(2016-06-14) Bar Brawl
Bar Brawl
Summary: Trading goes sideways
Date: 6.14.2016
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The Dive Bar

Despite the name on the window and on the flashing arrow sign in the parking lot this bar isn't as divey as it is rustic and honky tonk like.

Toward the back is the requisite wooden bar with a mirror on the wall behind it that has been polished to a nice shine. A line of cushioned bar stools sit in front of the bar just waiting to be used. Tables and chairs dot the rest of the bar. As an added bonus a dart board hangs on the far wall and pool table sits in one corner.

A stage sits to the side, a few dusty instruments on it as if waiting for someone to pick them up and begin to play. Near it is an old Wurlitzer jukebox with old 45 records contained inside, all country from the 50's and 60's.

It wasn't all that long ago maybe an hour, that one of the guards informed those at the Clubhouse that Noah the Trader was seeking entrance and that he had peace offerings from the two other camps that groups went to visit last week. It was a few milking cows with their calves and variety of plant seedlings, but other smaller items as well like candles. The animals were left at the farm south of town, but since it was storming something fierce outside Noah was brought to the bar where he can set up shop and stay dry. Last time Noah had quite a bit of things for trade and this time is no different. He has some things out, but usually if you want something specific ask and well he will let you know if he has it and then the haggling will begin.

Every time something interesting happens, John is napping. It's like his curse. When the word comes down that a trader has come to town, John perks up and stands up from his lounging against a wall. He follows the crowd, attempting to divine exactly what the mood of the group is as they move. John pulls his hat down against the storm, shaking the water off as he comes inside much like a dog.

Every time something interesting happens, John is napping. It's like his curse. When the word comes down that a trader has come to town, John perks up and stands up from his lounging against a wall. He follows the crowd, attempting to divine exactly what the mood of the group is as they move. John pulls his hat down against the storm, shaking the water off as he comes inside much like a dog.'

Elijah takes a seat at the bar, doctor's bag over his shoulder as usual. Looking around he'd offer a wave to those gathered…having come because news of Noah had spread. Trade and visitors always brought interesting opportunities for supplies and interaction!

It's just Ginny's way to be in the middle of the action, and have little idea about what is going on. She's only been in Camp for a few months now; she knows little of the logistics between other camps, due to her semi-'newcomer' status. Basically, if you're not trying to murder her — if you're trying to survive and you're willing to team up — you're cool in her books. But really… she's just /here/. She, too, follows the ebb and flow of all that is afoot, arriving at the bar from her previously cozy setup at the clubhouse. The scavenged raincoat that Genevieve wears was, well, once a man's… it's /huge/ on her, it's ugly as sin, but immensely effective! In walks Ginny in her tent/coat, chewing on her bottom lip in thought as she eyes Noah and his wares at a distance.

Sophia has been scurrying around, cleaning tables and making sure everyone si cared for as best she can. Currently she's taken a small break, leaning on the other side of the bar with a cigarette. Her dark eyes seem to keep moving, keeping track of who's where.

When word came down that Noah was in town, Bob decided to head down to the bar with his pup Whiskey. The 'Mayor' and his lab mix make their way into the bar. Soaked through from the walk, the dog shakes herself dry(er) and Bob wipes at his face with the sleeve of his wet jacket. He sighs and pulls off the jacket, pointing at the bundle of pillows and sheets by the bar, "Go lay down, Whiskey." he offers and then the man himself is off towards the bartop, taking up his usual corner spot. He eyes Sophia as he moves to sit, and then eyes the cigarette with a frown. He doesn't speak just yet.

Terry is in one corner of the bar, breaking down his weapon for a good deep-clean, with a bottle of water nearby for refreshment. He gives the other folks in the room a nod of acknowledgment, and a two-finger salute, but otherwise remains silent, focusing on his work.

"Hey folks!" the bearded and a bit chubby Noah greets as people start coming in "The other two camps," Scarborough and the Caverns "are grateful for the generators and radios you guys shared with them. And they sent the cows, plants and things as way of thanks." he is setting a few bins out, books, clothes, toiletries and a few others with various things in it. There are already people coming up to look through them under the watchful eye of the trader. "I did my best to fill whatever requests I was given last time."

