(2016-07-06) Silence of the Bats
Silence of the Bats
Summary: Monica, Quinton and Piper are out and bats happen.
Date: 7.6.2016
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Mobile Home Park
As one would expect here there are lines of mobile homes that fill this large multi-acre area. The space between the mobile homes are generous leaving room for vehicle parking and a small green space for growing things, be it just grass or a few flowers or vegetables.
Of all the areas in town this is by far the worst off. Drainage isn't good here so puddles of water and sewage both large and small dot the area. Many homes stand open and there is lots of evidence that wildlife has already moved in.
Thankfully though this area is free of any human remains. It was probably one of the first places hit by the plague so there were still enough people around to deal with them.

With the chicken pox having run through the kids like wildfire, Piper's supply of anti-itch herbal remedies is gone. Not good when poison ivy is growing everywhere too. So foraging for plants to make more is at the top of her todo list today. She has gotten distracted by a large hibiscus plant in full bloom. Not only does it grow lovely flowers, but a tea can also be made for various medicinal purposes and it tastes good too. It grows in front of one of the many trailers that fill the mobile home park and she is harvesting the vibrant flowers, though a few have been woven into the braids of her hair…and one is being held by the baby on her back who is captivated by its aroma, Quinn is mushing the flower to his nose.

Monica needed, above all, to get out of the shop for a day. Now that she's had some sleep, spent some quality time actually talking with the boyfriend fellow, she's in a good mood, and when invited on the scavenging run, goes along willingly. When they tell her where it is, she scrounges up a can of muffler spraypaint and chucks it in her pouch. Not the ammo one, the other one. She brings her rifle, of course. She takes a moment to mark, in 3 foot letters, the methlab trailor. She hasn't scavenged it yet. Hasn't found a breathing apparatus she'd trust for the job, and she likes her lungs.

The Elder Quin is not mushing anything to his nose, although he is watching the process with some amusement from the doorway of the non meth trailer he just searched. His fingers steeple the doorframe, but he doesn't say anything. It's not the bets brain day, he's not even been close with names, when he can get them out.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind +1: Failure.

Another flower is twirled in her fingers by the stem as Piper watches Monica graffiti up the meth trailer. She looks tired, the heat getting to her most likely. Why did they move to Texas again? Glancing over her shoulder she grins at the babe as well, reaching back awkwardly to prevent him from tasting it as well. Not that it will hurt him. She doesn't pick the bush clean, there are a lot of flowers and she knows where other such bushes are so she moves along "Good?" she isn't having a great talking day either, and she is only mildly twitchy, the tired thing. The question is posed to Quinton, before she asks her next one "Which?" she gestures to a few of the other trailers.

Monica heads back over to the rest of the gang, scanning the horizon (and closer) for trouble. None so far. She lets Piper and Quinton talk. It's hard enough for them without being interrupted.

Well, it's hard to talk today no matter what. But Quin nods, holding up his filled backpack, "….some." That's helpful! No anti-alien manuals, but batteries and candles are always good, even with power! The poet hops off the stoop and walks towards Piper, although his intent is the babe, who he offers his fingers too.

<FS3> Quinton rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Piper grins tiredly at the reply. A good scavenging day is a morale booster. A hand is lifted to Monica and then she points to the next trailer "There?" one syllable is better than no syllables, right? Oh, fingers! They are better than a stinky flower any day. The baby reaches for the fingers with the same hand the mushed flower is in, which falls to the ground, to grasp them, making happy babbling noises to the poet.

<FS3> Monica rolls Alertness: Good Success.

For a moment her attention is drawn to Quinton and his name sake, but then there is a frown and she begins to look around nervously, her empty hand moving to shade her eyes from the bright sun.

Monica stops suddenly and unslings her rifle, all levity draining from her face. Something. Some vague thing, only perceived subconsciously perhaps, has wormed its way up from the sensory parts of her brain to the reptilian part, and she's suddenly wary without knowing why. She scans the landscape again, not aiming the rifle, but it's certainly ready, and her thumb is close to the hammer. "Something…" she says, "… is watching."

