(2016-06-10) Trampoline
Summary: Piper has found something for the children. Monica's help is needed.
Date: 6.10.2016
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Scavenging was pretty much a bust today. Piper has a pair on nun chuks already, ketchup..eww and well Quinton can always use another sweater. She did find one thing though, she didn't even know she wanted one for the children until she saw it, sitting there in a backyard on 10th Street. A large trampoline. The safety net around it would have to be mended, and it would need to be cleaned, but it was in excellent condition otherwise. Problem. She couldn't bring it back by herself. Normally the first person she would go to for help would be the aforementioned Quinton, but she found Monica first, she isn't very verbal today, but she figured "Help. Tramp-o-line." was explanation enough as to what she desired.

Monica came with Chester and her cart. Mon is dressed warmer than she'd like for the weather. Unfortunately, she's discovered that rather than giving her a nice honeyed tan like she used to get, her skin feels like it's shrinking when she gets too much sun. Very uncomfortable. So long pants, shirt, and sweat today. She's done some scavenging of her own. Nothing to write home over, but there is one thing she found as well, and the best possible person to give it to… just happened to come to her asking for help. Mon smiles and keeps the music box in her pocket for the moment. "A trampoline, huh? That could be fun." Stripped of the camper shell, the cart looks like what it is, the back end of an ancient pickup truck (studebaker from the nameplate). Hopefully the tramp will fit when it's broken down. "Any thoughts on the whole Equinox thing?"

Piper has been pretty quiet as she leads the way through the southwest of town. She has eyed Monica's clothing choice during the trip, and it was taken a bit for her to figure out the issue "Need sun…?" she rubs at her arms like she is putting lotion on. There is then a nod of agreement "Every-one." something that not just the kids can use. Oh the Equinox, that brings a frown to her face, "I…" she rubs at her forehead, as if that could get her brain to let the words come out freely, "should…" no that's not quite right "didn't…" nope not that either, a bit of frustration and finally she just nods "Yes."

Monica says, "Sunscreen? Yeah, that might help a lot. My new skin isn't very sun compatible. The whole time I was traveling I was in reenactment clothes except for when I was doing laundry or washing. I never got enough sun to realize what would happen. I don't know anything about trampolines. Could be fun." She watches Piper's struggles with the equinox news. She thinks about it. "So what do you think. Can a drone get up to the mother ship? And if we stick the micro-bomb on it, will we get the result we want to see?"

Monica adds, "and are you going to be ok if we blow that thing up? It's important."

The pack is slipped off one shoulder and Piper digs out the bottle of sunscreen she has to hand it over. "Have lots." and she does. She has found quite a lot of sunscreen. She doesn't particularly need it with her dark complexion, but she does use it on the kids when they are outdoors. "Only the.." she jumps a few times to indicate what she means, hoping it is clear enough. "Yes…maybe." she answers the first two with a hopeful tone, but with the last question her expression becomes stormy as she looks upward at the mothership in the distance "Yes." this time the word is fiercely adamant. Obviously she hates the so-called Aliens and the mothership that represents them, if not more than most, at least with an equal passion.

Monica nods. She takes the sunscreen and slathers it on her arms, then untucks her shirt and ties it up, and slathers sunscreen on her middle too. She looks… odd. "Can I keep this?" She looks skyward, her eyes taking on the gunfighter's stare they tended toward when she got here. "Good. Enough good people have died because of those assholes." She doesn't say that even if the answer had been otherwise she'd probably have been willing to do it anyway, no matter what it cost her personally. In fairness, if the reverse were true, she'd still do it. She looks away before the hate eats her up again. "When we're done with this thing… wanna go drone hunting?" She finally gives up trying to disassemble the tramp and tries to stand it on its side and roll it into the cart. We're not going far.

Piper nods, gesturing for Monica to keep it. The other woman needs it more. "To many." even though she knows the truth about what she is now, she still can't help the guilt at feeling its her fault, even if it isn't, she's felt it so long it is ingrained into her being now. It can be read in her expression. "I'm not…" she pauses a moment fighting with the words "I'm human." she isn't at all mechanical in nature but she can help lift the thing to its side. It's a chore for her to, she isn't any stronger than Monica, though she has her moments when she can be. This isn't one of them. No one is in danger. "Drones gone." she frowns, she hasn't seen one since January. "Patter-son?"

Monica nods "Yeah. You are." She blinks at the "drones gone" comment. "You know I haven't seen any in a while." She facepalms. "We have a couple in storage, don't we? Ones that got shot down?" Mon sighs. "I guess we can try to patch one up and get it going enough to do our dirty work for us."

Piper pauses a moment in the helping roll the trampoline to study the other woman, trying to find the truth in the words. Whatever she finds satisfies her and while she doesn't really offer a smile she seems genuine when she offers her a "Thanks." she then goes back to rolling to wherever it is they are taking it, either to Monica's Frankencart or all the way to the complex. "Yes." she pauses as she gets a thoughtful look on her face. "And a mystery." an actual coherent sentence. Wow.

Monica gets the comealong and some rope and ties the thing into her cart. She pats Chester's flank as she gets close to it, partly for the horse's benefit, and partly as the sublimated hug or pat or whatever she might have intended for Piper. "A mystery?"

There is a nod as Piper does what she can to help tie on the large trampoline to the cart "A chest?" she shakes her head "Foot…locker." she nods that's close enough "Stole it." she makes a gesture behind her "July…" she must mean last year, though as far as months and days go, Piper knows the score, she isn't sure about anyone else keeping track "Kamo Kids. Locked. Tight." no one has been able to open so far, and the one or two times they brought it out to do so, Bob was worried in was trapped and would do boom.

Monica frowns a little. "Nobody tells me these things. I can get it open, easy. Just grind the hinges off or cut the lock. Any idea what's in it?"

Piper shrugs. She does what she can, but considering her limited verbal acuity she can't. Plus up until just now she forgot about it "No." she hmmms though at the suggestion "Inside." she furrows her brow a bit "Hinges. In." which makes it a bit harder.

Monica says, "Oh. That does complicate things. Still. If we can get it into the mill, we can buzz the whole top off if we have to, without touching what's inside." Mon steps back. "That looks good. Shall we haul the thing wherever you wanted it to go?"

Lifting a hand, Piper holds her fingers a few centimeters apart, to indicate a little. She hmmms thoughtfully at the idea she offers and gives an okay sign. Works for her, and what Bob doesn't know. The young woman has always had the idea that the rules don't really apply to her, even if under most circumstances she goes by them. That whole easier to ask forgiveness than permission type of thing "Yes. Home." she points in the direction of the complex and begins to head that direction.


1 Pair of Nun-Chuks
3 Packets Ketchup
1 Sweaters
1 Music Box
1 2 Emergency Flares
1 Shooting Victim (Corpse)

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