It's good to see you too."

As amusing as that sight is Piper doesn't crack a smile, not even one of her barely there, ghostly ones, her expression just remains stoic and she doesn't say a word as she watches the interaction between man and child.
"Smart." comes the horse, muffled reply as Amanda's face is smushed against the outside of his leg, right above the knee. "Smart, not beautiful." she does shake her head in reaction to the petting.

An approving smirk is given at the girl's correction, "Ah…well of course you are smart." Eli then tries to move and crouch to be on her eye level, "How about smart AND beautiful?" he offers. A glance is given back up to Piper before he sees the woman is apparently in one of her off moods today. So his attention goes back to the girl instead to give Piper some space.

Amanda shakes her head, she is only four so it's not like she can hold the man in place or anything "I'd rather be smart." she says in that horse voice. Her throat still hurts from the hooks that were embedded in it, and it shows. "Beautiful's dangerous." she lowers her voice and her eyes slip to look in the direction of Piper, but she doesn't turn her head to do so. For a four-year old she is quite aware of what the situation is, but considering she has been a captive of the aliens for who knows how long that probably isn't surprising.
Off moods doesn't even begin to describe how Piper has been over the last week, but considering that she usually only has three modes, freakout, stoic and meh, it's a good a descriptor as any.

Inwardly, the young doctor agonizes that a girl so young already has to know such a grim outlook towards life. However, outwardly, Elijah just keeps the smile as he looks to the young girl. "Fine. You win. Very smart." He looks to her hair, one braid unfinished, and offers a chuckle as he nods towards it. "Want me to finish your braid, Amanda?"

Amanda gives a nod, of course she is smart, she only vaguely remembers her parents always telling her that. In a few years she won't even remember that, or their faces, or names. "You are a doctor. Doctors are smart. I wanna be a doctor." her small hand goes up to the unfinished braid to feel it "She can do it." she takes the Doctor by the hand and heads back to where Piper sits on the blanket with the sleeping babies.

There is a small crease on Piper's forward, the only break in her otherwise stoic demeanor as she has watched the exchange in silence. She looks from Amanda as the girl takes her previous spot, letting go of the hand, and then up to Eli "Okay?" she asks finally breaking her silence. She is asking the doctor, as he is the one that seems to have an emotional issue. Then she is finishing the braid with deft fingers and securing it with a small ponytail holder.

Elijah chuckles again at the statement "Yes. I suppose doctors are smart. We have to study a lot of things for a lot of years to know how to help people the best." As Amanda leads the way back to Piper, Eli hesitates for a moment given the woman's distant natureā€¦but c'mon a four year old is leading him! How can he not?!

So, being guided by Amanda he makes his way to the blanket. He'd stay standing for the moment until he saw if Piper seemed to be okay with his closeness. With her question, the doctor nods and offers a smile "I'm fine thank you. Decided to take the day off and get out of the infirmary." By day off he meant unless somebody needed him of course.

The braid is done quickly and Amanda nods her head as she looks up at the doctor, "I'll start tomorrow." she tells the doctor, her expression serious despite her four years, and it matches the tone of her voice. She reaches over and rubs the back of one of the sleeping babies "I'll doctor the babies, you can doctor the big people." because that makes sense to the little girl.

Piper nods at Eli, her glance dropping to the young girl and her words. A brief glint of amusement lights her eyes, but she doesn't out right smile or laugh. She leans over and whispers something to Amanda, which causes the girl to look at her and then up at Elijah. "With four of us now you can take more breaks." she must be including herself in that doctor count.

She'll doctor the babies and he'll doctor the big people. That comment has Eli giving a grin again. "I think that sounds perfect, Amanda." With Piper whispering something to Amanda, the doctor lofts a brow curiously. Then, as the message is relayed, he chuckles and nods "Ah…is that some kind of hint, Piper?" He looks to the woman "I've been doing better at least!" Lest he be put on another forced break period by the woman!

"Do I get a white coat?" Amanda asks as she gets to her feet "And a stefasnope?" isn't that adorable! "The doctors at the base had white coats and stefasnopes." she eyes Elijah then a tad warily, "You have one, don't you?"
Piper gives a shrug when she is questioned. Since there really hasn't been much in the way of serious injury or illness for awhile now, she is sure the man isn't overworking himself at least.

"I don't actually have a white coat…but I do have scrubs. Scrubs are other clothes doctors can wear too." He smiles to her, staying standing as he looks down at the small girl "I'm sure we can find you something. Just leave it to me." Yep. It was obvious the man had a soft spot for kids…and this one already had him wrapped around her tiniest finger!

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