Quinton's head swivels as well, Any smile that was tugging at his lips gone. Seems all three adults sensed something wrong. The poet's eyes aren't scanning though, he's looking down a row of mobile homes like maybe he heard something. Or was that just a shadow from a tree moving? Either way he wets his lips and nods to Monica in agreeance. "Not…safe…" A half step closer to Piper and the babe.

There is a nod to the pair and a hand reaches back over her shoulder to touch the baby on the head. It's enough to get him to fall silent, and clutch the fingers in his hand tighter. Piper is in an awkward position, with Quinn she can't go on the offense and already knows that the other pair will order her to take Quinn and get to cover. The gun at her hip does come from its holster, but she doesn't move in the direction the poet is looking, she is looking for a place to hide that isn't going to have her trapped if the situation gets worse.

Monica says, "Take the baby. Find cover." Mon presses up against the nearest trailer, so at least she's edge-on to whatever it is. Harder to hit. Heart pounding in her chest, the cold, gunslinger mind steals over her. Her voice is deceptively calm. "Whoever you are… best you come out where I can see you." She punctuates it with the click of drawing the hammer back to full cock on her rifle."

Quinton nods again, agreeing with Monica. Piper should do just that. His own pistol comes out. It's faster than trying to get the riffle off is back. He's still focused on the one direction, pale eyes narrow but stay focused, "Go." It's an order directed at Piper.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Stealth: Good Success.

There is a bit of a sigh. Piper expected it, from both. She doesn't particularly like it, but she is not going to put the baby in danger…well anymore than he already is. "Be. Careful." she says softly as she moves away on silent feet to find a hiding place, preferably one where she can still see what is going on.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Search: Failure.

Monica peers the same direction Quinton does. Did something move? She glances toward Quinton. Then takes a good look behind us, the other way. Because if she were going to sneak up and murder people, yeah, she'd find a stray cat and tie it to a tree to generate motion and noise. And then cut the cat loose. There's killin' and then there's killing cats. It's not the same. She looks back the direction she was looking before, and moves to one side, moving toward another trailer to press against, to get another angle on… whatever it is.
Quinton's never thought that much on how he'd kill someone, cause creepy. Instead though, he's thought about evading people. He follows Monica, but mirrors her on a different trailer opposite her. There's nothing moving ….yet. The poet stays quiet, as he is prone to do.

Piper really isn't having much luck finding a place that she won't feel trapped in or where she can keep an eye out for the others. She is staying out of sight though and quiet as she does so, at least she hopes so.

Monica finds herself wishing for a telescopic sight. Or binoculars. Or something. Having a thousand yard reach is useless if you can't see your target. She edges closer to… whatever it is, trying to find better cover than a trailer, which she could shoot clean through without trouble.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Piper=stealth Vs Silencer=7
< Piper: Good Success Silencer: Failure
< Net Result: Piper wins - Solid Victory

Quinton frowns, moving forward to lean against a wall of the trailer. His gun is up and he's set to fire if needed. Creepy watched feelings are not brushed off anymore, alien invasions make those important, "…Around…may-" He's cut off as something gives in tern wall he's leaning against and faster than his reflexes will allow the wall collapses. In an almost comical moment Quin freezes briefly, eyes widening, before toppling into where the wall was and the whole rotted trailer starts to crumple. This would be bad, but onto of that is the sound of many, many bats that had taken roost in the bad trailer screech as they dart out of the collapsing serragent cave. That alerts several other trailer's that have bats and the air is filled with flying mammals.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Quin=Reaction Vs Bats=10
< Quin: Good Success Bats: Success
< Net Result: Quin wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Monica=reaction Vs Bats=8
< Monica: Failure Bats: Good Success
< Net Result: Bats wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Piper=reaction Vs Bats=8
< Piper: Good Success Bats: Great Success
< Net Result: Bats wins - Solid Victory

Well Piper may have been safe from whatever was watching them, but it turns out her hides hole, was full of roosting bats. She has no worry of the creatures, so thought nothing of sharing the space…and then they went bat shit racy. A shrill cry is let out and she basically ducks and covers,. Thankfully she had already shifted Quinn to her front, so her body does the job of protecting him, but her back is certainly taking a beating from the creatures.

