(2016-07-05) Western Flare
Western Flare
Summary: The Boot Emporium is poked around in
Date: July 5, 2016
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Boot Emporium

Sure the building says Boot Emporium, but it is so much more than that, sure a whole big section is dedicated to various boots, mostly cowboy boots and other types of work boots, but there is also sections for men and women's clothing, all with a southwest flare.

There are a number of mannequins that display clothes and the decor of course is all western themed, including a few faux fences with saddles sitting on them and a large stuffed bison in the center of the store, with a sign about getting an sales associates help with photographs. On one wall is a glass case that displays belt buckles, large ones, small ones, decorative, functional, some with snarky comments others obvious medals for rodeos.

The Boot Emporium…the largest shop in Stratford. With its padlocked doors and potentially nothing in it that the camp couldn't live without it’s no surprise that it really hasn't been touched as of yet. A pair of boltcutters took care of the lock on the double doors that make up the front entrance so now the warehouse sized store with all its western paraphernalia is there for the taking "It's like a rodeo got sick." Piper comments as she gazes through the dusty grayness that makes up the interior of the large store.

Quinton stands in the doorway, looking unimpressed at the items in the store. Western just really was never this thing. Ever. "…yeah. It's not…." His nose wrinkles and he sighs, "Boots might be durable though." he hopes. He's not wearing any of the shirts.

Piper is certainly unimpressed with the shoe part of the store, which of course is what the poet would mention is the most useful thing there in his mind. "Jeans are good." and there is a plethora of denim, some of it even the heavy work clothes kind "Monica'd like that." she gestures to the belt buckle display, but more for its metal and potential other uses.

Quinton nods, moving over towards the belts, "Yeah…might be able to use some for hoisters…" Monica's been worried about holstering her new rifles. Quin's new one is over his shoulder in a very patched together holster that u fall apart any time. Something catches his eye and he moves over towards the jacket section. Leather jackets, even cowboy ones, are good.

"Or a rifle sling." like the one she uses to carry her rifle when she isn't carrying baby Quinn strapped to her, which it is to hot for at the moment. This weather has her a bit wilty, but not particularly crabby at least. For the moment Piper follows him to to belts, checking a few of them out, but not grabbing any just yet "Won't be hot forever." she comments when she sees what he is going after. "Try one?"

Quinton's looking throughout he racks, they all have the store sensors on them, they'll have to see if they can get those off somehow. "Isn't Texas always hot?" He's only half kidding, no snow at least. Pale eyes go through jackets, some have fringe, some are more duster like, which he seems more interested in . He looks up, an eyebrow raised slightly, "Yeah?"

"When it isn't raining." Piper quips, which she would prefer right about now. It is certainly hotter than what they are used too. "Why not?" she tilts her head at him "Gotta fit, right?"

Quinton hesitates and then pulls a dark brown duster off of the rack. It's got the flaps and loops like any good duster has. He looks at the tag, "It says it's …waterproof…" That's a point in it's favor!

As he is picking out a duster Piper moves away from the belts to a display of t-shirts that are still mostly neatly folded, or maybe they always were a bit dishelved, they will never know. "Really?" she eyes the jackets again and then her gaze moves to him "Have to test that." her grin suggests she may have ideas about how to do that.

Quinton shrugs the coat on, it's long, but he's long so it fits. It fact it feels right. He turns once and then holds his hands out, like he's showing it to her, "Need a horse now."

Her gaze stays on him as he puts the long leather trench on. As he turns Piper's dark gaze studies him, her eyes roving the figure he cuts in the long leather jacket. The nod she gives is either in agreement or approval, but since she is looking around the store for something its hard to say which, "And…" there is a pause as she spies whatever it is and she quickly goes to get it and bring it back "a hat." it's an Aussie style cowboy hat, flatbrimmed instead of curled, she moves to put it on his head, having to lift up to tiptoes to do so.

Quinton's arms drop, unsure how to take her nod. The poet steps closer to see what she's looking for, and then smiles as there's suddenly a hat landing on his head. He bow's his head to her, to make it easier, 'Yeah?" It works, is ridiculous, but works.

Bending over a bit makes it so much easier on her. "Thanks." Piper says softly to the gesture and then studies him more with the new accessory "Yes." this time it is definite approval "Look." she reaches for a hand to lead him to a the mirror outside the fitting rooms "I like it? You?" there is a sigh "Wish I had a camera. Great picture.

Quinton chuckles, "Oh man…no pictures." Not that they could even develop them. He's grinning though, looking in the mirror, "When it gets colder….I'm set." If they can get the store tags off, that is. He'll playfully grab at her hand and pull her close, "Little lady." It's not a very good accent, but he's smiling .

The response is amusing and Piper gives a bit of a laugh herself. "You will be." she reaches to touch the supple leather on his arm, but the hand is grabbed and she is suddenly pressed up against him. There is a beat or two as she takes in her new proximity, the words, bad accent and expression have her making another amused noise though "Rustler." she's pretty sure that's the right word, she isn't hip on what words all the cool cowboys are using these days.

"I've been called worse." Quin grins, not very cow boyish, or even rustler like. "I may have to….shoot someone at high noon…" That doesn't even make any sense, but he hasn't watched my western movies. As they stand there, a something clinks against a window outside.

"Steal your horse?" only two things in her mind that would cause a cowboy to get into a gunfight, someone stole his horse or his girl. Piper starts to lean forward to put an ear to his chest but the noise against the window has her glancing in that direction instead "Hear that?" she asks, her tone a whisper all of a sudden.

Quinton nods, "Poor horse. It was my favorite." He starts to raise a hand to touch her back, but he freezes as well, hearing it. It was just the one clink, but Piper's nervousness makes him nervous. "Yeah..I'll go look."

That is funny too and there is amusement before the strange noise is heard, but certainly not after. "Careful." Piper tells him as she takes a step away and lets him go investigate the noise outside, it could be a bird or other animal, but nowdays, it never hurts the check.


2 Childrens' Shoes
1 Jackets
3 Slacks
1 Charm Bracelet
3 Jackets
2 Khaki Pants
1 Childrens' Shirt
1 Cargo Shorts
1 Khaki Pants
2 Sweaters
3 T-shirts
1 Silver Ring

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