(2016-06-24) Ride to the Moon
Ride to the Moon
Summary: Mon and Gabriel (Also Trouble the dog) go scavenging. They find each other. (Surprise.)
Date: 2016.06.24
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<Scavenge> Gabriel searches and finds:
1 Stress Relief hand lotion
5 Bags of Dried Beans
2 Boxes Taper Candles

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
1 Pack of Gum
1 Color pencils
1 Pistol Mag (empty)

<Scavenge> Gabriel searches and finds:
3 Scrubbing Sponges
1 Scented Jar Candles

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
1 Bottle of Manischewitz
5 Cans of Meat

<OOC> Monica says, "booze!"
<Scavenge> Gabriel searches and finds:
1 Scented Jar Candles
1 Peter Pan on DVD
1 Book-NonFiction-Celebrity Cookbook
1 Mysterious Corpse

<Scavenge> Monica searches and finds:
4 Jars Baby Food
4 Panties

With the evening slowly drawing later, with just the last lights still shining down on the place, Gabriel is clearing some of the mobile park. Most likely about to head back to his room, with Trouble at his side. Going through one of the last spots for the day. Havving gotten several things with him. Frowning at the scent of a corpse, but soon enough trying to move along. A bag with him that he has stuffed with things. Still trying to find just a bit more to fill up the bag.

Monica has a sack of her own over one shoulder. She's found the weirdest assortment of things. And then… "Oh hey Trouble. Is… Oh hi." Mon grins, even though it dawns on her that Gabriel doesn't know that. She moves closer. "Finding anything interest… oh gross. That's a nasty corpse."

Gabriel smiles at the voice. "Hello." He greets her. Nodding about the corpse. "Indeed. It's a terrible fate." He says and sighs. "Find anything?" He asks her. Shaking his own bag some. "I have some candles, sponges, and beans." He offers to her. "Figured I'll try some more stuff before heading back for the day. Always nice to see you, as well."

You say, "I found some gum… stale as hell, but you could probably still chew it. Bottle of cheap kosher wine… some panties… they might fit… Empty magazine for some nine mil pistol or other. Oh, and a boyfriend. I found one of those too. Although he's the same boyfriend I've had for a few weeks now." She chuckles and leans against Gabriel briefly, affectionately. Mon? Take cues from the dog? well yeah…"

Gabriel ahs and nods, "Sounds like a good find still." He offers about what she found. Grinning about the last part. "Ah, good to hear. Was worried that you found a new boyfriend." He teases. Leaning against her in return. "Isn't it getting late?" He asks, not able to see if it is dark or not, but the change in temperature is a giveaway.

You say, "Little bit. Oh, I turned the power on, finally. So if there are weird buzzings and stuff in your apartment, that's probably why." She looks up at Gabriel, and closes her eyes, as though trying to will him to know that she'd really like to be kissed right now. Just 'cause. She will, she realizes, probably have to be more direct. Or the dog will get the message, which isn't the same at all. "Don't think we have the current to do baking yet. We're stretched a little thin as is. I'll probably have to add another wind turbine or two to get the system up to that. Then you and Ginny can go to town.""

Gabriel ahs and nods, "I see. Then I know what it is at least." He offers. As she moves to look up at him, perhaps he does realize that she seems to be staring at him. Leaning against her some. "That is unfortunate. Though I am sure we can solve baking with the use of open fire or such instead, if not quite the same." Nodding a bit slowly. "Sounds great. You're really working hard." He offers and smiles. Finally kissing her, or trying to at least.

Monica kisses Gabriel hungrily. She lets her bag slide to the ground and kisses him a good long time, in front of God, the aliens, and the dog. When she finally draws back she whispers, "that… never gets old. I hope."

Gabriel does feel how hungrily Monica kisses him, giving in some as well. Returning it in kind. "It really doesn't." He agrees. "I', glad that you're safe. I've missed you." He admits. Standing and holding her, for now.

Monica nods. "I'm fine." She sighs a little. "Well armed, and voted most likely to shoot someone five times running… But I'm getting better, I think. I have more friends now than before, when I can pry myself out of the machine shop. I mean, I haven't talked to anyone today except you and the dog. Been making an ammunition factory. The whole thing would fit in the back of a pickup."

Gabriel smiles and nods, "I'm glad to hear." He says about her state. As for the ammunitions, he ahs. "That can really come in handy." He agrees. Smiling brightly. "You know. If you want we could stay in the same apartment more permanently. I wouldn't mind the company, I doubt Trouble would either." He suggests, basically asking to move in together.

Monica shivers a little and leans against Gabriel. "I was thinking about that, but… you wouldn't want all my crap in your apartment with us. Your apartment is nice. Mine looks like homeless people squat there and smells like they fix lawnmowers there too.

Gabriel chuckles, "I am at your place ever so often, I don't mind. Besides, it means you'll be around more." He offers and squeezes her a bit. "I mean, why wouldn't I want more of you around?" He says and smiles to her. "We should try and wrap up and head back though." He says, while still just hugging her.

Monica nods. "yeah, it's getting kind of dark. Wouldn't want the sentries to shoot us." She leans against Gabriel gently. "I'll think about it. Um… I'd be interested in camping out there tonight, certainly." She laughs a little. "I was talking with Piper the other day and I was like "yeah… turns out I like sex. Who knew?" She looked at me like I'd lost my mind."