Monica gaahs! and dives into the first open trailer she finds, and slams the door. Only a few bats get in with her, and from the banging and "getitoff!" noises, she's going to be occupied with them for a bit. So far she hasn't shot anything. Yet.

Quinton manages to not get bit, but that doesn't mean he's not now buried by the dry rotted trailer. His jeaned legs and booted feet kick, unfortunately that just brings more of the roof down now, and lots of dust particles in the air.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Monica=reaction Vs Bats=4
< Monica: Good Success Bats: Success
< Net Result: Monica wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Quinton=reaction Vs Bats=5
< Quinton: Failure Bats: Good Success
< Net Result: Bats wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Piper=reaction Vs Bats=4
< Piper: Failure Bats: Good Success
< Net Result: Bats wins - Solid Victory

It seems the bats really don't like Piper and Quinn idling in their spot and have gotten very territorial. With her covering and protections Quinn from them and the viscous cklaws and teeth she isn't going to move and risk them getting to him. They continue to claw and bite at her back, neck and shoulders, though one is valiantly trying to escape as it has gotten caught up in her hair.

Quinton gives a strangled cry as a bat that he didn't realize he landed on latches onto his forearm and bites down hard. It's hard for him to get to his feet, or even roll over as the roof pieces and wall are onto of him. He'll definitely be bruised later. But for now it's just a ridiculous situation with him trying to get the bat off his arm and his feet underneath him.
Monica did not pick a good day to dress lightly. She's buzzed by bats, even though they're mostly trying to get away and get out of the closed trailer. She gets scratched a few times, but they're not biting her. There are crashing sounds as, once she's set her rifle safe again, she clobbers at bats with the butt of the rifle. From the settling down, eventually she either gets them all or they get wise and stay far away from her.

After a few for moments the bats deco=idea that Piper isn't worth it and fly off in a swarm…all except the one that flaps uselessly against her head. It's claws caught up in the hair that has come loose in the bat attack. She still waits a few more moment after that to venture forth, warily, one armed tight around Quinn, who is sobbing and crying, the other trying to in effectively get the bat free.

There's a painful screech as Quin kills the one on his arms. He himself flinches, breaking the things neck was not what he wanted to do. Definitely not on his bucket list. He finally get free enough to sit up. The poet is covered in dust and debris, looking slightly ridiculous. Between the ruckus with the trailer and the bats, if there was anyone there, they're probably no longer watching them.

Monica peers through the filthy window of the trailer, trying to find what she was stalking before, but her senses are mangled by bats, she's twitchy, and still wiping one off the butt of her rifle onto the sofa. "If rabies is going around, we're basically screwed," she mutters.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Animal Handling: Success.

Quinton groans, shaking his head causing more dust and dry rot to drift into the air. He coughs, cause yuck and then peers, looking to try and find his people. Piper and Quinn are easy to locate with his sobbing, but where's Monica, "K-Kezia?" His voice is scratchy; he's fighting his normal fight with his voice and the sudden dryness from the dust he's inhaling.

Monica peers through the door window and slips out the door, rifle held ready. She locks the door, sealing the fate of the bats within. They'll be easier to check for rabies dead, right?

As Piper wanders back to the others she at least manages to pin the flapping bat down to her head with a hand. Under other circumstances it might be funny, but not with her back, neck and shoulders a crisscrossing of claw marks and bites oozing blood. Today was nota day for a tank top. Bouncing Quinn as is walks she makes soothing noises to him, but at the moment it isn't helping.

There Monica is. Quin moves to stand up, trying to dust himself off enough to take Quinn from Piper. He's only got the one bite , but it's bleeding pretty heavy. "…okay?" But then his eyes widen as he sees the bat, "Shit." He never seems to have problems with profanity. He moves to go around Piper and try to get the bat out of her curls.

Monica has a bite she hasn't quite registered yet on her shoulderblade, scratches on her arms, and she's coughing from inhaling bat pee. "Pretty sure it wasn't just bats watching us." She coughs some more.