John listens to the merchant give his announcements, crossing his arms over his chest. He spies Eli, and as the merchant finishes up his speech walks over to the other Doctor. John claps the man on the shoulder and slips onto the stool next to him. "Evening Doc," John says with a sigh. "What are you up to?"

Elijah offers a wave to Noah as he starts in on his greeting. Then, as John comes over he offers a smile. "Good evening. It's good to see you, John." He shrugs at the question, chuckling a bit as he looks to Noah "It's always interesting when Noah comes around…so thought I'd come check it out. Plus it gives me an excuse to get out of the infirmary for a little bit. How about you?"

Sophia purposefully ignores the look from Bob and motions to Noah, "Welcome, Senior! What can I get for you?" She's happy, more milk means more cheese!

Pulling off her coat, and folding it in upon itself to prevent dribbling rainwater everywhere, Ginny balls up the thing and holds it beneath one arm. Her free hand instinctively reaches up to knit into her hair, left loose and somewhat tousled following a run-in with a playful cat back 'home' (don't ask). This is an involuntary result of her pondering something.. namely: what stuff is this dude toting, anyway?

She looks, but does not touch… hovering over a bin that contains toiletries. She doesn't quite believe that she has decent stuff to offer in return, but it doesn't hurt to peruse and look! Her lips curl at their corners into an appreciative smile.

Bob is getting used to this routine from Sophia. Fighting is fun. Or something. He watches her still though and then his gaze shifts over to Noah, nodding to him, "Good to see yer back. We'll be glad of the cows and such." Because as their group grows, it only becomes evident that they need to increase their food stores…you know, until they all get blown up. And then he looks over to Sophia as she offers to get Noah something and he rolls his eyes. Still wet and cold, he hoists himself up off his stool, moves around the bar top and grabs the 'secret' bottle that he keeps there. He takes up a glass and returns to his seat to pour himself a whiskey.

"I'll start with just a glass of water, Sophia wasn't it?" he should remember that, she is the one that patched up his wound when he showed up awhile back. "I have a few bottles you might be interested in as well. I'll bring them out once I get these other things sorted." he divides his attention between the bartender and the others looking through his things. Ginny gets a nod "I have more if nothing in there works for you." he tells her "Good to be back, and that you are getting new faces still."

"Just what do you think you're doing?" a man, we'll call him Rick says to another guy we will call Phil "That's gonna be mine." after Phil picks up something that Rick just put down "You put it down. Mine now." Phil replies, taunting the other man with it. Both men aren't known for either their agreeable attitudes or even temperament. And between one breath and the next a punch is thrown and both men are going at it. The table they are standing near goes toppling over as Phil is shoved into it, canned goods, books and camping things scatter all over the floor.

Sophia nods, "Si, si. Deal with everyone first." She moves to get him his water, ignoring Bob. Angry woman is angry. And then she has someone she can really yell at, "Hey! //HEY! Stop it!" She moves out from the bar to try to break up the fight. Itty bitty woman she is.

"Just stopped in to see what all the fuss was about?" John says with a lop-sided grin. "Saw a group of people coming to shop, and I wanted to see what was happening. So if I am here and you are here, who is on call?" He chuckles and gives Elijah a shrug. "Is it usual for so many to show up for a swap meet, even with the bad weather?" The fight breaks out and John perks up. "Oh here we go, a show." He shrugs and adjusts his cap. "Break it the FUCK UP!" He says, putting on his SCA announcer voice and glowering at the combatants.

Elijah chuckles a bit at John's statement "Well if anything happens…it looks like most of camp is here so I imagine we'll be the first to know." Theeeeen there's a fight. Dangit, Eli! you just had to say something! He is seated to see how escalated it gets…until he sees Sophia stand up to go over. Oh well he couldn't in all properness allow that! Standing up and laying his bag on his chair he moves forward towards the scuffle. He didn't try to call out anything. It isn't like it'd come off as intimidating from the scrawny twig of a man even if he did! Right now he just tries to get close enough to at least try and help break it up.

