(2016-07-12) One Poet Short
One Poet Short
Summary: Eli fills Quin in on soem new developmemnts as they go looking for maps, then things get bad.
Date: 2016-07-12
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Quinton and Eli have been walking, keeping an eye peeled for sometime. Quin's being attentive but quiet, pale eyes scanning the area and then drifting back to the doctor. He's in his typical gear, jeans, t-shirt, the pistol in the hosted and the custom made riffle of Monica's. And of course his ever present backpack. Can't scavenge without it. Not that this dusty road has much to offer, but he's hoping maybe the gas station a few miles down the road will. Maps. Quin is hoping for maps. As the draw close he points it out to the doctor, "There it is, Jerry."

Elijah had come along on the run with Quinton, wearing his typical doctor-esque attire of a button up shirt, trousers and loafers. His medical satchel is over his shoulder, as always just in case. However, he likewise carries a backpack on his back to store any useful items they find. As Quinton calls out the doctor's attention goes to the other man as he follows in step, "Fantastic! Hopefully we will find a good haul!" Was his name Jerry? No. Would he answer to it? Absolutely!

Well, it's good that he did as Quin isn't aware he used the wrong name. The poet keeps walking, although he does keep glancing to his left almost subconsciously. "Maps….looking for better…maps."

The doctor just offers a nod, "Maps. Right. I'll keep an eye out." Elijah does catch onto the glancing to the left, not sure if it was a tick or…something out there? His own gaze moves in that direction curiously. "See something?" he looks back to Quinton.

Quinton grimaces slightly, shaking his head, "Other day, something in the moble home…" The day they were all attacked by bats. "Felt….watched."he shrugs, it's easy to spook one self out anymore. "Karen got all….trigger happy." Not really, but she wanted to, it felt like. The gas station is coming closer into view. The door's been pried open but the windows are intact.

"Ah…well we'll keep an eye out. It'll be ok." Eli gives another glance around, understanding the feeling of being on edge. Though it could be because of everything that had been discovered lately. By him and Monica. Though, as expected, Piper hadn't taken the news all that well. Still…he felt he had done right by notifying her. Now…to notify Quin. As Piper's closest…friend(?)…he felt it was only right.

"Quinton…there has been something I've been meaning to tell you…but am not quite sure how." Elijah looks to him. "But it's concerning some research I've been doing…about the Silencers. And nanites."

Quinton frowns, this type of conversation never seems to end well. For anyone.His eyes dart over to look at Eli, but he keeps walking, not wanting to lose light. "How much…research…can you do?" Doesn;t that require a lab and stuff? Quin's now distracted enough he's not looking to the left at all.

"Not much…but enough," Eli explains, continuing to walk towards the gas station. "I kept blood samples. The Silencers…and Piper's. With her permission of course" he was sure to clarify that. "Added an electric charge to the Silencer's. The nanites deactivated. Added an electric charge to Piper's. The nanites reactivated." He figured keeping it simple was best. To the point. Something he definitely needed to work on.

Elijah frowns "The hope is to find a way to…use the nanites to our advantage. If we can? It also means we can possibly deactivate other Silencers…reverse the effect…but" he sighs "it also means a Silencer can be reactivated…in theory." The doctor clears his throat "I told Piper…I promised I'd keep her notified of developments. I thought you would like to know as well…" He prepared himself to get yelled at. Or punched. Or both?

Quinton's gaze drops, the frown stays. "How…advantage?" He's definitely tensed up, n to liking this conversation at all. Why has Piper not told him of this. An activated Piper? The thought makes his stomach turn. They're close enough to the gas station to see the dusty windows and now much else of what's inside.

"I don't know if there IS an advantage yet…but Monica is hoping we can meld the nanites with our technology. Get things running again…possibly weaponize? I don't know all of her plans…" Eli frowns and a hand runs through his hair as he shakes his head "Honestly. I don't know if there is a way to do what she wants…but I will tell you the same as I told Piper. I will NOT clear any plans or release any of my supplies unless I am positive the circumstances are safe and advisable."

A nervous hand tugs the strap of his bag "Obviously…that wasn't enough to comfort Piper and she left my office quickly after. I understand if you are likewise upset…but again…I at least wanted to do you the decency of keeping you informed." With that off his chest, and still half expecting a smack, Eli lets out a tense breath and looks out around their surroundings again. Why did all of this have to be so complicated and how had he managed to get in the middle of it all?

Quinton blinks and then stops at the doorway, turning back to look at the doc, "OR….they take….over…" Cause who doesn't want a Skynet in the middle of all of this? His lips press together and he shakes his head, "…bad." A hand raises and he steps inside the station, letting his eyes adjust. "…talk to her…get back.." Maybe he can smooth things out. Maybe.

