(2016-06-22) Two Out of Three Isn't Bad
Two Out of Three Isn't Bad
Summary: Terry takes the M0 out, and puts it through its paces.
Date: 06.20.2016
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Wall St. (WS) Stratford
Wed Jun 22, 2016 — Wed Jun 22 19:36:42 2016

This sprawling neighborhood a mix of one and two story homes. Most are older ones, clearly built in the mid 20th century (50's) though some are a decade or two newer. Most are well kept, but the yards are overgrown with grass and weeds. One two story house seems to be the worse for wear, mostly because all the bullet holes that infest the siding and the blown out windows. A few cars parked around it are decorated with bullet holes as well.
On a few of the houses there is evidence that there may have been something mounted on the roof (something like solar panels), but whatever it was is long gone now.

It is summer. The weather is hot and drizzling.

Terry - 6'1", 175lbs of pure Massachusetts muscle. Brown-hued hair in a high-and-tight haircut. Green eyes. Camo jeans, GORE-TEX hikers, and a black shirt.
Exits: [146] 146 Wall St [148] 148 Wall St
[152] 152 Wall St [159] 159 Wall St.
[5] 5th Street [G] Wall ST. Gardens
[NTS] N. Texas Street (NTS)

<FS3> Terry rolls Firearms: Success.

Just after dusk, Terry and Fritz — Terry's ever-present canine companion — head out to do some hunting. Terry's decided to bring his new weapon, the M0, made for him by Monica. He sets up a perch in one of the buildings on Wall Street, and settles in for the long wait. Eventually, he sights his first target: a fat, delicious-looking goose cruising across the sky. Terry's first shot of the evening sends it plummeting to the ground, and he makes a mental note of its location for later.

<FS3> Terry rolls Firearms: Good Success.

The heat of summer is partially offset by the drizzling rain, but it also means Terry's not in optimal shooting conditions; thus, while his next target — a sheep, of all things — also finds itself on the receiving end of a round, it's not the instant-kill-shot for which he was hoping. The animal spends the next several moments proned out on the ground, bleating in terror, before going silent.

<FS3> Terry rolls Firearms: Failure.

Terry's last target, a plump turkey, also meets a bullet. Unfortunately fate seems to have plans contrary to his own, this time around, and thus the turkey disappears in a flurry of feathers, reduced to something less than usable. "Damn," he mutters to himself, deciding to pack it in for now. He heads around, securing his kills (two out of three isn't bad), before heading back to camp.

Hunting Rolls

1 Goose
1 Sheep
1 Turkey

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