<FS3> Bob rolls Melee Vs 6: Failure.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Bob=melee Vs Brawl=6

< Bob: Success Brawl: Good Success

< Net Result: Brawl wins - Marginal Victory

"Jesus!" Ginny yelps, as she was just about to say something kind to the visiting trader.. but suddenly she is jostled to the side, into a table, in the grappling and shoving! The woman's green-gold eyes flash angrily, "Get over yourselves!"

A sigh is loosed by Bob as the fight starts to erupt. And then of course Sophia's going to go break it up. They may not be getting along right now, but Rick and Phil aren't the kind of person you send someone like Sophia to deal with. Bob grumbles, getting off his stool and moving off towards brawl. Decades as a cop, Bob broke up plenty of brawls. He was involved in more though. "Take it outside fellas!" And then the old Sheriff moves between the men. Regrettably, Bob isn't in his twenties or even his thirties anymore, and he hasn't had to get into a fist fight in a while.

Sophia lets out a string of aggressive sounding spanish swears , and her arms and hands go waving as she also motions to the door.

Rick and Phil have been sniping at each other for awhile now, so this little altercation has been brewing for a good week. As soon as the first punch was thrown the shouting started, not only the ones to try to get them to stop but also encouragement. People like to watch a good fight. Despite Sophia and Bob wading in the pair are grabbling and punching at each other. Rick gives Phil a shove which knocks him into another guy…and then the real Brawl starts as a few more guys dive into the fisticuffs.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Bob=melee Vs Brawl=6

< Bob: Success Brawl: Good Success

< Net Result: Brawl wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Elijah=melee Vs Brawl=6

< Elijah: Failure Brawl: Good Success

< Net Result: Brawl wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Terry=Melee Vs Brawl=6

< Terry: Success Brawl: Good Success

< Net Result: Brawl wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — John=melee Vs Brawl=6

< John: Success Brawl: Good Success

< Net Result: Brawl wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Elijah=melee Vs Brawl=6

< Elijah: Failure Brawl: Success

< Net Result: Brawl wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sophia=melee Vs Brawl=6

< Sophia: Success Brawl: Success

< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Terry=Melee Vs Brawl=6

< Terry: Good Success Brawl: Good Success

< Net Result: Terry wins - Marginal Victory

Elijah tries his best to assist the others in breaking up the fight, but realizing he was not one of stout brute strength. So instead of shoving or trying to use force to stop it, he attempts to go for the 'pulling them apart' method instead. "That's enough! This isn't accomplishing anything!" and yelling other helpful things like "You're ruining perfectly good supplies!"

John sighs as the fighting gets worse. "This shit is why I was never in a frat," He says to Elijah. "How many new patients to you think we are going to get tonight?" John pushes his way forward, reaching out to fish people caught in the fray out of the way and shove the combatants toward the door. Unfortunately, just like his compatriot Doctor, he gets shoved backwards and takes a glancing blow to the shoulder. "Fuck!"

This little Newf is no brawler, big as her indignation may feel right now. To get stirred up into the mess, she would only be a hindrance rather than a help. So what does Ginny do? Picks up a bin and, at appropriate moments and while dodging the great big pile of 'RAAAHHH UNF PUNCH SMASH' between Phil, Rick and other contestants, she does her best to save face for the poor trader who just wanted to… well, trade! Wherever Noah has ended up, she brings these things to him. Inwardly she hopes that this gets squared away soon… and ponders the nice, stiff drink that she will eventually need.

Bob, who was bright enough to put himself right in the middle of the fray catches an elbow to the face and staggers back a bit from it. In the scuffling midst of the fight, he manages to land a punch here and tosses one of the random new fighters to the ground but is rewarded with a fist to the gut for his efforts. Bob curls and staggers back, but keeps himself in the middle of the fight regardless, "For fucks sake! Break this shit up unless you want half rations for a month!"

Terry grumbles as his cleaning session is interrupted by the brawling. Figuring he, being the sheriff of this here town, should go ahead and (try to) settle things, he wades into the foray, trying to verify his intended target before opening a can of whoopass. Before he can get anything in edgewise, he takes a knock to the thinkbox, and finds himself summarily tossed out onto his (rather well-defined) backside.

