(2016-06-25) Blond on the Roof
Summary: Blond on the Roof
Date: 2016.06.25
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Having heard that the machine shop needed some help. Virgil has been over earlier and is currently working on repairing the roof while the light is still out. Humming a bit to himself as he works. Enjoying the silence as no one is around, as far as he's aware. Most having other things to attend. The cool air being appreciated as the summer is usually quite warm.

Monica got up late today and took a nice looong shower. Two cups of coffee later, and she hums to herself (Dixie, in case you wondered), walking toward the machine shop with an M0 slung over her shoulder. What's on her agenda today? She's taken it into her head that it'd be a good idea to rustle up some seeds and make sure that when Camp Hope needs to plant cereal grains, sugar beets, and so on, that they can. She pauses seeing someone on the roof of the shop, but even unslinging her rifle is pretty casual. The big blond looks familiar. "Hey," she shouts up.

Virgil does look over at the sound. "Oh, hey there. Don't shoot." He says and grins. "Was just told to help fix the roof. Almost done. Not my best work, but it should hold quite well." He assures her. Pretty sure that they've met before. "I'd greet you properly but kinda got my hands full."

Monica smiles up at him. "Thank heaven. I'm about out of space in there, and I hate having equipment under the leaks. I'm Monica, by the way. We've met, but I've spaced your name." She pauses "I keep thinking about adding one of the trailers from the trailer park to this place, right where the right hand garage door opens, but my carpentry's rusty and I've been busy. What do you think?

Virgil chuckles and nods, "Well, good thing I'm here then." He offers with a wink. "Name's Virgil." Continuing his work. Nodding a bit to her question as well, "Ah, yes. I think that could be done. I'm happy to help out if you need it, as long as we have the material."

You say, "isn't that always the problem?" Mon shakes her head. "Kind of frustrating to live where wood doesn't grow on trees, for the most part. How're you fixed for a saw mill?""

"So it seems." Virgil offers with a bit of a laugh. As for the last question, he shrugs. "Trying to go for that. Just need to find the space, also I'm usually busy with other woodworking, or guarding duty. Though a sawmill could help out quite a bit."

Monica ponders, looking at the shop and thinking about the stuff that's in there, and the junk lying all around in the street masquerading as cars. And hey, saw blades might still be at the hardware store. "So… that's basically a big table saw designed to cut logs square. Right?"

Virgil nods, "Something like that. Would need a powerful energy source as well. For now we've been able to make due with axe and smaller trees and so forth." He says and chuckles. "Not quite effective though."

You say, "I've got two-to-five horsepower gas engines. Could use a motorcycle engine or a small car engine." She blows out her cheeks. "Might as well use the gasoline while it will still burn.""

Virgil nods, "Sounds good. We could try to find some sawblades to use." He suggests, continuing on the roof and after several minutes he finishes up.

Monica nods. "I can make one, comes to that. It'll last better if we can find a good, big carbide edged one." Mon runs her hands through her hair, and finds that it's still damp at the roots. She chuckles to herself. "How big a log do you have available? there's no sense making the blade any bigger than it needs to be.

Virgil ahs and nods, "That would be quite awesome." He agrees. As for the log, he smirks and can't help himself. "Oh, it's large enough… Oh you mean the tree, well I've not gone cutting down them myself. What we've had has been decent sized though." Shrugging a little bit.

Monica thinks about it a while longer. "Lemme draw some sketches. This going to be a little complicated. All done up there?"

Virgil nods and is making his way down. "There we go. Good to meet you again." He says, offering to give her a hug before stepping back. As he usually greet everyone. "Anything else I can help out with? I am sure there are repairs to be made?"

Monica isn't a hundred percent compatible with the hug, not fresh out of her lover's bed, the memory fresh on her skin. Still. Hugs. She hugs after a moment. "So where did you come from anyway? Were you here when I got here?"

Virgil doesn't seem to mind and just steps back. "Yeah, I'm from Texas. However ran into all these folks back at camp Hope already. So I do believe that I was around when you got here." He answers with a few small nods.

Monica nods. "Sooo… I should stop badmouthing Texas and try to like it, is what you're saying." She chuckles. "I'm from Wyoming. It's different." Mon offers a hand to shake.

Virgil chuckles and nods. Taking the offered hand, not really much for shaking so it seems slightly awkward. "You do what you must. It's been awhile since I was here, until we all returned. IT's been since the start of all things going to shit since I've been here." He explains and shrugs. "Though if you badmouth Texas then I get to badmouth Wyoming." He teases.

Monica nods a little. "What'd you do, back in the old world? Carpenter? Or was that the only hammer you could find?"

Virgil chuckles, "Yeah, carpenter. As well as woodworking, making furniture and so on." Leaving out the smuggler part for the time being.

Monica nods. "Roofing hammers look different." She grins. "Thanks for fixing that. I'll get to work on your sawmill and start scouting a trailer to rip the end out of." She looks away a moment. "Assuming the Aliens don't jump the gun and blow us all up early."

"No worries, and thank you." Grinning a bout as he listens. Stretching some. "Hey, what fun would that be? I am sure they'll take their time, until it's too late for them." He suggests and glances about. "Need any more help?"

Monica ponders. "Not unless you've got a burning desire to help me steal a pair of windmills. We've got power working but… we start running air conditioning later in the summer we're going to run dry, literally.

Virgil grins, "I could, thought think you need more than just me." He says and chuckles. Giving her a small wave. "I probably should get moving soon then. At least the roof won't give you any trouble."

Monica nods. "I'll let you know when I have that sawmill ready to test. Never built one before." Not that Mon ever let that stop her. She thinks about the projects he has. Grains and sugar beets first. Then sawmill. "Oh hey… if you have any ideas on how to turn like… a mobile home into a greenhouse, let me know. I have this idea that we're going to want to grow grain next year, and it'd be nice to have some seed growing this year.

Virgil ahs and nods, "I suppose we would need to have glass roof or similar." He explains. "We could try to work on something?" He suggests and smiles. "Thank you." He offers and tilts his head. "I think it also depends some on the mobile home. Admittedly, I'm not used to working with that, but perhaps I can think some stuff out if I know what it looks like. We probably would need to cut it up some though."

You say, "We have a ton of them. I'm going to cut one up to build your sawmill. That way you can move the thing when you need to.""

"Sounds like a plan." Virgil says and grins. "I should be able to work something out for you." He says about the greenhouse. "I'll work on some sketches. It also depend on if we have the tools for it. Don't we already have a greenhouse about?"

You say, "We have a bunch, but they're all in use." She thinks to herself, 'pretty sure they're growing pot in one of them,' but doesn't mention that aloud."

Virgil ahs and nods. "Well then. We will make another one then." He says and smiles. "We can find the mobile house and cut it up, put in some shaded glass and so forth, make things ready for an actual greenhouse. We will have to clear it out as well."

Monica nods. "Okay." She grins. "Thanks."

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