Elijah follows Quinton, stepping inside the gas station and looking around "That's exactly my concern…" He shakes his head "Again. Don't worry. I'm not about to let anything I've gathered be used for anything that could bring harm to others." At Quinton's mention of talking to Piper when they return, Eli just nods "Sounds good…" Better him than Eli!

Yeah, better Quin. Thanks a lot, doc! The poet moves inside, sighing and heading towards the overturned rack of maps. It's hard to say what's there, they're scattered everywhere. Quin manages a low, "Great," as he kneels down to start gathering them. Quicker than humanly possible a shadow passes over a wall, inside the building.

Elijah falls quiet as they search around, watching Quin head over to the maps. "Here…let me help. Is there a specific region you're looking for?" When Quin kneels, Eli feels an uneasiness settle in his stomach. His brow furrows and he stands up a bit straighter, gaze going around the room. Stupid heebies…

Quinton's head is still trying to wrap around the new news, so he just shakes it, " Any….need to….remap….world." He's got a hand full of maps before he starts to shrug off his backpack. In that compromised position, kneeling on the floor with an arm twisted back there's another shadow. Unfortunately this one isn't just on the wall. A young man, late teens …maybe early twenties, depending on if he has a baby face or not seems to come out of nowhere and strikes Quinton in the back of the head hard with the butt of his gun before it's quickly flipped and aimed at Eli. "Don't move." His accept isn't texan, it seems to be Californa. Which as the rumors go is just gone now. Now that he's standing still, the man's perfect features are apparent, only marred by scar on his left cheek. Somehow it only adds to his looks. The hammer is raised, "Are you a doctor?"

In the blink of an eye, the entire situation changed. Quinton was down and Eli had a gun in his face. At the question, he hesitated a moment. Whenever they met a knew face, he was always told to not reveal what he was. However, this person had a gun. Aimed. At. Him. Plus, with his medical bag over his shoulder and the man's closeness, he knew it wouldn't take long for it to be discovered anyways. "Yes, I am. Now please. Whatever you want, we can discuss it civilly. There is no need for violence." He keeps his hands gripping the strap of his bag, not making a movement.

The man's lip snarls back and the gun stays levels at Eli, "What were you saying about activating nanites? What the fuck is that about?" He takes a small step closer to Eli, placing himself between Quin and the doctor, "Back the fuck up!"

Elijah 's grips tightens around the strap more but he backs up quickly, staggering a bit but catching his balance. "The nanites?" He had heard that conversation? Wait…oh. The doctor is not sure it is a good idea to divulge what they had discovered to this stranger. However, a quick glance given to Quinton on the floor makes him realize…they were in a bad position. "Let's step outside." Eli looks back to the man "I'll gladly tell you what you want to know. I just want to know my friend will be safe."

"He'll be fine. I need him." Need him? What in the world would anyone need Quinton for. The man doesn't move. "Tell me now." His free hand reaches up and he tugs on his shirt collar. It's either a nervous twitch, or something Eli may have seen junkies do. It's not a normal fidget.

Well this conversation wasn't leading anywhere positive. He needed Quinton? Why? Eli's form tenses, but he's unable to move. He is not a fighter. Not only that, but the gun trained on him as well as the man's twitching has him worried to try anything lest the situation escalated even further. The doctor takes a breath, swallowing "It is my belief that the nanites found in Silencer blood can be manipulated to be activated and deactivated."

The man's face twists and he glances down at the prone Quinton, "Manipulating….Who's manipulating them? Why…" he trails off, his head tilted like his ear is bothering him. "No. That's not right. You're lying." The gun shakes, "Step away….I don't want to hurt you." This man seems to be a plethora of mixed signals.

Elijah shakes his head, "I'm not lying…and nobody is being manipulated. I promise." He does what he is told and steps back though, eyes going to Quinton again before back to the man. "Please. Tell me what you want to know. Tell me what you need. I want to help you."

"You can't help me. You didn't help her. He did. " Her? The man's head shakes again, like he's hearing something that's bothering him. "No! I'm not…." His lip snarls again and the gun raises to point directly at Eli's head, "Why shouldn't I kill you right here?"

Her? If the word means anything to Eli, he doesn't show it outwardly. Instead, he just stays calm and looks at the man as he seems to have an argument with himself. Then…that question. How was he supposed to answer that? Well…here goes nothing. "Whether or not you believe me now…I CAN help you and, as I have stated, I want to. If you kill me…you lose that. Are you willing to risk realizing later you were wrong here and now?"

The gun shakes in his hand, almost like he's struggling to not pull the trigger. "You can't. You didn't fix her! He did! I want to be…." He takes the smallest step back, bumping into the nonmoving Quinton leg, "I saw him. He calmed her…made it better…I want to be better." The gun lowers a few inches now pointed at Eli's stomach.

