(2016-06-10) Play Time
Play Time
Summary: Quinton and Piper take the kids to the playground, there is some marveling about the time that has past
Date: 6.10.2016
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This large area is overgrown with weeds and grass. It clearly hasn't had a child visitor in quite a while. A large wooden playscape takes a good 1/4 of the area as well as a swing set and a duckpond, which recent rains or some underground water source has kept fresh and relatively clean. A wooden picnic pavillion with picnic tables is near the playscape and provides a good amount of shade as do the evergreen and mesquite trees that dot the playground.

Today is….better. Not great, but better than yesterday. Quinton's being forced, in a good way, to help with an excursion to the park. The kids in general listen to him, but he doesn't like the responsibility. That's a scary thing. Currently he's alternating pushing Becca then Troy on swings. The poet is humming underneath his breath, and when he does talk, for now it's not in lines form poems. Although no names are correct today.

With all the older kids chasing each other around on the playscape, which Piper thoroughly checked before hand for dangers, i.e snakes, bees, tripping hazards etc., she is on a swing herself, Quinn held securely on her lap, as she gently swings forward and back. Not the wild, touch the sky swinging that she has been seen partaking in the past. She isn't the best conversationalist today either, not like yesterday, but that doesn't stop her from trying at least. She can't help be give a ghostly smile at the happy laughter as Becca and Troy are pushed "Higher!" Becca requests as she holds the chain tightly and leans back to look at the man pushing her.

Quinton looks down at the giggling girl, his own smile flickers slightly at the request. "Hold on…" Becca goes a little higher. Not out of control, but definitely higher than Troy. Once that's established he glances over at Piper and Quinn. They get a smile as well, he knows he was being a pain yesterday.

Becca hasn't quite gotten the knack of swinging on her own yet, she pushes when she should be pulling half the time, but since she is being pushed it really doesn't slow her down too much. Troy rocks in the baby style swing, mimicking the words of Becca, or trying to at least but he hasn't mastered words quite yet so it comes out more like "Ai! Ai! Ai!"

All the commotion isn't something Quinn the younger is used to, being his first time to the playground, so his little head is turning all different directions to take it all in, in curious baby style. "Fun?" Piper asks as she glances at the trio of swingers, pitching her voice to be heard over the cacophony of playing children.

Quinton makes sure both kids can feel his hand on their backs, They may both want to go higher, but he wants them to feel safe. It's the only time he feels like maybe he can keep them safe, anymore. He nods to Piper, throwing the question back at her, "You?" Quinn's expression gets an honest grin. Babies make everything better, really.

Piper looks to Caro, Jack, Kira and Abbie, who are playing Pirates on the playscape and then to Becca and Troy, she marvels a moment as she realizes how much they have grown…has it really been a year (plus a couple weeks) since she joined the camp with her flock of children? "Yes." there was a pause put it was a reflective one. She drags a barefoot on the ground (she did wear shoes on the walk over, but kicked them off when she started swinging) "Year…" she struggles for the words to flow from her brain to her mouth, her eyes move from Quinton to Caro for a moment. She doesn't use the girl as a mouthpiece anymore, she can't even recall the last time Caro was used for such a thing.

Quinton looks to each child at the mention of a year. They have grown, so much. He nods in understanding. "You're….a good mother." Is there a small pang in his voice? It's hard to tell with all the hitches. He's back to looking at the two he's handling, giving Troy a little tickle on his neck as he comes to him.

Piper drops her gaze momentarily at the comment, she isn't as convinced of that as he is, but there is no question to her feelings or protectiveness of them, and if that is being a good 'mother' than she is. Getting up from the swing she moves Quinn to her hip and moves to take over the pushing duties of one of the swinging kids. Another smile comes to her face at the giggles from Troy at the tickling, "Not a-lone." is the reply "I couldn't… she gives a shake of her head as she loses the rest of that.

Quinton nods, scooting over to Becca, who needs more attention in pushing than troy. "Bertha….helps, Libby…But you. Mostly you." She gets a quick , pointed look. He means that.

Troy she can definitely push one handed, and she does as she bounces slightly on her barefeet to keep the ball of energy on her hip from trying to squirm out of her grasp. He may not get the names right, but Piper knows who he is talking about. "You too." help comes in many forms and he has done more than his fair share of it. Despite her stubbornness about it in the beginning. So stubborn.

Quinton's expression turns into a soft frown, "Not enough…" He tries though. Becca gets a tickle now, seems while he's being a touch melancholy, he doesn't want the kids to be.

The tickling elicits a giggle from the little girl and another request for 'Higher!' as Becca leans back when she should be leaning forward. She'll get it one day, but today doesn't seem to be that day. Piper shoots Quinton a look that is hard to read but there is definitely question in it "How?" she pauses then adds "What?"

Today isn't the day for him to talk about it, and it's not the day for Piper to hear it. He just shakes his head. "Just…not enough." He swallows, and the man moves to push Becca higher. "Careful, little bird…"

The answer has Piper giving him that searching look, as if she could find the answer in his expression or the way moves, no such luck, and she certainly isn't going to cross the line and mine for it. "Okay." she says, her tone though is tentative at best. Becca's chirping at the nick name gets another smile from her, and it isn't completely forced. "Brought lunch." which is probably why her pack was so stuffed on the way over. There is a gesture made to Troy, maybe for Quinton to take over again and then to the picnic tables, "Set out." she gives Troy another gentle push and then heads over to the shady pavilion, setting Quinn in the stroller, so both hands can be free for her task.

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