(2016-06-23) Waistin' Away Again in Marijunana-ville
Waistin' Away Again in Marijuana-ville
Summary: Mon fixes a CD player for Piper, and is repaid with pot brownies, a fact which she isn't quite aware of. She has two. She and Piper finally talk, and then head off, high as kites and armed to the teeth, to the reservoir to swim.
Date: 2016.06.23
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Monica peers out the door of her apartment, then slinks through it, whereing a toga-styled coverup, formerly a sheet. Whatever she's wearing, it doesn't cover her ankles, and she's not wearing socks. The toga is held closed by her pistol belt, and the pistol. Mon's getting weird(er) in her old age, perhaps? No. That's not it. She comes to the entrance to the building and repeats the process. In the process of slinking out that door, she runs into Piper. "Oh. Hi."

There is power, finally. A fact that Piper is go smacked over. Ever since it has came on she has been searching all over the apartments for a hand-held CD player. She did't have much luck until the very end, but jackpot, she did, but sadly it doesn't work. And that is why she is outside Monica's apartment, CD player in one hand, a plate with a few brownies on it in the other. Hard to tell which is the rarer find, the antiquated CD player or the brownies. But if the latter will get the woman to fix the CD player all the better. "Hi!" she greets a bit of a smile coming out at the woman's attire. "Inter…Inter…." she can't get the word out so she just holds out the CD player "Broke." that comes easily enough.

Monica looks down at herself, as though surprised to find what she's wearing. "Um… yeah, I was heading to the reservoir to go swimming." Her voice drops to a conspiratorial low. "I'm in my bikini." She takes the CD player in hand, and tries a few of the buttons, then blows out her cheeks. "Not sure what I can do for it. If it's something simple, maybe, but the electronics in this will be so small you can't really see them without a magnifying glass." She smiles at the brownies. "You didn't have to… but yeah, I'll definitely take you up on a brownie or two. Come on, let's head up to my place. I keep my soldering iron there."

"Nice." she likes to do that herself, but usually it is with the children "After?" Piper gives a gesture to the CD player and then toward the direction the lake is in. There is a bit of a frown at Monica's honesty and she gives a nod, lifting a hand and crossing her fingers. "Special.." she nods to the brownies on the plate, but gives no indication as to what is special about them.

Monica nods. "That sounds good. I haven't been swimming since last summer. And I was all alone in Granite Springs reservoir, in Wyoming, while I was on my way to Fremont. It felt amazing, but it was terrifying." She leads Piper up to her apartment. What might make brownies special doesn't really dawn on her. Probably a family recepie or something.

Pied-Piper or Piper for short is young woman that seems to be just about in her early 20's. Her figure is petite, features youthful, but with the curves associated with womanhood. Additionally, she has one of those faces that looks vaguely familiar, like you may have seen her before but can't remember where. Maybe on the cover of some magazine, she certainly has the exotically beautiful looks for it.
Her skin is a light brown, freckles splash across her nose and eyes nearly black that don't show much in the way of emotion. Black hair thick, kinky and with a mind of its own falls to just past her waist…and there is /so/ much of it. So much that it tries to escape the barrettes and bobby pins used to hold it back from her face.
She wears a black t-shirt, Music is my Religion' circling a treble clef, under an oversize ochre cardigan with green flecks, jeans that nearly fit but are to long and the hem has to be cuffed. As for shoes, that's a big nope. She's barefoot.

Piper can't say the same thing about swimming, both literally and figuratively, she does nod in understanding though as she follows the other woman to her apartment. This is a testing moment for her, she rarely even goes into Quinton's apartment, much less any one else's, so her going into Monica's is kinda a big deal for her. "Yes." she can see how it would be terrifying under the circumstances.