"Yes…he helped her. He helped her continue healing AFTER she was already 'fixed' initially." All cards on the table now. If this man took Quinton away and found out later that the poet didn't know how to reverse the nanites…it'd be bad. If he had any reason to believe Eli was of no use to him currently…it'd be bad. "I don't know who fixed her originally or how they did it. That was before I met her. All I know is how I've made it work." No need to say that was just in one test run. If it kept them alive? He'd run with it!

The kid's head shakes harder, "No. You're lying! You just….want to keep him for yourself. To keep her calm." He doesn't seem completely sure though and the gun stays not at Eli's head. "He talked, there's no nanites, you're just making that up!" How long as this guy been watching them?!?! "I don't want to hurt you….just….She doesn't need him anymore, I do."

Elijah shakes his head, swallowing again. "Please. I have no way to convince you if you are determined to not believe me…but I promise you. I'm telling you the truth." This was not going to end well. There was no way around it, but Eli still had to try. Quin was unconscious. Even if he knew how to use a gun, the doctor couldn't reach for it now without getting shot anyways. Even with the gun trained on him though, Eli's concern and desire to help the man in front of him showed in his expression. "Please…as I stated before. There is no need for violence. I'm no threat to you. I WANT to help you."

"Then shut up and let me GO!" Is he yelling at Eli, or someone else? Either way he lets out a primal yell before taking another step backwards, tripping over Quinton. The poet makes no movement. The unknown man though, his arms flail as he tries to regain his balance.

Talking wasn't working. What should he do? Ok, think Eli. What would ANYBODY else in camp do? Not you. Don't think like you. Think like…Bob! Or Quinton. Or Sophia. Otherwise this guy was going to take Quinton and probably do God knows what to him before killing him once he found out Quin couldn't actually help him. As the guy stumbled back, Eli sees his chance. Rushing forward, he moves to tackle the man fully to the ground. Trying to get the gun or knock him out. Anything!

That would be a great plan, if he was Bob or Quinton or Sophia….or anyone else, really. But Eli is not, and this man has not only the looks, but the reflexes of a Silencer. Eli manages to tackle him, but the man twists as they fall. Eli lands partially on poor Quinton and the man onto of him. The gun, unfortunately had the hammer pulled. So it goes off. The sounds echoing in their ears before the sensation of the bullet tearing through Eli's knee. He's a doctor, but this type of sensation isn't something you can understand or get used to. Especially the sound of his knee cap shattering. The Silencer yells in frustration, he didn't want to hurt him! "Damn you!"

In that moment, Elijah realizes two things. One, his plan did not work. Two, he was in pain. Scratch that…agony. The doctor's yell rings out as the pain radiates through his shattered knee, spreading up into his thigh and down into his foot. Outwards through his whole form. In the moment, his entire body is seized by the burning heat of pain as his nerves and system reacts. After his initial yell his mouth just kind of hangs open a moment, eyes wide in shock as it's obvious his brain is slowly trying to grasp the situation Eli was in.

The man scammers up, growling almost animalistically, "I told you! I TOLD you!" There's a strangle franticness to him and he looks around before reaching down and pulling off Eli's medial bag, "No one listens! That's why I need him!" His hands shake, Eli will be remember some of these details later, and he pulls out some medical supplies and then the walkie talkie. The batteries come out, he's helping Eli, but not that much. The supplies are laid next to Eli with in reach, along with the useless talkie. The batteries are then set just out of reach. Eli will have to drag himself to them. Painful, but doable if he can get himself stable enough. "I just wanted him, not you….I don't want to be this anymore." And then he stands and hefts the lanky poet over his shoulder in a fireman hold.

Elijah had to think. He had to focus. For the first few moments though, all he can focus on is the fiery pain radiating through his body. However, after a moment he is able to gather his thoughts. Being a doctor meant that Eli understood exactly what was happening to his body right now. Shock. Shattered kneecap. He didn't let his mind go to the possible longterm outcomes. No, right now the doctor had to focus on immediate treatment. So, with breaths coming shallow and shaky at first…eventually he evens his breathing out enough to calm himself down enough for the task at hand.

Whether or not Eli realizes how the supplies got there, he reaches for them and after a couple failed attempts he succeeds and starts to make-shift patch himself up. It'd do until he got to camp. It'd have to. Wait no…the walkie talkie? How did that get there? It is then that he looks up and sees the man with Quinton "No…You can't. Please…" he tries in vein to reason with him.

He says nothing at first, but shakes his heads, watching to make sure Eli's aware enough to bandage himself. "I can. I need him more than she does. She has those kids." That's a sobering though, he could have tried to take the kids. And with that he steps out and is gone, leaving the gas station eerily empty.

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