Gabriel nods and leans against her. "Sounds like a plan." He says before laughing as well. "Glad to hear. Though I am sure she doesn't blame for it." He suggests and kisses her cheek. "Hope it's only with me though. I am getting quite attached afteer all." He teases and nudges her.

Monica gets her bag. She doesn't take Gabriel's free hand, not knowing what he needs to use it for, but it seems to her like putting a hand over someone's eyes. She pfffs. "Nooo. Nobody else ever touched me." She goes quiet after that for a bit.

Gabriel does move a bit, to where a stick lays. Most likely having put it there earlier. Smiling as he looks over at her. "I believe you." He offers. "Makes me feel quite special." He admits. Moving back towards her. Gesturing for Trouble to followw. "You really are amazing, you know that?"

Monica shakes her head, but a quiet smile does appear there, out of Gabriel's sight. "Noo… I'm just me. I've got no real social skills, and even other nerds think I'm nerdy. I just… never dated much. We were always busy with the farm, or reenactment, and all that time I was with my dad and my brothers… and guys seemed to keep their distance." She chuckles a little. "Dad did make me carry an anachronistic gun though. Little .357 magnum Derringer, in case some guy tried something. I still have it. It's either on me or in arm's reach at all times. He… was weird about the idea.

Gabriel nods as he listens, "I know what you mean. I didn't do much of it either. It perhaps happened, but mainly people stayed away from the blind weird kid." He says and chuckles. "Besides, cooking kept me company." Tilting his head. A small grin. "I suppose it's always good to have something like that around to protect yourself." He offers and shrugs. "Either way, you're still special. At least to me."

Monica gently bumps into Gabriel. Hopefully not hard enough to knock him off his course. "Cooking nerd." Mon huhs. "In reenactment, the camp cook was the most popular guy in the camp. I guess it's not like that in professional kitchens." Monica tromps toward the perimeter with Gabriel. "Halloo!" she shouts up when she's fairly sure they can hear her. "It's Mon and Gabriel."

Gabriel chuckles, "Well, I was only a trainee for a great chef. Before ending up opening my own place." Chuckling at the nudge, as he stumplpes just a bit, nudging her in return. Nodding as she greet any guards. Trouble running around both Gabe and Mon.

A flashlight beam is noticed by two of the three travelers, Mon and the dog. Mon squints to protect her night vision, and out of the dark a voice calls "'Bout time, you two. We've been waiting for you to come back. Any trouble?"

"Found a corpse, but no trouble, other than the dog." Gabriel answers as he runs a hand through his hair. Starting to open up a bit at least, it seems. Feeling the light as it hit his face perhaps, or just hearing where the sound is coming from, as he is looking straight to the guards.

You say, "I found a man. Can I keep him?" Mon says. She points broadly at Gabriel. There's laughter from the wall. "Come on in," the original voice, who is not laughing, says. "It's dangerous to be out after dark." "Yessir," Mon replies, crisply, the mirth fading away. "Be more careful." "Yessir.""

Gabriel chuckles and nods at what Mon says. Though at the worries from one of the guards, he nods. "Sorry. Didn't know." He says and will start to head in. Letting Monica do the talking, probably more comfortable with that.

There's quiet. "Oh. Right." The humorless guard sounds embarassed, anyway. "Have a good evening, you two," he finally says. It sounds a lot like 'You can go about your business. Move along.' Mon wonders who the guard is. Terry, she knows, has a sense of humor. She goes back to Gabriel's room with him.

Gabriel nods, "Thanks." He offers and will move along as well, probably recognizing who it is by their voice. However probably would only know them from guarding. Either way he head in and back towards his place with Monica, and Trouble.

You say, "Do bright lights hurt your eyes, even though you can't see it?" Mon asks as she shrugs out of her buckskin shirt. She folds it up and hangs it in Gabriel's closet, wearing only a thin, tattered t-shirt underneath. She unlaces her boots and the pants go the same way. She pauses in Gabriel's bathroom and makes use of her spare toothbrush in there.

"I can at times notice them, but no. It doesn't hurt. Usually it just feel warm." Gabriel explains. Hearing how she hangs up her things. His bag being hung up as well. Taking off his shoes and helping Trouble with the worse of any mud the dog might have before letting Trouble run loose inside. Letting Monica get settled in while he takes off his shirt as well. Moving into the bathroom as well, to try and brush his own teeth. Coming up behind Monica.

Monica spits out the toothpaste and wipes her mouth before leaning back against him. She looks in the mirror, at how little the thin t-shirt really hides with the lights on. Right now, it doesn't seem to matter so much. It's only an undershirt. and it's probably going to be on the floor soon enough for tonight's ride to the moon. "I'd like to leave the lights on. I want to see," she whispers as he comes up behind her.

Gabriel let his arms wrap around her as he feel her leaning against him. Able to relax now that they are in safety, especially with her around as well. "Okay." He agrees to it, not seeming to mind. He keeps her close for a moment as a warm smile spreads on his lips. "Beautiful," he whispers, as his hands gently slide up her sides, under her shirt.

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