Monica 's apartment is, to be honest, boring. It whiffs faintly of gasoline still, and there are tools in neat piles here and there, little projects disassembled on the dining room table, notebooks, library books, and so on. She's not the neatest of housekeepers. Tacked to the wall, on about ten sheets of lined notebook paper, are the plans and schematics for the M0, right down to the ballistics calculations on the cartridge. Another page lists ".44-40 Foreman" and lists a fairly ordinary combination of a 230gr bullet and about 6 grains of nitrocellulose propellant, primer, yadda yadda. Upshot: there's an indentation in the old school minieball bullet that all six grains of nitrocellulose and the primer fit in, hearkening back to the very earliest Smith and Wesson revolver designs. Smokeless powder for the win. Mon notices Piper's discomfort at entering the strange room. "Sokay. It's just me in here. Normally… I go to his place because mine's such a mess."

Piper has six little ones, do you think her's is any less messy. It is not. Only her's has toys and children's clothes and not weapon schematics creating the mess. A nod is given even though words really can't erase her initial discomfort, oh the things she will do for music. "Gabriel's?" she asks, she assumes so, but it doesn't hurt to ask. She holds out the plate, letting Monica get first pick, before taking one herself.

Monica nods. She takes a brownie (dun dun DUN!) and bites into it. "Yeah. I'm gonna have to figure out how to make… you know…" She turns the CD player over and takes the screws out, then pops the case open. "Condoms," she says, finally. Blushing. "We're just about through the box you gave me. Turns out I like sex. Who knew?"

Piper takes a smaller bite of her own and glances around for a place to sit down "No." she shakes her head at the suggestion "Have more." and they have all sorts of places they can go to find them still. The question, which she thinks is rhetorical has her giving the other woman a perplexed look, almost as if to say 'everyone knew.'. If anyone should be surprised by enjoying the act it should be her, considering her history, and maybe she was at first but she is over it, Quinton not so much, over the surprise of it all that is. She noms a bit more of the brownie as she watches Monica take apart the CD player, her look hopeful that it can be made working again.

<FS3> Monica rolls Search: Great Success.
<FS3> Monica rolls Search: Success.

Monica eats the brownie like it's a perfectly ordinary one. She reaches for another. "These are really good." She grins. "We may be in luck here. Looks like the batteries leaked and corroded the terminals. Ate the wires away." She gets the dead batteries out, and gets out some nitric acid. Who doesn't have the precursor to modern explosives in her apartment, after all? She adds a little of the stuff to a glass of tap water, and dabs it onto the terminals with a q-tip. Fizziness happens as the alkaline battery electrolyte is neutralized by the acid. Then she scrapes it off. She rummages around in a junk pile and finds some wire, and carefully solders new power and common wires to the thing. She then reaches for the package of Energizers, still good and well within their expiration date, sitting right on top of the junk pile, opens the package and slips the batteries in. She presses the switch, and the lights light and the cd spins. She smiles at Piper and kind of stops there for a moment, looking at the other woman as though she's never really seen her before. “Wow… I'm having a hard time concentrating today…” Then turns back to the junk pile. "Headphones. Headphones." She finds a pair of cat-mauled, foam padded headphones from the 80s and plugs them in. "Good news and bad news."

"Easy." she warns as Monica goes for another brownie "They're 'special." she reaches over and takes the one Monica grabbed and halves it, keeping half for herself and leaving the other for Monica. As she watches Monica work her own brand of magic on the CD player the contents that makes the brownies special begin to work magic as well "Is it sup-posed to do that?" a whole eight syllable sentence…that's the equivalent to a Shakespearean monologue for the woman, at least when it comes to speaking to Monica. And she is asking about the fizzing. There is a bit of a smirk at the comment about concentration, but she is more interested in the good/bad news "Bad news first." even more syllables!

Monica giggles. "The good news is, it works. The bad news is, I think it's got Justin Beiber in it." She giggles some more and hands Piper the headphones while she snaps the case back together (it skips a few times when she does that) and puts the screws back in. She's not quite messed up enough to make a puppet or remote control joke, and frowns briefly at the idea. But the joke makes her giggle again.