She probably isn't okay, but she has a crying baby and a bat in her hairs, so her concerns are baby, bat, everyone else and then herself, so she nods, though her expression is pained at best. Piper goes completely still as Quinton begins to free the bat from her hair. "Care-ful." letting it go carefully herself. Both hands free she is able to cuddle the baby to herself, patting his back and continuing the soft comforting noises.

Quinton works on getting the bat loose, but glances first at Monica and then in the direction he thought whoever it was was. "….maybe…" Not sure there's anything to be done now. "…if….could have …when bats…" Bat's almost free! He inhales sharply as he bites at his fingers, damn bat! He's trying to help!

Monica slings her rifle and reaches for her knife. She eyes Quinton and Piper. "So. Cut some hair or take the bat apart?"

Given the choice the would sacrifice her hair, but Piper is willing to take whatever time Quinton needs to free the bat. "No." she states quite adamantly, though which she is saying no too…though the bat did bite the poet…"Hair." she has a lot of it, what's a lock less.

Okay, Quin will nod and hold the bat still for Monica to clip the hair closest to it. His pale green eyes tend to dart form the bat to the direction the creepy feeling was, but he's not getting any vibes now.

Monica runs her hand along Piper's hair, feeling for which locks the bat is tangled in. Then she brings up the knife, carefully. It's a very sharp bowie knife, and while Piper might be the most durable of the party Mon is still loathe to cut her accidentally. She finds which locks the bat is tangled in and carefully cuts the hair so the bat can at least be separated from Piper's neck. Without the central knot holding the hair together (that'd be Piper's head, in this case) perhaps the bat can wiggle free on its own.

<FS3> Monica rolls Melee: Good Success.

As much as Piper trusts Monica, she would still be more comfortable if Quinton had the knife and was cutting her hair. Holding her breath she tilts her head to make it easier for Monica to cut the bat safely from her hair, inadvertently leaning towards Quinton

Quinton holds still, not just for the lean, but for the flying rodent in his hands and the knife that's close. "…There." A freed bat and Piper! He steps away, unsure how to let the bat go. Does he throw it in the air? Set it on the ground? It's still fighting, not happy being held so he kinda drops it about a foot from the ground and scurries back to the two other woman. A welt from where part of the roof fell on him is starting to rise on his neck going from his shoulder.

Monica turns her back as she sheaths her knife, the spreading blood stain in her t-shirt becoming obvious to all and sundry. "I hate to bring this up, but bats carry rabies. Wonder how the good doctor's fixed for the rabies stuff.

Freed from her hair accessory Piper turns her attention to baby Quinn, examining him from head to toe for any claw marks or bites. He's little so it is a quick search and she is turning her attention to the other two. "Don't. Know." but she looked worriedly at Quinton, since we was bitten as well. Shifting the baby as he clings to her neck with one arm and reached for the poet with the other. "Back?" since they are all in need of medical attention.

At the mention of rabies Quin looks down to his arm and then shrugs, the Red Tsunami was worse. But then he looks to the babe, "…he…k?" The outreached arm is taken, but he eyes first Piper's back and then looks to Monica, "…bit?" She has blood on her shirt.

Monica nods. "Yeah, sounds like a plan." She looks at Quinton and feels her back. She draws her fingertips away bloody. "Shit." She sighs and gathers up the stuff she found, seemingly hours ago now, and turns to slog back to medical with the other two. And a half for little Quinn.


1 Handful of Duckweed (near/in water)
1 Handful of Milkweed shoots/flowerbuds
1 Handful of Sorrel
1 Hibiscus Bush (flowers:Summer)
1 Broken Flip-Flop
2 Star Wars Action Figures
1 Wok
1 Boxes Taco Shells
1 Wedding Gown
1 Pair of Gloves
1 Religous Hymnal
1 Tights / Stockings
1 Package of Poptarts
1 AAA Batteries
3 Boxes Taper Candles
1 Miniskirts
1 Kitchen Knives
3 Hurricane Oil Lamps
2 Jars Peanut Butter
1 Packets of Salt
1 Cargo Pants

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