(2016-07-11) Bat-Woman
Summary: Well someone had to get an infection from the bats. Hopefully this is the only one Mon gets. She's a little quick to shoot even without rabies.
Date: 2016.07.11
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Monica has discovered, since being bitten by the bat, that the wound is sore. Today it's more sore, and it's spreading, so off she goes to medlab. This time she brought her pajamas, expecting an extended stay. If she develops rabies, it will be a permanent stay. Yes, she's a little cynical. Mon rings the bell and sits on a bed to wait.

<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Mind +1: Failure.

Despite the fact that she is quite unhappy with Elijah, she is covering the infirmary while the other three docs are off doing something with one of the Vets. Cross training or something. Coming out of one of the patient rooms, she has Quinn on her hip, who seems to have just woken from a nap. "Hey." she greets, shooting the woman a questioning look.

You say, "Hey. I think that bat bite is infected. I don't have any rabies-like symptoms so I don't think it's that, which is good. But it's getting hard to sleep on it, so I thought I should get it checked out."

"Look." Piper gestures to be shown the bite in question and goes to set the baby in his bouncy chair so she can have free hands to work. "Two. weeks." she tells Monica as she begins to take what she is going to need from the cabinets "Least…symptoms show."

Monica peels out of her shirt and turns her back. Why yes, that bite is very infected and swollen. Little tendrils of it are starting to migrate outward from the wound too.

<OOC> Pied-Piper is gonna spend luck here
Pied-Piper spends 1 luck points on A good medical roll!.
<FS3> Pied-Piper rolls Medical +50: Amazing Success.

"Very." Piper only has to look at it to see that. "Fever?" she asks, concern touching her tone. She does put a hand to the other woman's forehead as if to check. "Can fix it." she gestures for Monica to lay down as she gets a few more things, scalpel included.

Monica is a little feverish, too. "Yeah, I am a little hot now that you mention it. I thought it was the weather." She watches dubiously as Piper gets the implements of destruction, and lies down. This is probably going to hurt. Well, she and pain are not strangers. If it hurts less than Red Tsunami, she can handle it.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Piper=mind Vs Monica=mind
< Piper: Failure Monica: Good Success
< Net Result: Monica wins - Solid Victory

Laying out what she needs on a metal tray she places it on Monica's rear, so they are in easy reach. "Lance. Drain." she is trying to tell what she will be doing in as few words as she can as she sterilizes the scalpel with some alcohol and then rubs the area of her back the bite is on with an alcohol soaked cloth.

Monica 's breath catches as the sting of alcohol hits her. "Yeah… figured it'd be something like that. Um… I assume the good doctor told you about our experiments with silencer nanites, right?"

Piper rinses her hands with the alcohol as well and then Monica can feel one steady hand on her back and then what is probably the side of another. The question though has her pulling both away. "Yes." and she is clearly not pleased about it…or at least some aspect of it. Taking a deep breath her hands return and she warns "Hurt." she then cuts into the bites with the scalpel. Though that isn't all she is doing. Monica can feel something pressing against her mind, trying to find a way in, it's subtle and gentle, but when whatever it is can't get past the presence leaves.

Monica grunts and bites down as the scalpel cuts into the already irritated flesh. It doesn't help her bad teeth at all, either. She breathes quite a lot like a woman in labor, through her teeth. As for the wound, well lets say its contents were under pressure. The presence briefly in her mind gives Mon pause, and something to think about besides how startlingly much this hurts. She wonders at it. Turns the experience over in her mind. When she can breathe normally again, she whispers, "Did you… do something? In… my mind?"

Well she tried to keep it from hurting, but no luck there. Thankfully, after over a year of dealing with children and there various types of contents under pressure, Piper takes the puss erupting in stride. There is a face and eww noise, but that's about it. "No." she says, and it is true, she didn't, though she tried, but isn't going to volunteer that information. "Will sting." she warns as she expresses the wound to get all the yucky stuff out, wiping it with another alcohol soaked cloth.

Monica shudders. The expressing is worse than the initial incision, to be honest, because it goes on and on, and amongst the pain it's a sensation like a pimple emptying. Once the squeezing is done, even though everything is raw and painful, it's less painful by far. Mon relaxes. The sting of alcohol is like fire, far away. "Ngggg. Should have gotten.. antibiotics that day, probably. Did you get any ill effects? You were pretty bitten up, but…"

Piper tries to be gentle in her treating of the wound, but she wants to get all the infection, so has to be a bit rough. With the first two stages done, now there is just the bandaging to do. "no. Fine." all her claw and bite wounds are healing nicely. "Itchy." s most healing wounds are. She slathers some antibiotic ointment on the wound and proceeds to bandage it.

Monica nods. She ponders whether Piper's nanites are protecting her, even though they're inactive. Something to ask the good doctor, probably. That's what Piper told her to do. Mon finds herself only a tiny bit envious. Piper paid a heavy cost for her enhancements. "I'm gonna say this once, because I know it's an uncomfortable subject. I don't know what you had to do to make your nanites go inactive. Given that we had to hit them with enough current to electrocute somebody to do it, all I can say is it must have been fierce, and painful. I'd love to know how you did it, because if we can program the little fuckers, the Aliens will have inadvertently given us the second best tool we have to beat them and fight off what they've tried to do to us.

So uncomfortable that Piper can't look at Monica as she speaks of it. So instead she cleans up the mess, figured Monica can tell when she is done so the woman can get her shirt back on. "Yes." she simply says, taking a moment to tickle her son in his bouncy chair, his giggles at least are enough to get a small smile from her. "The same." another simple answer. She doe frown though at Monica's wanting to use them.

Monica rests on the bed, thinking about the answer, then gets up. She's a little stiff. Having all her muscles go poing from pain for a while has a cost too. She looks over at Piper and smiles at the giggles of her son. "The sooner we beat them, and the more decisively, the sooner they lose any power they still have over you." Mon pulls her pajama shirt back on. "Thanks, Piper. You're a good friend."

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