Piper makes a face, her love of music doesn't seem to extend to Beiber "He was such an ass." she says that as if she actually knew the guy. She takes the headphones, hanging them from her neck as Monica puts the CD player back together "Selena was much nicer." could she be talking about Selena Gomez? Who knows. "What?" she asks to the giggling Monica, not sure what is funny.

Monica cracks up again. "Having a mad scientist moment. I dunno." She laughs and turns the soldering iron off to conserve butane. "Did you know these people or something?" She eyes the brownies and, like a naughty child tries to sneak another.

Piper clearly doesn't get it, but is amused at Monica's amusement. The question has her hand wobbling. "Not well. We meet once or twice at shows." she was a musician in her prior life, had an album even, so it isn't a stretch that their social circles would cross occasionally. "Those have pot in them." she finally admits when Monica goes for the last one.

Monica blinks, and sets the brownie back down. "You brought … pot brownies? Is that why I feel so weird?" But… it's funny feeling like she does. And heavens above it feels good to laugh after the end of the world. Mon laughs and shakes her head. “Oh boy. So… you were… that kind of pro. Like… famous. Whatzername… Ginnie was saying she thought she recognized you."

"I told you, special." Piper reminds her and then nods at the question about why she feels weird "Yes." while she is talking more freely there is still the awkward pauses and nothing more than eight syllables, but that is a lot for her. Another hand wobble "Certain circles." while Piper's eyes are normally dilated, especially in low light conditions, they are now a bit glassy from the marijuana coursing through her system, though she drops them "That was me. That me is dead." and if their were munchkins around they would be dancing and singing Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.

Monica blows out her cheeks. "I thought you meant like a family recipe or something." Mon snorts and chuckles. When Piper pronounces herself dead she nods slowly. "I think… we die… I mean… when things change, and who we are doesn't make sense with them anymore… that us dies. And a new us is born from that same DNA, you know? I like this you. I didn't know you before. But you're fierce, and you're kind, and… I like you. And I trust you." She chuckles. "Even if you did bring pot brownies."

That gets Piper to giggle for a few moments, the naivete of Monica. It ceases when the other woman starts to get philosophical or is it psychological…either or "They made me that way." for better or worse. Though does she mean they, her abusers or they the aliens or possibly both. Whatever she means there is a shadow to her features when she mentions it. "I'm a stranger." she then giggles again "People are strange, when you're a stranger…." she begins to sing that classic Doors song, that she should be to young to even know about much less know the words too.

You say, "Faces look ugly, when you're alone." Mon giggles. "Lost Boys soundtrack. I saw that on cable a bunch of times." That it was a Doors song prior she might not even know. She shrugs out of her toga. "Wanna go swim or something?""

Piper just shakes her head with a sigh "The Doors." she corrects though she appreciated the movie herself, eye candy and vampires before they got all sparkly. "Yes. Swimming!" she nods enthusiastic at the suggestion though a thought popping into her head creases her brow, but she can't quite grasp it…something about swimming, but she can't remember so pushes it away "Get others or just us?" she is fine with either

Monica nods resolutely and straps her gunbelt on to her bare waist. A moment's thought. "No gun belt if I'm high, right?" She takes the belt off again.

"Good policy." Piper tells her, but they are going outside the walls so she seems to be on the fence about it and she is high so both judgment and inhibition is low "Just in case?" she takes the plate with the last brownie on it "Maybe grab some chips." because now she has the munchies.

Monica blinks, confused now. She shrugs and gets her rifle instead. We are going outside the perimeter and hey. It's a lot harder to shoot yourself with a rifle, at least by accident. "Oh! Oh! wait, I have a thing for you I was gonna give you before and forgot." She rummages around and finds it, and hands Piper a tiny music box. "I found this in a house."

<OOC> Monica says, "Of course it plays Music Box Dancer. What else?"

A thing? Piper is perplexed and pauses as she starts to open the door. "Oh." she says as the music box is presented and she gives a smile at the song "Frank Mills." she knows her music, that's for sure. "Thank you." she is clearly touched by the gift, but it doesn't stop her from heading out and leading the way to the lake, where they can enjoy an afternoon of swimming in the lake.

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