Sophia continues to shout in Spanish, it's pretty vulgar and angry sounding. A container of something is picked up and she uses it to block a random punch before turning it and smashing it across the man's back. No damage is done, except to the container. And now Sophia is pissed.

While the brawl is going on Noah has been trying to keep the other tables his stuff is on from toppling over as well as to keep the good scattered from being trampled over. As Ginny brings over some of his things he gives her a harried look "Thanks miss. Careful there." he moves back more to keep out of the fray.

So far no weapons have been brought out by the brawlers, keeping it to fists and the occasional chair or pool cue being swung, which are hazardous enough as it is. The shouting from those trying to stop it is starting to work. A few have stopped fighting, but those few also have bruises and bloody noses and knuckles for their trouble.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — John=melee Vs Brawl=6

< John: Good Success Brawl: Failure

< Net Result: John wins - Solid Victory

Hearing John's comment, Eli staggers back in his struggles and smirks to the other doctor. "There are many reasons why I was never in a frat…" The second question can't get answered though as Elijah takes a hard elbow to the nose. A yell of alarm is given, his hand going up quickly as blood comes from his nose. However, much to his own surprise and perhaps those who knew the typically pacifistic doctor…he didn't back down. "That is ENOUGH!" he said a bit louder, but still not Bob volume. Still loud for him. He reaches to grab the back of the shirt of whichever man was closest…starting to simply stagger backwards and prepared to bring the man down with him to get him out of the brawl.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Bob=melee Vs Brawl=6

< Bob: Great Success Brawl: Good Success

< Net Result: Bob wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Terry=Melee Vs Brawl=6

< Terry: Success Brawl: Great Success

< Net Result: Brawl wins - Solid Victory

John staggers back as he is repulsed at first. "Son of a bitch!" He yells. "I SAID SETTLE THE FUCK DOWN!" John dives forward directly at one of the instigators of this little hoedown, angling his armored shoulder against the solar plexis of his chest. He charges forward attempt to bowl people over.

Setting the bin down beside one of Noah's tables, Ginny nods quickly. "S'no problem. Friggin' brutes." She spits, remarking on Phil and Rick's initial behavior.

Keeping to the sidelines, the feather-ruffled Ginny watches worriedly as noses are bloodied and bodies are tousled in the brawl. She inwardly feels sorry for the bar's proprietor… but, mind you… Sophia definitely holding her own. Ginny's fingers wrap themselves around the back of a chair, ready to throw it in the direction of an aggressor to trip them up should they come flying in her direction. Brow furrowed, teeth clenched, she can feel her upset rising as she sees people — the ones trying to /stop/ this — getting pummeled. Fingers grip the back of the chair tighter.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sophia=melee Vs Brawl=6

< Sophia: Success Brawl: Great Success

< Net Result: Brawl wins - Solid Victory

Terry gets to his knees, and then to his feet, and re-enters the fray. He lands a couple of (albeit ineffective) punches.. and again finds himself tossed out onto his ass. Today is just not his day. Maybe he needs some coffee, or alcohol… or both. Both sounds good. It'll do some good to blunt the ache he'll probably have tomorrow.

Well, Soph's weapon smashed over the man's back, so she's got nothing when the man turns and elbows her in the head. Being short is not always advantageous. And down goes the barkeep, not unconscious but the room definitely is spinning.

Bob and Rick never really got along anyway. So after that elbow Bob took to the face that leaves him cut and bleeding, Bob's had about enough. With a grumble, Bob grabs one guy between him and Rick, tosses him to the ground and then shoves Rick back against the wall and … Well and then Sophia get's hit. The guy who elbows her finds himself spun around to face Bob who punches him in the face and follows him to the ground. Bob just starts punching the guy over and over again. And over again.

With the shouting to stop finally being louder than the encouragement, and then Bob finally getting into the midst of it the one guy goes down and Rick certainly wasn't expecting to be face-to-face with Bob so his hands go up in surrender, the fight all gone from him. Now the only fight left is the one Bob is having with the guy that elbowed Sophia…and that one is kinda one-sided.

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